GTA III Mission Progression Guide – No More Rage Quitting!

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Grand Theft Auto III was a groundbreaking invention. Rockstar made a bold move and ditched the top-down view in favor of the 3D world. And it worked! They have created a memorable game you can play a hundred times over and never get enough.

However, it can be tricky to get through the game due to the new gameplay style and controls. Many have quit after failing a mission several times or got confused about what to do next.

Not anymore!

This GTA III Mission Progression Guide contains all the information you need about all the missions in GTA III and how to pass them.

P.S: the missions are organized according to the GTA III characters (boss) and not in chronological order.

P.P.S. the mission will fail if you: fail to follow the instruction, your target escape, your partner dies, or you get arrested or wasted.

The Missions


Once you start the game, a cutscene will start that shows Catalina’s betrayal of Claude, and the destruction of Callahan Bridge after the convoy gets attacked. The end of the cutscene will trigger the first mission.

#1: Give me Liberty

Get in the car with 8-Ball and drive to the safe house in the Red Light District. After changing your clothes at the house, drive to Luigi’s club.

Rewards: you will unlock the “Luigi’s Girls” mission and initiate a series of jobs for Luigi Goterelli.

Luigi Goterelli Missions

GTA III Luigi’s Girls Mission

#1: Luigi’s Girls

Get a vehicle and head to the hospital in Portland View where Misty will be waiting for you. Pick her up and take her back to Luigi’s club.

Rewards: you get access to the safe house and the ability to save your in-game progress + 1500$.

#2: Don’t Spank Ma Bitch Up

Pick up the bat across the street from Luigi’s club and head to the Portland Harbor. The drug dealer will be talking to Luigi’s girls, kill him and steal his car.

Take the car to the Pay ‘n’ Spray, then stash it in Luigi’s lockup.

Rewards: 4000$ and unlock the “Drive Misty For Me” mission.

#3: Drive Misty for Me

Get a car and go down to Hepburn Heights. Honk the horn, for Misty to get in the car, then drive her to Joey Leone’s garage in Trenton.

Rewards: 1000$ and unlocks three missions: “Pump-Action Pimp”, “Mike Lips Last Lunch”, and “The Crook”.

#4: Pump-Action Pimp

Get a car and go behind the gun store, where you will find a pistol. Pick it up and go after the Two pimps in the Diablo’s Stallion.

You can ram their car until it explodes or make them get out of the car and shoot them.

Tip: they are heavily armed.

Rewards: 4000$ and unlocks “The Fuzz Ball” mission.

#5: The Fuzz Ball”

Get a four-door car and go pick up the girls. There are eight prostitutes in Portland, and you have five minutes to get them to the Ball.

One will be near Luigi’s at Hepburn Heights and another at the Autocrusher in Harwood.

Two girls will be in Chinatown territory, two in Saint Mark’s, one in Trenton, and one at the Portland Harbor. Get at least four girls to the Ball.

Tip: use a Mafia Sentinel, a taxi, or a police car because they are fast and maneuverable.

Rewards: 2000-4000$ depending on how many girls you delivered.

Joey Leone Missions

GTA III Mike Lips Last Lunch Mission

 #1: Mike Lips Last Lunch

Go to Marco’s Bistro in Saint Mark’s and get in Lips’ car. Drive to 8-Ball’s bomb shop in Harwood behind the dealership.

Once the car is fitted with the bomb, drive it back to the restaurant and park it. Arm the bomb and get out and away from the place.

Tips: do not crash the car.

Rewards: 10,000$ and unlocks “Farwell ‘Chunky’ Lee Chong” mission.

#2: Farwell ‘Chunky’ Lee Chong

Go over to the fish market in Chinatown and find Lee Chong. If you don’t have a gun, go behind the Ammu-Nation and get a piece. Chong will be on his stand. Kill him and run because it is Triads’ territory.

Tips: you can get a clear shot without getting too close.

Rewards: 10,000$ and unlocks “Van Heist” mission.

#3: Van Heist

The Van is leaving Chinatown, follow it and ram it with your vehicle. After you cause heavy damage, the driver will bail out.

Get in the Van and drive it to Joey’s garage in the Portland Harbor.

Tips: get a heavy vehicle like a bus or a truck because they cause more damage and last longer. Also, you will get a wanted level, so do not get busted.

Reward: 20,000$ and unlocks “Cipriani’s Chauffeur Turismo” mission.

#4: Cipriani’s Chauffeur Turismo

Drive Toni to the Launderette in Chinatown. Toni will get ambushed and runs back to the car. Drive away as fast as you can and drop Toni at Momma’s Restaurante in Saint Mark’s.

Rewards: 3000$+ two new missions are unlocked: “Dead Skunk in The Trunk” and “Taking Out The Laundry”.

#5: Dead Skunk in The Trunk

There is a Manana parked in the lot of a Café in Callahan Point. Pick it up and drive it to the Crusher in Harwood.

Tips: you will find two men in Sentinels. They are members of the Forelli family trying to ambush you. Kill them before you get in the car.

Rewards: 10,000$+ unlocks “The Getaway” mission.

#6: The Getaway

Grab a four-door and drive to a garage in Saint Mark’s. Honk the horn and wait for the men to enter the car. Drive as fast as you can to the Bank in Chinatown and wait.

The men will rob the bank and head back to the car, giving you a wanted level. Lose the cops before you head back to the hideout.

Tips: drive directly to the Pay ‘n’ Spray to lose the heat.

Rewards: 10,000-30,000$.

Toni Cipriani Missions

GTA III Taking Out the Laundry Mission

#1: Taking Out the Laundry

Drive to 8-Ball, pick up the grenades, then follow the Triads’ vans. One or two will stop at red lights.

You can throw a grenade at them. If they don’t, you can shoot at them or ram them till they explode.

Rewards: 20,000$+ unlocks “The Pick-Up” mission.

#2: The Pick-Up

The money is in a briefcase in an alleyway behind the Laundromat in Chinatown. Go collect it. Once you pick up the cash, Triads will surround the place and try to kill you.

Kill as many as you can and take the money back to Toni.

Tips: drive into the alley, then use the car to run over the Triads, or shoot them.

Reward: 10,000$+ unlocks the “Salvatore’s Called a Meeting” mission.

#3: Salvatore’s Called a Meeting

Go to Joey’s garage in Trenton and pick him up in the limo, then head to Luigi’s club in the Red Light District and pick up Luigi.

Drive back to Momma’s Restaurante and pick up Toni. The Triads will attach you, so drive fast toward Salvatore’s mansion.

Tips: The Triads will be blocking the entrance to the mansion, run them over with the limo.

Rewards: 15,000$+ unlocks “Chaperone” mission.

#4: Triads and Tribulations

Grab a four-seater and pick up the henchmen. Two Triads warlords are roaming the streets of Chinatown, eliminate them. The last warlord is hiding at the fish factory.

Tips: you can use a Triads fish van to enter the factory or go around back and throw a grenade over the wall. You can shoot them as well.

Reward: 30,000$+ unlock “Blow Fish” mission.

#5: Blow Fish

You will find a Trashmaster parked near 8-Ball’s garage, go and pick it up. Once you get in, you will have 2:30 to get to the fish factory.

Stop at the gate and wait for it to open. The gas tanks are in the back, park between them, and activate the bomb. After that, leave the truck and run.

Tips: the tricky part is driving the truck away from 8-Ball’s garage, once you get on the pavement, you are clear. Also, do not crash, or the bomb will blow up. Run away from the factory or the riads will kill you.

Rewards: 30,000$+ “Bomb Da Base Act I” (only if the “Cut the Grass” mission is passed).

Don Salvatore Leone Missions

GTA III Chaperone Mission

#1: Chaperone

The Don is busy and wants you to be his wife’s chauffeur. Take the stretch and drive Maria to meet Chico at the Chinatown waterfront.

When she is done talking to the dealer, drive her to the party at Atlantic Quays.

Park the stretch near the entrance and wait for Maria to run back because the police are going to raid the place. Once she is in the car, drive as fast as you can to Salvatore’s mansion.

Tips: make sure to position yourself perfectly to escape.

Rewards: 10,000$+ “Cutting the Grass” mission.

#2: Cutting the Grass

Get in a car and go park outside Luigi’s club. Curly Bob will leave the club and get in a taxi, follow that taxi.

The latter will drop Bob at the Portland Harbor.

Follow him in, wait until he finishes talking with the Cartel, then whack him.

Tips: Keep your eyes on the spookometer. If you get too close, the bar fills, up and the mission fails.

Rewards: 15,000$.

#3: Bomb Da Base Act I

Go meet 8-Ball.

Rewards: Bomb Da Base Act II.

#4: Last Requests

There is a sports car in an alleyway near Luigi’s club, drive towards it. Halfway there, Maria will message you that the car is rigged.

She will give you directions to a small boat dock near Callahan Point. Go meet her.

When you get there, she will introduce you to the leader of the Yakuza. once the cutscene is over, get in the boat and head to Newport Staunton Island.

Rewards: 20,000$+ access to Staunton Island+ a new safehouse in Bellville Park+ Marked Man Achievement.

8-Ball Missions

Bomb Da Base Act II. It is the follow-up to Salvatore’s mission “Bomb Da Base Act I”. it is triggered right after you finish Act I. you must complete this mission for 100% completion and further progress.

Go to 8-Ball, a cutscene will show him asking for money to do the job. After the cutscene, walk back into the marker to start the mission.

Drive to the Portland Harbor and drop 8-Ball at the marker, then go get a vantage point. There is a staircase across from the containership, use them to get up to the roof.

After you kill the first Cartel member, 8-Ball will move to the ship to set up the bomb.

Tip: make sure you kill all the cartel members and keep 8-Ball alive, or the mission will fail.

Rewards: 150,000$+ unlocks “Last Requests” mission.

Asuka Kasen Missions

GTA III Sayonara Salvatore Mission

#1: Sayonara Salvatore

Grab a car and head back to Luigi’s club in the Red Light District, Portland Island before 4.30. Around the block, there is an alleyway with a staircase that leads to the roof of the building across the street from Luigi’s.

Climb up and wait for Salvatore to leave the club. once you get a clear shot, pop his head off and leave.

Rewards: 25,000$+ unlocks the “Under Surveillance” mission.

#2: Under Surveillance

Drive to Bellville Park and kill the spies. The second spy group will be sitting in a black van parked in Bedford point.

The last of the spies will be on a building across Kenji’s casino in Torrington.

Tips: use a grenade to destroy the Van, and the sniper rifle to kill the spies when you get to the casino.

Rewards: 15,000$+ unlocks two missions: “Kanbu Bust-Out” and “Paparazzi Purge”.

#3: Paparazzi Purge

A reporter is in the bay area fishing, steal a police boat from the docks nearby, and chase after him.

Tip: police boats are equipped with guns, use them to destroy the reporter’s boat.

Rewards: 10,000$+ unlocks the “Payday for Ray” mission.

#4: Payday for Ray

Grab a fast car and head to the payphone in Torrington. The man on the other side of the phone will send you to another payphone at West Bellville Pak.

You will be redirected to another payphone in Liberty Campus, and South Bellville Park after that. After the last call, head to the toilets in Bellville Park and meet Ray.

Tips: you have 3:30 on the timer to answer all the phone calls or the mission will fail.

Rewards: 11,000$+ “Two-Faced Tanner” and “Silence the Sneak” are unlocked.

#5: Two-Faced Tanner

Grab some wheels and go to Kenji’s Casino in Torrington. Stop at the marker and wait for Tanner to get out. follow him and damage his car. After he bails, kill him.

Tips: once you attack Tanner you will have four stars wanted level.

Rewards: 20,000$.

#6: Bait

Get a fast vehicle and head to Shoreside Vale to locate the death squad. The first group will be sitting in a car in Pike Creek.

The second group is parked near Cochrane Dam, and the third group is in front of a mansion in Cedar Gove.

Drive by each group at a time and lure them to the Yakuza trap.

Tips: if the Cartel dies, or exist their cars outside the trap area the mission fails. Also, don’t let all the Yakuza die.

Reward: 35,000$+ unlock “Espresso-2-Go” mission.

#7 Espresso-2-Go

Grab a big rig, Patriot, and destroy the coffee stands. After you destroy the first one, you will have 8 minutes on the clock to destroy the rest.

Staunton Island: there is one at Bellville Park, one east of the car park in Newport, two in Bedford Point near the Church, and the last one in Torrington.

Portland Island: one stall is in Saint Mark’s across the street from Salvatore’s mansion, and the other is in front of the entrance to the Harbor.

Shoreside Vale: one is located outside the hospital in Pike Creek, and the other is near the airport, west of the Lift Bridge.

Tips: use grenades if the car gets too damaged.

Reward: 40,000$+ unlocks “S.A.M” mission.

#8: S.A.M

Got to the marked boat and head to the Buoy. Pick up the rocket launcher before you take the boat. Go to the end of the runway and way for the plane to approach.

When the plane gets close to landing, shoot it with a rocket and collect the drugs.

Tips: if you have a rocket launcher, head directly to the airport. Kill the cartel you see, and destroy the plane. Moreover, once you collect the packages, the cops will be on to you.

Rewards: 45,000$+ unlocks “Ransom” mission.

Kenji Kasen Missions

GTA III Kanbu Bust-Out Mission

#1: Kanbu Bust-Out

Go to the police station in the north Torrington area and steal a cop car. Take the car and go to the 8-Ball garage behind the car park in Newport and equip it with a bomb.

Drive back to the police headquarters and use the car to gain access to the back. Park the car near the cell wall, activate the bomb, and step away.

When Kanbu gets out, pick him up and take him to the dojo.

Tips: the cops will be on your tail, lose them before you drop Kanbu off.

Rewards: 30,000$+ unlocks the “Grand Theft Auto” mission.

#2: Grand Theft Auto

You have six minutes to collect three cars and drop them off at a garage next to the Pay ‘n’ Spray behind the parking lot in Newport.

The first car is a Stinger. It will be parked in the parking lot of the Liberty Tree building in Bedford Point.

The second is a Cheetah parked at the hospital in Rockford, and an Infernus parked in Aspatria.

Tips: start with the Cheetah at Rockford and then the Infernus because they are the closest. The cars must be in mint condition when delivered.

Rewards: 25,000$+ “Deal Steal” mission is unlocked.

#3: Deal Steal

Ride around Newport and find a Yardie car then steal it. Go pick up your contact and head to the hospital in Rockford.

Honk the horn to initiate the deal.

Kill all the Colombians and destroy their cars. After, collect the briefcase and take it back to the casino.

Rewards: 25,000$+ unlocks the “Shima” mission.

#4: Shima

Got to the Torrington area and collect the first briefcase. The second briefcase is at Bedford Point guarded by a gang member. Kill him and collect the case.

Now, drive to the supermarket in Bellville Park and get the last case (stolen Diablos gang). Grab a wheel and head to Hepburn Heights in Portland.

The briefcase is surrounded by gang members, kill them and retrieve the case. Then, take the money back to Kenji.

Tips: just run over the gangsters with the car to save time.

Rewards: 10,000$+ unlocks the “Smack Down” mission.

#5: Smack Down

Steal a fast car and run over as many Yardie members as you can. You have to kill at least 8 to pass the mission.

Rewards: 10,000$+ 1000$ for each additional Yardie you kill.

Ray Machowski Missions

GTA III Silence The Sneak Mission

#1: Silence The Sneak

Grab some fast wheels and head to an apartment complex behind the car park in Newport. You will notice an open window.

Get a grenade and throw it inside.

McAffrey is trying to escape in his car.

Chase him and kill him.

Rewards: 30,000$+ unlock “Arms Shortage”.

#2: Arms Shortage

Drive to Phil Cassidy’s base in Rockford and pick up all the guns you need, then take a vantage point. Once the Colombians arrive, eliminate them all.

After you kill the cartel, go check on Phil and make sure he is ok.

Rewards: 10,000$+ access to Phil’s gun supply+ unlocks “Evidence Dash” mission.

#3: Evidence Dash

An armed Bobcat is driving around Staunton Island. It usually spawns in Bedford Point and drives toward Torrington.

Grab a fast vehicle and ram that Bobcat. Each time you hit it; it will drop evidence that you must pick. There is a total of 6 evidence to get.

After collecting all the pieces, leave the evidence in the car and blow it up with a grenade.

Tips: you will instantly get a two-star wanted level when you ram the car.

Rewards: 10,000$+ unlocks two missions “Liberator” and “Gone Fishing”.

#4: Gone Fishing

There is a police Predator at the docks near Asuka’s apartment. Take it and head to Portland Rock in Callahan Point.

Use the guns on the boat to kill Ray’s partner. If you don’t kill him in the water, he will beach the boat and try to run on foot. Go after him and gun him down.

Rewards: 15,000$+ “Plaster Blaster” mission is unlocked.

#5: Plaster Blaster

McAffrey is alive and being transported from the hospital to the police station. Get a tough rig and ram the ambulance.

After you cause enough damage, McAffrey’s body will fall out, keep ramming it with your car or throw grenades at it to kill him.

Tips: the cast is bullet and fireproof, buy a rocket launcher from Phil before you start the mission and use it.

Rewards: 10,000$+ unlocks the “Marked Man” mission.

#6: Marked Man

Get a fast sports car and drive Ray to the airport. You have three minutes on the clock. The bridge is heavily guarded by armed CIA agents, so take the Porter Tunnel.

Rewards: 20,000$+ bullet proof Patriot+ Ray’s gun stash.

Donald Love Missions

GTA III Liberator Mission

#1: Liberator

Go to the construction site and steal a Cartel Cruiser. If you can’t find one in the streets, you find one parked inside the site.

Drive to the Colombians compound in Aspatria and get inside. Mow down every cartel member that steps in your way and rescue the Old Oriental Gentleman.

Tips: you will be instantly recognized by the cartel, run over them with the cruiser. Others will be hiding, take cover and shoot them.

Rewards: 40,000$+ access to “Waka-Gashira Wipeout!”.

#2: Waka-Gashira Wipeout!

Head to the construction site in Fort Staunton and steal a Colombian Cruiser. Drive to the top floor of the car park in Newport.

Run him over and leave Newport as fast as possible then get rid of the car.

Tips: do not leave the car, you must run Kenji over with the Cruiser.

Rewards: 30,000$+ “A Drop in The Ocean” will be available.

#3: A Drop in The Ocean

Drive as fast as you can to the docks in Newport near Asuka Kasen’s apartment. Grab a police boat or a speed boat and leave the docks.

Turn right and get close to the yellow marker. After the timer runs out, the airplane will be in range and starts dropping the packages.

Follow it slowly and collect the parcels then deliver them to Donald.

Tips: once you collect all six packages, you will have a five-star wanted level.

Rewards: 10,000$+ Offshore Delivery Achievement+ access to Shoreside Vale and Shoreside Vale safehouse. You will also unlock “Uzi Money”, “Gripped”, and “Grand Theft Aero”.

#4: Grand Theft Aero

Get some wheels and head to Donald’s airplane hanger at Francis international airport. Six Cartel members are guarding the plane, kill them.

The packages were moved to the construction site in Fort Staunton. Go retrieve them. The site will be heavily guarded by armed Cartels, take a vantage point and take them.

After the Cartels are dead, get in the elevator.

Rewards: 50,000$+ unlocks “Bait” and “Escort Service” missions.

#5: Escort Service

Grab a car and follow the Old Oriental Gentleman’s security van. The Colombian Cartel will try to attack it. Make sure to hold them off and protect the truck and get it safely to Pike Creek.

Tips: you can get a head of the truck and kill the Cartel coming your way, in addition, the truck will go through the Porter Tunnel which is full of Cartel-armed men.

Rewards: 40,000$+ you gain access to the “Decoy” mission.

#6: Decoy

Go back to Pike Creek and take the van from the Old Gentleman. Drive and lure the cops away from the location. You must survive the six-star wanted level for three minutes.

Rewards: 35,000$+ “Love’s Disappearance” mission is unlocked.

#6: Love’s Disappearance

Drive to Donald’s place. A cutscene will show the place empty and everyone is gone. You get no rewards.

Catalina Missions

GTA III Ransom Mission

#1: Ransom

Go to the construction site. A cutscene will display Asuka and Miguel dead and a letter from Catalina asking for 500,000 in exchange for Maria’s life.

Rewards: 45,000$ from the previous job and unlocks “The Exchange” mission.

#2: The Exchange

Get to the mansion in Cedar Grove. Catalina will take the money and try to kill you, but a cutscene will show Claude escaping. After the cutscene, get out of the mansion and kill the Cartel standing in your way.

Catalina and Maria are on board a helicopter that will land at Cochrane Dam. Follow it and kill the Cartel on the way. Save Maria then grab the rocket launcher and take out the helicopter.

Rewards: Not So Fast Achievement, the Tank at Phil’s base, and 1,000,000$.

For a 100% completion of the game, you must also do some side jobs via payphone.

Portland Island: Missions from El Burro (Diablos Leader)

#1: Turismo

Win a street race for 10,000$.

#2: I Scream, You Scream!

Rig an ice cream truck with a bomb from 8-Ball and park it in Atlantic Quays. Activate the bomb and the music then leave. You will get 8,000$.

#3: Trial By Fire

You have 2 minutes to kill 25 Triads using fire.

#4: Big ‘N Veiny

Collect the XXXMags and kill the thief when you find him then return the magazines to the store in the Red Light District. 20,000$ is your pay for the day.

Missions from Marty Chonks

GTA III The Crook Mission

#1: The Crook

Pick up the bank manager and drop him off at the factory. Take the car to the crusher and collect your 1000$.

#2: The Thieves

Pick up the two thieves and drop them off at the factory. Respray the car (2000$).

#3: The Wife

Pick up Marty’s wife and take her to the factory. Dump the car in the sea (2000$).

#4: Her Lover

Take Carl to the factory (4000$).

Staunton Island: Missions from King Courtney (Yardies Leader)

#1: Bling-Bling Scramble

Win a checkpoint race (15,000$).

#2: Uzi Rider

Kill ten members of the Diablos gang (10,000$).

#3: Gangcar Round-Up

Bring a Mafia Sentinel, Yakuza Stinger, and a Diablo Stallion to the garage in Newport (10,000$).

#4: Kingdom Come

Destroy vans of SPANKed up madmen (10,000$).

Shoreside Vale: Missions from D-Ice (Red Jacks Leader)

GTA III Uzi Money Mission

#1: Uzi Money

Do a drive-by and kill 25 Purple Nines gang members in 2 min (10,000$).

#2: Toyminator

Destroy 3 gang vans with RC bandit (10,000$).

#3: Rigged To Blow

Bring a rigged vehicle to the garage before it explodes (20,000$).

#4: Bullion Run

Pick up as many Bullion pieces as you can and stash them (25,000$).


Kill all the purple Nines with a baseball bat (10,000$).

There are also Off-road missions during which you drive a 4×4 through a series of checkpoints.

#1: Patriot Playground: drive a Patriot through 15 checkpoints in Portland beach (20,000$).

#2: A Ride in The Park: drive a Landstalker through 12 checkpoints in Bellville Park (30,000$).

#3: Multistorey Mayhem: drive a Stallion through 15 checkpoints in Newport car park (30,000$).

#4: Gripped: drive a Patriot through 20 checkpoints in Cedar Grove (40,000$).

You can also do missions using remote-controlled RC cars. Get in one of the TOYZ vans spread across the map to get access to the RC Bandit.

#1: Diablo Destruction: destroy Diablo Stallions.

#2: Mafia Massacre: destroy Mafia Sentinels.

#3: Casino Calamity: destroy Yakuza Stingers.

#4: Rumpo Rampage: destroy Hoods Rumpo XL.

Other missions include Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Vigilante, and Tax driver.


Question: When is GTA 6 Coming Out?

Answer: So far, there is no news about the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6. According to Rockstar, a new entry to the series is under development, but they haven’t confirmed if it’s GTA 6 or when it’s coming out.

Question: Which GTA has the Biggest Map?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto Series is known as one of the best open-world games ever. GTA 5 currently holds the title for the biggest map in the series.

Question: Does GTA 5 Take a Lot of Space?

Answer: The download size of the game is 94GB. It is recommended that you have 100+ GB free for use to avoid any unexpected issues.

Final Thoughts

Rockstar went ballistic with Grand Theft Auto III. The endless activities that you can do will keep you on the edge of your seat for 40h+.


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