GTA Vice City Missions Progression Guide – The Ultimate Map to Victory!

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a relatively simple game to play. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to finish. Some missions are a pain in the neck, and you can struggle with their days on end. Other missions will make you rage and quit with no intention to return.

But it’s GTA; you always come back!

If you are stuck on a mission, determined to get that 100% completion, or it’s your first time and has no idea what to do, this GTA Vice City Missions Progression guide is for you.

The game has a total of 87 missions sorted accordingly:

  • 38 main story missions
  • 19 missions to acquire assets
  • 8 side missions that include:
  • 6 racing missions
  • 5 missions via payphone
  • 4 missions that include off-roading
  • 3 stadium missions
  • 3 RC vehicles missions
  • 1 helicopter mission

That is a lot, so we better get started!

PS: if you get busted, wasted, target escape, a team member dies, or destroy something you should not, the mission will automatically fail.

Mission #1: In The Beginning …

Once you start the game, a cutscene will initiate to explain the main plot and how the story began with Tommy escaping a rigged deal. The cutscene will end at Ken’s office in Hotel Harrison. Grab the car and go to the Ocean View Hotel.

Rewards: Ocean View Hotel Safehouse.

Mission #2: An Old Friend

An Old Friend
Image From GTA Fandom

No action is needed because it’s cutscene.

Mission #3: The Party

Go to Rafael’s and get a new suit, then head to Cortez’s yacht. After, drive Mercedes to the Pole Position Club.

Rewards: 100$+ Soiree Outfit.

Mission #4: Back Alley Brawl

Go and meet Kent at the Malibu Club. After the scene, go to the alley and beat up the chef. After the fight, Lance will appear. Follow him to his car, drive to the gun shop, then come back to the Ocean View safehouse.

Tips: shoot the chef if you have a gun. You can kill his goons, but it will get you a wanted level. Just leave them and run to Lance’s car.

Rewards: 200$+ a pistol.

Mission #5: Jury Fury

Pick up the hammer and go to jury members. Beat up their cars using the hammer to intimidate them. Do NOT kill the jurors.

Rewards: 400$.

Mission #6: Riot

Image From GTA Fandom

Change your clothes at Rafael’s and head down to the workers gathering. Start a fight with four men to initiate the riot. When the gates open, get inside and shoot the red barrels to blow the vans.

Rewards: 1000$+ overall outfit and baseball bat available for purchase.

Mission #7: Four Iron

Get to the clothing shop and grab a golfing outfit. Drive to the golf course and find your target, then kill him.

Tips: the security at the door will take your guns, and use the outside car to jump over the fence on the left side of the entrance. You get to keep the guns and kill the target faster.

Rewards: gulf outfit +500$.

Mission #8: Demolition Man

Get in the TOPFUN van parked near the construction building. Use the RC helicopter to drop the bombs in place in 7 minutes.

Tips: use the helicopter to scout the place and memorize the bomb’s drop-off location. The timer starts when you pick the first bomb.

Rewards: 1000$.

Mission #9: Treacherous Swine

Treacherous Swine
Image From GTA Fandom

Go to Gonzales penthouse and chase him. When he gets out to the streets, kill him, then get in a car and go to the pay ‘n’ spray to get rid of the wanted level.

Tips: you can shoot him before he leaves the penthouse. Plus, he will have two bodyguards.

Rewards: 250$+ chainsaw and casual outfit.

Mission #10: Mall Shootout

Meet the Courier at the North Point Mall. The French military will ambush the meeting and scare the Courier away. Chase him down and get the chips to the Colonel.

Tips: keep a car parked near the entrance if you don’t want to drive a bike. You can kill him before he gets on his bike if you are fast enough.

Rewards: 500$.

Mission #11: Guardian Angels

Get the gun from the multi-story car park and go to the meeting location with Lance. Go to the vantage point and protect Diaz from the Haitians when they arrive. Two will arrive on bikes and steal the money. One will fall off, grab his bike and chase the other. Kill him and take the money back to Diaz.

Rewards: 1000$+ access to Starfish Island and the ability to get five stars wanted level.

Mission #12: The Chase

Go to the thief’s apartment and peek through the window. The thief will try to escape through the roof, follow him, and do not let him escape.

Tips: there is a faggio parked next to a dumpster around the block near the Pay ‘n’ Spray; grab it and follow the thief to his house in Prawn Island.

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #13: Phnom Penh ’86

Phnom Penh '86
Image From GTA Fandom

Use the gun on the Heli to kill as many goons as you can before you land. Work your way inside the house and retrieve the money.

Tips: the house is full of armed men hiding in blind spots, so keep an eye out.

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #14: Sir, Yes, Sir!

The military hardware is a tank heavily guarded by the military, which you must steal and hide in Cortez’s garage.

Tips: wait near the police station, and the convoy will stop to buy some donuts. Run up to it and take it to the garage before it detonates.

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #15: Two-Bit Hit

Go to the clothes store and grab a Cuban outfit. Drive to Little Haiti, shoot the gang members, and then leave the area.

Rewards: 2500$+ Havana outfit.

Mission #16: The Fastest Boat

Got to the boatyard at the docks. Take the gunmen out, steal the boat, and take it back to Diaz’s mansion.

Rewards: 4000$.

Mission #17: Supply & Demand

Meet Lance at the fastest boat. Get to the yacht and grab the goods before the rivals. Once you get the stuff, you will be chased by armed gangsters in boats and a helicopter. Shoot them up and protect your boat.

Rewards: 10,000$+, a black tracksuit at Jocksport, Downtown.

Mission #18: Death Row

Lance is held hostage at the Junkyard. Grab a car and save him before he dies, then take him to the hospital.

Tip: Diaz’s men will chase you after you save Lance.

There are no rewards.

Mission #19: All Hands On Deck!

Meet Cortez at his yacht. The French will be on your tail, kill them and protect the yacht.

Tips: a machine gun spawns on the yacht to help you.

Rewards: 5000$.

Mission #20: Rub out

Meet Lance at the outer gates of Diaz’s mansion. Use the heavy weaponry to infiltrate the place and kill Ricardo.

Tips: go through the maze on the right side of the mansion to get inside. Moreover, Diaz’s men are swarming the place.

Rewards: 50,000$+ Diaz’s mansion (Vercetti estate).

Mission #21: Shakedown

Image From GTA Fandom

Go to the North Point Mall and shoot all the glass windows of the shops to intimidate the owners. You have five minutes on the clock.

Tips: you will gain a higher wanted level with each window you break.

Rewards: 2000$+ new assets and sniper rifle available for purchase.

Mission #22: Bar Brawl

Go to the bar at Ocean Beach and speak to the bar manager. Run the guards in front of the bar over with the car. Second, go after the remaining security guards. Head up the staircase across the street from the DBP to gain a vantage point. Finally, you can ram the last two guards off their bikes or do a drive-by on them.

Rewards: 4000$+ SPAS 12 available at the gun shop.

Mission #23: Cop Land

Get a wanted level and lure the cop inside the garage to steal their uniforms. A cop car will be parked next to the garage on the left; take it and head to the mall. Go inside and head to the café. Once the café is destroyed, run back to the mansion.

Tips: keep the cop car in front of the exit; once the bomb goes off, you will get a five-star wanted level.

Rewards: 10,000$+ Vercetti estate generating 5000$ revenue a day.

Mission #24: Love Juice

Meet the dealer, get the drugs, then pick up Mercedes from her apartment. Get the girl and the drugs back to the band.

Tips: the dealer will steal your money and try to escape on the bike, kill him and get the goods.

Rewards 2000$.

Mission #25: Psycho Killer

Psycho Killer
Image From GTA Fandom

Get in the Limo and drive to the event to lure the Psycho out. He will try to escape, kill him.

Rewards: 4000$.

Mission #26: Alloy Wheels of Steel

Grab a bike at the door and win the race.

Rewards: 1000$.

Mission #27: Messing with the Man

Grab a bike and start causing chaos. You have 2 minutes to fill the chaosmeter.

Tips: the fastest way to fill up the meter is by doing drive-by and killing as many people as possible.

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #28: Hog Tied

Grab a fast bike and jump off the stair to the top of the gun shop. Kill the gangsters and retrieve the bike.

Tips: you can use the helicopter on top of the police station instead of jumping. Watch out for the Sharks gang; they will chase you when you get the bike.

Rewards: 4000$.

Mission #29: Publicity Tour

Publicity Tour
Image From GTA Fandom

Get the Limo up to speed to stop the bomb from exploding. Drive around until Love Fist defuses the bomb. Once the threat is gone, take the band to the concert.

Tips: avoid sharp turns; they will slow you down.

Rewards: 8000$+ Love Fist Limo will spawn in front of the studio.

Mission #30: Stunt Boat Challenge

You must drive a boat through 26 checkpoints in 3 minutes.

Rewards: 1000$.

Mission #31: Cannon Fodder

Grab a four-door car, pick up the Cuban, then drive to the fight. Kill the Haitians and steal the Van. Drive back to the café.

Tips: take out the sniper on the roof.

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #32: Naval Engagement

Meet Rico at his boat near the docks. When you arrive at the location, kill the Haitians and retrieve the briefcases. Drive back to the café.

Tips: you will have a four-star wanted level, and Rico’s boat will be destroyed. So, run fast and grab a car to escape.

Rewards: 4000$.

Mission #33: JUJU Scramble

JUJU Scramble
Image From GTA Fandom

Grab some fast wheels, collect three briefcases, and bring them back to Auntie Poulet.

Tips: each case will get you a two-star wanted level (six stars once you collect all the briefcases).

Rewards: 1000$.

Mission #34: Bombs Away!

Go to the TOPFUN van and use the RC plane to drop bombs over the Cubans.

Tips: destroy the big boat first, then finish off the rest.

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #35: Dirty Lickin’s

Take the sniper rifle and go to the vantage point. Mark all the Cuban and kill them.

Tips: you can take the pill near the stairs and use a machine gun to make the job easier.

Rewards: 5000$.

Mission #36: Trojan Voodoo

Trojan Voodoo
Image From GTA Fandom

Steal a Haitian Voodoo, pick up Pepe, then join the rest of the Cubans. Follow them to the Haitians’ plant and wait for the gates to open. Once you park and plant the bombs in their places, the place is full of armed Haitians; kill anyone that crosses your way.

Tips: you have 45 seconds to plant three bombs and leave the area fast. The first bomb goes on the right of the entrance, the second goes inside on the left, and the last one goes on the second floor.

Reward: 10,000$.

Mission #37: Cap the Collectors

You must buy the asset properties and complete their missions to unlock this mission. One of the properties must be the Printworks.

Objective: grab a vehicle and kill the Forelli Mafia before they take the money.

Tips: grab a fast car and head toward the boatyard; it’s the first asset they hit. There are a total of six men coming on a Sanchez; you can cut their way and ram them with a car.

Rewards: 30,000$.

Mission #38: Keep Your Friends Close …

Stay near the safe and defend it from the Mafia. After Lance shows up, he will try to kill you and escape to the roof, go after him and kill him. When Lance is dead, go back to the safe at the office and kill Sonny and his men.

Tips: keep picking up the guns and watch your health.

Rewards: 30,000$.

Assets Missions

The Boatyard:

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie
Image From GTA Fandom

After you buy the Viceport Boatyard, a two-speed boat will appear. Take one of them and collect the packages before the time runs out.

Rewards: 5,000$. However, you can make up to 50,000$ if you pass all six difficulty levels. Plus, the asset will start generating 2,000$ per day.

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory:


After you purchase the factory, take the van and start selling “Ice Cream” to the public. Sell “Ice Cream” to 50 customers in a row to pass the mission.

Tips: you have to finish 50 sales in a row to pass; if you leave the van, die, or get busted, the counter will reset. Moreover, find a populated area away from gangs.

Rewards: the asset will start making 3,000$ per day.

The Pole Position Club

When you own the club, get inside and spend 300$ on a private dance to pass the mission.

Rewards: 4,000$ a day.

Sunshine Autos

Sunshine Autos Import Garage

Sunshine Autos Import Garage
Image From GTA Fandom

The Auto dealership has an underground import garage. Next to it is a list with the names of cars you need to bring to the garage. It includes street cars and SUVS, expensive cars, Sports cars, gang cars, and utility vehicles. With each set of cars delivered, an automobile will be placed in the showroom.

Rewards: 9,000$ if you complete all the lists.

Mission #1: Spilling The Beans

Go to the Malibu Club and talk to Kent Paul. Then, pack some heat and go to the container ship at the docks. Climb the stairs and go inside the boat to get the info. After that, run back to the print works.

Tips: DBP security heavily guarded the ship; kill them to get to the target.

Rewards: 2,000$.

Mission #2: Hit The Courier

The Courier has the counterfeit plates and is arriving in a helicopter near the boatyard. Kill him and get the plates by any mean possible.

Tips: you can wait for the courier to get in the car and chase him, or you can kill the escort and the courier once the Heli lands.

Rewards: 5000$+, the Print works makes 8000$ a day.

Kaufman Cabs

Once bought, a cab will be parked in a pink marker inside the depot. Get in it to start the missions.

Mission #1: V.I.P.

Kaufman Cabs V.I.P
Image From GTA Fandom

Get in the cab and go pick the fare from Starfish Island. A rivaling company will steal your fare, chase them and get it back. Then, take your client to the airport.

Tips: do not kill your fare; ram the cab until it stops and drops the passenger.

Rewards: 1000$.

Mission #2: Friendly Rivalry

Destroy three cars of the rivaling companies. Shoot at them and ram them till they explode.

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #3: Cabmaggedon

Go to the lot at Viceport. Park at the marker and honk the horn. Six taxi cars from the rivaling company will show up and try to kill you. Drive around the lot and survive until the timer goes out. The boss of Vice City Cabs will show up in a zebra cab after the timer hits 0. Ram his car until he bails out and kills him. Or blow it up with him inside it.

Tips: avoid getting any damage from the six taxi cars.

Rewards: 5000$+ zebra cab and the cab company will generate revenue of 5000$ a day.

InterGlobal Film Studios

Mission #1: Recruitment Drive

Recruitment Drive
Image From GTA Fandom

Grab some wheels and meet Candy. Shortly, her pimp will show up with some goons. Take them all out and come back to pick up Candy. After that, head to the pizza place, pick Mercedes up then drive back to the studios.

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #2: Dildo Dodo

Get ins Skimmer and start flying to the checkpoints. Fly through the bubble and drop the fliers to the second bubble. Do the same with all checkpoints.

Rewards: 2000$+ Skimmer.

Mission #3: Martha’s Mug shot

Martha’s Mug shot
Image From GTA Fandom

Get in the chopper and follow the Limo. Once Candy meets Shrub, land the chopper and use the side door on the left to enter the WK Chariot Hotel and climb up the stairs. Take photos of Candy with Shrub, then run back to the studios.

Tips: you will have a five-star wanted level; use the chopper to escape.

Rewards: 4000$.

Mission #4: G-Spotlight

Grab the bike at the guard’s booth and go to the office building in the Downtown area. Get inside and use the elevator to get to the upper floor. A cutscene will show you which window to jump through. Keep jumping on rooftops and follow the markers till you get to the searchlight. You must get to the target before 07:00.

Tips: there are 16 jumps in total, try not to fall off the high rooftops, or you will be forced to start all over again.

Rewards: 8000$+, the studios generate 7000$ a day.

The Malibu Club

Mission #1: No Escape?

No Escape?
Image From GTA Fandom

Get a fast car and go to the police station. Get inside and go left to the lockers. After you change the fits, go upstairs and get the key card. The cells are on the bottom floor; use the card to get Jones out. Get out of the police station, get in your car and find the nearest Pay ‘n’ Spray. Once you lose the heat, take Jones to his place.

Tips: the police outfit will help you get under the radar until you get Jones out. After that, you will have a four-star wanted level.

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #2: The Shootist

Go to the shooting range and beat Phil Cassidy in a shooting contest. You need to score an overall 60+ points to pass the mission.

Rewards: 2000$+, the shooting range is open.

Mission #3: The Driver

The Driver
Image From GTA Fandom

Win a street race against Hilary King.

Tips: Hilary’s is faster in acceleration and cornering, but your car is faster on the top end so that you can pass him on the straights. You can spin him around at the first corner before the police station and get ahead.

Rewards: 3000$.

Mission #4: The Job

Drive to the bank and get a change of clothes. Get inside the bank and head to the vault. Go back to the manager’s office and take the manager to open the safe. After that, go back and provide backup for Phil.

The SWAT team will storm the place, kill them and get out. Get in the car and head to the Pay ‘n’ Spray to lose the heat. To end the mission, drive to Jones’ house.

Tips: do not let anyone dies before opening the safe. Hilary will die while trying to escape (scheduled).

Rewards: 50,000$+, the Job outfit, and the club will start making 10,000$ a day.

Phill Cassidy

Mission #1: Gun Runner

Get in the Patriot and hit the convoys. Destroy all the trucks, kill as many as possible, and pick up the weapons.

Tips: it is easier to destroy the truck directly and eliminate everyone.

Rewards: 2000$+ 100$ for every man you kill.

Mission #2: Boomshine Saigon

Boomshine Saigon
Image From GTA Fandom

Drive Phil to the ex-surgeon in Little Havana while under the influence of the bomb’s fumes.

Tips: you will first be asked to go to the hospital, but then Phill will redirect you to Little Havana.

Rewards: 4000$+; you can buy new guns at Phills place.

Side Missions

Street Racer

At the Sunshine Auto, next to the Imports garage, there is a map that allows you to access/ join street races. There is a total of six races you can join:

  1. Terminal Velocity: a race around the airport. The winner gets 400$.
  2. Ocean Drive: a race on Ocean Beach and the parallel street. The Winner receives 2000$.
  3. Border Run: a race around Little Haiti and Little Havana. The Winner receives 4000$.
  4. Capital Cruise: the race goes around Ocean and Washington beach to Vice Point. The winner gets 8000$.
  5. Tour: the race takes place around Vice Point and Washington Beach. The Winner receives 20,000$.
  6. V.C Endurance: this race track wraps around the whole map. The Winner takes home 40,000$.

Tips: Make sure to grab the fastest car from the top floor at Sunshine Autos. You can destroy your rivals’ cars with a rocket launcher before joining the grid and race alone.

Payphone Missions

Mr. Black

Mission #1: Road Kill

Road Kill
Image From GTA Fandom

Get a fast car or a fast bike and chase down Carl Pearson. Kill him before he finishes delivering 50 pizzas.

Tips: You can shoot him off the bike or ram him with the car.

Rewards: 500$.

Mission #2: Waste the wife

Get a car, preferably fast, and wait for Mrs. Dawson to leave the store. Ram her car with yours until she catches on fire, then leave the area.

Tips: no guns allowed!

Rewards: 2000$.

Mission #3: Autocide

There are six gang members that you must kill in nine minutes. Pick up the guns and take the bike.

Tips: Griffin is the nearest and easiest target; take him out with the sniper. You can kill the rest from far away with the sniper as well. Be aware that some may run in vehicles, and you must chase them.

Rewards: 4000$.

Mission #4: Check Out at the Check In

Go to the airport and get to the terminal. Pick up the sniper rifle on your right and follow the target. She will walk downstairs to talk with someone, kill the man she spoke to, take his briefcase, then deliver it to the gun store downtown.

Tips: do not get too close to the woman (watch the distance bar), and do not kill her.

Rewards: 8000$.

Mission #5: Loose Ends

Loose Ends
Image From GTA Fandom

Go behind the Ice Cream factory and into the compound through the gate. Work your way up to the roof and get the goods. Jump off the roof and head to the airport.

Tips: make sure to pack some heat and take cover; the place will be swarming with cops. Use the sniper rifle to pick faraway targets.

Rewards: 16,000$.

Hyman Memorial Stadium Missions

To start the missions, go up the stair to the Stadium doors after 8 pm. There are three missions to pass:

  • Hotring: win a race in a stock car. You will receive 5000$ for first place, 1500$ for second place, and 500$ for third place.
  • Bloodring: win a demolition derby. You get 1000$ for every minute you spent in the race, + two Bloodring Bangers will spawn on the stadium’s south side.
  • Dirtring: complete an obstacle course using a dirt bike. Rewards include 50,000$ if you finish the course in 5 minutes, 10,000$ if you finish in 10 minutes, and 5000$ if you take more than 10 minutes.

Sparrow Missions: Chopper Checkpoints

Sparrow Missions: Chopper Checkpoints
Image From GTA Fandom

There are four choppers in Vice City. You will find one in Ocean Beach, Vice Point, Little Haiti, and Downtown. All you have to do is get in the chopper and go through the checkpoints.

Rewards: 100$ for completing a course.

RC Missions

  • RC Bandit Race: get 100$ for winning a race using an RC car.
  • RC Baron Race: win 100$ in a race using an RC plane.
  • RC Raider Pickup: collect 20 checkpoints using an RC Heli. You must set a record and beat it to receive the reward.

Off-Road missions

  • PCJ Playground: get 1000$ after collecting 24 checkpoints in 2 minutes using a PCJ-600 in Vice Point.
  • Cone Crazy: collect five checkpoints without breaking any traffic cones. You get an extra 12 seconds with each checkpoint and -1 second for each cone destroyed. The reward for the first time is 200$. If you set a new record each time you play this side mission, your reward will be double the previous one.                                                                  For instance, if you set a record on your second try, the reward will be 400$. If you set a new record on the third try, the reward will be 800$ and so on. You can win a total of 1,677,721,40$ from this mission alone (after 23 successful passes with a new record set in each pass).
  • Trial by Dirt: complete a dirt course using a Sanchez. You get 100$ for each new record.
  • Test Track: complete the same dirt course backward using a Landstalker instead of a Sanchez. Same rewards as “Trial by Dirt.”

Other Missions

  • Firefighter: finish 12 levels to become fireproof.
  • Paramedic: finish 12 levels to get an infinite sprint.
  • Vigilante: finish 12 levels to increase armor to 150.
  • Taxi Driver: finish 100 fares to unlock the hydraulic jump (the car will jump when you honk the horn).
  • Pizza Boy: finish 10 levels to increase health to 150.
  • Robberies: rob 15 stores.
  • Shooting range: score at least 45 points at the shooting range challenge.

Final words

To get 100% completion, you must finish/ pass all the missions mentioned above.


Question: What is the toughest mission in GTA Vice City?

Answer: Many missions may take time and several attempts to pass. However, as agreed upon by many GTA fans, the most challenging mission in the game is Demolition Man. Controlling the RC helicopter is more than difficult, and the time makes it more intense.

Question: How long does it take to finish the game?

Answer: The main storyline missions are enough to keep you busy for 18 hours. If you want 100% completion achievement, it will take you almost 43 hours.

Question: How does time work in GTA?

Answer: In GTA, one in-game hour equals 2 minutes in real life, which means a full day in GTA is 24-48 minutes in real life. Keeping an eye on the clock is important because some missions are activated at a certain hour.

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