GTA V Missions Progression

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    Undoubtedly, Grand Theft Auto V was very important when it came out in 2013 because people were expecting a GTA game after the long time that passed after GTA IV.

    When it got released, and people started playing, they discovered such a great story and a critique to the American dream told by protagonists born and raised there, basically as another POV of what GTA IV did.

    The story is delightful, and the missions are memorable but quite hard, so that’s why we are doing a mission progression.

    Are you stuck on a certain mission and don’t know what to do? Do you need a tip? Do you want to get a gold medal on a certain mission, but it seems impossible to do? No worries! This mission GTA V Missions Progression will take you on a trip to give you many tips on doing the missions and getting the gold medals with ease!

    We have many missions, and some come with their respective sub-missions, so we have a lot to cover. So let’s not waste more time!

    Before starting, you have to know that you don’t need to complete all the assignments for the gold medals in a single playthrough; you can do it one by one if it gets hard for you.

    1. Prologue

    michael the prologue robbery

    • Mission giver: –
    • Playable with: Michael and Trevor.

    This is the game’s first mission, and it takes us to 2004, 9 years before the events of GTA V.

    The first thing we see is three men menacing hostages on a facility; these men are Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Snider, and they are robbing a Bobcat (which is the name of the armored cars that transport money to the banks on GTA V) Storage Facility in Ludendorff, North Yankton.

    The robbing goes with ease as they plant a bomb in the facility’s vault, opening the door and taking the money out, when a guard catches Michael and takes his mask on, looking at his face.

    Here, Michael says an important quote: “You forget a thousand things every day, make sure this is one of them”. Remember this quote as it causes many problems later on in the game.

    Trevor kills the guard, and the three guys progress on their heist. Unfortunately, the police force starts intercepting our protagonists. You have to make your way to your escape car; you can do it with Michael or Trevor.

    As soon as the three guys get to the escape car, the Police Force starts chasing them, killing the driver. Michael takes the wheels and starts running with the car. The trio has to take a detour because the Police Force put a roadblock ahead. Their new path takes them to a train road, as a train is coming by. Michael stepped on the gas, trying to pass before the train.

    They made it, but the train barely touched the car, hurting the three guys. So they get out of the car, but a FIB agent, Dave Norton, alongside other FIB agents, are waiting for them with a sniper, hurting Michael and Brad.

    Michael asks Trevor to leave the place to save his life. However, the cops will not stop coming, so Trevor leaves the place.

    The mission ends with Michael’s family and Dave Norton at Michael’s funeral, implying that Michael died. Still, we can see Michael hiding behind trees, so we know he’s alive.

    • Rewards: Los Santos is completely unlocked for you to explore. Also, you can hop on GTA Online.

    Gold Medal Requirements: None.

    2. Franklin and Lamar

    Franklin and Lamar

    • Mission giver: –
    • Playable with: Franklin.

    Now we get to 2013, which the game says is the present. Here, we are looking at Michael in therapy with Isaiah Friedlander. We see that Michael had to change his last name to De Santa. Michael talks about how his family makes him feel really bad, and the therapist isn’t helping either, so Michael decides to leave.

    The credits roll, and we see Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis looking for a Beach House. Michael sat on a bench, trying to relax, and here’s the first time Franklin and Michael interacted. It was briefly, as Lamar asked him where’s the beach house they were looking for.

    Franklin and Lamar found the house and got into it, stealing the cars they were looking for. You can choose whichever car you want to; there’s no clear difference between the two.

    Both Franklin and Lamar make a race, passing through Los Santos as a way to show you the map. Eventually, the cops show off, and Franklin and Lamar have to split ways until getting to their objective, the Premium Deluxe Motorsports Dealership, owned by Simeon Yetarian, their repossessions boss.

    As you delivered the cars, you can see Simeon arguing with Michael’s son, Jimmy De Santa. Simeon is trying to convince Jimmy to buy an expensive car.

    The mission ends with Franklin going back to his house.

    • Rewards: $250, many sites to visit, like Ammu-Nations, Barber Shops, etc.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Not a Scratch: Try not to crash or damage the car. Use Franklin’s ability to handle sketchy situations, I recommend using it from here as it can get hard to get used to. Still, it will help you a lot during the whole game.
    • Focused Driver: Use Franklin’s ability for seven seconds.
    • Winner: Win the race against Lamar. You can use some shortcuts to get ahead on the race, as well as using Franklin’s ability to stick behind Lamar to take a slipstream.
    • We Come in Peace: Avoid hitting any alien-costumed actors while going through the movie studio. It’s easy to avoid them with Franklin’s ability.

    3. Repossession

    Reposession GTA V

    • Mission giver: Simeon Yetarian.
    • Playable with: Franklin.

    Franklin gets back to his job. Simeon assigns him to do another repossession, this time to Esteban Jimenez, who lives in Vespucci Beach and has a bike he hasn’t paid for. So again, Franklin goes with Lamar to do the Repo, and they head to an alley on Magellan Avenue.

    Remember the San Andreas‘ Vagos? Well, they are still active, and Esteban is one of them. Franklin will enter the alley alongside Lamar, looking for the bike, when some Vagos approach them with some guns, starting a gunfight.

    They have to run away from the gunfight; Franklin will see Esteban getting back to his place at the alley entrance, but when he sees the duo, he will try to run. If Franklin don’t shoot him quickly, he will escape, and they have to chase him.

    Franklin grabs the bike, and Lamar runs away in the car. They both meet again, and Franklin can’t take the bike to Simeon as they shouldn’t have killed the bike owner, so Lamar steals it and leaves Franklin, saying that he has to tell Simeon they couldn’t recover it.

    • Rewards: Pistols, side-missions, the bike, and Lamar’s friend activities.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: You have to complete the mission in 6:30 minutes. As I said, you can save a lot of time by shooting Esteban in the head, avoiding the car chase.
    • Trail Blazer: There will be a car fleeing from the alley during the gunfight; the car will be dropping gasoline, and you’ll have to shoot the gasoline trail.
    • Headshots: Kill at least six enemies with a headshot.
    • Accuracy: Finish the mission with a 70% shooting Accuracy. Always aim for the head and not waste bullets when the enemies cover.

    4. Complications

    Complications Gta 5

    • Mission giver: Simeon Yetarian.
    • Playable with: Franklin and Michael.

    This time, Simeon has another Repo task for Franklin; he’s looking for the SUV Simeon sold to James de Santa, Michael’s son. So, Franklin has to go to Rockford Hills.

    Franklin entered into the house while not being detected to get to the garage and get the car back. Once Franklin gets the car, he leaves the place, but, suddenly, Michael is in the backseat!

    Michael gunpoints Franklin, telling him that he has to go to his destination or else he would get killed. So Franklin has to go to the Dealership and enter with the car through the glass entrance.

    The mission ends with Michael, who paid Franklin for crashing the car onto the building, and then he beat Simeon up.

    • Rewards: Now you can play as Michael, unlocking the activities he can do, like playing Golf, Tennis, or going to the cinema or the Strip Club.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 5:00 minutes or less. If you want to cut some time off, go directly to the truck at the back of the house, and don’t knock the gardener out. Remember that you can complete the Gold Medal Requirements in multiple playthroughs.
    • Can’t Touch This: Take no damage during the fight with Simeon. This can be hard, but everything will be fine if you catch the timing between hits. Remember to avoid hits.
    • Dirt Nap: Knock the gardener out with a stealth attack.

    5. Chop

    Gta 5 chop mission

    • Mission Giver: Lamar.
    • Playable with: Franklin and Chop.

    Franklin and Lamar meet, and Lamar asks Franklin for help to pick something up. While driving the van to the destination, Lamar tells Franklin that he plans to kidnap a Ballas’ member named D.

    As soon as they arrived at their destination, Franklin and Lamar tried to kidnap D, and Lamar pulled his gun, making D run away on his bike. So you’ll be chasing D with the van until D gets hit off his bike by a bus.

    The rest of the mission is looking for D on the rail yard with Chop’s help. Eventually, they found D, so Franklin kidnapped and tossed him into the van.

    The mission ends with Lamar calling his contact with his phone, telling them they got D, revealing his plans to the Police. Franklin got annoyed by that, so he tossed Lamar’s phone to the street and set D free.

    After ending the mission, Lamar asks Franklin to keep Chop.

    • Rewards: Chop.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Not a Scratch: Complete the mission without damaging Lamar’s van. Remember to use Franklin’s ability as much as possible.
    • Homedog: Use Chop for 10 seconds.
    • Advanced Reflexes: Use Franklin’s ability for 7 seconds.

    6. Father/Son

    GTA Father Son Mission

    • Mission Giver: Michael.
    • Playable with: Michael and Franklin.

    Michael and Franklin meet as Franklin wants some help, so Franklin offers his work to Michael, but Michael rejects the task as he isn’t in a bad life anymore.

    Then, the duo gets out of the house, and Jimmy calls Michael, saying that he’s on Michael’s yacht, which got stolen. This happened because Jimmy wanted to sell the yacht and the potential buyers decided to steal it.

    So Franklin and Michael head to help Jimmy by retrieving him from the boat. They found the yacht and pursued it, rescuing Jimmy on his path. Sadly, they couldn’t continue with the chase as their car got messed up and the engine stopped working.

    The mission ends with Franklin and Jimmy heading to Los Santos Customs to fix the car and then driving it back to Michael’s house.

    • Rewards: Los Santos Customs.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Quick Catch: Rescue Jimmy from hanging out of the boat within 10 seconds. To do this, you have to drive to the boat’s mast and stay there while Franklin is on the yacht killing the bad guys.
    • Not a Scratch: Get back to Michael’s house while not damaging the car.

    7. Marriage Counseling

    Marriage Counseling Gta 5
    Image by Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Michael.
    • Playable with: Michael and Franklin.

    Michael gets home, looking for his wife, Amanda de Santa. When he gets to the front door, he sees two tennis rackets lying there. Knowing what was going on, Michael ran to his bedroom only to discover his wife with Kyle, the tennis coach, on the bed.

    Michael warned Kyle, who just got out of the situation by jumping out of the window. Michael goes to chase him when he sees Franklin arriving at his home, so they chase Kyle on a pick-up truck.

    Eventually, the duo lost Kyle, but Michael knew where Kyle lived, so they decided to look for him there.

    Franklin, Michael, and Kyle started to talk about the situation. Still, Michael was very upset, so he decided to literally bring the house down using the cable wire from the pick-up truck he used to chase the tennis coach. The house fell.

    Michael was so upset that he wasn’t listening to Kyle, who told him that the house wasn’t his. Then, a girl came by and threatened Michael, telling him that Martin Madrazo would take him down.

    Michael and Franklin just ignored the situation and headed to Michael’s house. A car appeared when they got there; it was Martin Madrazo, a Mexican-American Mafia leader and drug dealer.

    The mission ends with Michael being beaten by Madrazo and his goons. Madrazo demanded Michael to pay for the house repairments; Michael and Franklin had to give $2.5 million to them.

    The only solution to the situation for Michael was to get to his old life once again.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Not a Scratch: Don’t damage the Pick-Up truck.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 5:30 minutes or less. Thankfully, you can use Franklin to drive, so use his ability to avoid losing time and not crashing the car.
    • Drive-by Killer: Kill three enemies while driving. You can do this by stopping the car and shooting the enemies, but don’t get out of the car.

    8. Daddy’s Little Girl

    daddys little girl gta 5

    • Mission Giver: Michael.
    • Playable with: Michael.

    After being threatened by Martin Madrazo, Michael was in his house, hopeless and trying to relax, when he listened to Jimmy swearing and threatening others through his video game. Michael asks for some peace, Jimmy ignores Michael, and Michael smashes the T.V. with a chair.

    Michael and Jimmy started to argue, and Michael quickly apologized to Jimmy because of the T.V. smash and said to Jimmy he wanted to spend some more time with him. Jimmy agrees and suggests a bike ride in Vespucci Beach.

    Michael and Jimmy did the bike ride, which ended on a race. Jimmy took his father to the pier only to make him see how his daughter, Tracy, was on a yacht, dancing on a table to some T.V. producers only to make it into a T.V. show. Michael gets very angry and swims to the yacht to take her daughter out of the situation.

    Michael steals a Seashark with his daughter while the producers are chasing him. While playing, you can decide if you want to kill or lose them. Michael’s sons leave him alone on the beach when you get to the destination.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Fastest Speed: You have to reach top speed on the Seashark. This isn’t hard, and you can get rid of your chasers by killing them, so you can’t have obstacles to avoid.
    • Stabilizer: Don’t fall off the bicycle.
    • Faster Than Fish: Swim to the yacht in a minute or less. Go underwater; you’ll be faster there.

    9. Friend Request

    gta 5 friend request
    Image by Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable with: Michael.

    Michael has a situation with Martin Madrazo, but he doesn’t have enough money to pay the debts, so Michael decides to visit Lester, an old friend who helped him do the North Yankton score long ago as other scores in the past.

    Lester is eager to help Michael, but he needs a favor first. To take it into action, Michael needs to change his outfit to look “youthful.”

    As soon as Michael changes his clothes, Lester needs Michael to get into the Lifeinvader (the GTA’s mock to the social media) building to set a device on a prototype of a new product Lifeinvader is about to release.

    Michael heads to the building, where he finds an employee named Rickie, who mistook Michael for a technician. But, thanks to Rickie, Michael made it to the building, who tasked Michael with removing some lewd popups that don’t stop getting out on Rickie’s computer.

    After fixing Rickie’s PC, Michael finds the demo room where the prototype is hidden, so he rigs it and gets out of the place. However, Lester asks Michael to see the prototype’s T.V. presentation, so Michael heads to his home.

    Lester told Michael to call the device when Jay Norris, Lifeinvader’s owner, showed the prototype on the presentation. So Michael did, and the device exploded, killing Jay Norris.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in only 8:30 minutes or less.
    • Popups Clear: Clear all the Pop-ups on Rickie’s P.C. in 32 seconds or less.

    10. The Long Stretch

    The Long Stretch Gta V

    • Mission Giver: Lamar.
    • Playable With: Franklin.

    Lamar has a business offer to Franklin, who was also trying to get money to pay the debts with Martin Madrazo. The only problem with the offer was that Franklin had to work alongside Stretch, a high-ranked member of the HD Universe’s Families, which tended to send Lamar and Franklin to risky missions and push them to do the dirty jobs Stretch didn’t want to do.

    Franklin accepts the offer and takes Lamar and Stretch to a recycling plant, where a meeting is about to happen. Lamar tells Franklin that the business is a drug deal on their way. Franklin seems worried, but it is too late to get out of the situation, so they continue.

    But there were even more motivations to be worried when the other part of the meeting was D, the Ballas member Lamar and Franklin tried to kidnap, and the things get worse when they realize that the whole meeting was a setup from the Ballas to kill Lamar and Franklin.

    The three Families members decide to get out of the building, starting a shootout, which ends with the building getting set on fire, the Police chasing Franklin and his friends, and they running away in different ways, hiding for some time.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Accuracy: Finish the mission with a shot accuracy of at least 60%. As I said before, don’t waste bullets and aim for the head!
    • Headshots: Kill 10 enemies with headshots.
    • Unmarked: Complete the mission without getting shot or losing Health and Armor. This can be difficult, so you have to quickly kill the enemies, trying not to get shot by them. Remember to use coverage to avoid getting shot.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 10:30 minutes or less. The most time-consuming part of the mission is running away from the Police after the gunfight. Use Franklin’s ability to avoid crashing, and remember that you don’t need to make all the requirements in a run, so go for the Unmarked requirement first and then do this one.

    11. Casing The Jewel Store

    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    Michael and Lester meet in a clothing factory that Lester built only to use it as a facade for his online business. Lester has some ideas to solve Madrazo’s problem, talking about doing a big bank heist or even robbing the Union Depository. Still, Michael rejects all the ideas as he needs something small and not so crazy. Then, Lester gets with the idea of robbing a jewelry store. Michael agrees, and they go to the place to look and plan the score.

    After looking at the place named Vangelico, Michael and Lester plan the score, having two alternatives:

    • Loud Approach, which requires less effort on preparation but isn’t the best idea as you’ll lose a lot of money on the way.
    • The Smart Approach is way better to take as it will give you more rewards, but it will require more preparation and a better setup.

    The mission ends with Lester and Michael choosing the people that will work alongside them to do the score.

    • Tip: If you go for the Loud Approach, choose Eddie Toh as your driver and Packie McReary as your Gunman. Norm Richards will always crash his bike, making you lose money.

    But, if you want to take the Smart Approach, you won’t need Eddie Toh as your driver as his only good points are in the Loud Approach. Choose Karim Denz as your driver, Packie McReary as your Gunman, and Rickie Lukens as your Hacker, as you’ll have enough with 30 to 50 seconds to steal all the jewelry.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 8 minutes or less.
    • Picture Perfect: Capture the three security features in one picture. You can do this by aiming for the keypad on the door; you’ll capture the three features with that pic.

    The Jewel Store Job preparation

    Carbine Rifles

    The rifles will be needed for the Loud Approach. Lester will text Michael telling him that there’s a tactical team with the needed rifles near Palomino Avenue. First, Michael will steal the car and try to lose the wanted level; then, he will deliver the car to Lester’s factory.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Swift Getaway: Lose the wanted level in 2 minutes or less.

    Bugstars Equipment

    The equipment will be needed for the Smart Approach. Again, Lester will call you saying that there’s a Bugstar warehouse in Los Santos’ Port, so he has to get there and steal the van with the equipment.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Sneaky Pest: Steal the van without being detected. You can do this by knocking the driver out and taking the van through the back.

    BZ Gas Grenades

    This is the last resource needed for the Smart Approach. Lester will call Michael, saying that two vans are making gas grenades shipments on the city. Michael will intercept one of the vans, and he can steal the content or steal the van entirely. The Police Force will be chasing him, but he will deliver the van or the cargo to Lester’s Factory.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Loose Cargo: You’ll have to shoot the van’s back doors to release the cargo and take it to the Factory.

    12. The Jewel Store Job

    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: Michael and Franklin.

    As I said before, there are two ways of doing this mission, so I’ll explain both.

    Loud Approach

    This mission will start with the chosen crew meeting in the Factory, planning the last details before the heist. Then the crew will head to Vangelico to start the heist.

    Franklin will be waiting outside with the bikes, while Michael and your chosen Gunman will be inside, reducing the people inside Vangelico while stealing the jewels.

    If you chose Norm Richards, he will fail to control the crowd, making Michael kill Vangelico’s manager. If the alarm sounds, then the mission will fail. Also, Karim Denz will drop some of the jewelry when Michael and the Gunman get out of Vangelico.

    Here’s when problems arrive, as I told you in the Prologue. A traffic policeman forces Franklin to leave the place with the bikes when Michael gets out of the store with the jewels. Michael helps Franklin by forcing the traffic policeman to leave the place while saying his phrase: “You forget a thousand things every day, pal, make sure this is one of ’em.”  

    Now, the player will be controlling Franklin, who’s leaving the place on the bikes with the jewels. But, again, they will pass through an underground tunnel, and, again, if you chose Norm Richards as your Gunman, he will fall off the bike, making you lose a part of the take.

    Franklin and his teammates will leave the underground tunnel, heading to Los Santos river, while the Police Force is chasing them. Then, the game switches to Michael again, who, alongside the chosen Hacker, are driving a van, intending to cleanse the path of the Police Force for the bikers to continue with their way.

    The whole group continues until the end of the river. There, the Police Force stopped chasing, and they got the bikes onto the van and left the place. Lester will tell the crew they will have their part as soon as the jewels are sold.

    • Rewards: Depending on the chosen crew, the Maximum revenue will vary up to $1.2M for Michael and $300K for Franklin.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Quick Grab: Steal the jewelry in 50 seconds or less. This will probably take you some runs to learn the path to follow.
    • Protégé Protected: When being Michael, protect Franklin during the Los Santos River Police chase.
    • Clean Sweep: Steal all the 20 glass cabinets on Vangelico. If you want this to happen, choose Packie McReary or Gustavo Mota as your Gunmen.

    Smart Approach

    This method starts the same as the Loud Approach, with the team meeting in the Factory and ends when the team leaves Vangelico. The only part which changes is entering Vangelico.

    Michael leaves Franklin in the back of the store, who will get to the top of the building and will throw the gas grenades to the air vent. Then, the people inside the store will fall asleep, and the team members will enter the store while Franklin will be prepping the runaway bikes.

    Depending on the chosen Hacker, the alarm will take more or less to active. Paige Harris will give you 90 seconds, Christian Feltz 60, and Rickie Lukens 50 seconds.

    After taking all the jewels, the rest of the mission develops the same as the Loud Approach.

    Rewards: The money gotten will be the same as the Loud Approach.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • The same as the Loud Approach; Quick Grab, Protégé Protected, and Clean Sweep.

    13. Mr. Philips

    • Mission Giver: Trevor.
    • Playable With: Trevor.

    While our protagonists are celebrating the successful heist, there’s another one, living in Sandy Shores, listening to an interview with the Traffic Policeman who’s saying how the heist happened and what he remembers about the happenings.

    That one is Trevor Philips, and he recognized the famous Michael’s line, “you forget a thousand things every day, pal, make sure this is one of ’em.” 

    Trevor was in his trailer while getting nasty with a girl named Ashley when seeing the Traffic Policeman getting interviewed. Trevor is confused, and he has no time for other problems. Johnny Klebitz (Who you’ll remember from The Lost and Damned) is Ashley’s boyfriend, and he’s also confused about the situation.

    He confronts Trevor to ask why he is sleeping with his girlfriend, while Ashley, Wade, and Ron (Trevor’s friends), so Trevor decides to end up with Johnny by smashing a bottle on his head and then stepping on him because, as I said, he has no time for other problems. There’s a ghost in town, and Trevor will go hunting him.

    Trevor has to attend other business before heading to Los Santos, and the first one is getting rid of the competition. He ended with Johnny, so he has to take the rest down. He heads to a Lost MC hangout saying the other members he killed Johnny, but the members don’t believe him, so they head to their headquarters. Then, Trevor chases and completely eliminates all of the Lost MC members.

    Trevor got rid of one main competition, but he’s missing something, a gun dealer named Ortega, the Aztecas’ leader. So Trevor goes to his trailer and pushes it into a river. Then, Ortega gets out of the trailer, trying to talk with Trevor. Here, Trevor will decide on killing or sparing him.

    The mission ends with Trevor and Ron talking about Michael Townley and how’s he alive after the shootout in North Yankton.

    Rewards: All Trevor’s missions are available, as well as all Blaine County’s business and pastimes unlocked.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • No Survivors: Kill all the Lost MC members.
    • Headshots: Kill at least 12 enemies with a headshot.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 12 minutes or less. You can take some shortcuts while driving to cut some time.
    • Trailer Trashed: Cause at least $5000 damage to Ortega’s trailer. You can do this by completely accelerating and pushing the trailer onto the river.
    • Lost and Damned: Kill Terry and Clay (other characters on The Lost and Damned) during the bike chase. If you are confused and don’t know what to do, just kill all of the bikers at the start of the chase, and you’ll be done.

    14. Trevor Philips Industries

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Tao Cheng.
    • Playable With: Trevor.

    Trevor has to accelerate all of his plans before his rivals take action on him, and the first one is the drug empire as a way to get a lot of money. So the first contact he gets is Tao Cheng, son of an important Los Santos Triad leader who’s looking to expand his business into Blaine County.

    Trevor, Tao, and his translator meet, but Tao is high on drugs. Trevor gets angry because of the situation and leaves, but Tao’s translator runs after Trevor, begging to close the deal or else he would die. Finally, Trevor gets convinced of the situation, so he takes Tao and the translator to his HQ, the lab, which is being run by Chef, Trevor’s personal friend and right-hand.

    Trevor calls Chef, who is scared as he hears that the Aztecas planned an attack on their lab. However, Trevor doesn’t seem upset because of the situation, so he gets to the lab.

    As soon as Trevor and the triad members get to the lab, the Aztecas arrive at the place, so the first thing Trevor does is hide Tao and his translator in a freezer and then take his guns and start killing Aztecas.

    Trevor and Chef ended with the Aztecas, so Trevor freed the triad members. The translator, who seems to be the operation leader, gets in shock, leaving the place with no deal.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Body Count: Kill 32 enemies; this can be tricky, but if you stay outside on most of the shootout, you’ll make it.
    • Unmarked: Complete the mission while receiving minimal damage. Remember to use coverage to avoid getting shot.
    • Scrap Man: Destroy all the Aztecas vehicles. Get some grenades on Ammu-Nation, and use the gas canisters on the map.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 4:30 minutes or less. The only recommendation I can give is just skipping the cutscenes and being careful while driving.

    15. Nervous Ron

    • Mission Giver: Trevor.
    • Playable With: Trevor.

    As I said, Trevor is getting bothered by the local competition. The Aztecas attacked first, and now is the time of the Lost MC, who demolished Trevor’s trailer.

    Annoyed by the situation and a gun deal contract waiting to be completed, Trevor decides to raid the Lost MC’s airfield to steal their weapons and deliver them to their contract.

    Trevor buys a sniper rifle and gets to the airfield. Meanwhile, Ron is infiltrated, and Trevor kills the guards with the sniper. Next, Ron plants a bomb on the gas tank, but the plan gets cut when a Lost MC chopper gets on the place. Trevor shoots its pilot, the chopper falls, and all the Lost MC on the airstrip knows they are attacked.

    Trevor goes to help Ron, while Ron gets on a plane, and Trevor kills all the Lost MC members. Then, Trevor hops on the plane’s wing, cleansing the plane’s path. As soon as Trevor ends with all the Lost members, Trevor gets on a plane, stealing the weapons and delivering them to the contract’s destination.

    The delivery is done, so Trevor and Ron head back to the airstrip.

    Rewards: Trevor can buy the airstrip and start running his business there.

    Gold Medal Requierements:

    • Headshots: Kill 5 enemies with a headshot.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 12:30 minutes or less. Skipping the cutscenes will help you a lot, but the best thing is to learn where the bikers spawn to kill them early.
    • Nervous Twitch: Win the plane race against Ron.
    • 6 Bridges, 1 Plane: Fly under 6 bridges during the flying part. This can be very hard, so I recommend doing this requirement by itself and then attempting the other ones in another run.
    • Death on a Wing: Kill all the Lost MC members while lying on the plane’s wing. Remember to blow all the cars and gas tankers on the airstrip; this will be very helpful.

    16. Crystal Maze

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Tao Cheng.
    • Playable With: Trevor.

    Trevor needs money to move his business to re-contact Tao Cheng to continue with the negotiations. But Tao and his translator got scared of the situation in the lab and being hidden in a freezer, so they moved their business to the O’Neil brothers, a family of drug dealers with their factory.

    Trevor is very angry because of that, so he decides to raid the O’Neil brothers’ farm where they have their drug factory, killing most of the family members and burning the whole place down.

    With the O’Neil factory down, the deal between the O’Neil brothers and the Triads is canceled, making Trevor get more enemies before traveling to Los Santos.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Headshots: Kill 10 enemies with a headshot.
    • Unmarked: Complete the mission while receiving minimal damage. Use covers and try to take advantage of the distance before entering the farm. Also, use Trevor’s ability.
    • 2 Birds, 1 Stone: Kill two enemies with one shot. This can be very difficult, but you can do it with a sniper rifle in the distance. Try to aim to the farmers on the distance when they are talking in groups.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with at least 80% shooting accuracy.

    17. Friends Reunited

    Image from Fandom

    While Trevor was busy killing and setting his business on Sandy Shores, his friend, Wade, investigated all the Michael Townleys on the town without success. Nonetheless, he found a Michael De Santa that fits Trevor’s description. Trevor quickly knew that Michael had changed his identity.

    Trevor’s time to get to Los Santos arrived, but he doesn’t have where to stay; that’s why Wade goes with him, as he has a cousin in Vespucci Beach named Floyd that would help them.

    So, Trevor prepares for his new adventure, but he has to finish his business setup. His first step was to name Ron the new owner of Trevor Philips Industries. The second commitment is to eliminate the Lost MC crew by destroying their trailer pack. Trevor and Wade go with some sticky bombs, planting them on the trailers and blowing the whole park, killing the rest of the Lost MC crew.

    The mission ends with Trevor and Wade traveling to Los Santos and getting to Wade’s cousin’s house.

    • Rewards: Floyd’s house as a safehouse, only for Trevor.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Headshots: Kill at least 5 enemies with a headshot.
    • Mystery Gift: Destroy the trailers without being detected. To do this, take your suppressed pistol or a stealth weapon, and shoot all the lights out so it’ll be harder to detect you.
    • Unmarked: Complete the mission without getting damaged; doing this mission while not getting detected will grant you not getting damaged.
    • Perfect Gift: Destroy all the trailers at once by planting all the sticky bombs and detonating them as soon as you planted all the bombs you need.

    18. Fame or Shame

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Michael.
    • Playable With: Trevor and Michael.

    We forget Trevor for a bit, as now we see Michael arguing with his family again. Jimmy hid some weed in the fridge, Michael got angry, Amanda was in a yoga session with her instructor, Fabien, but the argument ruined the session. Then Trevor also joins the conversation by asking if someone said yoga.

    Michael is in shock, while Trevor salutes Jimmy, Amanda, and Fabien, and notices Tracey isn’t home, so Jimmy tells him that she’s auditioning for Fame or Shame, a clear mock to America Got Talent where if you lose, you get totally denigrated.

    Michael, still in shock, and Trevor, who wanted to kill Michael, but their problems aside only to rescue Tracey.

    Once they get to the Fame or Shame studio, they see Tracey wearing provocative clothes and the show’s presenter, Lazlow Jones, nasty with her. Michael and Trevor get angry, chasing Lazlow through the city with a car until they get to Los Santos River, where Lazlow crashed his car.

    The mission ends with Michael and Trevor forcing Lazlow to dance in underwear only to have something to blackmail him when needed.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Fastest Speed: Reach the top speed with the truck when chasing Lazlow.
    • Bearing Down: Stay close to Lazlow’s car when chasing him.
    • No, I Can Park Here: There’s a man in the parking space you’ll be when arriving at the Maze Bank Arena. Knock him down.
    • All Hooked Up: Don’t lose the trailer of the truck. Avoid crashing or releasing the trailer manually.

    19. Dead Man Walking

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Dave Norton.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    Remember Dave Norton, the FIB agent who shot Michael down in Ludendorff and made him get into Witness Protection? Well, he’s aware of Michael’s dirty jobs. Michael and Dave meet because Michael needs help with Trevor’s situation.

    Instead of arresting Michael, Dave needs him for a favor; getting infiltrated in an IAA morgue to look for the body of Ferdinand Kerimov, who has some information on Dave. To get infiltrated there, Dave knocks Michael out.

    Michael wakes up in the morgue with two forensics about to cut him into pieces in an autopsy. He gets up, knocking one of them and killing a guard, also finds Ferdinand’s body, which isn’t what he’s looking for as Ferdinand’s tag belongs to a woman’s body.

    The alarm starts ringing, Michael has to run away from the place, killing guards and getting chased by the Police. The best way Dave could find for Michael was through a window. Michael gets out of the place and then tries to contact Franklin to tell him the Police Force is aware of his participation in the Vangelico Heist.

    Michael asks Franklin to get out of the town, but Franklin rejects that, telling Michael he will stay in Los Santos to help him.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Accuracy: End the mission with a shooting accuracy of 70% or more.
    • Headshots: Kill 14 enemies with a headshot.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 9:30 minutes or less.
    • Focused Killer: Use Michael’s ability to kill 4 enemies.
    • Unmarked: Complete the mission while receiving minimal damage; again, remember to use coverage.

    20. Three’s Company

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Dave Norton.
    • Playable With: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

    Sadly, the three protagonists got on the FIB radar, so the FIB corrupted agents Dave Norton, Steve Haines (Dave’s boss), and Andreas Sanchez (Steve’s right hand) will use them to do all sorts of dirty jobs.

    The first one is to infiltrate the IAA to kidnap Ferdinand Kerimov. If IAA discovers Dave and Steve’s dirty jobs, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin will fall with them.

    The preparation for the mission was simple; Trevor fled Michael to the IAA headquarters in a chopper, rappeling down until getting Ferdinand. Meanwhile, Franklin will cleanse the guards and cover Michael from another building with a sniper. Then, Trevor and Michael fly away from the place, getting rid of the Police choppers chasing them. Lastly, they give Ferdinand to the FIB agents.

    As soon as they end the task, the mission ends with Trevor and Michael splitting up.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: End the mission in 7:30 minutes or less. There’s a tip here when you get Ferdinand, and Michael and Trevor are again in the chopper, switch to Michael, and get rid of the Police Choppers. As soon as Trevor gets to the destination, switch to him for a proper land.
    • Accuracy: End the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%. You can do this by using Michael when rappeling and special ability.
    • Headshots: Kill 10 enemies with a headshot. You’ll achieve this alongside the accuracy part by using Michael’s ability.

    21. By The Book

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Steve Haines.
    • Playable With: Michael and Trevor.

    The poor Ferdinand Karimov wasn’t a double agent; he’s just an electrician. Still, Steve Haines, with Trevor’s help, will torture Ferdinand to get some information about Tahir Javan, an Azerbaijani who’s said to have some relation with terrorism.

    Purely by chance, Ferdinand knows where Tahir lives as he’s Ferdinand’s client. At first, Karimov gives false information, but then, out of torture, Karimov gives Tahir’s address.

    Michael and Dave are listening to the situation, and they are going for Tahir’s place, killing him with a sniper rifle.

    The mission ends with Trevor taking Ferdinand out of place and putting him in the airport, telling him that he has to leave or the FIB will look for him again. The saddest part of the mission is that Ferdinand is an American citizen with his family in the city.

    On this mission, Trevor briefly meets Devin Weston, Merryweather’s Security owner, but he leaves the place as soon as Trevor starts torturing Ferdinand.

    Also, Dave gets Michael in a hurry as he reveals that he was constantly sending fake letters to Trevor pretending to be Brad, telling Trevor he’s alive.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Don’t Stop Me Now: Complete the mission without making Karimov’s heart stop; be aware of not taking him up to 200 BPM.
    • Electrocutioner, The Tooth Hurths, Wrenched, It’s Legal!: Use all the torture methods with Karimov.

    22. Hood Safari

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Lamar Davis.
    • Playable With: Franklin or Trevor.

    We get back to Franklin’s life. He’s arguing with Lamar as he’s saying Franklin isn’t helping with the hood. Then, suddenly, Trevor joins the convo, telling Franklin’s aunt, Denise, to get out of the place, giving her some dollars to buy something nice.

    Franklin only wants to be alone, but Trevor only wants to make friends. Also, Lamar wants some help with a deal in Grove Street, which the Ballas commands this time.

    Lamar was about to buy a drug brick to resell. They get to the deal’s place, and the dealer gives Lamar a sample. Lamar likes it and is about to buy it, but Trevor, who’s experienced in the topic, doesn’t seem comfortable with the deal, asking the dealer for a taste of the other side of the brick.

    Trevor and the dealer started a heated argument, eventually breaking the drug brick to reveal that it was fake. All the hood listened to them argue, and the drug dealer screamed that he was in danger, so a lot of Ballas started a raid on the trio, where even the Police Force joined.

    The trio eventually escaped the hood through the Los Santos River, stealing three Seasharks and hiding in the river until the Police stopped chasing them.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 7 minutes or less.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of 70% or more.
    • Headshots: Kill 12 enemies with a headshot.

    23. Did Somebody Say Yoga?

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Michael.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    After all the problems caused by the FIB, Michael wants some relaxation time, seeing old movies, and smoking. On the other hand, Amanda is annoyed by the smoking and Trevor being back in their lives. Suddenly, Fabien, the yoga instructor, arrives. Amanda invites Michael to the session, and he agrees.

    Fabien guides the couple during the session until he wants to do the downward dog pose. He asks Amanda to do it, and Fabien gets behind, making the scene sexual. Michael is very pissed at the situation, so he directly hits Fabien, who avoids his attack, making Michael fall in the pool. Tired of Michael being a bad husband, Amanda decides to leave him with Fabien.

    So, Michael’s wife is gone, but he doesn’t know yet. Michael goes to Jimmy’s room, telling his son he wants to hang out with someone. Jimmy agrees, and both of them go to a Burger Shot, where a worker, Ahron, gives a drink cup to Jimmy, which has a sort of sedative.

    Jimmy gives Michael the drink, Michael gets high while driving, Jimmy kicks Michael of the car, taking it with him, and Michael starts hallucinating.

    Michael’s hallucinations have everything; chimps, aliens doing probes on private parts, and a freefall that gets Michael back to reality. After the hallucination, Michael wakes up in a park with just his underwear, so he decides to get back home.

    Michael’s back at home, but neither his family nor his car is there. He goes to the kitchen, looking for his family, when he sees a note from Amanda, saying that she and her sons will leave him alone for a time.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 15 minutes or less.
    • Warrior, Triangle, and Praise the Sun!: Do all the yoga poses without falling.

    24. Scouting the Port

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Trevor.
    • Playable With: Trevor.

    Trevor plans a heist in Los Santos, only to not waste time. He asks Floyd about his job and knows that he works at the docks, where a lot of goods are moved, and it’s known that Merryweather works near there, so Trevor decides that he will do a heist there.

    Thanks to Floyd, Trevor infiltrates the pier, pretending to be a worker by moving big crates only to get the opportunity to take pics of the Merryweather’s freighter and see that’s there. Ron is on the other side of the line, telling Trevor that it might be something interesting on the freighter.

    There’s a Naval Port on the other side of the docks, and Trevor needs to get there to investigate more about the freighter’s content. Trevor and Floyd get there, but they aren’t registered on the place, so the Merryweather’s guards beat Floyd. Trevor takes advantage of the situation to take more information about the freighter, and he finds the shipping manifest and sends it to Ron.

    There’s something else on the freighter that isn’t registered on the manifest, so Trevor definitively decides to steal it. So, to steal the secret Merryweather is hiding, Trevor planned a heist. He has two options: detonate the freighter, take the content with a mini-submarine, get a military chopper, and use the mini-sub to locate the device Trevor is looking for in Merryweather’s seaspace, and take it to Sandy Shores.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 20 minutes or less.
    • Employee of the Month: Move the crates without damaging them.
    • Perfect Surveillance: Take the three photographs Ron asks you to take.
    • An Honest Day’s Work: Pretend to be a worker to not cause a disturbance at the docks. This requirement is dumb as you only need to complete the mission, and you’ll have it.

    The Merryweather Heist Preparation

    You need some things before doing the score; let’s take a look at what you need to take:


    Needed for both heist ways.

    Wade advises Trevor that there’s a mini-submarine in the docks, so Trevor goes and steals it.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 8:30 minutes or less. The Mini-Sub will go faster when being closer to the surface.
    • No Boarding: Steal the Mini-sub without getting into the boat that’s carrying it. You can do this by shooting at the cables holding the mini-sub and then jumping into the water to get it.


    The Cargo chopper is needed for the heist on Merryweather’s experimental seaspace.

    Trevor will steal a Cargo chopper from the military in Fort Zancudo; then, he will leave it on his airstrip in Sandy Shores.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 5:30 minutes or less.

    25. The Merryweather Heist

    Image from Fanom
    • Mission Giver: Trevor.
    • Playable With: All.

    Both approaches start with the same scene; Trevor plans the heist and tells Michael and Franklin what they must do.

    Then, the scenes will change depending on the heist approach you selected.

    Freighter Assault

    On this heist approach, the plan is the following:

    • Trevor and Franklin will get to an overpass near the docks to position Franklin in a great place to use the sniper rifle so that he will kill various guards on the freighter.
    • Michael will get into the freighter and plant some C4 on it to blow it out.
    • Then, Trevor will go on the Mini-sub to look and take the device Merryweather is hiding.
    • After that, everyone will get out of the place, running away, waiting for the heat to settle down.

    The plan goes perfectly fine until Merryweather discovers the trio trying to infiltrate the freighter, displaying choppers and military force to kill Franklin and Michael. The latter found the way to get out of the freighter, and Franklin detonates the C4 bombs.

    The mission ended up being perfect, but a factor was involved in the mix; Merryweather was doing a superweapon for the government, and Trevor’s buyer was Chinese, so he had to take it back to Merryweather or else all the country will be chasing him.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Headshots: Kill at least 12 enemies with a headshot. This will be easy with Franklin’s sniper.
    • Accuracy: Finish the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%.
    • Ninja: Take 12 enemies down with stealth attacks. This has to be done with Michael.
    • Container Hunter: Find the device in a minute or less. You’ll find it easy as it has a red flashing light.
    • No Alarms: Get into the freighter’s interior without being detected.

    Merryweather Seaspace

    This plan is more subtle, as it goes as follows:

    • The trio will get to Sandy Shores, Michael will drive the chopper, Franklin will take care of him, and Trevor will be in the Mini-sub.
    • Michael will use the chopper to put the Mini-sub on Merryweather seaspace, where the device is.
    • Trevor will look for the device with a tracking app on his phone; after that, he will take it.
    • Then, Michael will hook the Mini-sub again, this time to take it back to Sandy Shores.

    Again, the plan perfectly goes until Merryweather starts pursuing the trio. So, Franklin takes the Merryweather choppers down with a rifle until they stop chasing them.

    The ending of this mission is the same as before; the device is a superweapon, and Trevor has to give it back.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Salvager: Find the container with the device in 2 minutes or less.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 14:30 minutes or less.
    • Show no Mercenary: Eliminate all the Merryweather’s forces when pursuing you.
    • Weathering the Storm: Escape the Merryweather’s forces in 4 minutes or less. You’ll get this requirement if you do the Show no Mercenary one.

    26 & 27. The Hotel Assassination & The Multi-Target Assassination

    Image from Fandom
    • Missions Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: Franklin.

    While Trevor was prepping his heist, Franklin was working with Lester, who needed some objectives getting killed, and knew Franklin was the perfect mercenary to do it.

    On The Hotel Assassination, Franklin goes with a sniper and kills Brett Lowrey, the CEO of Bilkinton Research, a medical research and development laboratory that was doing medicines that didn’t work properly while paying the FDA to approve them.

    Rewards: The money earned from the assassination and a big house in Vinewood Hills bought by Lester. He needed to have tangible assets or else the work would seem suspicious.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Sniper Boy: Kill the target with a Sniper Rifle.

    On The Multi-Target Assassination, Franklin will be killing four rigged jurors that were about to work for Redwood Cigarettes to help them win a lawsuit against the company.

    The targets are a bodybuilder, a yacht owner, a cleaner, and a car driver.

    Rewards: $7000.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Speedy Killer: Kill all the targets as quickly as possible. There’s not a time limit, but if you go one by one on them without getting into other missions, you’ll get the requirement.

    28. Blitz Play

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Steve Haines.
    • Playable With: All.

    FIB needs the trio’s help once again. This time, Steve tells the protagonists that the IAA had some money obtained from drug deals on the street, and they were about to use it to cause more problems only to generate more money. Meanwhile, the FIB will use the money to continue with their corrupt web and bribery officials.

    Steve and the crew don’t give much help about it, so the protagonists had to think about a strat to make it done. Michael quickly thinks of a blitz play where they use trash trucks, tow trucks, masks, and boiler suits to heist the armored car with the money.

    You can take all the resources with the three GTA V characters.

    Boiler Suits

    Go to the Ammu-nation in Strawberry and buy three boiler suits.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Quick Shopper: Buy the three clothes in 30 seconds or less.
    • United Colors: Buy three clothes with different colors for each character.


    Buy three masks for the disguise in Vespucci Beach.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Face Time: Buy the three masks in 20 seconds or less.
    • Cliché: Buy three hockey masks.

    Trash Truck

    Steal a Trash Truck and then evade the cops chasing you. Then, take the Trash Truck to El Burro Heights.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 5 minutes or less.
    • Undented: Don’t crash the Trash Truck.
    • In The Dust: Reach top speed with the Trash Truck. I recommend doing this mission with Franklin as his ability will help do this requirement.

    Tow Truck

    Steal a Tow Truck from a garage in Elysian Island, then take it to El Burro Heights.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 3 minutes or less.
    • Not a Scratch: Don’t crash the Tow Truck.
    • Truckin’: Reach top speed with the Tow Truck. Again, use Franklin’s ability to complete this requirement.

    Now let’s get into the mission. The trio reunites on El Burro Heights, Michael drives the Trash Truck, Trevor goes to a certain position, and Franklin drives the Tow Truck.

    Michael positions the Trash Truck to completely cover the path of the armored car. Then, when the armored car stopped, Franklin crashed them with the Tow Truck. Then, he planted C4 on the armored car’s doors to take the money out.

    They made the heist, but the guards on the car activated an alarm, making the Police Force raid the place. After killing waves and waves of Police officers and SWAT teams, the crew finds an opportunity to escape.

    A getaway car was set before starting the heist, so Michael and Trevor go to the car while Franklin takes the Trash Truck and destroys it with more C4.

    The mission ends with Michael meeting with Devin Weston, the Merryweather’s owner, to deliver him a package. Weston knew from the job the protagonists did for the FIB, and he needed some jobs from himself too.

    At first sight, Michael didn’t want to job with him, but Weston convinced Michael by allowing him to co-work with Solomon Richards, Michael’s favorite movie producer.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Hawk Down: Take the Police chopper down.
    • Headshots: Kill 12 enemies with a headshot.
    • Accuracy: End the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%. This will be easy with Michael.
    • Switcher: Change characters 10 times during the shootout.

    29. I Fought The Law…

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Devin Weston.
    • Playable With: All.

    Michael agreed with Devin, so the crew met in a construction zone, also meeting Molly, Devin’s assistant. Weston needs the trio to steal two sports cars; a Cheetah and an Entity XF, owned by two kids with parents’ money.

    The plan was rather simple; Michael and Trevor disguised as Police officers while Franklin searched and challenged them to a race with a sports car. As soon as the kids accepted and started racing, Michael and Trevor stopped them and then stole the cars, delivering them to Devin’s HQ.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Tight Squeeze: When racing with Franklin, pass through two trucks located at the start of the race.
    • Bus Passed: The same as the requirement above; pass through two buses.
    • Follow The Leader: When chasing the sports cars with Michael, Trevor will pass through the wrong channel, going the opposite direction from the traffic. Follow him.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 12 minutes or less.
    • Split Seconds: Use Franklin’s ability during the race.

    30. Eye In the Sky

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Devin Weston.
    • Playable With: Trevor & Franklin.

    The job with Devin has just started. The next one is to steal a Z-Type from a guy named Chad Mulligan. So, Trevor looks for a chopper on a Police Station (Sent by Devin) while Franklin meets him in Murrieta Oil Field.

    The chopper has a thermal sensor, chips to read driving licenses, and a big microphone. Trevor is looking for Chad while Franklin follows the lead on the ground.

    After researching, Trevor finally finds Chad, so Franklin goes to his position. Sadly, Franklin gets detected by Chad, so he takes his Z-Type and runs away with it. Franklin is chasing Chad while Trevor is following the action on the air.

    Chad hides in a parking lot, and Trevor uses the helicopter’s thermal sensor to find him. Franklin gets to Chad’s hiding place and steals the car.

    You can decide to kill, spare or knock Chad out. Knocking or killing him will not alert the Police, but Chad will instantly call the Police if you spare him.

    The mission ends with Franklin delivering the car in Devin’s personal hangar in the airport. Devin tells Franklin to be aware of his friends, and he should start thinking about his own future.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Not a Scratch: Deliver the Z-Type without crashing it.
    • Eavesdropper: Listen to three different conversations while looking for Chad for the first time.
    • I See You: Find Chad’s hiding spot on the parking lot at the first attempt. He’s the first person from the left to the right if you scan the zone with the thermal camera.

    31. Mr. Richards

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Solomon Richards.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    While Trevor and Franklin are looking for the cars for Devin, Michael is meeting Solomon Richards, the movie producer.

    Solomon and Michael get along together at first sight, and Solomon starts talking about his new movie. Still, he has problems with his main actor, Milton McIlroy, Milton’s agent, Rocco Pelosi, and the movie director, Anton Beaudelaire.

    The actor and his agent reject filming unless Solomon gives them more money, and Anton refuses to film because he has a mental breakdown.

    Michael understands Solomon’s problem, so he goes to look for the troubled guys in a helipad, beating Rocco and scaring the director by driving the chopper dangerously and the actor until they accept the deal and start recording.

    The mission ends with Michael and Solomon agreeing to work together as associates.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 10 minutes or less. Fly directly to the studio when getting to the helipad to save some time.
    • Silent Assassin: Kill three enemies with stealth attacks. I recommend doing it anyway as you don’t want to alert the guards because it will fail the mission.
    • Can’t Touch This 2.0: Avoid getting hit by Rocco during your fight against him. Don’t stop hitting him, or else he will avoid and attack you.
    • Perfect Touchdown: Land the chopper without damaging it.

    32 & 33. The Vice Assassination & The Bus Assassination

    Image from Fandom
    • Missions Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: Franklin.

    Another two quick missions from Lester for Franklin to do. The first one is the Vice Assassination, where Franklin has to kill Jackson Skinner, the Head of Product Development at Facade. Lester wants him down as he sells personal customer data on the internet.

    Lester tells Franklin that he likes working girls and has a favorite one, so Franklin will wait and kill Jackson there.

    Rewards: $5000.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Clean Escape: Complete the mission without alerting the cops.

    On The Bus Assassination, Franklin has to kill Isacc Penny, co-owner of Vapid Motor Company and is about to fire many workers.

    Isaac takes the bus, so Franklin had the idea of stealing a bus and taking him for a ride. However, Issac recognizes Franklin as an assassin on his plan’s execution, so he leaves the bus on a bike. Franklin chase and kill Isaac, ending with the mission.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Hit and Run: Kill Isaac by crashing him with the bus.

    34. Caida Libre

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Martin Madrazo.
    • Playable With: Michael and Trevor.

    Martin Madrazo suddenly appears to give Michael a mission. Michael didn’t want to accept, but Martin asked it as a paid favor.

    So, Madrazo needs to get his cousin, Javier, to be killed, or else he would testify against Madrazo. So, Madrazo set a gun up in the hills and told Trevor and Michael to take down the plane where Javier Madrazo is and then look for some documents Martin needs.

    Michael head to the gun set in the hills while Trevor is waiting on a bike for the plane to chase it when it’s falling.

    Trevor gets to the place where Javier’s plane fell, killing him and taking the papers while Michael destroys the truck where the weapon was to eliminate the evidence. Michael asked Trevor to take the papers to Madrazo and meet him at Stoner Cement Works.

    So, Michael is waiting in the works for Trevor, who gets in the place visibly annoyed by something. Trevor asked for the payment, Madrazo tricked the guys saying that he won’t pay anything; Trevor got angry and, instead of taking action on Martin, he kidnapped his wife, Patricia Madrazo, getting the protagonists into another problem, again.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Floor It: Reach top speed on Trevor’s bike.
    • Glued to the Seat: Don’t fall off the bike when chasing the falling plane. Don’t dismount it either.
    • One Two Three: Shoot the plane down with only three shots.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 9:45 minutes or less.

    35. Deep Inside

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Devin Weston.
    • Playable With: Franklin.

    Devin’s carjacking hasn’t ended yet. While Michael and Trevor were working for Madrazo, Franklin did the same for Devin and Molly. Franklin has to get a JB 700 in the movie studio this time.

    Franklin gets into the studio, knocks the movie’s protagonist out, steals his clothes, then gets to the car and steals it too. So, Franklin has to take the car while fighting with an actress who was waiting in the car the whole time while running away from the security. As soon as Franklin gets rid of the security guards, he kicks the actress out of the car by ejecting her chair and taking the car to Devin’s garage.

    The mission ends with Lamar getting where Franklin was (thanks to Trevor) to ask for some work and Devin employing Lamar for the last car hijack.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Not a Scratch: Deliver the car without crashing it. It can get hard because of the actress moving the steering wheel, but you can get control of the situation with Franklin’s ability.
    • Fastest Speed: Reach top speed with the car using Franklin’s ability. Do this after taking the actress out of the car.
    • Stealthy Recasting: Knock the protagonist of the movie with a stealth attack.
    • Premature Ejector: Press the eject button to take the actress out of the car as soon as the game gives you the option to do it.
    • Second Strike: Run over the movie’s protagonist with the car when escaping from the movie studio. It’ll be easy as he will get on the road.

    36. Minor Turbulence

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Trevor.
    • Playable With: Trevor.

    Michael and Trevor have to run under the radar for a while because of the kidnapped wife’s situation, so they go to Sandy Shores to stay in Trevor’s trailer for a time.

    As he’s in his home, Trevor asks Ron for the Trevor Philips industries’ current state, which isn’t going fine. Still, he has a track on a Merryweather’s cargo plane with some goods that can boost the enterprises again. Trevor likes the idea, so he puts his hands into action; he leaves Michael on the trailer as he’s a wanted man and it’s dangerous to have it there, and takes Ron to Trevor’s airstrip, looking for a plane to assault the cargo in the air.

    Trevor and his plane find the cargo near Paleto Bay’s airspace. He sticks to the cargo to activate alarms and make Merryweather take action on him. So Merryweather opens the back door of the cargo. Trevor takes the opportunity to get his plane into the cargo, kill as many Merryweather guards as he can, take control of the cargo, and try to release the weapons.

    The problems arrived when the US Air Force took action on Trevor, exploding one of the cargo engines, forcing Trevor to get out of it, and letting all the goods fall and disappear on the water.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%.
    • Four Wheel Flier: Exit the cargo plane on a Merryweather’s car. You can do this by taking a car and jumping out of the plane with it, but you have to jump mid-air, or else the car will explode as soon as it hits the ground, killing you.

    37. The Construction Assassination

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: Franklin.

    Lester needs Franklin’s help again. This time, he needs Franklin to kill Enzo Bonelli, a real estate developer who’s getting all the contracts thanks to his mafia influences, killing, extorting, and torturing people. Lester says Franklin can find Enzo on the construction site.

    Enzo is on the roof, so Franklin has to cleanse his way before getting to Enzo, who tried to escape on a chopper but was caught by Franklin with a rocket launcher.

    Rewards: $10000.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • No Fly Zone: Shoot Enzo’s chopper down with the rocket launcher.

    38. Paleto Score Setup

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Steve Haines.
    • Playable With: Michael and Trevor.

    The FIB appeared to annoy again. This time, they need Michael and Trevor to investigate a research lab developing a kind of nerve gas, but the FIB doesn’t want to send resources to the investigation not to raise suspicions. So Michael and Trevor have to think about the funding themselves, so they call Lester, and Lester thinks of a small bank in Paleto Bay that can work perfectly to have enough money to finance the research and keep some more.

    Now, the group investigates the bank, looking for weak points; then, Trevor leaves the place after realizing it’ll be a hard job, and all meet in Trevor’s lab again to finish the heist setup.

    Here, you’ll be able to choose a Gunman for the mission.

    • Tip: Don’t spend much on the Gunman; choose Norm Richards or Daryl Johns as you’ll not need much help, Trevor, and a minigun will make this heist both fun and easy.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Leisurely Drive: Drive from the lab to the Paleto Bay Bank in 3:30 minutes or less.
    • Winner: Trevor will challenge Michael to a race from the bank to the lab. Win the race.

    39. Predator

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Trevor.
    • Playable With: The crew and Chop.

    Remember the O’Neil Brothers? They are still active and looking for revenge, so Trevor got his hands into action and signed Franklin to get rid of them.

    Franklin followed them on the highway while talking to Trevor about the situation until the O’Neil Brothers crashed their car and escaped into the woods. Then, Trevor and Michael get to the place with a chopper; Trevor’s driving, and Michael is looking and killing the remaining brothers with a thermal-scope sniper.

    Michael kills two of them, but the third uses a rocket launcher on the chopper. Then, Franklin is looking for him alongside Chop. Eventually, Franklin finds and kills the remaining brother, ending with the O’Neil family.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Time: End the mission in 9 minutes or less.
    • Headshots: Kill all the brothers with a headshot. Use Michael’s ability to have better precision.
    • Thin the Herd: Don’t kill the deers in the forest.

    40. The Paleto Score

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: All.

    The Paleto Bank Score needs some preparation before starting. First, the crew needs military equipment, and Trevor and Michael are experts on getting it.

    Military Hardware

    There’s a convoy of a Barrack and two military Crusaders traveling through the desert. You’ll have to intercept the convoy, destroy the Crusaders, steal the Barrack, and take it to Trevor’s lab.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Head Hunter: Kill 5 militaries with headshots.
    • Sticky Strategist: Stop the convoy with sticky bombs on the road. You can place an obstacle, like a car, on the road, and you can put some sticky bombs on the road before the car. As soon as the Crusaders pass through the C4, you’ll have to detonate them, kill the guards, and take the Barrack.

    Now let’s get into the mission. The crew (The protagonists, Lester, and the designated Gunman) will reunite in Trevor’s lab and drive to Paleto Bay. Again, the setup was very simple; Michael, Trevor, and the Gunman will get into the bank, while Franklin will wait for the crew to take them out of the situation.

    The Police Force was bland at first as they thought it was a false alarm, but things quickly heated as soon as they saw Michael menacing them, saying that he had hostages.

    The guys in the bank took all the money and opened their way through a shootout. Unfortunately, the Police Force covered the only escape way, so they had to think about another plan. Franklin quickly took a Dozer from a nearby construction site and picked the guys with it.

    (If the chosen Gunman were Daryl Johns or Norm Richards, he’d die in the construction as he got ran over with a Police Car).

    Franklin took the crew to a nearby factory with a train way behind. There are militaries in the factory, but the crew opened their way and escaped on a passing train.

    The crew got out of the train in Sandy Shores, giving the FIB’s part of the take to Officer Sanchez, and the crew split the rest of the money.

    Rewards: Up to $500k for every protagonist.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Let it Rain: You’ll have to waste 4000 bullets or more. You can do this by using Trevor’s minigun as much as possible.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 50%.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 16 minutes or less. Don’t stay still in the shootouts; keep moving.
    • Collateral Damage: Cause $1M on damage in Paleto Bay. You can do this by destroying everything on Trevor’s path with his minigun; choppers, cars, gas stations…

    41. Derailed

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Trevor.
    • Playable With: Michael and Trevor.

    After the Paleto Bay score, some time passed as the crew had to pass undercover for a while. Then, Ron gives some information to Trevor about the monthly train transporting some important gold goods, and Michael takes this as an opportunity to recompensate Martin Madrazo for all the problems caused by kidnapping his wife.

    So the plan was simple: Trevor would jump with a bike to the train, taking control of it and making it crash in Raton Canyon Bridge. Then, Michael will be waiting on the river; he’ll look for the artifact Trevor is looking for and then run away from the place.

    As usual, things got complicated as Merryweather knew that something was going wrong with the train. After Trevor crashed it in the bridge, Merryweather securities arrived at the place, shooting at the protagonists.

    After handling the situation, Michael found the artifact, and they got an opportunity to run away.

    Trevor wanted the artifact, but Michael had the idea of using it to pay Martin Madrazo. The only way Michael had to convince Trevor to let him use the artifact as payment for Madrazo and, in exchange, they would do “The Big Score” to the Union Depository. Trevor accepted, and finally, the Big Score was about to happen.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 11:30 minutes or less.
    • Fastest Speed: Reach top speed on Trevor’s bike.
    • Better than CJ: Jump on the train in the first ramp you’ll see.

    42. Monkey Business

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Steve Haines.
    • Playable With: All.

    After the Paleto Bay score, the FIB had all the resources they needed to investigate the Research Lab.

    So, the crew, Steve and Dave prepared to execute the plan. Michael, Steve, and Dave would enter the research lab facility through an underwater exhaust shaft. They would get the nerve gas agent by knocking scientists and guards and not alert. Sadly, the stealthiness didn’t run for much time as the alarms jumped. The crew had to get out of the place quickly, or the nerve agent would get damaged.

    Trevor was waiting on a Cargo chopper to collect the agent and take it to a safe place, taking the crew on the chopper. But there was a problem. Steve got scared of the situation, and instead of getting out of the place, he shot himself in the leg, pretending to be the hero who tried to stop the burglars. As you would expect, things didn’t happen that way, and Haines got busted.

    Trevor took the cargo chopper and the nerve gas to his airstrip, where a truck driven by Franklin was waiting for them.

    The mission ends with Michael receiving a message saying that Madrazo is pleased with the gold artifact, and he’s allowed to get back to the city. Still, the only condition is that they had to give Martin’s wife back, which set Trevor in a sad mood as he fell in love with her.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Stunner: Stun 8 enemies with the Stun Gun.
    • Headshots: Kill 15 enemies with headshots.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 13:30 minutes.

    43. Hang Ten

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Trevor.
    • Playable With: Trevor.

    As the crew returns to Los Santos, Trevor returns to his safehouse, Floyd’s home. The problem is that Debra, Floyd’s fiance, is also at home, and she’s very angry about the whole situation.

    The situation heats up to the point where Trevor can’t handle it anymore. The screen goes to black, and the next thing we see is Trevor getting out of the place, fully covered in blood.

    Now Trevor needs a new safehouse, and his first idea was the Vanilla Unicorn, the city’s brothel. He got to see the manager and took the whole place for him.

    On the other side, we can see Michael talking with Lester through the phone, planning the Union Depository heist.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 4 minutes or less.

    44. Surveying the Score

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: All.

    In this mission, alongside Lester, the whole crew will investigate the Union Depository activities, searching for the best way to get into it.

    The crew rapidly realized that the only way to get into the Depository without suspicion was through the security cars. So they found the best place to do the hijack and take the cars without being caught.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Perfect Distance: Follow the security cars without being warned in the air. You can do this by keeping yourself high on the air.
    • Cavity Search: Find the construction hole at the east of the construction site in less than 20 seconds.
    • Under the Bridge & Tunnel Flight: Fly under the bridges and through the tunnels while following the security cars.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 11 minutes or less.

    45. Bury The Hatchet

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Michael.
    • Playable With: Michael and Trevor.

    Michael and Trevor are planning the big score when Trevor brings the topic of Brad being in prison to the table. Trevor wants to get Brad out of there, while Michael agrees about everything Trevor says.

    The problem arrived when Trevor asked Michael who got buried instead of when Michael faked his death. Michael answered that he never gave it any thought, and Trevor didn’t realize the situation until that moment; Trevor figured that Brad was the one buried.

    Trevor shouts at Michael, saying that he’s a dead man while running away from Michael’s house. Michael chases him while telling Dave what happened.

    So, Trevor gets to his airstrip, takes a plane, and flies to North Yankton while Michael chases him on a commercial flight. Meanwhile, Ron advises Trevor that the Los Santos Triads are looking for him as Trevor ruined all the deals the Triads had on Sandy Shores.

    When Trevor got to North Yankton, he started digging Michael’s grave. Michael quickly arrived at the place, asking Trevor to stop, which Trevor didn’t want to do.

    With a hard shovel hit, Trevor breaks Michael’s grave, seeing his content, and getting angry about the situation; Brad was the one who got killed in the Ludendorff’s shootout.

    Trevor and Michael started arguing, and then they got their weapons out when the Triads interrupted the discussion. Trevor distracts Michael, leaving him on his own in the graveyard to fight against the Triads.

    Michael opens his way out until he gets to his car, which got damaged by Trevor. The Triads captured Michael and Wei Cheng; his leader is on the phone talking with Trevor, telling him that they have his lover, thinking that Michael and Trevor are more than friends.

    The mission ends with Trevor getting back to his airstrip, called by Lamar, who tells him that the last car hijack for Devin is about to happen.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 11 minutes or less.
    • Headshots: Kill 20 triad members with headshots.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with at least 80% shooting accuracy.

    46. Pack Man

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Devin Weston.
    • Playable With: Trevor and Franklin.

    Lamar and Franklin did all the car hijacks, and now they are taking the cars to a meeting point with a Packer. On the other side, the Police were following the trace of the stolen cars in the city, and they got to see the Packer with the cars they were looking for.

    So, The Police started chasing the Packer. Franklin took the JB 700 stolen from the movie studio, which has missiles, spikes, and all sorts of chasing tools to get rid of the Police and end with the mission.

    The mission ends with Franklin asking for his payment and Devin saying that he invested the team’s money and will take it out of the investment when they don’t mean a suspicious move.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 12 minutes or less.
    • Not a Scratch: Avoid damaging the JB 700 as much as you can.
    • Shredder: Take three cop cars out with the spikes.

    47. Fresh Meat

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Franklin.
    • Playable With: Michael and Franklin.

    Michael had some days lost, and Franklin and Lester were looking for him. Meanwhile, Trevor knew what happened but didn’t say much about it as he wanted Michael to die.

    Lester finally found some information about Michael and told Franklin to search for him. Trevor finally says that the Triads kidnapped him, and Franklin goes to the rescue by tracking his phone with the Trackify app.

    Meanwhile, Michael is hung out, trying to convince the Triads that he doesn’t have anything to do with Trevor, but they don’t believe him.

    Franklin arrived at Raven Slaughterhouse and killed all the Triad guards, making his way until finding Michael, taking him out of the situation, and running away from the Triads.

    The mission ends with Michael telling Franklin the whole Ludendorff situation.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Switch Limiter: Don’t change characters during the whole mission. You have up to three switches, but you can do it all without switching, as the game will manually do it for you.
    • Accuracy: Finish the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Headshots: Kill 10 Triad members with headshots.
    • Swift Rescue: Rescue Michael in 3:30 minutes or less.
    • Sense of Direction: Don’t use a map waypoint, and head directly to the slaughterhouse using the Trackify app.

    48. The Ballad of Rocco

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Solomon Richards.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    Now that Michael is free, he reunites with Solomon again to see how the movie is going, when he sees Solomon getting beaten by Rocco and his thug.

    Michael gets angry about the situation, and as soon as Rocco sees him, he starts to run away. Michael chases and kills Rocco and then gets back to the studio to see how’s Solomon doing after the beating.

    The mission ends with Solomon showing Michael that the movie is done and Michael is in the credits.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 3 minutes or less.

    49. Cleaning Out the Bureau

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    Lester called Michael, and then they reunited with Steve Haines and Dave. The FIB needs the last favor.

    To make the story short, Steve and Dave are getting investigated. They need Michael, Trevor, and Franklin’s help to get rid of the investigation as Lester can’t hack the system to erase all.

    The plan is to get into the building, and for that, they need an ID badge from a janitor. So, the selected janitor is Harvey Molina, so Lester and Michael wait for him to get out of his job to follow him.

    Once Harvey gets to his house, Michael arrives too, telling him that he will give Harvey a lot of money only if Harvey gives him the ID badge and some janitor clothes.

    The mission ends with Lester telling Franklin about the next job, stealing the blueprints of the FIB building. Franklin knows exactly where to find them.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 3 minutes or less.
    • Eagle Eye: Check all the license plates when waiting for Harvey on the FIB’s parking lot.
    • He Missed a Spot: Follow Harvey without getting detected.

    50. Architect’s Plans

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: Franklin.

    Franklin steals the FIB blueprints from Chip Paterson in a construction site. Franklin will follow Chip until they get in a great spot as there aren’t people near him. Then, Franklin can kill, knock or scare Chip Peterson to get the needed files.

    The mission ends with Franklin arriving with the blueprints and the crew planning the heist. You can have two heist options, or you get there as Firemen trying to end with a fire in the building provoked by yourself, or you can get to the building through the roof.

    • Tip: It doesn’t matter who you get to work with on the Fire Crew approach, but it’s important to select a great driver for the Roof Entry approach as it can get you out of the situation without alerting the cops.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Quick Getaway: Leave the construction site in 45 seconds or less. You can do this by jumping out from the roof after getting the blueprints.

    51. The Bureau Raid

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Steve Haines.
    • Playable With: Franklin and Michael.

    Depending on the chosen method, you’ll need some preparation.

    Fire Truck

    Needed only for the Fire Crew approach.

    Steal a fire truck by calling emergencies and then running away with it.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • What’s Your Emergency?: Get the fire truck by calling 911 on the phone.
    • Not a Scratch: Don’t damage the fire truck.

    Now, I’ll explain the two approaches you can take for doing this heist.

    Fire Crew Approach

    The mission starts with Lester and Michael discussing the job while burning the clothing factory down as the FIB knows about it.

    The plan they did was the following:

    • First, Michael would get to the building disguised as a janitor and enter the place with Harvey Molina’s ID badge. Then he will set some bombs in strategic places while pretending to be cleaning the floor. After a while, Michael would leave to dress as a fireman.
    • They will detonate the bombs as soon as Michael is prepared, provoking a fire. The rest of the crew (two Gunmen and Franklin) will get to the place alongside Michael to “stop the fire,” but they will steal the data for the FIB.

    The plan went well, but the building started getting damaged, there were some explosions, and one knocked Franklin out. After a while, Franklin got on foot while Michael told him through radio that the cover was blown and agents were looking for them.

    Franklin and Michael reunited and started to get down through an elevator space, getting out of the place. The crew reunites in Lester’s house to celebrate, and the mission ends with Michael leaving to talk with Steve and Dave.

    Rewards: Nothing for Michael, while Franklin will get up to $245k.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 18 minutes or less.
    • Out of Breath: Escape the building with Franklin’s oxygen at least 40%
    • You Missed a Spot: Complete the cleaning part with Michael in 3 minutes or less. Just focus on cleaning the marked places; that will cut a lot of time.
    • Abseiler: Get down through the elevator shaft without getting hit by the falling debris in 30 seconds or less.

    The Roof Entry Approach

    The mission starts the same, but this time the crew’s plan got exactly like this:

    • The crew will take a chopper to the FIB building, sending Franklin, Michael, and a Gunman jumping with parachutes.
    • The infiltrated crew would get to the server room to hack and retrieve the needed information. Then, they would leave in a helicopter again.

    But this is GTA V, and things never go as planned, so Michael had to blow the servers’ room door with a C4, activating the alarm. Then, the designated hacker would get their way into the information while Michael and Franklin handled their position against FIB agents.

    Once the hacking got completed, the crew tried to leave as planned, but the helicopter got down, and the crew had to leave through the stairs. Finally, they got to a floor where it was safe to do rappel from the outside while the hacker told the crew about the situation with the agents. A chopper got to the place, but the crew got rid of it and ended up getting on a balcony.

    The designated driver then got to the place with a getaway car, taking the protagonists to a safe place.

    The mission ends with Michael talking with Steve and Dave as usual.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • No Innocents: Don’t kill civilians, only shoot FIB agents.
    • Headshots: Kill 20 agents with headshots.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with at least 70% shooting accuracy.
    • Perfect Drop: Land perfectly on the middle of the FIB building’s roof.
    • Hacker: Enter the system by following the hacker’s steps 45 seconds or less.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 19 minutes or less.

    52. The Wrap Up

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Dave Norton.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    Michael is about to end it with the FIB corrupt agents Steve and Dave, so they meet in Kortz Center. The only problem of the situation is that Steve doesn’t want his deals to be cut, and the best way to keep it like that is to get in jail the only witness of all their crimes; Michael.

    The situation gets out of control, with Steve, Dave, Officer Sanchez, and Michael getting into a standoff. Suddenly, Merryweather and some FIB agents appear on the site. Haines knows he’s screwed, so he asks for the one who betrayed him, who was Officer Sanchez. Then, Steve kills him.

    Steve runs away while Michael and Dave are opening their path in a shootout. Michael gets in a compromised position but, out of nowhere, Trevor arrives, taking down the chopper that was holding Michael.

    Trevor decided to help Michael because “If anyone’s gonna kill you, old friend, it’s gonna be me!”

    Eventually, and with the heat getting dissipated, Michael and Dave leave, while Trevor asks Michael to meet in a pawn shop in Morningwood.

    Trevor plans to continue with the Union Depository’s heist, so he wants to continue with the plan even when he isn’t trusting Michael.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 7 minutes or less.
    • Headshots: Kill 18 militaries and agents with headshots.
    • Buzz Off!: Get the chopper that is chasing Michael when he’s leaving the center down.

    53. Reuniting the Family

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Michael.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    Michael gets home after the disaster of the Kortz Center, falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie. Then, Jimmy gets back to his home to talk with Michael. Then, they make up again and go to look for Amanda.

    Amanda is with Fabien, and Fabien is being annoying and foul with her. Once Michael arrives, they start to argue, and Michael gets tired of the situation, so he smashes a laptop on Fabien’s head.

    Michael asks for a second opportunity, and Amanda accepts only if they go to family counseling. Michael agrees and then goes to look for Tracy.

    Tracy was in a tattoo parlor, trying her luck again with Lazlow to get into Fame or Shame again. Lazlow agreed to include her on the show only if she blows him. Michael got exactly when Lazlow proposed the deal. Michael gets totally angry with Lazlow, piercing his eyebrow, nose, and ear, then tattooing a penis on his back or chest, and lastly, cutting his ponytail.

    Tracy and Michael make up too, and Michael demands to Lazlow that she will be in Fame or Shame without any deal, and Lazlow agrees.

    The mission ends with the family going to family counseling, having a big discussion, and getting back home again.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 10:30 minutes or less.
    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Solomon Richards.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    Solomon calls Michael again to tell him the movie is about to be done. Michael arrives at Solomon’s office, but instead of finding Solomon, Michael finds Devin and Molly, who want to get the movie stopped only to get a big amount of money out of insurance payouts. Then, with the money, they would demolish the building to put some condos on the place.

    Molly takes the film from Solomon and leaves the place. Michael gets angry and starts chasing Molly. Molly gets scared by Michael chasing her, so she starts recklessly running with her car, passing through the hangar and making a lot of Police officers die in the attempt.

    She stops to get on the plane, which is about to get flying, but she gets sucked and blended by one of the plane’s engines. Michael retrieved the film she was carrying, and the movie was safe again.

    Michael leaves the place, and Solomon gives him the news that it was unnecessary to chase for the film as it has digital copies, and also, the movie is completed. Solomon then invited Michael and his family to the premiere.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 5:30 minutes or less.
    • Floor It: Reach top speed with any car you get to chase Molly. I recommend using one of the sports cars stopped in the parking lot near Solomon’s office.
    • Clean Escape: Lose the Police heat in 2 minutes or less. Take the plane parked in the hangar where Molly died and fly away to do this easily.
    • News Hound: Change the camera vision to see the Weazel News camera. You have to do this for 15 seconds, but it isn’t necessary to do the 15 seconds consecutively; you can do it as much as possible while running with the car in the hangar.

    55. Lamar Down

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Franklin.
    • Playable With: All.

    Franklin was chilling in his house when Tanisha, his ex-girlfriend, arrived, telling him that Lamar was in trouble as Stretch set a trap on him. After some argument with Tanisha, Franklin agrees to rescue him. Tanisha gives Franklin the location of where Lamar is; Paleto Forest Sawmill.

    Franklin heads there while asking Trevor and Michael for some help. The three reunites and plan the way to get into the sawmill. So, the three split and attack the place, which is full of Ballas.

    The protagonist the player decides to use in this part will be the one that rescues Lamar and takes him out of there.

    The group then split, and Franklin takes Lamar to his house.

    The mission ends with Franklin being stopped by Steve Haines and Dave. They need to get Trevor killed, or else he will get in trouble.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 13:30 minutes or less.
    • Headshots: Kill 20 Ballas with headshots.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Three Way: Kill at least a Ballas member with the three protagonists.

    56. Meltdown

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Solomon Richards.
    • Playable With: Michael.

    Michael’s big moment arrived; he’s about to be in a premiere of his own movie! He gets in the premiere with Jimmy, both with tuxedos, when Michael receives a call from Devin, accusing him of killing Molly. Michael tries to talk his way out of the problems, but Devin just lets him be, saying he will forget what happened.

    But, before entering the movie, Devin appears in the premiere and gets to Michael only to tell him that Amanda is in trouble.

    Michael runs to his house to see how Merryweather militaries threaten Amanda and Tracey, so Michael clears the situation.

    After getting rid of the military, Michael asks his family to leave to a secure place while fixing the situation.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 6:30 minutes or less.
    • Headshot Rescue: Kill the militaries holding Amanda and Tracy with a headshot. This can be easy with Michael’s ability.
    • Tier One Operator: Kill 12 militaries with a headshot.
    • Pedal to the Metal: Reach top speed on the vehicle you use to get to Michael’s house.

    58. Planning the Big Score

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: All.

    The crew reunites in the Vanilla Unicorn to plan the big score to the Union Depository.

    There are two approaches for the heist: the Subtle Option and the Obvious Option.

    On the Subtle Option, the crew will hijack two armored cars, taking the drivers as hostages and infiltrating the Depository, stealing all they can get and get out of there.

    The Obvious Option is also good, as a part of the crew will cause a distraction while the other part will take all the can from the Depository.

    You’ll need two gunmen, two drivers, and a hacker for the Subtle Approach.

    For both heists, I just recommend taking the best of the best; the income will be very high, so it doesn’t matter the money lost for paying the people; it’ll be profit.

    There are no Gold Medal Requirements for this mission.

    59. The Big Score

    The Big Score Gta 5

    • Mission Giver: Lester.
    • Playable With: All.

    Before doing the Big Score, the crew needs some preparation.

    The Subtle Approach


    The Stingers are needed for the Subtle Option. You’ll steal an LSPD van that has Spike Strips, and you’ll need it for stealing the armored cars.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Escapee: Complete the mission (which starts from stealing the van) in 2 minutes or less.
    • Not a Scratch: Don’t crash the LPSD van.


    It is needed for the Subtle Option. You’ll be stealing three Gauntlets from Pillbox Hill, Rockford Hills, and in front of the Templar Hotel.

    Gold Medal Requirements for the three cars:

    • Mapped: Deliver the Gauntlet pictured in the email that Lester sends you.
    • Not a Scratch: Don’t crash any Gauntlet.
    • Pimped Out: Spend at least $17k on modifying the Gauntlet.

    Now let’s get into the Subtle Approach. The mission starts with the crew meeting in Vanilla Unicorn, preparing themselves to start the heist. Michael and Trevor will dress as Security Cars drivers while Franklin will be waiting with the Gauntlets.

    Michael and Trevor get to the tunnel the crew set as the safest to steal the Security Cars, and they will wait for the cars to arrive. As soon as they arrive, the crew will steal them with the Stingers, taking one of the drivers as a hostage to grant access to the Depository.

    Trevor and Michael arrived at the Union Depository, their cover hadn’t been blown yet, and everything was going fine. The manager of the Depository takes the crew to the gold vault, and the crew takes the gold out.

    Meanwhile, Franklin alerts Michael and Trevor that Merryweather got an alert. Thankfully, Franklin has a way to stop Merryweather’s cars, thanks to a hack given by the hacker. Franklin will be stopping the cars by changing the traffic lights.

    The crew arrived where the Gauntlets were, and they charged them with the gold, but Merryweather raided the place. After taking some Merryweather’s troops down, the path is clean, and the Gauntlets, driven by the protagonists, are ready to go.

    The Gauntlets left the place and drove until getting on a tunnel where some moving trucks were waiting for the Gauntlets.

    The mission ends with the crew arguing because Trevor has trust issues with Michael.

    Rewards: Up to $16M per protagonist.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Headshots: Kill at least 20 Merryweather militaries with a headshot.
    • Signal Man: Do the traffic lights part by changing the lights 10 times or less.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.

    The Obvious Approach


    The crew will need a train engine with a flat wagon to transport the gold when they steal it. Then, Michael or Franklin will get to a Train station changing the trainway’s direction, while Trevor will take a chopper with a magnet to take the train parts needed.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 4:30 minutes or less.
    • Undetected: Don’t get detected when doing the trainway’s part.


    One of the protagonists will be taking a cutter from a depot in East Los Santos and then delivering it to the parking lot near the Union Depository.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Time: Complete the mission in 5 minutes or less.
    • Sneak Thief: Don’t get detected when stealing the cutter.

    Now let’s talk about the Obvious Approach. The crew will split; Trevor will be flying a chopper that will take the metal out of the Depository through the hole seen in Surveying the Score. Franklin will be driving the cutter, and Michael, alongside the Gunmen, will be in charge of creating a distraction near the Union Depository.

    The plan goes perfectly, Franklin opens a hole in the Depository and takes the gold out, while Trevor flies with it to the train set by the crew, and Michael is working as a distraction, making up a scene and giving some time for the crew to take the gold.

    The mission ends with the crew getting to Trevor’s airstrip, taking the gold to a safer place.

    Rewards: A slightly bigger cut from the Subtle Approach; up to $26M per protagonist.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Headshots: Kill at least 20 Merryweather militaries with a headshot.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 16 minutes or less.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.
    • Cha-Ching: Drop the gold on the train as soon as the game marks it. You have 30 seconds to do it.

    60. Something Sensible, The Time’s Come, or The Third Way.

    Image from Fandom
    • Mission Giver: Devin Weston.
    • Playable With: Franklin.

    This is the last mission of the game. The three ways of doing this mission will start on the same; Franklin in his house getting visited by Devin, who tells Franklin that he has to kill Michael or Trevor, or else, he would get killed.

    Something Sensible

    On Something Sensible, Franklin chooses to kill Trevor. Franklin calls Trevor to meet in a quiet place, and they meet in El Burro Heights. Franklin pulls out his gun, and Trevor, pissed, gets out of the situation. Franklin will chase him for a while until Franklin calls Michael for help, who appears and crash Trevor’s truck, making it hit a gasoline tank and getting Trevor soaked in gasoline.

    Trevor is infuriated, telling the guys to kill him. Franklin can do it, but if he’s hesitant about it, Michael will do it by himself, ending the game.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Judas!: Kill Trevor.

    The Time’s Come

    In this option, Franklin decided to kill Michael. Like the first one, they meet in a quiet place, and Michael starts talking about how’s life is getting better but quickly realizes that Franklin is there to kill Michael.

    Michael runs away in a car, and Franklin chases him until they get to the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. Once there, Michael and Franklin continue the chase on foot until Franklin reaches and starts beating Michael, claiming he felt used the whole time.

    Franklin and Michael climbed to a chimney, and the fight ended with Michael being about to fall and Franklin taking his hand. Franklin can decide if he drops Michael or tries to save him, but if Franklin tries to save Michael, the latter will drop by himself, falling to death.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Surpassed The Mentor: Kill Michael.

    The Third Way

    This is the canonical ending, which means that the game has this ending as the true one.

    Franklin decides not to kill any of his friends and instead goes to Lester, asking for a plan. They get to the conclusion that the whole crew can trick both Merryweather and the FIB that they will be melting the gold of the big score in Murrieta Heights.

    The plan went perfectly fine; they called the public’s attention, and the crew, with Lamar’s help, ambushed Merryweather and the FIB, creating a distraction.

    The crew escapes from the situation and plans to kill their enemies; Steve Haines, Wei Cheng (the Triad’s leader), Stretch, and Devin Weston.

    The crew splits; Michael kills Stretch, who is in a Recreation Center in a meeting with the Ballas. Trevor goes to the pier where Steve Haines is on the Ferris wheel, having an interview. So, Trevor takes Steve down with a Sniper. Lester tells Trevor that Devin is at his house, and Trevor heads there. Lastly, Franklin gets rid of the Triad’s leader in the Country Club. If Franklin gets spotted by the Triads, they will leave, and Franklin will have to chase them.

    Now that the three main objectives are dead, Franklin and Michael join Trevor in finding Devin. Trevor kills all the guards custoding Devin in his house and catches Devin in a box near his pool, so Trevor takes him, puts him in the trunk of his car, and sets a meeting point with the guys.

    The game ends with Franklin, Trevor, and Michael pushing the car where Devin is locked to a cliff. The car explodes, and the credits roll.

    Gold Medal Requirements:

    • Headshots: Kill at least 20 Merryweather and FIB militaries with a headshot.
    • Time: Complete the mission in 21:30 minutes or less.
    • Accuracy: Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Stick, Tick… Boom!: Kill the Triad leader with a Sticky Bomb in his car.
    • Lead Lobotomy: Kill Steve Haines with a sniper shot in his head.
    • Stretched Out: Kill Stretch with a melee attack.


    Question: Which is the hardest mission of the game?

    Answer: There are some competitors in this category, but I’ll stick with The Big Score if you go for the Subtle Approach, as Merryweather will surround you on the parking lot where the Gauntlets are hidden. That part, combined with the traffic lights one, can be really infuriating.

    Question: Which are the hardest gold medals to win in the game?

    Answer: Most of the Time ones are hard to do as they make you get a strategy for the mission and make you repeat the mission constantly.

    Answer: GTA V and GTA IV, which are part of the HD Universe, are strongly related. For example, a big part of the plot centers on Trevor getting rid of the Lost Motor Club, which has an extension on GTA IV named The Lost and Damned. Also, GTA V makes some winks to characters of GTA IV, like showing Niko Bellic on a Lifeinvader webpage.


    This game is a story-wise masterpiece; it has a lot of references to many pop culture traits of America, it’s filled with small winks to other games, and it has a harsh critique of the American dream and the government’s corruption.

    I skipped a lot of details only for you all to play it if you haven’t, and I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did.

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