GTA V Collectibles Guide

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    No matter how cinematic a game may seem, that game will always have certain aspects that remind us that we are still inside a video game. Some have puzzles or secret areas, others have extra challenges or achievements, and Grand Theft Auto V has all of that and the most game-like feature we can see in an almost-cinematic production; GTA V collectibles. 

    Collectibles are great because they motivate us to get out of the pre-established routes and explore the complete map; in other words, the creators of the games put a lot of effort into putting a complete and detailed map together. The collectibles are their way to make us see all. 

    And when I’m talking about all, I’m doing it literally, as GTA V has eight types of collectibles that count for the 100%. Getting the collectibles can be tricky as some are very hidden on the map, and others are easy to locate but very hard to get to them. Still, with some guidance, you can pull them off. 

    But all the collectibles unlock something, and that’s our reward for exploring the map. So let’s see what’s inside these collectibles and what we can get after finding them. Let’s go! 


    Letter Scraps

    GTA Letter Scraps
    Image from GTA Fandom

    The letter scraps are the first collectible we can start getting. There are 50 of them scattered throughout San Andreas. They are paper pieces that glow, and the game will indicate we are near one of them as we will hear a piece of paper shaking because of air. 

    The letter is the answer to the mystery of the murder of Leonora Johnson, a San Andreas rising-star actress who got kidnapped, tortured, and dismembered when she was about to get the main role in an important movie in 1975. No one knew what happened back then, and the police only found Leonora in that state after a while. 

    How To Start Collecting them?

    We can start collecting the Letter Scraps after the mission Repossession. The scraps can be collected with any of the three GTA V characters.

    Letter Scraps Places

    There are 50 Letter Scraps in the whole of San Andreas. You can take them in any order, but the order I’m giving to them is the one that will not make you do long travels. 

    1. In Terminal, exactly on Buccaneer Way, at the top of a blue container. 
    2. On Elysian Island’s docks, on a ship in construction named Olifantus, next to its cockpit. 
    3. On the underground train tunnel under Popular Street, next to a wooden crate.
    4. Inside the Car Scrapyard (a buyable property) in El Burro Heights, inside a half of a bus. 
    5. At the biggest island on the east of Palomino Highlands in the Pacific Ocean. The Scrap will be next to some dry bushes on the coast of the island’s northeast side. 
    6. Behind a house in Grove Street, in Davis. 
    7. In Los Santos International Airport, on the floor of the fourth terminal. 
    8. Also, at Los Santos International Airport, at the top of a round building named Sightings. 
    9. In a garbage container in the Davis Mega Mall’s Parking Lot. 
    10. At the Vespucci Boulevard bridge in La Mesa, in the middle of the bridge, in one of the viewpoints. 
    11. At the construction site on Pillbox Hill, at the top of the highest platform of the crane. 
    12. Under the small bridge on Palomino Avenue. You’ll have to swim to get under the bridge, but the Letter Scrap is hard to miss as soon as you get there. 
    13. In Vespucci Beach‘s skate park, in the bowl. 
    14. In Del Perro Pier, on the balcony of the seafood restaurant. 
    15. In Backlot City, at the Richards Majestic Studio. You’ll have to find a staircase on Stage 14, and the letter will be at the top of them. 
    16. On a pit on a construction site in Alta. 
    17. At the start of Los Santos River Drain Canals in East Vinewood. 
    18. On the stands of the Vinewood Racetrack. 
    19. On the half-pipe of the skate park in Hawick. The skate park is at the top of a building named Hawaiian Snow. 
    20. In the motel courtyard on Burton, exactly, in the BBQ place. 
    21. In Pacific Bluffs’ graveyard, on the island in the middle of the place. 
    22. In the middle of the maze in Kortz Center, in Pacific Bluffs. 
    23. On the bar near the pool in the Pacific Bluffs Country Club. 
    24. In the middle of the main road of Tongva Valley, under a guide stand next to a fruit stand. 
    25. In a small building inside one of the Lake Vinewood Estates in Vinewood Hills properties. 
    26. At the top of the “I” in the Vinewood Hills sign. 
    27. At an island on the direct east of Palmer-Taylor Power Station. The Letter will be behind a rock formation. 
    28. Inside the “Coveted Cove” in San Chianski Mountain. You can locate the place at the east of the map in RON Alternates Wind Farm. 
    29. In the middle of Redwood Lights Track, inside a pit covered with metal bars. 
    30. In Gran Sonora Desert, at Great Chaparral, behind a billboard next to an abandoned farm. 
    31. Near the “BIG” juice stand, at the north side of Galileo Park, in Vinewood Hills. 
    32. At the outside doors of the abandoned mine in Great Chaparral. 
    33. At the swamp, in the river nearest Fort Zancudo, Lago Zancudo. 
    34. Under a bridge on Route 68, in Zancudo River. 
    35. At the Hill Valley Church’s graveyard in Great Chaparral. 
    36. On top of the highest building in Stoner Cement Works, in Harmony, in Grand Sonora Desert. 
    37. Look for a big rock with three tiers, in Sandy Shores, at Gran Sonora Desert; the letter will be at the top. Another way to find the place is the southwest of Sandy Shores Airfield. 
    38. At the empty pool in an abandoned hotel in Sandy Shores. 
    39. On the east side of the El Gordo Lighthouse.
    40. Inside a crop tunnel on the Union Grain Farm at Grapeseed. 
    41. Next to a red door in one of the buildings of Millars Boat Shop, in Galilee. 
    42. At the northwestern corner of the shore in the Alamo Sea. 
    43. On the highest clifftop in Raton Canyon. 
    44. Near the Altruist Camp, on some buildings above it, next to a red tower, at Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. 
    45. At the north of the Paleto Forest Sawmill, between two trees that are near big rocks, at Paleto Forest. 
    46. In the deck of a house at the south of Paleto Bay. 
    47. Inside a backyard house behind Beeker’s garage in Paleto Bay.
    48. On the male bathroom steps of the public toilet of Procopio Truck Shop, in Mount Chiliad. 
    49. In the door of one of the tents/buildings of Dignity Village in Mount Chiliad. 
    50. In the Aerial Tramway terminal in Mount Chiliad. 


     As soon as the player collects all the Letter Scraps, a new GTA V mission will appear named A Starlet in Vinewood (which is only available for Franklin), where we discover that Leonora’s killer was Peter Dreyfuss.

    He described her murder as an “art expression” and justifying himself with the excuse that he needed to murder Leonora in that specific way and sending mementos of her murder to her family as that tortures him too, learning how does the pain feel to make better movies. 

    Dreyfuss sent the letter to David Richards, the founder of Richards Majestic Productions. This film studio is now run by David’s son, Solomon Richards. When David received the letter, he destroyed and lost their pieces in an attempt to save Dreyfuss. 

    Franklin will meet and confront Dreyfuss in A Starlet in Vinewood, and the player can decide if they kill or spare him. Nonetheless, Dreyfuss’ death is canon, and you’ll receive a gold medal for killing him, so killing him is the best option. 

    Spaceship Parts

    GTA Spaceship Parts

    The Spaceship Parts are metal boxes that can be found in the whole of San Andreas and are part of a spaceship vehicle. There are 50 of them, and when you are near one, you’ll hear some vibrations, the typical ones when you imagine you are in a spaceship. 

    How to Start Collecting Them?

    To start collecting the Spaceship Parts, you’ll have to visit Omega and complete his “Far Out” mission, which is part of the “Strangers and Freaks” side missions. You can only get access to this mission with Franklin. 

    There’s not much info about Omega besides what we can see: he’s a hippie who believes in any sort of conspiracy theories and is using an “alien detector” to find aliens.

    Franklin meets him; Omega starts using his “detector” on Franklin, which pisses him off, but Omega starts talking about aliens and how they crashed their spaceship, so he’s asking for help to find the pieces of it.  

    Spaceship Parts Places

    1. Behind a hangar in Los Santos International Airport. 
    2. On the east of Elysian Island dock, underwater, next to a sunken structure. 
    3. At the top of the pipe that connects the two gas storage tanks in Elysian Island.
    4. In a storm drain at the south of Elysian Fields Freeway, in El Burro Heights. 
    5. On the south coast of an island near Murrieta Oil Field. You’ll see three islands on the coast, and the part is in the middle one. 
    6. Inside a green container next to some stairs in El Burro Heights Oil Fields.
    7. At the Rancho Towers, in Rancho. You’ll see it as soon as you get to the Rancho Towers portal. 
    8. At El Rancho Boulevard’s Dam, on the catwalks. The place is in Murrieta Heights. 
    9. On the rooftop of Central Los Santos Hospital in Davis. 
    10. Under Interstate 4, in one of the homeless’ camps, in Strawberry. 
    11. Inside the underground where you pass during the Jewelry Store Heist, exactly Inside Pillbox North Station in Downtown Los Santos. The Part is next to a table with some blueprints. 
    12. Go to Textile City and look for a boulevard named Simmet Alley for this one. You’ll find the Part in an alley next to a Bean Machine. 
    13. On the roof of the Penris Building on Swiss Street. You can only get here with a chopper. This building is in Downtown Los Santos. 
    14. On Rockford Plaza, you’ll find it in a small garden on the second floor. 
    15. Inside an empty pool on a building in Burton. You’ll need a chopper to get here. 
    16. At the top of a big liquor billboard on Palomino Avenue. 
    17. In Backlot City, in Richard Majestic Studio, in a movie set with buildings with red roof tiles. The Part will be on a balcony. 
    18. On a small island in the middle of the golf club in Rockford Hills. 
    19. Underwater, under the small dock in Land Act Dam. 
    20. In that same lake as the last Part, but at the north, you’ll find the Land Act Reservoir. The Part is almost inside a big pipe. 
    21. On the coast of the beach of the Tataviam Mountains. The Part is on the down part of the cliffs.  
    22. On top of a tower on Lake Vinewood, you can only get here with a chopper. 
    23. Underwater, at the dam wall, also in Lake Vinewood. 
    24. On the roof of Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills. 
    25. At the Parsons Rehabilitation Center, next to the entrance, you’ll see a small park with a fountain and a tree, and the Part will be there. This place is in Richman Glen. 
    26. In Tongva Hills, inside a small cave which is near a road. 
    27. In the backyard of a house in Tongva Hills. 
    28. At the Marlowe Vineyards in Tongva Hills. 
    29. Right under a waterfall, underwater, in Tongva Hills. The waterfall is also near Zancudo Barranca. 
    30. In the backyard of an abandoned house in Great Chaparral on Grand Sonora Desert. 
    31. On the downside of a cliff, near a dirt road in Mount Haan Road, in Grand Sonora Desert.
    32. At the east of Redwood Lights Track, you’ll find a white house with a “Welcome” sign and an alien drawing. The Part will be in that house’s backyard. 
    33. In the “Coveted Cove,” underwater, where we found a Letter Scrap.
    34. In the first dish (from left to right) of the Radio Telescope Array on Route 68 in Grand Sonora Desert. 
    35. On the art installation in Silent Probe Mountain, in Grand Sonora Desert. 
    36. On a big rock formation in Senora’s National Park. 
    37. Underwater, near a place named The Boat House, in Alamo Sea. The Part is in the space between the two cays.
    38. Under a white and blue boat, in an abandoned trailer camp on Route 68. 
    39. On the left side of the Zancudo River on a rock formation. The place is near Alamo Sea. 
    40. Under the coveted bridge of the Zancudo River. 
    41. Near the top of Mount Hosiah, on one of the borders facing the city. 
    42. Under the train bridge (named Calafia Bridge) in Cassidy Creek. The Part is near the waterfall. 
    43. In one of the support beams of Raton Canyon Bridge. This one is the hardest to take because you need to place the chopper on one of the beams or directly parachute into it. Both methods are very hard, but I prefer doing the first one with a small chopper. 
    44. In Paleto Cove’s peninsula, under the biggest tree. 
    45. Inside a waterway in Paleto Forest. 
    46. In Paleto Bay, inside an abandoned watchtower at the city’s south. 
    47. Inside a farm at the northeast of Paleto Bay. 
    48. In the barn of Braddock Farm, in Mount Chiliad. 
    49. In the middle of Grapeseed’s cow farm. 
    50. In San Chianski Mountain Range, inside the building next to the sea at the right of the place in the docks. 


    You’ll meet Omega with the last piece, and he’ll show you the results: a trashy car. You’ll get access to the Space Docker in Omega’s garage, a weak off-road car. Of course, you’ll also get an achievement of 100% completion, which is the most important part of collecting the Spaceship Parts. 

    Submarine Pieces

    GTA Submarine Pieces

    The Submarine Pieces are metal parts of a submarine ship of a TV showman named Frank Mathers, who was looking for a white shark in San Andreas’ undersea and died because of a submarine failure.

    His wife, Abigail Mathers, is looking for the pieces as a way to “discover his husband’s death.” Still, we get a lot of hints of Abigail ditching Frank’s submarine, like her saying that they got a big life insurance money or rumors that Michael listened, which said that Frank was a bad husband. 

    There are 30 Submarine Pieces, but the game will help you find them as it will show where they are through a sonar in the minimap. 

    How to Start Collecting Them?

    You’ll be able to buy the Sonar Collections Dock for $250k after completing The Merryweather Heist. Then, and only with Michael, Abigail Mathers will appear on the dock, telling Michael the story of his husband and how he died after a submarine malfunction. 

    After talking and accepting her mission, you’ll be able to use a Dinghy with radar to find the pieces. Meanwhile, the map will show you where the pieces are in a big green circle. Following the instructions will lead you to have them all. 


    After collecting the 30 pieces, you’ll get a mission from Abigail named “What Lies Beneath.” Here, Michael will bring the airlock piece of the submarine, claiming that he found a message from Frank saying that someone screwed them. Abigail gets nervous and tries to run away, meaning that she is the one who messed up Frank’s submarine.

    Michael asks for the reward Abigail promised him, and she gives Michael $10 and Frank’s photo with an autograph. Then, Abigail runs away, saying that she will tell the FIB about the case, which is a lie, so the player can decide if they kill or spare Abigail. 

    I know, out of pure rage, you’ll kill her. But you’ll also get the Dinghy for you, which isn’t much if you aren’t eager to explore the seas. 

    Nuclear Waste

    GTA Nuclear Waste

    We don’t stop exploring the seas as now we have to look for the Nuclear Waste barrels; there are 30 of them in the seas. They are yellow barrels that will lie at the bottom of the sea and are easy to find as you have to use the Trackify app on Michael, Trevor, or Franklin’s phone. The app will tell the player where the barrels are. 

    How to Start Collecting Them?

    Again, you have to buy the Sonar Collections Dock for $250k after completing The Merryweather Heist. Then, you’ll get a Minisub. There’s no mission giver, and there is no reason why the barrels are there. 


    Every time you collect a Nuclear Waste barrel, you’ll be rewarded $23k. After collecting the 30, you’ll get an achievement and $250k. 


    Briefcases GTA

    There’s not much info about these Briefcases more than they contain a lot of money, ranging from $7k to $25k. There are eleven in the seas and four in the Altruist Camp after taking down the Altruist Camp Members that kidnapped Trevor and tried to kill him. 

    How to Start Collecting Them?

    You can start collecting them as soon as you can explore the map, but you’ll need a Scuba Suit to look for them on the seas. As for the Altruist Camp ones, you’ll need to find the Altruist Camp random mission in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. 


    The amount of money received from the underwater Briefcases is random. Still, if all of them give you $25k, you’ll be receiving $275k. Meanwhile, the Altruist Camp Briefcases will provide you with $25k each. 

    Peyote Plants

    GTA Peyote Plants 
    Image from GTA Fandom

    The Peyote Plants are probably the most fun collectible to take. Because of their drug condition, the character will hallucinate for a while. The player will be able to play as an animal. There are 27 Peyote Plants, so you’ll be able to play as 27 different animals. Of course, the Plants will reappear if you want to play as a specific animal again. 

    How to Start Collecting Them?

    You can start as soon as you can explore the map entirely. Unfortunately, there’s not an easy way to find the Peyote Plants, so you’ll rely on the guides. 

    Peyote Plants Places

    1. Underwater, at the east of LSIA, between the airport hangar and Los Santos Port. This Peyote changes you into a fish. 
    2. On the south side of the road at, the south of el Burro Heights. This Peyote changes you into Chop! 
    3. At the west side of LSIA, near a Los Santos Customs place, inside a bus carcass. This Peyote changes you into a rabbit. 
    4.  In the BJ Smith Recreational Center, near the batting cage of the baseball field. This Peyote changes you into a boar. 
    5. Under the end of the Del Perro Pier. This Peyote changes you into an orca.
    6. Inside a pot, on the rooftop balcony of a building in Vespucci Beach. This Peyote changes you into a cormorant. 
    7. In Mirror Park, inside a pot in the backyard of one of the houses. This Peyote changes you into a pug. 
    8. The most easternmost island, next to the NOOSE Headquarters. This Peyote changes you into a seagull.
    9. In a pot, on the rooftop of a white mansion on West Vinewood. This Peyote changes you into a Hawk. 
    10. At the east side of Beaver Bush Ranger Station in Vinewood Hills. This Peyote changes you into a mountain lion. 
    11. At the west of Vinewood Hills, next to a storm drain. This Peyote changes you into a terrier. 
    12. At the Galileo Park, near the picnic area at the east of the Galileo Observatory Tunnel. This Peyote changes you into a coyote. 
    13. On the east side of Two Hoots Falls. This Peyote changes you into a deer. 
    14. Underwater, near a sunken boat at the west of Lago Zancudo’s river entrance. This Peyote changes you into a shark. 
    15. At the east of the Redwood Lights Track and at the southwest of the “welcome” alien sign I mentioned in the Spaceship Parts. This Peyote changes you into a pig. 
    16. In the trailer park near RON Alternates Wind Farm. This Peyote changes you into a collie.
    17. At the west of the dirt road next to the oil rigs in Grand Sonora Desert. The Peyote is next to a bush. This Peyote changes you into a Huskey. 
    18. In a valley at the north of Fort Zancudo, in Mount Josiah. This Peyote changes you into a cow. 
    19. Underwater is directly at the east of Humane Labs and Research and near a sunken military ship. This Peyote changes you into a stingray.
    20. In Mount Gordo, beside a small lake. This Peyote changes you into a labrador. 
    21. In Mount Chiliad, next to a bush at the Northeastern part of the mountain. This Peyote changes you into a chicken. 
    22. In North Point, Paleto Bay, next to a bench in the park. This Peyote changes you into a cat. 
    23. Underwater, near a natural archway and a sunken FlyUS ship. This Peyote changes you into a dolphin. 
    24. At the top of Mount Chiliad, near some wooden posts with red ribbons. This Peyote changes you into a pigeon. 
    25. At Raton Canyon, on a high outcrop, exactly on the north side of Cassidy Creek. This Peyote changes you into a crow. 
    26. Underwater, at the north of the Alamo Sea. This Peyote changes you into a Hammerhead Shark.
    27. At the Alamo View lookout in Raton Canyon, at the east. This Peyote changes you into a Poodle.


    As well as getting an achievement for collecting all the 27 Peyote Plants, you’ll get the chance of playing with dogs, birds, bears, cats, foxes, fishes, lions, etc. So there is a lot to explore, and I recommend going blindly for the Peyotes as the experiences will be very fun! 

    Epsilon Tracts

    GTA Epsilon Tract
    Image from GTA Fandom

    It’s time to head the Epsilon Tracts. They are small pillars that are part of the Kifflom! missions. The game doesn’t give you solid hints of where to find them, but at least these aren’t necessary for the 100% completion.

    There are 10 Epsilon Tracts, and you’ll get emailed by Marnie explaining where to find them. Anyway, the hints are mostly useless, so you have to use some guides to find them. 

    How to Start Collecting Them?

    You’ll get access to the Epsilon Tracts after completing all the Epsilon missions. You’ll get access to them after getting on the Epsilon Program website and completing their online survey with Michael at

    Epsilon Tracts Locations

    Ten tracts aren’t very hard to find; these collectibles are way more accessible than the Letter Scraps or the Spaceship Parts. 

    Nonetheless, they have to be collected in order, so you’ll be doing some traveling to find them all. 

    1. The first Tract is at the top of Mount Chiliad, on the platform where you can find telescopes. 
    2. The next Tract is underwater, near a sunken ship, on the east coast next to Palomino Highlands. 
    3. The next Tract is completely on the north of the map, on the farthest island on the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it is placed at the top of the hill. 
    4. You’ll have to get back to Mount Chiliad for the next one as it is in the middle of the road tunnel through Mount Chiliad, placed next to a door. 
    5. The fifth Tract is outside Little Seoul’s Church. 
    6. The next Tract is in the Sonar Collections Dock, where you can start collecting the Submarine Pieces, exactly next to the Dinghy. 
    7. The seventh Tract is in Richman, at the entrance of the biggest mansion in the suburbs, which is at the top of a hill, and you have to take a path to get there.  
    8. For this one, you’ll have to get back to where you find the first Tract, in Mount Chiliad. The Tract will be next to a tree, and it’s easy to see if you step on the platform of the first Tract. 
    9. This Tract will be at the top of the Maze Bank. You’ll have to get there with a chopper, though. 
    10. The last one is in Pacific Buffs’ cemetery, on the little island in the middle of the place, next to a big tomb. 


    Completing all the Epsilon missions will reward you with an achievement. Taking all the Tracts will let you read a text talking about the Epsilon Program. 


    Question: Which are the Hardest Collectibles of GTA V?

    Answer: Without a doubt, the Spaceship Parts. They are very hidden, and some are very hard to find. The Peyotes are also very hard because they don’t give you hints except for an animal sound that you can misunderstand as ambiance sounds.  

    Question: Which are the Most Valuable Collectibles of GTA V?

    Answer: Nuclear Wastes because they give you money every time you get one of them. Also, they are easy to find!

    Question: Which are the Most Useless Collectible of the Game?

    Answer: Probably, the Epsilon Tracts. The reward is a long (and a bit boring) text, but at least it gives you an achievement.


    GTA V is the best yet the most complex game in collectible terms. It has even ones that change you into animals and lets you explore the map entirely with them! 

    If you are into collecting, I recommend GTA V because the views are also great, and the places you’ll meet are lovely. And if you are not into collecting and wanna start with a game, I also recommend GTA V. These won’t take you more than a sit per collectible, so give it a go!

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