GTA Universe Characters

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    If we had to name just one series that was single-handedly responsible for the success of open-world games, we would have to say that GTA is probably the one series we would credit with this. The series is best known for its intricately designed and expansive worlds, with a wealth of weapons, fun missions to complete, mini-games to play, its incredible core gameplay mechanics and the freedom that the sandbox format provides. However, this would all be for nothing if there weren’t a myriad of interesting characters to meet.

    GTA, throughout its main releases, expansions and spin-off titles, has introduced us to some of the wackiest and most charismatic people living in places like Liberty City, Los Santos, Vice City and more. However, you may not be familiar with some of the weird and wonderful characters of the GTA series. Well, allow us to bring you up to speed. Here are our comprehensive guides to all the characters of the GTA universe.

    Also, be sure to bookmark this page as when new games in the series come along, we will strive to have all the info you need right here to check out.

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