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If you were to credit just one game franchise for the emergence of the open-world sandbox format, it would be hard to look past the GTA series. This series has been around for longer than maybe some fans can remember, beginning life as a top-down RPG on the original PlayStation. However, since the beginning of the franchise’s open-world format began projecting its unique humorous, satirical take on America, the series hasn’t looked back.

GTA is one of the biggest household names within the world of gaming, offers amazing gameplay, stunning worlds, and infinite possibilities. All of which led to us starting our project, Grand Theft Fans. 

Our Team have been around since the GTA Boom in the 2000’s, have played all of the main titles in the series, have played every mission, done all the side quests, and have spent more hours on GTA Online than they dare to count. Our passionate team members have explored every nook and cranny of Los Santos, Vice City, Liberty City and beyond. For all these reasons and more, we know you are in good hands!

Our Goals 

This site aims to provide an encyclopedia of knowledge for all GTA players to use as a resource. Allowing players of all skill levels to play any of the games within the series and know exactly what they need to do within this vast universe.

Our goal here at Grand Theft Fans is to provide an all-encompassing blog that allows fans of the GTA series to get information on any GTA topic they need fast. However, we aren’t just a wiki-page displaying just the facts. We are an expert-led blog filled with passionate GTA fans that will offer anecdotes, insider information and secret tips that only hands-on experience can provide! 

We aim to offer an inclusive space that caters for beginners just dipping their toes in the GTA waters, veterans who have played every single outing twice over and even the retro players that love nothing more than enduring the dated graphics of the PS2 era. 

Plus, we also aim to be a consistently on-trend source of knowledge and information. This means that if there is a new game in the pipeline, we will have the inside scoop. If there is a new update on the way, you can bet that we will be there to analyse and review it and if there is a new craze within the online community, we will be in the servers checking it out for ourselves. 

What We Offer 

This website aims to be a resource and a guide first and foremost, but we will also have a wealth of other content to supplement this. We will have dedicated guides for each GTA game in the series, offering extensive walkthroughs, mission guides, car guides, character bios, location guides and more.

We offer so much GTA-related content here at Grand Theft Fans, and as GTA is an ever-growing franchise, we see this as a moving target, but we always shoot true and provide on-trend and valuable info. We have character bios, mission progression guides, location guides, comparison guides, vehicle guides, GTA online content, mod guides, and so much more! 

Then we will also have guides for other aspects of GTA, such as the very popular MMO aspect of GTA V. We will cover the life simulation trends, the latest heists, the new races and custom builds on offer. Plus, we will let you know the best way to become rich and famous in GTA Online. 

Then we will also offer some opinion-based content. Comparing various characters and games within the series. Giving you our take on the best and worst missions in the series and we will naturally cover all the famous cheat codes that made the series so fun to play, even after the missions were done and dusted. 

How We Operate 

We have a handful of rules and procedures to make sure that the content that we put out is the best that it can be. The most important thing in our book is having the perfect team, and we believe that we do.

Our writers are a crowd of GTA fanatics that are just as passionate about the series as any other superfan. They have played all the games in the series, uncovered all the secrets, completed all the toughest missions, they caught the damn train and they are now here to write quality content from their expert point of view. 

Then we also have a very talented group of editors who work in the shadows, fixing up any potential errors, fact-checking all of the claims, checking for authenticity and then making the article look perfect before print.

Then we also have you, the fans. We love to hear feedback from our readers so that we can grow and improve our platform. So if you have a suggestion, or you just want to talk shop with one of our experts, don’t be a stranger. 

Our Core Values 

Here are the core values that we hold dear here at Grand Theft Fans: 

  • Authenticity 
  • Accuracy 
  • Commitment 
  • Creativity 
  • Passion 

Our Team 

As we said above, our team is a wonderful bunch. Sure, when they play GTA, they are diabolical, bloodthirsty maniacs, but that comes with the territory.

They are skilled writers, bold and opinionated people and we love having them here at Grand Theft Fans, and we think you’ll like them too. Here is our team: 

Callum Marshall – Managing Editor

Callum is the Grand Theft Fans managing editor and a keen GTA enthusiast. Callum’s love for the series began when GTA III first burst onto the gaming scene and he would routinely sneak over to friends’ houses to play this title as his mother wasn’t in support of the violence and the adult themes present, go figure. However, he has continued to follow the series and has absorbed all the content on offer in this wonderful, satirical universe ever since.

While overseeing the day-to-day running of the site, you’ll commonly see Callum carve out some time to produce some content on one of his favorite game series of all time, and lead from the front. Callum has been around the block within the gaming industry, working as an Editor-in-chief for a number of well-respected gaming outlets, he has worked as a games tester, he has gaming podcast experience, has worked in gaming PR.

Basically, you name it, and Callum was probably there or somewhere on the periphery. Outside of gaming, Callum loves skateboarding despite his immediate family telling him to grow up he is also known to watch the British sitcom Peep Show on repeat and will go toe-to-toe with anyone on Peep Show trivia.

  • Favorite GTA Game: GTA San Andreas
  • Favorite GTA Character: Big Smoke
  • Favorite GTA Mission: Any of the heists in GTA V
  • Their Best GTA Moment: Committing GTA: SA cheats to memory as a kid. Jet Pack cheat? I still got it up here in my noggin!
  • Favorite GTA Passtime: While not directly involved, I’ve always been fascinated with GTA roleplay servers. So, I watch a lot of that content. Within the game though, just typical stuff like mad stunts and making a mockery of the police force.
  • GTA Hot Take: GTAIV was a better game than GTAV. There, I said it! Plus, while I’m at it. Bowling with Roman was fun!

Jesus Cruz

Jesús Cruz is a contributor for Grand Theft Fans, and probably one of the biggest GTA enthusiasts out there. His love for GTA started when he saw his big brother playing GTA: San Andreas, learning to fly. The idea of piloting a plane got stuck on Jesús’ mind, and, sneakily, he started playing GTA: San Andreas on his brother’s PC. At that moment, Jesús realized that GTA wasn’t only about flying: you could do whatever you wanted in that world, and that drove Jesús crazy for many days.

The idea of having such freedom in a virtual world, while pretending to be someone that could do everything he wanted to was wonderful, so, from there, he started playing many more games with the same premise; Mafia, Batman: Arkham Knight, Saints Row, Watch Dogs, and the list can continue for a long time.

If you take a closer look at Jesús day-by-day he’s always playing and taking notes to create guides for everyone who wants to deeply understand the games as the same way Jesús does: histories that are waiting to be told.

Also, Jesús has years of experience creating interesting gaming articles for diverse web pages, and his experience comes from years and years of writing personal guides; his computer probably has more step-by-step guides than Gamepedia and Gamefaqs together!

Outside of gaming, Jesús loves to read and write short novels and stories, solve and collect Rubik Cubes, but his favorite hobby is collecting soccer sticker albums!

With years of writing experience under his belt, Ali is more than just a creative writer. He prides himself on being a major tech geek and a game fanatic. He owns a website, where he makes sure to syphon as much tech information as possible to his readers. Ali began his gaming journey as a child with games like GTA III, Half Life, and Virtua Cop.

Who knew that this gaming journey on a Pentium III system would lead to a life surrounded by games and writing about them as a profession? Ali is a doctor by qualification but a gamer/writer by passion.

Combining his knowledge of medicine and gaming, Ali is a strong advocate of the therapeutic benefits of gaming for alleviating emotional pain and buffering the impacts of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. This strong belief in his passion for possessing curative properties motivates Ali to become a better writer!

  • Favorite GTA Game: GTA V
  •  Favorite GTA Character: Trevor
  • Favorite GTA Mission: Three’s Company
  • Their Best GTA Moment: Making my way into Fort Zancudo and stealing a fighter jet without cheats or mods (it’s possible guys!)
  •  Favorite GTA Passtime: Leisure driving in a Grotti Carbonizzare (or a fully modified Pegassi Infernus) on the Del Perro Freeway.
  • GTA Hot Take: It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the Grand Theft Auto franchise introduced most of us to gaming. I know a lot of gamers who started their gaming journeys with GTA III, Vice City or San Andreas as their first games (I started with GTA III). Rockstar took a bold approach with GTA and while you can expect a lot of F bombs, guts and explosions when playing GTA, the most important thing you can expect from any game of the franchise is an enjoyable experience with amazing graphics and unmatched gameplay!

Syed Arham

A computer geek at heart, Arham spends his day losing games in Dota 2, switching things up to GTA Online, where he can take out his frustrations with fast cars and guns aplenty, and when he’s not gaming, he’s usually writing guides for fellow gaming enthusiasts.

  • Favorite GTA Character: Ryder
  • Favorite GTA Mission: Minor Turbulence
  • Their Best GTA Moment: Robbing a clukin Bell where they know him.
  • Favorite GTA Pastime: Playing on SA MP servers
  • GTA Hot Take:  GTA V did not look realistic back in 2013. It seemed to have its own art style.


John-Carlo Viquan

Carlo has been playing Grand Theft Auto since the era of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Carlo even rented a PC on internet cafes back when they were popular just to play either Vice City, or San Andreas. Due to his fascination with Grand Theft Auto modding, Carlo created a visual modification of his own, named “Project Realism V” which is still uploaded in a famous Grand Theft Auto V mods site. With over 55K downloads, the mod became popular during its time as it was one of the few mods that aimed to provide a realistic viewpoint for Grand Theft Auto V.

Tommy Verrcity

Tommy is a penman for Grand Theft Fans, and a GTA maniac. His addiction to the series kicked in when he played GTA San Andreas for the first time. He fell in love with the game, the graphics, the characters, and the story. It became a haven, an escape from reality, and an adventure for the soul.

  • Favorite GTA Game: GTA V
  • Favorite GTA Character: Trevor Philips
  • Favorite GTA Mission: The Big Score
  • Their Best GTA Moment: Tripping over the fence at Franklin’s house
  • Favorite GTA Passtime: Golf
  • GTA Hot Take: ” I said something nice, not something expensive” – talking to Aunt Denise.


We hope that Grand Theft Fans becomes your new GTA knowledge base, social hub, and favorite blog within the space. You’re always welcome so be sure to come back often!

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