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The Grand Theft Auto series began 25 years ago, in 1997, when DMA Design (now Rockstar Games) created a cops vs. robbers game from a small studio in Scotland. This game eventually morphed into Grand Theft Auto, which has gone on to be a multi-billion dollar franchise in the years since.

Despite the first entry in the series being released 25 years old ago, the GTA franchise has stayed within its root in some regards. The cities available in Grand Theft Auto, Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas are still prominent in the series today.

When comparing the original game to the latest GTA V, the series has drastically evolved over the years. But you should still go back and revisit the more classic titles. This missions directory will help you navigate and complete every main entry in the series.

GTA Missions Directory

This GTA missions directory will outline all of the missions in the core-GTA series, as well as the order that they become available. Included in this guide are the missions for:

  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Grand Theft Auto II
  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto

grand theft auto 1 logo thumbnail gta

Liberty City MissionsChapter 1: Gangsta Bang

South Park Phone Missions

Phone Mission 1 – This mission will be your first introduction to the Vercotti Crime Family. Locate a Taxi and then collect Crazy Jimmy and drive him to Bubby’s love nest.

Phone Mission 2 – Steal a bike from the Angels biker gang and deliver it to Diego’s Place, then drop off a stash of drugs to Tony Dio. 

Phone Mission 3 – For this mission, you need to kill the police chief by detonating a bomb at the police station and then kill Sonetti’s lawyer.

Phone Mission 4 – Hijack two Taxis and bring them to the docks to kill the contact’s brother.

Vehicle Missions

GTA 1 features some missions triggered by entering select vehicles that spawn in the same locations across the city.

Beast GTS – The Beast GTS can be found in southwest Island Heights. Head to south Island City and kill two men.

Bulldog – The Bulldog can be found in south Tellburg. Steal a Challenger in west Kings and deliver it to Dalgetti’s garage.

Coach – The Coach can be found at Northeast Fort Law. This mission is a nod to the 1994 movie Speed. The Coach that you have to drive is filled with explosives which will detonate if you drive too slowly.

Cossie – The Cossie can be found in Northeast Island City. I hope you’ve got a need for speed because this is one of the first times that the cops vs. robbers theme is shown in the game. For this mission, you must help your friend Pablo escape from the police after a diamond heist goes wrong. 

Counthash – The Counthash is found at West Fort Law and is exclusive to the PC version of the game, so if you’re playing on PlayStation or Game Boy Color, you can skip this. This mission has you blowing up a Train carrying a drug shipment belonging to Sonetti.

Tanker – The Tanker can be found at Northwest Law Island and is a straightforward mission. To complete this mission, you must drive the Tanker to Kings (a parody of Queens) and deliver it to the pool hall.

Taxi – Another easy mission to finish this first set of vehicle missions. The Taxi is north at North Park, and the mission’s goal is to drive Bubby’s wife and personal trainer to the Hotel Mon Signor.

Final Mission

The final mission of Chapter 1 is straightforward. All you need to do is head to the alleyway behind the strip club at Northwest Park and meet up with Cabot. 

Chapter 2: Heist Almighty


As soon as Chapter 2 begins, you will be forced into the introduction mission. This mission has you rescuing Sasha after she has been kidnapped. 

North Fort Law Phone Missions

Phone Mission 1 – Use a Squad Car to pick up Tommy after he robs and bank and evade the police until you get to a garage in north Law Island.

Phone Mission 2 – Use Model Cars rigged with explosives to destroy a Counthash sports car.

Phone Mission 3 – Collect a shipment of explosives and deliver it to Seymour Reamer’s garage to blow him up. 

Phone Mission 4 – It is time to get your revenge on Sonetti by ruining his deal and taking out his gang. Kill Sonetti’s gang, take a Limousine to collect the mayoress, and take her to Bubby. 

Vehicle Missions

4 x 4 – To complete this, you need to deliver two Pickup trucks that can be found at the southwest Brix Docks and then steal Sonetti’s car and take it to the Auto Shop.

Bulldog – Take a bag of money found in the Bulldog and throw the cash into a boat below the Eaglewood bridge.

Cossie – Bubby’s car has been stolen, and he wants it back. Head to central Kings to retrieve it. You will be informed that your contact wants Cabot and Sonetti dead. Take a red Itali to be fitted with explosives and drop it off in Sonetti’s garage to kill them both.

Itali – To complete this, head to the subway station at east Island Heights and board the Train. You then discover the Train has been fitted with a bomb, and you are ordered to stay on the Train until it detonates. Once you are Wasted, you will respawn at the nearest hospital. 

Mundano – You need to find a Challenger in southeast Hackenslash with drugs stashed inside. Once you have, you will need to rescue Pablo from police custody. Take out five officers and head back to northeast Estoria to drop Pablo off and complete the mission.

Pentetrator – Things kick off with a bang as you immediately receive a two-star wanted level upon starting this mission. This vehicle is no good as it is on the police’s radar, so abandon it and get another vehicle.

Grab a Police car and head to north Fort Law military base to collect some stolen files, earning you a four-star wanted level. Finally, drop the car off in southeast Kings to complete the mission.

Porka Turbo – Pick up Jimmy, who is waiting for you in south Ardler at the National Reserve Bank. Once this is done, you will instantly receive a four-star wanted level, so you have plenty of police to dodge. Then you must rig your car with explosives, track down Dumb Kurt, and blow up his Beast GTS to complete the mission.

Stallion – Locate an Ambulance and collect a District Attorney from the hospital and take him to Bubby’s meat warehouse.

Final Mission

Once you collect $2,000,000, you will need to meet up with Bubby, who can be found at Island Heights, to complete Chapter 2. Now you can head to the next city in the game, San Andreas.

San Andreas Missions – Chapter 1: Mandarin Mayhem

san andreas missions - chapter 1 - mandarin mayhem

Central Market Phone Missions: Phone 1

Phone Mission 1 – Now we’re in a brand new city, it is time to meet some new characters. You will need to locate a blue Porka belonging to Hung Well and deliver it to Uncle Fu’s garage in southwest Chinatown.

Phone Mission 2 – Another timed mission, you have three minutes to locate a red Mamba in northeast Woodside, take it to get resprayed in east Telephone Hill, and head back to Uncle Fu in southwest Chinatown. 

Phone Mission 3 – To complete this, you must collect Chu Ying after he pulls off a bank robbery and escape a five-star wanted level.

Phone 2

Phone Mission 1 – This mission will have you collecting protection payments from various businesses:

  1. Head to the Rancid Dragon in central Glen Wood.
  2. The Belching Buddha at east Wood Hill.
  3. Go to the Drooping Lotus in southwest Aye Valley.
  4. Go to the Rampant Cockerel in northeast Woodside.

Once you’ve completed all these, head to southwest Chinatown to give the money to Uncle Fu and complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 2 – For this mission, Uncle Fu orders you to kill Fu Ming after he tries to get Uncle Fu to sell his launderette. Fu Ming can be found driving around south Eagleside, driving a red Itali GTO. Find his vehicle and take him out to complete the mission.

Phone 3

Phone Mission 1 – No Chin is drunk and causing trouble in central Aye Valley, and now a group of people wants him dead. You must go to Aye Central and take out the six men, giving you a five-star wanted level. Escape the police to complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 2 – This mission has you disarming bombs from various cars across the city. Once you locate the final vehicle, a Yakuza’s Limousine, and take it to have its bomb removed, the mission will be complete.

Phone Mission 3 – This mission has you killing No Chin as he attempts to leave San Andreas. Collect the Rocket Launcher, and use it on No Chin’s boat to blow it up. 

Phone 4

Phone Mission 1 – Find a Squad Car so you can drive into an impound yard and locate Yu Pong’s blue Portsmouth. Once you do, drive it back to Uncle Fu’s garage.

Phone Mission 2 – Fit a bomb into Wun Tun Chun’s car to kill him for dishonoring his family.

North Sunview Phone Missions: Phone 1

Phone Mission 1 – Steal a Squad Car and take it to be fitted with a bomb. Then, park it with other police cars in Telephone Hill and detonate the bomb. 

Phone Mission 2 – After collecting a briefcase full of money, you will discover it also contains C4. If you drop it, the bomb will explode. Travel across the city performing various tasks to disarm the bomb.

Phone 2

Phone Mission 1 – Meet up with Uncle Fu, who will instruct you to kill a prisoner in north Sailor’s Wharf.

Phone Mission 2 – To prevent the DA from coming after Uncle Fu, you must go and kill him at north Richman while he jogs with his bodyguards to complete the mission. 

Phone 3

Phone Mission 1 – For this mission, you must locate a turquoise Juggernaut traveling to San Andreas Munition’s Depot. Once you hijack it, you need to steal a Tanker filled with explosives and head to the bridge in southwest Woodside. Park it on the bridge, and detonate the explosives to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 2 – You must go and meet Chow Yun Thin in east Excalibur before taking him to Don Traegeri in north Excalibur, where you need to kill him and his two bodyguards.

Phone 4

Phone Mission 1 – You will be instructed to kill Mr. Kivlane in east Woodside. Once he has been taken out, head to north Woodside and find Mr. Watersane in a red Mamba. Take him out, and next head to southeast Richman to take out a courier. Next, head to east Excalibur, where you will find Mr. Watsane in a blue Roadster. Eliminate him and finally head to north Sunview to find Mr. Johnsane at the bridge in south Sailor’s Wharf. Collect a briefcase containing documents and take out your target to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 2 – You will be instructed to find Keith Ham Yel Tun, a leader of Uncle Fu’s gang before he commits suicide. After he eventually jumps, you need to locate four briefcases at west Telephone Hill, northeast Wood Hill, southeast Woodside, and central Sailor’s Wharf. Collecting all four will complete the mission.

Final Mission

To finish Chapter 1, you must have $2,000,000. If you do, you will be instructed to meet Uncle Fu in southwest Chinatown to complete Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 – Tequila Slammer: North Telephone Hill Phone Missions

chapter 2 - tequila slammer missions

Phone 1

Phone Mission 1 – To kick off Chapter 2, you will work alongside El Burro. Collect a rocket Launcher at northwest Woodside to take out some Coaches transporting people illegally across the border.

Phone Mission 2 -The next mission has you heading to south Potato to collect a briefcase full of money, so you can pay off El Burro’s informants at various locations across San Andreas. 

Phone 2

Phone Mission 1 – Paco has been working behind El Burro’s back, and you need to go and kill him. Lure Alve and his gang back to east Sunview to attack Paco. When he tries to flee, you must kill him to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 2 – Unfortunately, your last criminal act was filmed by a TV crew, so now it is your job to take them out before anyone else gets hold of the footage. However, you don’t know who has it, so instead, you need to eliminate all four film crews across San Andreas. These can be found at north Eagleside, northeast Woodside, southeast Sunview, and southwest Sunview. 

Phone 3

Phone Mission 1 – This mission has you heading to a phone in southeast Excalibur before being tasked with taking out eight cops within eight minutes. Here are all of the locations where you can find them:

  1. Central Eagleside
  2. Southeast Chinatown
  3. North Glen Wood
  4. Central Sailor’s Wharf
  5. Southwest Marina
  6. Southeast Aye Valley
  7. Northeast Sunview
  8. East Woodside

Phone Mission 2 – After killing all of those cops in the last mission, you now need to dispose of some of their vehicles. These can each be found at east Sunrise, with them being a Portsmouth, Italo GTO, and a Vulture. Take all three to east Woodside and dump them in the water to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 3 – Once you answer the phone at southeast Wood Hill, you will need to collect a Tanker for El Burro that is found driving around east Sunview. Then take it to southeast Sunview to be resprayed and deliver it to north Woodside.

Phone Mission 4 – After delivering the Tanker, you now need to take care of the people that the truck came from. First is Pepe, who can be found at central Eagleside. Once he is eliminated, head to northwest Eagleside to find Jorge driving around in his Portsmouth. Finally, you need to kill Jose in east Woodside. Once this is done, head to northwest Sunrise to take out Pedro in his blue Portsmouth. Once he is taken out, the mission will be complete.

Northeast Sailor’s Wharf Phone Missions

northeast sailor's wharf phone missions

Phone 1

Phone Mission 1 – For this mission, you will need to answer the phone at north Potato, where you will be instructed to go and meet Mike Tallon by driving El Burro’s Portsmouth from southwest Marina to southwest Sunview. Upon arriving, Tallon’s gang attacks you, eliminate all of them to complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 2 – Immediately, you are given two minutes to get to the police station in south Atlantic Heights. Once you do, wait for Mike Tallon to arrive in his police car and enter the station. When he exists, he will drive off in his Portsmouth. Follow him and kill him to complete the mission. 

Phone 2

Phone Mission 1 – When you go to meet El Burro’s friend, the building explodes, and he is killed. Then, head to west Glen Wood to find a blue Portsmouth driving around and question the driver. You then need to get a car rigged with explosives and take it to central Marina to take out a rival gang and complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 2 – The Yakuza has meddled in El Burro’s business, and now he wants revenge. He will order you to find and destroy three Limousines. Once this is done, head to southwest Sunview to steal a Limousine and take it back to northeast Woodside to complete the mission.

Phone 3

Phone Mission 1 – Head to the payphone in northwest Sunview, where you will be ordered to go to east Excalibur to retrieve a briefcase and eliminate six armed guards. 

Phone Mission 2 – This mission starts with you locating a Love Wagon filled with explosive RC cars found in northeast Sunview. Head to northwest Eagleside and use the cars to take out the ten guards found here. Use one of the RC cars to destroy the warehouse to complete the mission.

Phone 4

Phone Mission 1 – El Burro’s friend has tasked you with stealing “movie props.” Find an Ambulance parked outside the hospital in south Glen Wood; this needs to be taken to central Glen Wood. Then you will need to find a Fire Truck anywhere in the city. Next, find a Juggernaut and take it back to the Glen Wood garage. Finally, steal a Squad Car and take it to the same garage to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 2 – Head to west Sunview and steal an orange Speeder. Once you do, you will discover that it is a trap, and the car is rigged with explosives that will explode if you leave the vehicle. You will then need to head to east Soviet Hill within two minutes, where you can get out and take a red Itali GTO left for you.

That car is also rigged with explosives, and you need to take it to northeast Sailor’s Wharf before switching again to a red 4 x 4 and head to south Atlantic Heights to find a Mamba. Take this to north Sailor’s Wharf, where you will encounter Bryson, who will tell you that you need to kill him before the bomb explodes. Run him over to complete the mission.

Final Mission

Once you have $3,000,000, you will be instructed to meet El Burro at northeast Aye Valley to complete the final mission and end the San Andreas level.

Vice City Missions – Chapter 1: Bent Cop Blues

East Vice Beach Phone Missions: Phone Mission 1

Now it’s time to start the final location in the game, Vice City. For this mission, you must help Deever locate his ex-wife and kids. Once you locate his ex-wife, drive her to Greek Heights, where Deever will be waiting for her with a chainsaw.

Phone Mission 2 – Deever wants you to steal a Limousine and kill its owner in central Vice Beach. Once you have the vehicle, head to the bomb shop to rig it with explosives, collect a striper from north Miramire and then blow it up with her inside to complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 3 – Collect the yellow F-19 that can be found in central Felicity and head to a bomb shop to rig it with explosives. Then you need to head to northwest Richman Heights and leave the car outside of a crack house to kill the people inside. Next, Deever will tell you to head to northwest Little Bogota to beat up some Rasta dealers and take their cash. You will also need to head to east Little Dominica, north Miramire, and west Vice Shores to do the same to other dealers. Once all four have been taken care of, the mission will be complete.

Phone Mission 4 – Deever tasks you with heading to central Little Bogota to destroy a Tanker to disturb a drug deal. After destroying the Tanker and taking out the guards, the mission will be complete. 

Southwest Vice Shores Phone Missions

Phone Mission 1 – For this mission, you will need to track a rookie police officer driving around northeast Greek Heights. Once you find him, follow him to southeast Richman Heights and kill him. But, now the cop’s wife is about to talk to the DA, which means she has to go too. Head to north Vice Shores and go to the train station to find her and kill her. Once she is dead, head back to east Banana Grove to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 2 – For this mission, you will need to kill the leader of the Angels gang in Greek Heights and steal his bike. Then you must avoid an army of explosive Model Cars to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 3 – Head to southeast Banana Grove and steal a red Brigham, and head to the bank in northwest Richman Heights to collect a guy that has just robbed a bank. Take him to central Banana Grove to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 4 – This mission has you paying off police officers who work for Deever. First, head to east Little Dominica to meet the first cop. Then, head to southeast Vice Beach and finally northwest Richman Heights. The final officer will demand more money…big mistake. Take him out to complete the mission. 

Southwest Greek Heights Phone Missions

Phone Mission 1 – You must ambush and kill a drug dealer and steal his drugs to sell to Deever’s clients across Vice City. Once you steal multiple vehicles full of drugs and deliver them to his clients, you will complete the mission.

Phone Mission 2 – Take Deever’s Limousine and collect a doctor from southeast Little Dominica. When you arrive, activists will shoot at the vehicle, causing you to escape. Once you have evaded them, head to south Banana Grove to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 3 – You will then be instructed to take out 10 gang members at a basketball court before returning to the Rasta’s car dealership. Once you arrive, destroy all of the vehicles that are parked outside of the dealership to complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 4 – Steal a Tanker from Little Bogota and drive it to the Rasta crack factory and destroy it to blow up the building.

Secret Phone Missions

Phone Mission 1 – Deever will tell you that you need to kill a guy called Dell before he can go to the police. Follow him in his car and kill him. Next, meet with Deever and avoid the ATF to complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 2 – For this mission, you will need to collect a TV Van that has eight dead cops inside. Dispose of the corpses to complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 3 – After previously working for him, you are now tasked with killing El Burro. Collect a Transit Van from central Little Bogota and take it to southwest Vice Shores, where El Burro and the Rasta are making a deal. Kill El Burro to complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 4 – Head to the hospital in northeast Littel Dominica and steal a Limousine belonging to the First Lady. Rig it with a bomb and drive it back to the hospital to detonate and destroy the hospital, killing the First Lady. 

Final Mission

Once you earn $3,000,000, you will then have to meet Deever at a police station in west Banana Grove to complete the final mission of chapter 1.

Chapter 2 – Rasta Blasta: Introduction

chapter 2 - rasta blasta - introduction

East Vice Beach Phone Missions

Phone Mission 1 – Brother Marcus will order you to go to east Miramire and take out 10 members of the Babylon Scouts to save the Rastas. 

Phone Mission 2 – Marcus will send you to west Felicity to destroy a Limousine owned by the high priest of Babylon. 

Phone Mission 3 – Go and meet Brother Leroy in southeast Miramare. Once you meet him, you will discover that Leroy has a bomb in his bag, and you must take him to a hotel in south Richman Heights. Once you arrive, leave the vehicle, and Leroy will blow himself up and destroy the hotel. 

Phone Mission 4 – Brother Marcus will send you to south Greek Heights to take out Babylon members that are planning to kill Brother Zachary. 

Southwest Vice Shores Phone Missions

Phone Mission 1 – Head to south Banana Grove to take out a Babylon high priest, only you will discover it is, in fact, Deever. You will need backup, so collect your allies from southeast Banana Grove and head back to fight Deever and destroy his Limousine to complete the mission.

Phone Mission 2 – You must find and destroy three Transit Vans across Vice City for this mission. The first is in southeast Banana Grove, the second is in south Felicity, and the third is in north Little Bogota. Destroy them all to complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 3 – You will need to head to east Richman Heights, where you will be tasked with protecting an F-19, Classic, 29 Special, and Impaler from Babylon to complete the mission. 

Phone Mission 4 – A Babylon funeral is taking place in south Little Bogota; of course, this means you must disturb it by killing 10 Vice Squad members to complete the mission. 

Southwest Greek Heights Phone Missions

Phone Mission 1 – 

For this mission, you will need to find four rent boys belonging to Spindly Jim, who has been operating on Rasta territory. Once you have located them, you will need to kill Spindly Jim and then go and beat up the rent boys. 

Phone Mission 2 – Head to east Vice Beach and destroy Limousines owned by Vice Squad. These are found in north Vice Beach, east Vice Beach, west Vice Beach, northeast Vice Beach, southeast Vice Beach, and southwest Vice Beach. 

Phone Mission 3 – After the Vice Squad has killed Brother Aerol, you must intercept a Bus in southwest Felicity that contains the killer. Take it to southeast Richman Heights, where your gang will be waiting to destroy it. 

Phone Mission 4 – You will have 60 seconds to head to southwest Vice Beach and locate an assassin. Once you do, he will lead you to southwest Vice Shore, where he is looking to kill Brother Maelcum. 

Secret Phone Missions

Phone Mission 1 – Steal a car belonging to Judge Alberts and rig it with a bomb. Go and collect Judge Alberts from south Little Bogota. Once this is done, take him to the police station at north Vice Beach and detonate the bomb. 

Phone Mission 2 – To complete this, you must steal a Taxi to collect Marcus’ mother from southwest Greek Heights and deliver her to east Vice Shores before the Vice Squad can kill her. 

Phone Mission 3 – 

For the game’s final mission, you must steal a Tanker and fit it with a bomb and drive it to Felicity to destroy the KBC TV Station.


Once you’ve earned $5,000,000, you will need to meet with Brother Marcus in northwest Greek Heights to complete the mission and finally finish Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto II

grand theft auto 2 gta 2 box art

Downtown District

Tutorial – Upon starting the game, head to the payphone, where you will be instructed to visit the payphones to get missions from the Yakuza, the Loonies, and the Zaibatsu.

Green Phone – Yakuza

Get ZitZaki – Get in the parked Miara vehicle, collect Doctor ZitZaki from the hospital, and drop him off at the J-Lab.

Bank Robbery – After having illegal money transferred into his account, Johnny sends you to collect Hiroshi from the bank before the police get to him. Once you’ve resprayed the vehicle to evade the police, return to the safe house to complete the mission.


Radio Za-Za – After civilians have started riots after using a Zaibatsu drug combined with Futuro FM music, you need to go to the radio station and destroy its transmitter to bring peace to the city.

Pizza Cake – Claude is tasked with destroying a Pizza Cake restaurant after the store messed up Elmo’s order.


Cop Car Crush – Steal a police car and then pick up a snitch called Shady, then drive him to the car crusher to have him killed.

Wheeler-Dealing – Deliver a shipment of drugs to the Zaibatsu drug dealers.

Yellow Phone – Yakuza

Happy Gas Smash – The Loonies betray Johnny during a deal, so you must fit an Ice Cream van with explosives to destroy the Happy Gas Tanks belonging to The Loonies.

Get Gama Rei – After picking up a plastic surgeon from the hospital, you must avoid The Loonies as they try to kill him.

Follow That Traitor – After suspecting that his top man is working for Zaibatsu, Johnny orders you to find out the truth. Once you discover he is, you are ordered to kill him.


Who’s Mad? – You are ambushed by Zaibatsu assassins; you must kill them all and escape.

Destroy J-Lab – You must blow up the Yakuza’s J-Lab to stop them from developing a drug that cures insanity.

Dementia To Go – You need to break into a compound to steal a new Limousine and escape with the vehicle.


Yutes Must Die – After the Yutes gang has been crushing cars belonging to the Zaibatsu, you must find the snitch in the Zaibatsu to find out where the Yute boss is.

Lock Those Loonies – After The Loonies have been meddling in the Zaibatsu drug business, you must get your revenge by blowing up their garage.

Big Bank Job – Pay off the police so you can pull off a robbery at the Third World Bank.

Red Phone – Yakuza

SWAT Van Swipe – After Johnny’s favorite car is impounded, you must steal a SWAT Van and bring it to Johnny’s garage.

Stop The Tank – The military is after Johnny, so you must destroy their tank.

The Final Job – All three gangs have discovered you’ve been working for them all and now want to kill you. Take out all three leaders of the Yakuza, Loonies, and Zaibatsu.


Taxi Drivers Must Die – After taxi drivers refuse to give Elmo a ride, you are tasked with hijacking them. Take them to the crusher, and destroy the vehicles with the drivers inside.

Gang War A-Go-Go – You must kill the top men in the Yakuza and Zaibatsu organizations to start a gang war.


Armored Car Clash – After a Zaibatsu doctor has been kidnapped by the Yakuza, you must destroy two of their vehicles.

Bank Van Theft – You must steal a G4 Bank Van to get all the cash on board.

Residential District

Green Phone: Rednecks

Double-Cross Crush – You must kill 50 Zaibatsu and Scientist members to start a gang war.

Blow Job – Blow up Fat Boy Jim’s trailer using explosives and destroy the Zaibatsu’s barricade.


Sink Or Swim – Pick up four rival Zaibatsu members in a taxi and drown them using the dockside crane.

Fake Truce – After the Rednecks and Zaibatsu want to make peace with all the gangs, you must collect members of both gangs and bring them to the Scientist Research Center to be killed.


Fire Truck Fun – Steal a Scientist van containing a new Flamethrower and then steal a Fire Truck to attach it to so you can kill members of the Rednecks gang.

Science Friction – Destroy the Scientists’ Clone Test Center to blame it on the Rednecks.

Yellow Phone: Rednecks

Benson Burner – Switch the police chief’s car with an identical one fitted with a bomb.

Greatest Hits – A hit has been ordered on Billy Bob Bean; you must kill all of the Zaibatsu hitmen before they get to him.

Tanks-Giving – You must steal a tank from the Army Base to give to Jungle Montana for his birthday.


LaBrat’s Plan – You must kill 47 members of the Zaibatsu gang.

Gran’pa We Love You – You must collect an old member of the Rednecks called Gran’pa and bring him back to the Scientists Research Center to be experimented on.

Redneck Attack – The Rednecks are attacking in retaliation; you must protect the Scientists’ generators from being destroyed.


Valdez Alert – You must destroy the Scientists’ Cold Fusion Generators at their research center.

Operation Z – This mission has you stealing a Cop Car, Meteor, Pickup truck, and Stretch Limousine from the Rednecks and Scientists.

Law Enforcement Larceny – Steal a SWAT Van and Special Agent Car from the police.

Red Phone: Rednecks

Gang Car Bang – Destroy five Meteors and Z-Types belonging to the Scientists and Zaibatsu.

Penal Ties – You must get arrested to access a prison where you must disguise yourself as a correctional officer and start a riot.

The Final Job – All three gangs have discovered you’ve been double-crossing them; you must kill the leaders of the Rednecks, Scientists, and Zaibatsu.


Taxi Traitor Test – You must use remote-controlled Taxis to kill three traitors in the organization.

Water Carry On – Break into the H2000 Water Company and blow up its generator and turbines.


Murder In The Mall – Go to The Mall and kill 100 Scientists.

Distraction Action – Steal a Special Agent Car to lure the police away so Red Valdez can complete a job.

Industrial District

industrial district green phone - russian mafia

Green Phone: Russian Mafia

Hot Dog Homicide – Steal a bus, collect passengers, and then drive them to a meat processing plant to turn them into meat.

Mmm, Russian Sailors – Zaibatsu have been ruining the Mafia’s drug trade, so you must pick up four drug dealers, take them to the Lubyanka Docks, and use the crane to drown them.

Hare Krishna

Deconstruction Yard – Break into a construction yard and kill its firm manager to stop Zaibatsu from building a shopping mall.

Police Car Scrap – Steal three Cop Cars and take them to the crusher to be destroyed.


It Was An Accident – You must find and kill three members of the Russian Mafia.

Grand Theft Auto – This mission has you stealing vehicles and delivering them to the Zaibatsu safehouse.

Yellow Phone: Russian Mafia

Karma Assassins – Eight hitmen have come to kill Jerkov; you must protect him from being killed and take out the assassins.

Tanks A Lot – The Zaibatsu have come onto Russian territory with three tanks; you must destroy them.

Officer Down – Destroy a Cop Car, a SWAT Van, and a Special Agent Car.

Hare Krishna

Sunbeam Contract – The Russians have hired hitmen to kill Hare Krishna’s Grand Master, so you must kill the assassins.

Cossack Conversion – Steal a truck from the Russians and use it to trick members into getting on board so you can drive them to the Conversion House to indoctrinate them.

Conversion Evasion – After the Zaibatsu have been trying to deconvert the recently indoctrinated, you must break into the Z-Lab Complex and take them to the Vedic Temple.


Payback – You must collect money from several drug dealers, killing those who don’t cooperate.

Gang War – You must kill 50 Hare Krishna and Russian Mafia members to start a gang war.

Lock Out – You must steal a truck full of Zaibatsu AI Brain units from the Russian Mafia.

Red Phone: Russian Mafia

Vedic Massacre – Go to the Holy Vedic Temple and kill Hare Krishna members as they try and defend the temple.

Super Grass Rescue – After members of the Russian Mafia have been kidnapped by Zaibatsu, you must break into their facility and rescue them. Once you’ve rescued them, you must execute an informant.

The Final Job – After all three gangs discover you have been working for them all, you must kill all three leaders and take the gangs down.

Hare Krishna

Rooftop Rescue – After members of the Krishna have been captured by the Zaibatsu, you must go to their Power Plant and rescue them, destroying the plant’s generators.

Power Station – Destroy the Power Plant owned by the Zaibatsu.


I’d Like A Tank Please, Bob – You must steal a Tank from the Military Army Base for Uno Carb.

Army Base Alert – After discovering the last tank was booby-trapped, you must go to the Military Army Base, steal another tank, and drive it back to Uno Carb’s garage.

Grand Theft Auto III

grand theft auto iii gta 3 artwork


Introduction – After breaking out of a police van following an explosion on the bridge, you must escape the scene with 8-Ball.

Give Me Liberty – Once you have regrouped at your hideout, you must head to Luigi’s club.

Luigi Goterelli

Luigi’s Girls – Pick up Misty from the hospital and drop her off at Luigi’s club.

Don’t Spank Ma Bitch Up – Kill a drug dealer, steal his car, respray it, and deliver it to Luigi.

Drive Misty For Me – Go and collect Misty from Hepburn Heights and drop her off at Joey’s garage.

Pump-Action Pimp – Diablo gang members are pimping girls on Luigi’s turf. Go to Ammu-Nation to get a pistol and take care of them.

The Fuzz Ball – A police ball is taking place in Chinatown. Pick up four prostitutes and drop them off at the ball for the police to hire.

Joey Leone

Mike Lips Last Lunch – For this mission, you need to steal Mike Forelli’s car and rig it with a bomb to blow him up when he gets in it.

Farewell ‘Chunky’ Lee Chong – Lee Chong is selling SPANK by using his noodle stand as a cover. Drive to Chinatown and kill him.

Van Heist – You need to steal a Securicar by damaging the vehicle with the driver inside until he jumps out. Once this is done, drive the vehicle to a garage in Portland Harbor to complete the mission.

Cipriani’s Chauffeur – For this mission, you need to drive Tony Cipriani to the laundrette and then back to his home.

Dead Skunk In The Trunk – Joey has the corpse of a Forelli gang member in the trunk of a car; he needs you to take it to the crusher at Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard.

The Getaway – You will be acting as a getaway driver for a robbery. Pick up three mafia members, drive to a bank to perform a robbery, and then drive back to the hideout.

Toni Cipriani

Taking Out The Laundry – After the Triads ambushed Tony Cipriani, you need to go to the Laundromat and destroy three vans.

The Pick-Up – Head to the Laundromat to pick up protection money. When you do, the Triads ambush you, so kill them and head back to Momma’s Restaurante.

Salvatore’s Called A Meeting – For this mission, you need to pick up Joey, Luigi, and Toni and drop them off at Salvatore Leone’s mansion.

Salvatore Leone

Chaperone – Chaperone Maria to a party in the Atlantic Quays and then drop her back off at Salvatore’s mansion once she is done.

Toni Cipriani 2

Triads And Tribulations – After the Triads continue to give Toni trouble. You need to go and kill three Triad warlords.

Blow Fish – For this mission, you need to drive a truck rigged with a bomb to the Triad’s Fish Factory and then detonate the bomb to blow it up.

Salvatore Leone 2

Cutting The Grass – Curly Bob has been selling secrets to the Colombian Cartel, which means he needs to be taken care of. Follow Curly Bob to the Portland Harbor, catch him in the act with the Cartel, and kill him.

Bomb Da Base: Act I – The first of a two-part mission. Go to 8-Ball’s bomb shop and meet with 8-Ball.


Bomb Da Base: Act II – Go with 8-Ball to Portland Harbor and kill the Colombian Cartel with a sniper rifle while 8-Ball plants a bomb on the Cartel’s ship.

Salvatore Leone 3

Last Requests – A member of the Cartel, Maria, has rigged your car with a bomb; you must go and meet her, where she will introduce you to the Yakuza leader Asuka. Maria has lied and said you two are an item, which now has you on Salvatore’s hit list. Now you must escape to Staunton Island with Maria and Asuka.

Staunton Island – Asuka Kasen

Sayonara Salvatore – To prove your loyalty to the Yakuza, you must kill Salvatore Leone after he betrayed you.

Under Surveillance – The FIB is surveilling Asuka and the Yakuza, so you must take out the three groups of spies at Belleville Park lake, Bedford Point, and Torrington.

Paparazzi Purge – A reporter has been spying on the Yakuza, causing Asuka and Maria to flee. Steal a police boat and kill the reporter and destroy his boat.

Payday For Ray – You must travel to various payphones across Staunton Island to make contact with a police officer that is being paid off by the Yakuza.

Two-Faced Tanner – The police informant has told Asuka that one of the Yakuza’s drivers is an undercover cop. You must go to Kenji’s Casino and kill the driver.

Kenji Kasen

Kanbu Bust-Out – A Yakuza member is being held by the police. You must destroy a wall in his cell at the police station and help him escape back to the Yakuza Dojo.

Grand Theft Auto – Kenji owes money to a man for a favor. To repay his debt, Kenji has tasked you to steal three sports cars.

Deal Steal – The Cartel and the Yardies are doing a huge deal; you must disturb it by killing some Cartel members so it can be blamed on the Yardies to start a gang war.

Shima – You must collect protection money for Kenji while killing any Diablo member who refuses to pay.

Smack Down – After the plan to start a gang war didn’t work, you must now kill as many Yardies as you can find, with the minimum number to pass the mission being eight.

Ray Machowski

Silence The Sneak – Leon is in witness protection after betraying Ray. You must go to the safehouse he is hiding out at and set it on fire to lure him outside so you can kill him.

Arms Shortage – Ray’s friend Phil is having trouble with the Colombian Cartel, so you must go to his base and kill the Cartel members attacking him.

Evidence Dash – A picture of Ray’s friend Donald Love eating corpses is at risk of being made public; you need to destroy the images by torching the car they are in.

Gone Fishing – Ray’s partner is a rat and needs to be taken care of. Steal a police boat and go to the lighthouse where he is fishing and take him out.

Plaster Blaster – Unfortunately, Ray’s ex-business partner survived the attack and is now being transported by Ambulance to the LCPD. You must find the Ambulance and damage it until he falls out and then kill him with an explosion.

Donald Love

Liberator – An “Old Oriental Gentleman” has been kidnapped by the Cartel. Steal a Colombian-owned vehicle and infiltrate their hideout to rescue the old man.

Waka-Gashira Wipeout – Start a gang war between the Columbian Cartel and the Yakuza to help drive down property prices so Donald Love can develop new properties.

A Drop In The Ocean – Some packages are being delivered by plane for Donald Love. Get a boat and follow the plane and retrieve the packages it drops into the water.

Gran Theft Aero – After discovering the packages were decoys, head to the hangar at the Francis International Airport and kill the Colombian gang members to retrieve the package.

Escort Service – The Cartel is attacking a vehicle transporting the Old Oriental Gentlemen; you must stop the gang members from killing him.

Decoy – The police are staking out a building belonging to the Old Oriental Gentleman. Drive a decoy van to divert their attention away from the building so he can escape.

Love’s Disappearance – After heading to Donald Love’s building, you notice that no one is there, and a box containing the packages you stole has been emptied.

Ray Machowski 2

Marked Man – There is a hit out on Ray, and he needs to leave Liberty City. You have three minutes to get him to Francis International Airport so he can escape.

Asuka Kasen 2

Bait – There are three Colombian death squads around Liberty City with the intent of killing you. Lead them to a trap set by Asuka to kill them all.

Espresso-2-Go – Espresso-2-Go stalls are being used by the Cartel as a front to sell SPANK. You must destroy these stalls in under eight minutes.

S.A.M. – A plane is arriving at Francis International Airport full of SPANK for the Cartel. You must blow the plane up and retrieve the drugs for the Yakuza.


Ransom – After Asuka and Miguel have been killed, Catalina informs you that she has kidnapped Maria.

Shoreside Vale – Catalina

The Exchange – For the final mission of GTA III, you need to bring $500,000 to the Cartel’s mansion in exchange for Maria’s life after she was kidnapped by Catalina. After a helicopter chase with Catalina, you need to shoot her chopper down and kill her to rescue Maria and escape, completing the game.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

grand theft auto - vice city

In The Beginning… – After escaping a drug deal gone wrong with Vance, the game will start with you arriving at the Ocean View Hotel. This will become a safehouse for you to use to save your game.

Sonny Forelli

An Old Friend – After settling in at the hotel, you need to call Sonny to break the news that the deal didn’t go to plan.

Ken Rosenberg

The Party – Head to party on a private yacht to meet Juan Cortex before taking Mercedes Cortez to the Pole Position nightclub.

Back Alley Brawl – Head to an alleyway to meet a chef that moonlights as a hitman. After he refuses to give you the information, you must beat him to death…he doesn’t sound like he was a good hitman.

Jury Fury – Giorgio Forelli is facing fraud charges and is about to stand trial. You must intimidate two jury members by smashing up their vehicles to ensure that Giorgio will get off the charges.

Riot – Head to the protest at the Spand Express depot and start fighting with some workers to cause a riot.

Avery Carrington

Four Iron – Head to the Leaf Links country club to kill a rival of Avery Carrington on the golf course.

Demolition Man – One of the most hated missions in the entire franchise. Use an RC helicopter to blow up a building for Avery.

Juan Cortez

Treacherous Swine – Gonzales, one of Juan’s trusted men, has been leaking information to his enemies. Head to his penthouse and kill him with a chainsaw.

Mall Shootout – Juan will send you to meet up with Pierre La Ponce at the Washington Mall to take delivery of guidance chips. You will be ambushed by French military operatives who kill Pierre. You must retrieve the guidance chips and escape.

Guardian Angels – Meet up with Lance and head to a drug deal between the Haitians and the Cubans to protect Ricardo.

Ricardo Diaz

The Chase – One of Ricardo’s dealers hasn’t been giving him the full amount and taking some profit for himself. Head to his apartment and deal with him.

Phnom Penh ’86 – Tommy and Lance need to take a helicopter to Prawn Island to kill a wannabe gangster that is defrauding Ricardo.

The Fastest Boat – Ricardo has tasked Tommy with stealing a speedboat from the Boatyard.

Supply & Demand – You need to head to a boat known as The Drugboat and purchase all of the supplies before other buyers get there. Then you need to defend your newly acquired drugs from other drug dealers.

Avery Carrington 2

Two Bit Hit – You are tasked with starting a gang war by disguising yourself as a Cuban gang member to kill the leader of the Haitian gang at a funeral.

Juan Cortez 2

Sir, Yes Sir – Tommy needs to hijack an army tank and drop it off at Juan’s lockup. But be careful; it will explode if you’re not quick enough.

Kent Paul

Death Row – Lance has been attacked by Ricardo’s men. You must rescue him and get him to the hospital before it is too late.

Lance Vance

Rub Out – As revenge, Tommy and Lance must go to Ricardo’s mansion and kill him. Once the mission is complete, you will take over the mansion, which will act as a safe house.

Juan Cortez 3

All Hands On Deck – The French military are after Juan. You need to defend him and his yacht by taking out all of the soldiers and shooting down the helicopters.

Vercetti Estate

Shakedown – For this mission, you must head to the North Point Mall and intimidate them into paying protection money.

Bar Brawl – BDP Security is stepping onto your turf, offering protection. It is your job to run them out of time by killing them.

Cop Land – After a failed bomb detonation at the North Point Mall, Tommy must disguise himself as a cop to enter the more and trigger the explosion.

Umberto Robina

Stunt Boat Challenge – After Umberto questions Tommy’s masculinity, he challenges him to a boat race. You have three minutes to complete the course to finish the mission.

Cannon Fodder – Umberto has started a gang war with the Haitians, and he needs your help to defend his men while they steal a shipment of drugs. Head to the Cuban factory and use a sniper rifle to take out the Cubans.

Naval Engagement – For this mission, you must go with Rico and ambush a boat full of Haitian gang members to steal their drugs and cash.

Auntie Poulet

Juju Scramble – Auntie Poulet has tasked you with retrieving multiple packages scattered across Little Haiti.

Bombs Away – This is one of the more fun missions in the game. You need to use RC planes to drop bombs on rival Cuban drug dealers.

Dirty Lickin’s – There is a street fight between the Cubans and Haitians. Grab your sniper rifle and take out the Cuban gang members.

Umberto Robina 2

Trojan Voodoo – For this mission, you need to meet up with Pepe and drive into Little Haiti to steal a Voodoo car. Then meet up with the Cuban gang and drive to the Haitian Drug Factory. Once inside, plant the bombs in the factory and get out of there before it blows up.

Love Fist

Love Juice – Love Fist want you to bring them drugs and groupies. Meet up with a drug dealer and kill him for the drugs, then collect Mercedes Cortez and take her to Love Fist’s recording studio.

Psycho Killer – A stalker is harassing Love Fist, so you need to go and take care of him for the band.

Mitch Baker

Alloy Wheels Of Steel – Meet up with Mitch, the leader of the Biker Gang, and win a bike race.

Messing With The Man – For this mission, you need to prove yourself to Mitch by causing chaos across Vice City to show much of a badass you are.

Hog Tied – Mitch’s Angel bike has been stolen by the Sharks gang. Retrieve the bike and take it back to the bar.

Love Fist 2

Publicity Tour – A stalker has planted a bomb in Love Fist’s limo. You must drive around the city while the band defuses the bomb.

Cap The Collector – Sonny and his gang are trying to tax Tommy’s businesses as repayment for the lost money from the drug deal at the start of the game. You need to find the tax collectors and kill them all.

Tommy Vercetti

Keep Your Friends Close… – The final mission of Vice City. Lance has betrayed you, and the Mafia is trying to steal your money to give to Sonny. It is time to kill them both, making Tommy Vercetti the new King of the Vice City criminal underworld.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

grand theft auto - san andreas

Los Santos

Carl Johnson

In The Beginning – After five years on the East Coast, CJ returns to Los Santos.

Big Smoke – Reunite with Big Smoke and talk about old times and CJ’s mother’s death.

Sweet & Kendl – Go to the cemetery to visit CJ’s mother’s grave before escaping from the Ballas gang.


Ryder – Meet with Ryder to get a haircut and then head to the Pizza Shop.

Sweet Johnson

Tagging Up Turf – Spray over some Ballas tags with Grove Street Families artwork.

Cleaning The Hood – Drug dealers are trying to take over Grove Street. Take them out and head to a Ballas crack den to cause havoc.

Drive-Thru – While at Cluckin’ Bell, CJ and his crew notice the Ballas that attacked them earlier heading to Grove Street; go and take them out.

Nines and AKs – Head to the shooting range to get practice in so you can fight back against the Ballas.

Drive-By – Head to the Ballas territory to perform a drive-by.

Sweet’s Girl – Go to the Seville Boulevard Families territory to save Sweet and his girlfriend from the gang members.

Cesar Vialpando – Win a Lowrider Challenge against Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando.

Big Smoke

OG Loc – OG Loc has been released from prison. Go pick him up and then take him to kill Freddy, a Mexican gang member who assaulted him in prison.

Running Dog – After an argument between Smoke and two Mexican gang members, you must kill the Los Santos Vagos gang members.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks – After stopping a deal between the San Fierro Rifa and Los Santos Vagos gangs, you must stop them from escaping by train.

Just Business – After the Russian Mafia ambush Big Smoke you must fight them off before escaping into the sewer.

Ryder 2

Home Invasion – For this mission, you need to steal weapons crates from a war veteran to use in the gang wars.

Catalyst – A train containing ammo is arriving in Los Santos shortly. You need to rob it before the Ballas and Vagos beat you to it.

Robbing Uncle Sam – Raid an army base to steal its weapons.

Cesar Vialpando

High Stakes, Low Rider – Take part in a Lowrider Race with Cesar Vialpando.

OG Loc

Life’s A Beach – OG Loc is having a house party and you need to steal a sound system for it.

Madd Dogg’s Rhymes – To be able to rap, OG Loc asks you to steal a rhyme book owned by Madd Dogg.

Management Issues – OG Loc claims that Madd Dogg’s manager is stopping him from becoming a successful music artist, so he needs to be killed.

House Party – Grove Street is attacked by the Ballas during the house party; you need to protect the street from the gangsters.


Burning Desire – A member of the CRASH gang asks you to burn down the house of a Vagos gang member.

Gray Imports – A deal between the Ballas and the Russian Mafia occurs at a warehouse. Go there and kill the Russian arms dealer.

Sweet Johnson

Doberman – Little Weasel has betrayed the Grove Street Families and joined the Ballas; you must kill him.

Los Sepulcros – Ambush a funeral for a Ballas member and kill their leader, Kane.

Reuniting The Families – Go with Big Smoke, Ryder, and Sweet to reunite the Grove Street Families gang.

The Green Sabre – After Big Smoke and Ryder betray the Grove Street Families, CJ and Sweet are arrested during a shootout.



Badlands – Kill an FBI informant who has information on Tenpenny.


First Date – Catalina asks you to prepare for an upcoming robbery.

Tanker Commander – Hijack a petrol tanker and deliver it to Catalina’s buyer.

The Truth

Body Harvest – To pay Tenpenny’s drug debt, you must steal a Combine Harvester.

Cesar Vialpando 2

King In Exile – Meet up with Cesar and Kendl again after being separated in Los Santos.

Catalina 2

First Base – Meet up with Catalina to prepare for the next robbery.

Local Liquor Store – Rob a liquor store for Catalina.

Gone Courting – Meet with Catalina to prepare for the next robbery.

Against All Odds – Perform a robbery at a betting shop for Catalina.

Made In Heaven – Meet with Catalina to prepare for the next robbery.

Small Town Bank – For this mission, you will need to participate in a bank robbery.

Cesar Vialpando 3

Wu Zi Mu – Take part in a race against Wu Zi Mu.

Farewell, My Love… – Take part in a race against Catalina and Claude.

The Truth 2

Are You Going To San Fierro? – After being ambushed by the police you must burn down a cannabis farm to hide evidence and escape to San Fierro.

San Fierro

Carl Johnson 2

Wear Flowers In Your Hair – Meet some new friends who can help you open a garage.


555 We Tip – Plant drugs in the car of a District Attorney.

Carl Johnson 3

Deconstruction – A group of construction workers called Kendl a hooker, you must destroy their buildings and kill the foreman.


Air Raid – Berkley is back in San Andreas and is set to attack Zero and destroy his transmitters; you must defend them from the bombers.

Supply Lines… – After Berkley humiliated by Zero you must kill his delivery men as revenge.

New Model Army – Destroy Berkley’s base using RC vehicles.

Cesar Vialpando 4

Photo Opportunity – Ryder is meeting with the Loco Syndicate gang; you must take photographs of this encounter.

Jizzy B.

Jizzy – Meet up with Jizzy and help him with his pimping business.

T-Bone Mendez – Bikers have stolen money from Mendez; you must get it back from them.

Mike Toreno – A van containing drugs has been stolen along with Mike Toreno; you must find him and rescue him.

Outrider – Drive a van full of drugs through numerous roadblocks created by the Da Nang Boys gang.

Wu Zi Mu 2

Mountain Cloud Boys – Meet up with Woozie and drive him to a meeting with the Triads.

Ran Fa Li – Steal a car with an important package inside from Da Nang Boys.

Lure – Act as a decoy, so Ran Fa Li can escape Da Nang Boys.

Amphibious Assault – Plant a device on a ship owned by Da Nang Boys.

The Da Nang Thang – Attack the Da Nang Boys’ boat via helicopter and rescue slaves on board.


Snail Trail – Pulaski is being investigated by a reporter and journalist, so you know what that means…they must be silenced permanently.

Carl Johnson 4

Ice Cold Killa – A meeting is going down between the Ballas and Loco Syndicate. Jizzy knows where this meeting will be held, so he must be killed so you can access his phone.

Cesar Vialpando 5

Pier 69 – Ambush the deal between the Ballas and Loco Syndicate and kill T-Bone and Ryder.

Wu Zi Mu 3

Toreno’s Last Flight – After Mike Toreno managed to survive the latest shootout, he shot down his helicopter to take him out.

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom – Take a car fitted with a bomb to the Loco Syndicate’s drug factory and blow it up.

Desert – Mike Toreno

Monster – Win a time trial race in a Monster Truck in under 6:30.

Highjack – Steal a tanker with Cesar to take back to Doherty.

Interdiction – A helicopter is delivering contraband, and you need to protect the helicopter as you collect it.

Verdant Meadows – Purchase the abandoned Verdant Meadows airstrip to use for your criminal operations.

Learning To Fly – Complete the Pilot School courses to help you fly planes and helicopters.

NOE – Deliver a package using a plane without being spotted by radar.

Stowaway – Government agents arrive at your airstrip and destroy the plane to kill the agents.

The Truth 2

Black Project – Break into Area 69 and steal the secret Black Project that is stored there…aliens?

Green Goo – A mysterious Green Goo is being stored on a train, so of course, we must steal it using a Jetpack.

Las Venturas


Fender Ketchup – In exchange for shares in a casino, you must help Woozie to scare Johnny by driving him around on your car’s windscreen.

Explosive Situation – Head to the Hunter Quarry to steal dynamite.

You’ve Had Your Chips – There is a fake casino chip-making machine that threatens your business, go and destroy it.

Don Peyote – Snake farmers have kidnapped Kent Paul and Maccer; you must go and rescue them in the desert.


Intensive Care – Johnny has been kidnapped by the Forelli Family; you must rescue him.

The Meat Business – After Johnny dies of a heart attack, the Sindaccos try and kill you and Rosie, so you must escape from their meat factory.

Triads 2

Fish In A Barrel – Meet with Woozie and Ran Fa Li to become co-owner of the Four Dragons Casino.

Madd Dogg

Madd Dogg – After OG Loc stole Madd Dogg’s rhyme book his whole life crumbled and he is contemplating suicide. Stop him from taking ending it all.

Mafia 2

Freefall – Hijack a plane full of Forellis and kill them all.


Misappropriation – An FBI agent has information that could expose Tenpenny’s corruption; you must kill him and retrieve the evidence.

High Noon – After Pulaski kills Jimmy Hernandez, you must chase and kill him.

Mafia 2

Saint Mark’s Bistro – Fly to Liberty City with Paul Maccer and Rosenberg to kill Marco Forelli.

Triads 3

A Home In The Hills – After Madd Dogg’s mansion has been taken over by the Los Santos Vagos, you must kill Big Poppa. Completing this will give you the mansion as a safe house.

Los Santos

Mike Toreno 2

Vertical Bird – Destroy spy ships by using a Hydra that you steal from an aircraft carrier.

Home Coming – After Sweet is released from prison, it is time to get some revenge by killing members of the Ballas.

Madd Dogg 2

Cut Throat Business – Ambush OG Loc at a music video shoot and take back Madd Dogg’s rhyme book.

Sweet Johnson

Beat Down On B Dup – Start a gang war between the Grove Street Families and the Ballas.

Grove 4 Life – The gang war escalates as the Grove Street Families reclaim more turg from the Ballas.

Carl Johnson 5

Riot – After Tenpenny is arrested for corruption and later freed, he starts a rot in Los Santos.

Sweet Johnson 2

Los Desperados – You must recruit members of the Grove Street Families to help Cesar in his war against the Vagos.

End Of The Line – After Big Smoke betrayed you to join the Ballas earlier in the story, it is now time to get your revenge and kill him to complete the game.

Grand Theft Auto IV

grand theft auto iv


Roman Bellic

The Cousins Bellic – Players are introduced to Nico Bellic, the character you will play throughout the game, as he lands in the US for the first time and is greeted by his cousin Roman.

It’s Your Call – Nico and Roman head to a store to get the Badger cellphone before dodging some loan sharks who are after Roman.

Three’s A Crowd – Nico must collect Mallorie and Michelle from the subway station and take them back to Michelle’s place. These two will play a large role in the story of GTA IV.


First Date – Nico and Michelle go on a date to the bowling alley.

Roman Bellic 2

Bleed Out – Roman is being attacked by loan sharks, so you need to kill them and save your cousin.

Easy Fare – Meet up with Jermaine Andrews and drive him to his lockup while avoiding the police.

Jamaican Heat – You must watch over Little Jacob while he meets up with a gang and take them out when things get violent.

Little Jacob

Concrete Jungle – For this mission, you must drive Jacob to a drug dealer and then take out all the gang members after he is set up.

Vladimir Glebov

Bull In A China Shop – Break into a store to get Vlad’s money back and then return it to him.

Hung Out To Dry – Vlad has tasked you with retrieving a car for him, go to the location by train, and then drive it back.

Clean Getaway – Go and steal a car from Jimmy and take it back to Vlad.

Ivan The Not So Terrible – You have a choice to make; you need to find Ivan Bytchkov and choose whether to kill him or spare his life.

Roman Bellic 3

Uncle Vlad – Despite doing some missions for him and building up a good friendship, Roman wants him dead, so you know what you’ve got to do.

Crime And Punishment – This mission introduces you to Mikhail and Dimitri for the first time, and you will be tasked with stealing a police car and then using it to rob a truck full of TVs.

Mikhail Faustin

Do You Have Protection? – Another choice mission, you will need to head to a sex shop to get money owed to Mikhail. Then you will be given the option to kill him or spare him.

Final Destination – Your next mission is to kill his enemy Lenny Petrovic for Mikhail.

No Love Lost – Mikhail is not messing around, as even the biker gangs aren’t safe. This mission has you going after Jason Michaels and the biker gang and taking them all out.

Roman Bellic 4

Logging On – Roman introduces you to Brucie, who will become a major ally of Nico throughout the game. Then you need to head to an internet cafe, which will unlock access to it in the game for future missions and side missions.

Little Jacob

Shadow – Little Jacob sends you to a drug dealer’s apartment to kill him and his gang.

Mikhail Faustin 2

Rigged To Blow – The trusty explosive vehicle missions have returned in GTA IV. Mikhail tasks you with collecting a truck rigged with explosives, and then you need to drive it to Kenny’s garage and detonate the bombs to destroy the garage.

Dimitri Rascalov

The Master And The Molotov – It seems that once you become friends with someone, another person wants them taken out. This time, Mikhail must face the chopping block. Find him and eliminate him.

Russian Revolution – After doing his dirty work, Dimitri will now try and kill you; escape him and his gang before he takes you out.

Roman Bellic 5

Roman’s Sorrow – Dimitri isn’t going to let this grudge die, so he destroys Roman’s apartment and business, causing you both to flee to Bohan.

Brucie Kibbutz

Search And Delete – For this mission, you need to find and steal a police car in order to access its database. Once you do, you will find information on Lyle Rivas; you then need to kill him.

Easy As Can Be – After killing Lyle, we now need to steal his prized car and drive it to Brucie’s garage after escaping from Lyle’s gang.

Out Of The Closet – Head to the internet cafe and use it to set up a date with Tom Rivas. Once you meet up with him you need to kill him.

No. 1 – The final mission from Brucie will have you driving a Comet vehicle and winning a street race.

Manny Escuela

Escuela Of The Streets – For this mission, you need to track gang members at a warehouse and then take them all out.

Street Sweeper – A similar mission to the previous one, except this time, you need to kill gang members at a garage.

Elizabeta Torres

Luck Of The Irish – Patrick McReary is meeting with some dangerous individuals. Use a sniper rifle to watch the meeting and protect him if needed.

Blow Your Cover – Meet up with Johnny to do a drug deal, which turns out to be an ambush by the police. Escape the police with Playboy X to complete the mission.

Manny Escuela 2

The Puerto Rican Connection – You need to track a train as it travels through Liberty City. Once it arrives at the station, take out the people that get off.

Elizabeta Torres 2

The Snow Storm – Head to an abandoned hospital to retrieve stolen cocaine and return it to Elizabeta.

Have A Heart – Elizabeta has killed Manny and Jay, and it is your job to take their bodies to The Doctor.

Patrick McReary

Harboring A Grudge – For this mission, you need to steal a truck from the Triads gang and deliver it to Ray’s lockup.

Waste Not Want Knots – Help Ray to steal money from the Ancelotti Family.

Three Leaf Clover – Along with Patrick and Derrick McReary, you must rob the Bank of Liberty and escape through the subway.

Gerald McReary

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Another bomb mission as Gerald McReary wants you to kill Anthony Spoleto by using a car bomb to take him out along with his crew.

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, And Your Motorcycle – The Ancelottis and Albanians are allies, so to end that friendship you must kill Frank Garone to cause friction between the gangs.

Mallorie Bardas

Hostile Negotiation – Dimitri and his gang have kidnapped Roman, it is time to rescue him and take out everyone that has crossed you.


Francis McReary

Call And Collect – Francis is being blackmailed, so of course, you must go and kill the blackmailer and deliver any evidence he has to Francis.

Final Interview – For this mission, you need to set up a fake job interview with Tom Goldberg. When you arrive for your interview, kill him and steal his files to give to Francis.

Holland Nights – For this mission, you will be ordered to take out Clarence Little as he is stepping on Francis’ turf. You will be given the option to kill him or let him live.

Lure – Regardless of the outcome of the last mission, you will be ordered to kill Clarence’s, right-hand man. For this mission, get a sniper rifle and eliminate him from the roof of a building.

Playboy X

Deconstruction For Beginners – Playboy X will send you to meet Dwayne Forge and head to a construction site to kill the union officials.

Photo Shoot – You must locate Marlon Bridges and snap a picture of him so Playboy X can identify him and have him killed.

Dwayne Forge

Ruff Rider – For this mission, you will first be ordered by Dwayne to kill his ex-girlfriend Cherise. You will have the option to kill or spare her, before killing her current boyfriend Jayvon who is a rival of Dwayne.

Undress To Kill – After feeling suicidal, Dwayne tells Niko that he’d like to own his gentlemen club again, The Triangle Club. In order for him to get it back, you must take out the Trunchez Brothers.

Playboy X 2

The Holland Play – Playboy X will order you to kill Dwayne, and then Dwayne will order you to kill Playboy X. So, you’re left with a dilemma, which one should die? For this one, I recommend that you take out Playboy X. By doing this, you will receive his Penthouse apartment, as well as a new outfit and Patriot vehicle. Whereas if you kill Dwayne, you only receive $25,000 for your troubles.

United Liberty Paper

Wrong Is Right – Your contact at the United Liberty Paper company has tasked you with killing Oleg. First, head to his apart and check his computer for information on his whereabouts. He is at a jewelry store, so head there and take him out when he tries to escape.

Portrait Of A Killer – For this mission, you need to steal a police car in order to use its computer to find information on Adam Dimayev. Once you’ve done that, locate him and kill him.

Dust Off – You will need to follow a helicopter flying in the sky over Liberty City. Keep track of it and steal it when it finally lands.

Paper Trail – Once you have the helicopter, you will be able to use it in the final mission. Use it to kill Eduard by chasing him in his helicopter and getting Jacob to blow it up with a rocket launcher.

Ray Boccino

A Long Way To Fall – Ray is on a rampage and wants a lot of people dead. The first one to go is Teddy Benavidez, who meets his demise after Niko throws him off the roof of his apartment building.

Taking In The Trash – For this mission, you will need to take a garbage truck across Liberty City to look for some diamonds left in a bag for Ray.

Meltdown – Luca has taken the diamonds and doesn’t plan on giving them back to Ray, so he must be taken out.

Museum Piece – Head to the Libertonian museum with Johnny to sell the diamonds. It turns out to be an ambush by Luis and his gang. Take them out and escape the attack.

No Way On The Subway – It turns out that Johnny stole the money from the deal, and Luis stole the diamonds, so they will be taken care of. But first, it’s time to kill the Lost MC biker gang for their part in the ambush. Meet up with Phil to kill Jim, one of the gang’s leaders.

Weekend At Florian’s – Alongside Roman, you can kill Talbot or spare his life before meeting up with an old friend, Florian Cravic.

Late Checkout – The final mission for Ray has you heading to the Majestic Hotel to kill Isaac and a group of diamond dealers.

Derrick McReary

Smackdown – Once again, you need to steal a police car to use its computer. This time you need to locate Bucky Silgo. Once you do, follow him to his gang and kill him.

Babysitting – Kim Young-Guk is being attacked by the Albanians, so you must help him survive by destroying helicopters and boats trying to kill him.

Tunnel Of Death – Aiden O’Malley is being transported by a police convoy through Booth Tunnel. Niko must ambush the convoy and kill Aiden and escape the police.

Francis McReary 2

Blood Brothers – For this mission, you have to kill either Derrick or Francis McReary; I recommend killing Derrick. In addition to earning some money, you will also be able to call Francis and have him clear your wanted level. Killing Francis will just increase your friendship level with Patrick McReary.

Patrick McReary 2

Undertaker – After attending the funeral of whichever brother you killed, you will need to drive the body to the graveyard while being attacked by the Albanians.

Gerald McReary 2

I’ll Take Her – The first of a two-part mission. For this one, you need to respond to an ad that Gracie Ancelotti has posted to sell her car. Meet up with her and take her car for a test car and then kidnap her and take her to Gerald’s safe house.

Ransom – This next mission continues from the previous one. Go and see Gracie and send a picture of her to Patrick McReary.

She’s A Keeper – Gerald wants you to take Gracie to a new safehouse after being compromised. You must get her to the new location safely while being attacked by members of the Ancelotti Family.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend – Gracie is used as a trade to retrieve the diamonds from the Ancelotti Family.

Bernie Crane

Hating The Haters – A stalker is harassing and threatening to kill Bernie. To lure him out into the open so you can take care of him, you need to follow Bernie while he goes for a jog. Once his stalker makes himself known, you must kill him to complete the mission.

Union Drive – Bernie is being blackmailed by Dimitri; he really doesn’t have any good luck. Meet with the blackmailers and kill them to complete the mission.

Buoys Ahoy – Niko, and Bernie are attacked by Russians sent by Dimitri. Kill them and protect Bernie to complete the mission.

Phil Bell

Truck Hustle – The Triads are transporting a truck full of Heroin across the city. Steal it and take it to Frankie’s garage.

Jimmy Pegorino

Pegorino’s Pride – Jimmy Pegorino meets with some of Pavano’s gang. You need to protect him from the gang and stop him from being killed.

Payback – After the Pavano henchmen injured Jimmy you now need to go after and kill them.

Jon Gravelli

Entourage – Jon Gravelli is on his deathbed in the hospital, but that doesn’t stop him from running a criminal empire. For this mission, you need to take Bobby Jefferson to City Hall and take out Dimitri’s gang that tries to ambush you.

Dining Out – For this mission, Jon tasks you with killing Kim Young-Guk by heading to his restaurant and questioning the staff until you locate him.

Liquidize The Assets – There are multiple vans full of coke that is owned by the Russians. You need to destroy the vans and kill all of the Russians.

Phil Bell 2

Catch The Wave – The Albanians and Russians are cooperating to import coke into Liberty City. You need to steal a boat full of coke and deliver it to Phil.

Trespass – Charles Matteo is hiding out at the Sprunk Factory. You need to head there and kill all of his henchmen and destroy the helicopter that Charlie tries to escape in, guaranteeing his demise.

To Live And Die In Alderney – The police are on your tail as you’re transporting a truck full of heroin. After dropping off the heroin, you must evade the police along with Phil and Frankie.

Jimmy Pegorino 2

Flatline – Anthony is laid up in the hospital, and it is your task to make sure he doesn’t leave. You will need to enter the hospital and figure out how to make your way to Anthony without arousing suspicion and killing him.

Pest Control – Ray sets Niko up by telling you to meet Jimmy at his house. When you arrive, kill Ray and his bodyguards and escape.

United Liberty Paper 2

That Special Someone – Niko has been waiting a long to come face to face with Darko. You must head to the cargo bay of the Francis International Airport, where you will encounter Darko. He will explain why he betrayed Niko and his crew back in Serbia, and now you’re left with a choice…do you kill Darko and finally gain revenge, or do you aim to be a better person and spare his life? The overall outcome of the story doesn’t change regardless of your choice. If you choose to make him pay, Niko will shoot him 12 times, one for each member of his crew that Darko betrayed.

Jimmy Pegorino 3

One Last Thing – Jimmy tells Niko that he needs to do one final heroin deal, but it involves Dimitri. Will Niko be able to pull the deal off, or will his lust for revenge get the better of him? That is for you to decide, as you will have to choose between making the deal and getting revenge, both of which alter the final events in the story.

Deal Ending

If The Price Is Right – After deciding to do the deal, Niko must collect the payment for the deal by taking Phil to the exchange point. Unfortunately, Dimitri betrays Niko and The Commission again, leaving Niko to fend off the original buyers. You must steal the money for the deal and escape the warehouse with Phil.

Mr and Mrs Bellic – This is a mission that you will complete regardless of which option you choose, but the consequences will depend on which you choose. If you choose deal, you will attend the wedding of Roman and Mallorie. During the ceremony, Dimitri orders a hitman to kill Niko. During a struggle with the assassins, a stray bullet will hit your cousin Roman, and he will be shot dead.

A Revenger’s Tragedy – After Dimitri’s hitman killed Roman, it is now time to get revenge and finally take him out for good. You will have to chase Dimitri and his men in a car, helicopter, and boat before finally getting your hands on him. Unfortunately, Dimitri will manage to kill Jimmy before you finally put a bullet in him.

Revenge Ending

A Dish Served Cold – It is now time to go back to the beginning of the story and head to the ship that Niko sailed on to get to Liberty City, the Platypus. Once on board, you will need to fight your way through Dimitri’s men before finally encountering and killing him.

Mr and Mrs Bellic – Depending on which option you choose will depend on the consequences of this mission. If you choose revenge, Niko and Kate will attend the wedding of Roman and Mallorie together. After the wedding, Jimmy will pull up in a black car holding an assault rifle, and shoot into the crowd of guests. Kate will be hit with a bullet and will die.

Out Of Commission – After Jimmy kills Kate, it is time to get your revenge. For this mission, you must head to an abandoned warehouse and pursue Jimmy. After finally catching up to following a helicopter and boat chase, you will kill him, concluding the story of GTA IV as Niko, Roman, and Jacob leave Jimmy’s corpse at the Statue of Happiness.

Grand Theft Auto V

grand theft auto v

Prologue – The opening mission of GTA V sees the main characters, Michael Townley and Trevor Philips, alongside their friend Brad Snider rob a bank back in 2004 and acts as a flashback to set up the main game.


Franklin and Lamar – This mission introduces the third main character Franklin and his best friend, Lamar, as they drive around Los Santos to repossess high-end sports cars as part of their job at Simeon Yetarian’s car dealership.

Repossession – Franklin, and Lamar must head to the Vagos gang and take one of their motorcycles for Simeon.

Complications – Franklin is tasked with repossessing the car belonging to Michael’s son, causing the two to meet and become connected in ways they couldn’t possibly imagine.


Father/Son – Michael’s son Jimmy gets in trouble after Michael’s yacht is stolen, causing Michael and Franklin to come and save the day.

Marriage Counseling – Michael’s wife Amanda has been doing the dirty deed with her tennis coach. Michael and Franklin must chase him down and destroy his house, well, what they thought was his house…

Daddy’s Little Girl – Michael’s daughter Tracey has been “performing” for a group of men on a yacht, so Michael takes Jimmy to the ocean to save his daughter.


Chop – Lamar wants to earn some extra cash by kidnapping Ballas gang members, and of course, he’s roped Franklin in to do his dirty work. You must take your pet Rottweiler, Chop, to kidnap a Ballas gangster called D.

The Long Stretch – Franklin, Lamar, and Stretch meet with the Ballas to do a deal, but it turns out to be an ambush.


Friend Request – Michael and Lester reunite in the first of many missions together. This one has Michael go to the Lifeinvader headquarters to rig a prototype phone with explosives to kill its founder, Jay Norris.

Casing the Jewel Store – After the previous successful mission, it’s now time to get back into the swing of being thieves. Michael and Lester must head to a jewelry store and scout it, and plan the robbery.

Carbine Rifles – To prepare for the robbery you need to steal Carbine Rifles from the police to use at the jewelry store.

Bugstars Equipment – Steal an exterminator van to act as a disguise.

BZ Gas Grenades – You need to steal a van containing gas grenades to help with the robbery.


The Jewel Store Job – Now that all of the preparation is complete, it is now time to rob the jewelry store. Michael and Franklin must steal millions of dollars of jewelry from the store and escape from the police. You can choose between the Loud and Smart Approach, depending on your play style.


Mr. Philips – Now it is time to take control of the third and final main character in the game, Trevor Philips. After discovering that his best friend Michael wasn’t killed in the prologue and is instead alive and living in Los Santos, Trevor goes on a rampage and kills members of The Lost MC. Then he heads to meet Ortega, the Aztecas gang leader, and gains control of the meth trade in Blane County.

Nervous Ron – After having his trailer trashed by The Lost MC, Trevor must fly a plane with his friend Ron to get revenge and take over The Lost MC’s arms trading business.

Tao Cheng

Trevor Phillips Industries – Trevor needs to defend his meth lab against the Aztecas gang to be able to secure a deal with the Los Santos Triads.

Crystal Maze – After a deal with the Triads doesn’t pan out, Trevor must set fire to his competitor’s meth lab and kill the O’Neil Brothers in the process.

Trevor 2

Friends Reunited – After almost a decade of thinking his best friend was dead, Trevor finally reunites with Michaels, but not before taking down The Lost MC for good.

Michael 2

Fame or Shame – Michael’s daughter Tracey is eager to become famous and auditions for a reality show called Fame or Shame. After Michael sees the host getting sexual with her, he and Trevor retaliate.

Federal Investigation Bureau

Dead Man Walking – Now that Trevor knows that Michael faked his own death, he must meet with a FIB agent called Dave Norton to discuss what to do. Michael must then head to the morgue to confirm that a FIB suspect is dead.

Three’s Company – Michael is forced to work for the FIB by Steve Gaines and must head to the IAA Headquarters to find Mr. K.

By The Book – After locating Mr. K, Trevor tortures him to learn the identity of a terrorist before finding and assassinating him.

Trevor 3

Scouting the Port – Trevor, Wade, and Floud are tasked with checking out the Port of Los Santos in preparation for the next robbery.

Minisub – Steal a submarine to be used in the robbery.

Cargobob – Steal a Cargobob to be used in the robbery.

Heists 2

The Merryweather Heist – It is now time for the second heist of the game. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor must steal a high-tech device from Merryweather. This can be done either at the docks or in the ocean by choosing either the Freighter Method or Offshore Method.

Michael 3

Did Somebody Say Yoga? – In order to reconnect with his wife, Michael tries yoga but ends up attacking the instructor. He then ends up accidentally taking drugs while with Jimmy at Burger Shot.

Lamar 2

Hood Safari – Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor must fight the Grove Street gang after a drug deal goes sideways.

Lester 2

The Hotel Assassination – To manipulate the stock market in Lester’s favor, he tasks Franklin with taking out Bilkinton Research’s CEO. Completing this mission rewards Franklin with a new safehouse in the Vinewood Hills.

Federal Investigation Bureau 2

Masks – Buy some masks in preparation for the next heist.

Boiler Suits – Purchase boiler suits to be used in the next heist.

Trash Truck – Steal a garbage truck for the next heist.

Tow Truck – Finally, steal a tow truck to be used in the next heist.

Heists 3

Blitz Play – For the next heist, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin need to steal money from an armored truck and deliver it to Devin Weston.

Devin Weston

I Fought the Law… – Michael and Trevor must disguise themselves as police officers to steal a Cheetah and Entity XF and deliver them to Devin Weston.

Eye in the Sky – Trevor and Franklin locate a Z-Type vehicle they can steal and deliver to Devin Weston.

Solomon Richards

Mr. Richards – Michael gets to meet his idol and helps him with his latest movie.

Martin Madrazo

Caida Libre – Michael is tasked with shooting down a plane with Martin Madrazo’s cousin on board so Trevor can retrieve a package from it.

Devin Weston 2

Deep Inside – Franklin is ordered to steal a JB 700 vehicle from Backlot City by Devin Weston.

Trevor 4

Minor Turbulence – Michael and Trevor must steal a cargo plane carrying weapons from Merryweather.

Federal Investigation Bureau 3

Paleto Score Setup – It is time to prepare for the next heist. Michael, Trevor, and Lester must scout the bank at Paleto Bay.

Military Hardware – Steal military vehicles in preparation for the heist.

Trevor 5

Predator – It is time to find and eliminate the O’Neil Brothers as Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and Chop head to Raton Canyon for the final confrontation.

Heists 4

The Paleto Score – The fourth heist sees Michael, Trevor, and Franklin rob the Paleto Bay bank in one of the most fun missions in the game. Spoiler alert, minigun + police cars = lots of explosions.

Trevor 6

Derailed – The fun never stops for Michael and Trevor as they hijack a train to steal gold for Martin Madrazo.

Federal Investigation Bureau 4

Monkey Business – Michael, Trevor, and Franklin join Dave Norton and Steve Haines in stealing nerve gas from a research facility.

Trevor 7

Hang Ten – After Trevor accidentally kills Debra and Floyd during an argument, he heads to a strip club with Wade, where he decides he will become the establishment’s new owner. Completing this mission unlocks the Vanilla Unicorn strip club as a safe house for all three characters.

Lester 3

Surveying the Score – It is already that time again, it’s time for the next heist. This mission sees Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and Lester scope the Union Depository Tower to plan the next robbery.

Michael 4

Bury the Hatchet – Michael and Trevor come face to face with their past as Trevor uncovers the truth about what happened during the game’s prologue, nine years before the events of the main story.

Devin Weston 3

Pack Man – Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor must deliver the final cars to Devin Weston and escape the police.


Fresh Meat – Michael has been kidnapped by the Triads and is being held at a meat processing factory. Franklin must locate Michael before the Triads dispose of him.

Lester 4

Cleaning out the Bureau – It is time to prepare for the next height. For this one, Michael and Lester track a janitor to his house in order to steal his ID card to access the FIB Headquarters.

Architect’s Plans – Franklin must head to a construction site to steal blueprints of the FIB Headquarters to be able to plan the heist.

Fire Truck – Finally, steal a fire truck to be used in the heist.

Michael 5

Reuniting the Family – Michael and his family head to see a therapist in order to rebuild their relationships with each other.

Heists 5

The Bureau Raid – Michael and Franklin head to the FIB Headquarters to gain incriminating evidence against Steve Haines. Michael destroys his criminal record to get out from under the Haines’ thumb.

Federal Investigation Bureau 5

The Wrap Up – The FIB, IAA, and Merryweather collide as Steve Haines betrays Michael and Dave Norton. Thankfully, Trevor comes to the aid of Michael and Dave before Haines manages to kill them.

Franklin 2

Lamar Down – Lamar has been taken hostage by the Ballas after being set up by Stretch. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin must save Lamar from meeting a gruesome end.

Solomon Richards 2

The Ballad of Rocco – Solomon Richards is attacked by Rocco Pelosi, so Michael must track him down and kill it as revenge. As a thank you, Michael is offered the role of producer for Solomon’s latest movie.

Legal Trouble – Michael must track down Devin Weston’s assistant after she steals a film reel for Solomon’s new movie as Weston threatens to shut the studio down. This mission has one of the funniest moments in the entire game as the assistant figures out what happens when a human meets a plane engine. Click the video below if you want to see how she meets her demise, it has been timestamped to the correct part of the video.

Michael 6

Meltdown – Michael’s red carpet moment is ruined after Devin Weston arrives at the premiere of Meltdown to inform Michael that Merryweather is going to murder his family for interfering in Weston’s plans.

Lester 5

Planning the Big Score – It is now time for the biggest heist of the game that will have long-term consequences for the story’s ending and post-game. But first, numerous preparation tasks need to be completed. First, Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and Lester must choose how they want to approach the heist, which will see them rob the Union Depository of millions of dollars.

Stingers – Steal a Police Transporter vehicle from the Los Santos police station to be used in the heist.

Gauntlet – Next, steal three Bravado Gauntlets and take them to Los Santos Customs to be modified.

Driller – Steal a Cutter vehicle to be used to create a tunnel at the Union Depository to gain access.

Sidetracked – Finally, steal a train for the heist.

Heists 6

The Big Score – Finally, it is time for the biggest heist that any of the characters have taken part in, stealing four tons of gold bullion from the Union Depository. As with previous heists, you are given two options for this heist, to either go in all guns blazing or take a more subtle approach to try and avoid detection. It doesn’t matter which option you choose as the outcome is the same; just choose the one best suited to your play style.


Upon completing The Big Score, you are given three options to end the game: A, B, and C. I recommend you choose Ending C as it will allow all three main characters to stay alive. In contrast, Endings A and B kill off either Michael or Trevor.

Something Sensible (Ending A) – Choosing Ending A will have Franklin kill Trevor, which means he won’t be playable after the story is completed.

The Time’s Come (Ending B) – Ending B has Franklin killing Michael, meaning he won’t be playable in the post-game.

The Third Way (Ending C) – Choosing Ending C is widely considered to be the best option among players as it will see all three characters remain alive once the story has concluded. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, along with Lester and Lamar, must kill everyone that has wronged them. First, the team must survive an attack by the FIB and Merryweather before killing Wei Chang and the Triads, Devin Weston, Steve Haines, and Stretch.

Congratulations, you have now completed GTA V, arguably one of the greatest video games ever created.


Question: Which is the Best Location in Grand Theft Auto?

Answer: When it comes to the best location in GTA, it is all subjective, and everyone will have their own opinion. But, I would say that San Andreas is the best location in the game, with it having a large variety of landscapes, including the densely populated city of Los Santos and the desert Blaine County area.

San Andreas is also the location for GTA V, the latest entry in the series at the time of writing this; with it being the most modern game, so it looks better than any other previously used location.

Question: Which Mission is the Hardest to Complete?

Answer: When it comes to the hardest mission of all time in the GTA series, one mission stands out above all others, Demolition Man from Vice City. The mission has you control a remote-controlled helicopter to drop a bomb, and it is incredibly difficult to do. It has made many players give up on completing the game.

Question: Does Grand Theft Auto have Difficulty Settings?

Answer: GTA games don’t have difficulty settings, and it has never been something that has been in the series.


Although the first Grand Theft Auto games are very primitive compared to more modern titles, it is interesting that the series hasn’t strayed too far from its roots.

Despite the game being 25 years old, the three cities are still the primary locations in the series. And it looks like that will continue with the upcoming GTA 6, which will be set in Vice City, the first time that the main series has been to the location in over 20 years.

If you’re a fan of the GTA series, then going back and trying GTA 1 is a great history lesson on the series and a way to see its humble beginnings all of those years ago.

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