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Despite being a huge map, Grand Theft Auto IV doesn’t have as many collectibles as its predecessor Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Rockstar Games stripped it down, giving the game more of a story and mission focus than the collectibles.

There is really just one collectible in Liberty City. Yes, we also have the Stunt Jumps, but they aren’t always categorized as a collectible and more just as something Rockstamir has added to the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ theme.

I enjoy the collectible side of an open-world game, so I was pretty disappointed that GTA IV lacked in that area. Thankfully, Grand Theft Auto V brought back the collectibles and added special missions to some when they were complete, like the Leonora Johnson murder mystery.

Personally, I would have enjoyed a LA Noire-style collectible mystery in Liberty City, especially when there are heavy mafia ties in the Big Apple-inspired game.

Alas, here’s a complete GTA IV Collectibles guide with everything you need to know about the GTA IV’s main collectibles.


Image From GTA Fandom

No one is a fan of them. I’m certainly not. I live in London, and they are everywhere, hunting down people and trying to steal their food from their hands, nasty little things. So it comes as no surprise that Rockstar wants Niko to hunt down and destroy the pigeons of Liberty City. They’re also hilariously called flying rats.

There are 200 to hunt down, and they’re pretty easy to spot as they have a red hue. Let’s take a look at where you can find the pesky creatures.

To make it easy, as there are just so many to find, I’ve split the list into five main areas and tried to bunch them up in neighborhoods as much as possible. It is a long old list, but hopefully, it helps those struggling.


Image From GTA Fandom
  1. On top of a yellow shipping container right on the southern part of the island, just off of Privateer Road in Castle Gardens
  2. Head to Fatfish in Castle Gardens; the pigeon is hidden in an alcove
  3. This pigeon is chilling in the middle of a circular path section at The Exchange.
  4. Head to the Denver Avenue area; the pigeon sits in a planter box.
  5. Go to the boat ramps at Castle Garden City. This pigeon is sitting on one of the railings.
  6. At The Exchange, this pigeon is sitting on a light post down an alley near Amsterdam and Bismarck.
  7. Along the river at Fishmarket South, the pigeon sits on a gap in the railings.
  8. This is a tricky one. Find a helicopter and travel to the western support of Broker Bridge. The pigeon is sitting on top.
  9. There’s a skate park near the western part of Broker Bridge. The pigeon is sitting on top of one of the ramps. Climb a parked car to get to it.
  10. At the north of City Hall, the pigeon sits near some benches.
  11. The next pigeon is sitting in an alley at Liberty Lane in City Hall.
  12. Head to the church in Suffolk, and you’ll find it on one of the gravestones.
  13. In Suffolk, find the wall painted like an Italian flag. Behind the wall is a few trees with a pigeon located here.
  14. Behind a small fence at Garnet Street is this hidden pigeon.
  15. On top of a balcony at Viendemente in The Triangle.
  16. Inside the shark’s mouth at Burlesque in The Triangle.
  17. Head to the Rotterdam Tower; it’s at the top on the observation deck.
  18. The Meat Quarter has some old train tracks; the pigeon is there.
  19. And nearby is a bus stop with a pigeon on top.
  20. Underneath Union Drive in Presidents City.
  21. Behind a giant statue at Jade in Easton.
  22. Near the crossed roads in Star Junction, sitting in a tree on the sidewalk.
  23. Another helicopter pigeon. It’s chilling on top of a building at Star Junction.
  24. On a blue metal bin at Kunzite St at Star Junction.
  25. In a building in Westminister, near some old train tracks.
  26. I was sitting on the ground, between a bunch of cable cars in Lancet.
  27. Underneath Algonquin Bridge in Lancet, on one of the small, connecting roads.
  28. On a set of stairs on the Western part of Colony Island.
  29. Sitting in a window of an abandoned building in the south of Colony Island is the next pigeon.
  30. The next one is sitting on a building in the western part of Colony Island. It’s easy to snipe this one.
  31. On top of an L-shaped building on Colony Island. Snipe this one too!
  32. On the merry-go-round in the center of Colony IsIand.
  33. In an alley between Galveston and Hell Gate in Purgatory.
  34. At Star Junction, head to the shopping plaza. The pigeon is in a tree outside the Seagull Theater.
  35. On top of a church steeple near Bismarck in Hatton Gardens.
  36. Sitting in a statue on the south side of Hatton Gardens.
  37. Off the shore of Middle Park East is a couple of ships. It’s sitting in one of the ship boxes.
  38. On top of an entrance awning east of Mirror Park.
  39. On a wall near the fountain in Mirror Park.
  40. Sitting in a planter box in a courtyard at Nickel in Mirror Park West.
  41. There’s a large building on the west side of Mirror Park West. It’s chilling on the side.
  42. At the entrance of the Natural History Museum in Mirror Park West.
  43. In the north of Mirror Park West is a large building. The pigeon is sitting on the side of it, near the stairs.
  44. Sitting on a pillar at the eastern entrance to Mirror Park.
  45. The pigeon is sitting on a railing at the corner of Quartz and Albany in Lancaster.
  46. In Varsity Heights, the pigeon sits on a block between Galveston and Ruby.
  47. On top of the building on the water at Mirror Park.
  48. On top of a building at Topaz in Varsity Heights.
  49. At the bottom base of the Hickey Bridge.
  50. Sitting on a railing on the western side of Hickey Bridge.
  51. Overlooking the water in North Holland is a pigeon on a wall.
  52. On top of the hospital in North Holland, between two vents.
  53. On a lower balcony on the hospital in North Holland.
  54. Near the hospital is a train track. The pigeon is on a wall that overlooks them.
  55. In an alley at Uranium Street in East Holland.
  56. Head to the east of East Holland. The pigeon is by the water on a white concrete block.
  57. Sitting on a fire escape at Astoria and Wardite in East Holland.
  58. On a railing in between Walnut and Vespucci in Northwood.
  59. On another fire escape. This time on the corner of Xenotime and Vespucci in Northwood.
  60. Sitting on an abandoned car at Xenotime in Northwood.
  61. Another at Xenotime, this time on a small ledge in the western part of Northwood.
  62. Right in the north, the pigeon is in a garbage bin in Northwood.
  63. On the northern part of Charge Island is a beach boat with a pigeon perched on it.
  64. In the south, under a bridge, is the next pigeon, sitting in a car park on Charge Island.
  65. On top of one of the support beams on East Borough Bridge.
  66. On a platform on the base of the statue on Happiness Island.
  67. On the statue’s crown.
  68. On the lid of the cup, the statue is holding.
  69. On the thumb around the cup on the statue.
  70. On the statue’s shoulder.
  71. Between the statue’s thumb and forefinger that is holding the tablet.


Image From GTA Fandom
  1. Sitting on some rocks by the water at Little Bay.
  2. In a trash can, down an alley near Planche St in Northern Gardens.
  3. In the west of Northern Gardens, the pigeon sits in the middle of a cul-de-sac.
  4. Sitting on a concrete wall at the Nothern Expressway in Northern Gardens.
  5. On Leavenworth, there’s a light coming out of one of the buildings in Industrial with a pigeon on top.
  6. Sitting on a building across from the train track bridge in Industrial.
  7. At the dock in Industrial is an old boat. The pigeon is in the front window.
  8. On the corner of Green Avenue in Boulevard is the next pigeon.
  9. On a wall at Elbow Street in Boulevard.
  10. On a gate in Grand Boulevard.
  11. In the north, the pigeon is underneath the pier at Boulevard.
  12. Going to the west of the pier is the next pigeon, on a concrete wall.
  13. Moving to Fortside, near Folson Way, is an alley with a pigeon on a pole.
  14. In the construction zone in Fortside is a pigeon, fenced in by boards.
  15. In the southwest of South Bohan, a set of rocks is near the shore. There’s the pigeon.
  16. In a concrete tube near the East Borough Bridge in South Bohan.
  17. Sitting on an old building in South Bohan.
  18. And this pigeon joins them.
  19. On top of the cleaner’s roof in South Bohan.
  20. Also, on top of the cleaner’s roof. They like to travel in pairs in South Bohan, apparently.
  21. Chilling on a railing near Spin Street in Chase Point.
  22. The Final Bohan pigeon is sitting underneath Attica in Chase Point.


Image From GTA Fandom
  1. Sitting on one of the ledges underneath Dukes Bay Bridge.
  2. On a ledge towards the south of East Borough Bridge.
  3. Sitting on the highest point of the control tower at Francis International Airport.
  4. Between two air conditioners in the northern part of the airport.
  5. At a toll booth at the airport, on a small pole.
  6. Inside an opening on top of the airport’s departure/arrivals building.
  7. On a small wall, by some trees in Meadows Park.
  8. Near the fountains at Meadows Park.
  9. Chilling on the chimney of a house by Meadows Park.
  10. In the circus area of Meadows Park, by one of the old entrances.
  11. Underneath the train tracks at Lynch in Willis.
  12. Sitting on an entrance canopy on Clews in Willis.
  13. On top of a building between Howard and Seymore in Meadow Hills.
  14. Sitting on a roof, behind ticket machines at a train stop in Cerveza Heights.
  15. On top of a basketball hoop at the court in Cerveza Heights.
  16. On top of a building between Hancock and San Jacinto in East Island City. You’ll need a chopper or grenade to get this one.
  17. On some rafters at one of the train stops in East Island City.
  18. Right in the west of East Island City is an underground walkway, where a pigeon is hanging out.
  19. Behind some houses at Yorktown in Steinway.
  20. Chilling in a tree where Morris and Yorktown cross in Steinway.
  21. Hidden under a ramp near Franklin Street in Steinway.
  22. Another near Franklin Street. This time, hidden within the trees, on a rock to the side of the road.
  23. Go to the entrance of Dukes Drive in Steinway to grab two for one. The first pigeon is sitting on a wall.
  24. And right nearby is a pigeon at the bottom of a tree.
  25. Just away from Dukes Drive is a pigeon on top of a small building along the walking trail.
  26. At the playground in Steinway is a pigeon on the monkey bars.
  27. This pigeon is high up on the diving board located at the Steinway pool.


Image From GTA Fandom
  1. Just the two in BOABO; one is chilling on a wall near the storage building.
  2. And one on a fire escape railing near Mohanet Avenue.
  3. Under the Dukes Expressway near Montauk is a pigeon on one of the supports in Scholtler.
  4. Sitting at the entrance of a house on Cassidy in Scholtler.
  5. A pigeon sitting at the bottom of the outside wall for the Expressway is close to the Burget Shot in Beechwood City.
  6. Pigeons love fire escapes. They’re at one in Beechwood City now, near Wenrohronon and Cassidy.
  7. Just north of one of the only roundabouts in GTA IV is a pigeon sitting on a Downtown structure.
  8. Behind the houses at Mohegan in South Slopes.
  9. Just outside of the Jerk N Gizzada building in South Slopes.
  10. On a pipe at Mohanet in East Hook.
  11. Near the docks in Hove Beach is a ‘Broker Navy Yard” sign. The Pigeon is on top of that.
  12. Sitting in an alcove at the courtyard in Hove Beach.
  13. There’s a small dock towards the south of Hove Beach. A pigeon on a pole is located here.
  14. On the awning of Perestroika in Hove Beach. Snipe this one!
  15. Head to the gazebo in Outlook Park.
  16. On top of a sign arch in Firefly Island.
  17. At the highest point of the rollercoaster at Firefly Island. You have no choice but to snipe this one.
  18. Staying at Firefly Island, one pigeon is waiting for a ride on the Ferris wheel.
  19. Underneath and at the end of the pier at Firefly Island.
  20. Just one at Beachgate, and it’s on a porch of one of the houses.
  21. Sitting on the railings near the Duke’s Expressway entrance in Firefly Projects.
  22. In the middle of the road, on a ramp, on the Duke’s Expressway in Firefly Projects.
  23. Under Duke’s Expressway, towards the western end of Firefly Projects.


Image From GTA Fandom
  1. Chilling on an AC Vent, which can be found on Ortiz in Westdyke.
  2. By some trees in the northeastern part of Westdyke.
  3. Behind a barrel in the most northern part of Westdyke.
  4. Along Big Horn Drive is a brick fence with a pigeon in Westdyke.
  5. Pigeons like Big Horn Drive. We have another one on a fence of one of the backyards of the houses.
  6. Sitting behind a house on Owl Creek in Westdyke.
  7. On the roof of Fanny’s Crab in Leftwood.
  8. The next one is under a ramp on a beach in Eastern Leftwood.
  9. We’re staying in Leftwood for a bit.
  10. Next, we’re at Bridger Street, and the pigeon is on the grass near the police station.
  11. On top of a roof of a building that can be found near Sacramento Avenue.
  12. The next pigeon is hidden by the ambulances at the hospital along Long John and Bowline.
  13. Underneath a billboard but on top of a building, confusing hey, in Central Leftwood.
  14. The last one in Leftwood is in the west, near a tree by Plumbers Skyway.
  15. Moving on to Alderney City now, we have a pigeon chilling on Mr. Fuk’s rooftop.
  16. Near Jonestown and Myung is a set of stairs leading to an apartment block. Here you’ll find the next pigeon.
  17. Along Jonestown, a pigeon is not too far away, behind a small gated area.
  18. Head to Applewhite St. to see the pigeon on a wall nearby.
  19. They like Applewhite. Back again for a pigeon on the wall towards the south, near Rand Avenue.
  20. Applewhite, again! This time, look for the “The Science of Crime” billboard to find the next flying creature.
  21. We have two near the Booth Tunnel. One is situated near the water, underneath a walkway.
  22. And the next is sitting at the tunnel’s entrance.
  23. Look in the bushes that corner Asahara and Babbage.
  24. Still in Alderney City, but the last one now is a pigeon on a bend in Koresh Square.
  25. Bercham time! There’s a little hill on Virtullo where a pigeon is chilling.
  26. On the western part of Vitullo is a large apartment building. The pigeon is sitting on one of the concrete walls there.
  27. Easy one here, find the Berchem Cluckin’ Bell, and the pigeon is on the shed next door.
  28. Look at the base of the houses on Aspdin Drive, and you’ll find the next pigeon.
  29. Pigeons have overtaken Acter. This next one is by an old fountain near Lee Road.
  30. To the north, near Vitullo Avenue, is a church with a pigeon sitting on its steeple.
  31. Just off Mueri and Flemming is a rooftop with a pigeon on an AC unit.
  32. The next pigeon is in plain sight at a wall on Mueri and Odhner.
  33. Moving on to Normandy. Search the tracks that end near Tinderbox.
  34. At the port is a weird propeller statue with a pigeon nearby.
  35. Port Tudor brings us more pigeons. Right at the end of the longest pier is a flying fellow. You can easily snipe this one.
  36. Find the eCola building, and you’ll find your next pigeon under a tree close by.
  37. More rooftop antics. This time the pigeon is on the roof of the Autoparts building.
  38. Now, on the short pier to the south, you’ll find a bunch of blue shipping containers with a pigeon in tow.
  39. Tudor time, and the pigeons seem to like it here. One is chilling on a box on Argus Street.
  40. Not too far away, near Tinderbox Avenue, is a pigeon sitting on an awning of Honkers.
  41. Sitting on a corrugated roof near Hardtack Avenue is your next pigeon location.
  42. The next pigeon on a wall is hidden underneath Plumbers Skyway, along Hardtack.
  43. Walk along the Skyway, and you’ll see a pigeon just below, on top of a couple of shipping containers.
  44. Out in the west, you’ll find the next one by the water, on a cliff top.
  45. This one takes some climbing. Climb to the top of a crane with “LCPA” on the side. You’ll then see the pigeon below.
  46. Sitting right on top of one of the beams on the Skyway as it crosses Barsac Avenue is the next flying bird.
  47. On the bridge over to Acter Industrial Park is a pigeon on a wall.
  48. Now on to Acter Industrial Park. Behind the Alderney State Correctional Facility is a boat that has got itself into trouble, leaving it an excellent spot for a pigeon.
  49. Head to Toggle to find a pigeon on a roof nearby.
  50. Hanging with the police. The next one is by the station at Grommet Street.
  51. Also in tow is another one, near the police station fence.
  52. On one of the pipes flowing through the complex system near Musketeer avenue.
  53. Sitting in the middle of one of the ramps on the central part of Plumbers Skyway.
  54. Back in its natural habitat, a pigeon can be found by some trees along Plumbbob.
  55. Lastly, we have two near the water on the western side. One is sitting along a wall.
  56. And just to the north of that one is a pigeon sitting on a wall in a dugout.


Annihilator helicopter
Image From GTA Fandom

If you didn’t lose patience and successfully found and eliminated all 200 pigeons, there is a reward at the end. An Annihilator helicopter will be unlocked for the player to use and is located at the helipad near Star Junction. Although, Rockstar didn’t plan this well as you need a helicopter to get to the helipad!


Question: Are there collectibles in the Episodes from Liberty City?

Answer: Yes, but they’re just as lackluster as the main game. In The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, players need to hunt down 50 seagulls in a similar fashion to the pigeons.

Question: Do you need to get all the pigeons for 100% completion in GTA IV?

Answer: You do. Getting rid of all 200 pigeons counts toward 2.5% completion of the whole game.

Question: Do you get a trophy for getting all 200?

Answer: Once all 200 are done, you’ll be rewarded with the “Endangered Species” trophy. I hope that name doesn’t mean we’ve helped Niko eliminate a dying breed!

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