GTA San Andreas Places and Locations

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a sprawling map, consisting of three main areas, Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.

Each area has its own vibe to differentiate itself. Yet one thing stays the same, each area is riddled with crime and Carl Johnson is on hand to lower the crime and take turf for his gang.

That being said, there’s just so much to explore, when you get away from the GTA lifestyle of the game.

So, let’s take a look at the GTA San Andreas places and all its quirky districts.

Los Santos

Los Santos GTA
Image from Fandom

Based on the iconic Los Angeles, Los Santos is the main hub for action in San Andreas. The city has been ravished by gangs and the Grove Street Families are there to try and claim all the turf for themselves.

It is home for CJ and the Johnson Family in Grove Street, plus his ‘friends’ Big Smoke and Ryder.

Want to visit the rich and famous? Head to the areas of Rode, Vinewood and Mulholland. Catch all the latest movie premieres at the Cathay Theater and take a walk on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.

The city has beaches aplenty. Visit Santa Maria Beach and take a walk along the pier. Verona Beach Gym lets you flex your muscles for all those to see.


GTA Ganton
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Home to the famous Grove Street, Ganton is one of the earliest areas you can explore in GTA: San Andreas. Ganton is also home to the Johnson Family, Ryder, Sweet, and OG Loc.


Image from Fandom

Neighbouring Ganton, Idlewood draws a smilier comparison to the real-life Inglewood, nice name play. Here, you’ll find the friendly Old Reece’s barbershop, the Well Stacked Pizza Co. which Ryder oh so miserably fails to rob, and the iconic Alhambra nightclub where CJ can bust a move.

Glen Park

GTA Glen Park
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While there’s not much happening in Glen Park, it’s an important area to San Andreas. Glen Park is the home to a group of Ballas whose turf the Grove Street Families try and obtain for themselves.

Ocean Docks

GTA Ocean Docks
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Home to the port of Los Santos, Ocean Docks is the main industrial hub. Occasionally, CJs journeys will send him to the area, cooking up all sorts of trouble.

Los Santos International

GTA Locations Los Santos International
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Los Santos International is one of the main three airports across the San Andreas map. It also you to easily transverse between the three main districts, well, once all the map has been unlocked.


GTA Locations Mulholland
Image from Fandom

Home to the rich of Los Santos, Mulholland is a sprawling district set up in the hills. This area has it all, the Vinewood sign, Madd Dogg’s mansion, and even a safe house for you to buy if you want CJ to live the Mulholland lifestyle.


Image from Fandom

Drawing in similarities to Rodeo Drive, Rodeo has plenty of high-end businesses. While the area doesn’t really appear in any San Andreas missions, it adds to the Los Angeles vibe that Los Santos wants to bring.


Image from Fandom

Vinewood brings the movie glamour to Los Santos. However, the sign of the area’s namesake is situated in another district. Popular landmarks include the Cathay Theater, Vinewood Movie Studios, and the Vinewood Cemetery, where CJs mother Beverly is buried.

Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach
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Sun and sea are what come to mind at Santa Maria Beach. It’s even home to a pier, officially named the Yacht Harbor, which bears similarities to the real-life Santa Monica Pier, with the Ferris wheel in tow.

Verona Beach

Image from Fandom

Located next to Santa Maria Beach is Verona Beach. While there isn’t much in the area besides sea and sand, there is a Beach Gym located there to help CJ get buff!


GTA Locations Market
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One of the larger districts in Los Santos, Market is mostly a commercial area, with an abundance of businesses. Unfortunately, most of the stores aren’t accessible to CJ.


Richman GTA Locations
Image from Fandom

Here’s another ‘lifestyle of the rich and famous area’ in Richman. It is another largely untouched area when it comes to story missions but it’s a beautiful area to take a walk or drive through.

Downtown Los Santos

GTA-Locations Downtown Los Santos
GTA-Locations Downtown Los Santos

Situated in northern Los Santos, Downtown Los Santos can be considered the business district of the city. Skyrise buildings dominate the area, with one of the busier highways slicing down the middle.


GTA Locations Commerce
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Commerce is an area very similar to Downtown Los Santos and is situated just below it. more unaccessible businesses litter this area.

Pershing Square

GTA Locations Pershing Square
Image from Fandom


This district is home to two of the most important building in Los Santos, the headquarters of the Los Santos Police Department and the Los Santos City Hall.


GTA Locations Jefferson
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Another area that is crawling with Ballas comes in the form of Jefferson. While it’s not largely used in the game, you may find yourself there often as it is home to one of the two hospitals in Los Santos.

East Los Santos

GTA locations East Los Santos
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East Los Santos is the ‘End of the Line’ for a handful of characters in the game. The ultimate showdown and final mission of the game takes place in this district as well as a few other key moments, including meeting Denise.

Las Colinas

Las Colinas
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Home to the Los Santos Vagos and the infamous Freddy chase, Las Colinas is a residential area situated close to Red County in the north of Los Santos.

Los Flores

Los Flores GTA Locations
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And to the south is Los Flores, another area which is more just buildings than anything else.

Verdant Bluffs

Image from Fandom

The whole area has one main focus, the Los Santos Observatory. A long, winding road takes you to the top of the hill which has some amazing vistas over Los Santos.

El Corona

Image from Fandom

The home area of Cesar Vialpando and the gang Varrios Los Aztecas, El Corona is predominantly a gang area that swaps hands during various turf wars.


GTA Locations Willowfield
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This industrial area can be found close to the Ocean Docks. Mostly home to Ballas, the area has a railroad that leads out through Los Santos, with freight trains coming in and out.

East Beach

East Beach GTA Locations
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East Beach is one of the lesser glamorous beaches in the Los Santos area. It’s also home to the Los Santos Forum, where CJ can compete in an 8-Track race.

Playa Del Seville

GTA Locations Playa Del Seville
Image from Fandom

One of the smaller districts in Los Santos, Playa Del Seville mostly contains just housing areas with easy access to the local beach.

Little Mexico

GTA Locations Little Mexico
Image from Fandom

The last area is Little Mexico, a sliver of a district close to Downtown Los Santos.

Red County, Flint County and Whetstone

Set just outside of Los Santos, the countryside offers very little but also a lot to the world of San Andreas. While most of the area is full of roads and forests, there are still some towns and landmarks nestled away.

Catalina spends most of her time in the countryside and takes CJ on some wild tasks around the area. Mount Chilliad, also seen in GTA V, is one of the prime landmarks. It is possible to climb to the top but keep an eye out for races held along the mountain.

CJ’s first encounter with The Truth and his hippie lifestyle comes out in the countryside, but the man will slowly follow CJ around the rest of his San Andreas adventures.


GTA Locations Dillimore
Image from Fandom

Dillimore is a small town, located in Red County and just a short drive from Los Santos. One of the missions alongside Catalina is played out here. It also has a Pay’n’Spray plus a barbershop.


GTA Locations Blueberry
Image from Fandom

Blueberry is another town set out in Red County. The main pull of this town is the FleischBerg brewery.

Palomino Creek

GTA Locations Palomino Creek
Image from Fandom

Palomino Creek is the larger of those towns out in Red County. Quite isolated, Palomino Creek is just south of the river which connects Red County to Las Venturas.


GTA Locations Montgomery
Image from Fandom

Home to the Sprunk factory, a Well Stacked Pizza Co, and an Inside Track location, Montgomery is one of the better-resourced towns in Red County.

Angel Pine

GTA Locations Angel Pine
Image from Fandom

Angel Pine is a small town in Whetstone, located on the route into San Fierro. A large part of CJs time in Whetstone is played out here, especially alongside C.R.A.S.H.

Mount Chilliad

Mount Chilliad GTA Locations
Image from Fandom


Mount Chilliad is a large mountain situated just north of Angel Pine. It is possible to travel along the mountain and make your way to the top.

Flint County

Flint County GTA Locations
Image from Fandom

While there are no major towns in Flinty County, it is still home to The Truth, a large forested area named Back O’Beyond, and an RS Haul that triggers the Trucking missions.

San Fierro

GTA Locations San Fierro
Image from Fandom

Based on San Francisco, San Fierro is the hilly city of San Andreas. The diverse area is home to many cultures but is now ravished by a gang called The Triads.

Famous landmarks included the Windy Windy Windy Windy Street, Pier 69 and Gant Bridge.¬†One of CJ’s first businesses comes alive here when he is given the deed to a garage in Doherty.

The Mountain Cloud Boys stronghold is located in Chinatown, where Wu Zi Mu will sometimes be. San Fierro is also home to the Loco Syndicate, a group of men who are trying to significantly heighten the drug trade across San Andreas, unfortunately, with the help of some of CJ’s former friends.

Easter Basin

Image from Fandom

Easter Basin is one of the main docks within San Fierro. It is widely used by many gangs, including the Da Nang Boys plus Big Smoke to transport drugs around San Andreas.


Chinatown GTA Locations
Image from Fandom

Situated in the heart of San Fierro, Chinatown is the main area the Mountain Cloud Boys will work out of. It’s small in area but large in terms of storylines in San Andreas.

Easter Bay Airport

Image from Fandom

East Bay Airport is the main airport of San Fierro. It’s used by CJ to travel across the three main states in San Andreas.


Image from Fandom

Doherty is one of the first areas to be explored in San Fierro. After winning the deed to a garage, CJ heads to Doherty to inspect his new property before getting involved in the crime of San Fierro.

Downtown San Fierro

Image from Fandom

One of the biggest land areas in San Fierro, Downtown is home to some of the tallest buildings in the whole land.

Financial District

Image from Fandom

Nestled inside Downtown, the Financial District is exactly what it says it is. One of the roofs of the buildings can be accessed giving great views of the area.

Esplanade North and East

Esplanade North Locations in GTA
Image from Fandom

Esplanade North and East are two dock areas that are situated in the North-eastern area of San Fierro. Head to Esplanade North to see the game famous Pier 68, modeled after the real-life Pier 39.

Calton Heights

GTA Locations Calton Heights
Image from Fandom

Mostly residential, Calton Heights is a luxurious area of San Fierro. CJ can live there if he wishes, but he’ll have to shell out a whopping $100,000 for a home. You’ll also find the Windy Windy Windy Windy Street, based on Lombard Street, here.

Juniper Hill and Hollow

GTA Locations Juniper Hollow
Image from Fandom

Another two wealthy areas in the western area of San Fierro, Juniper Hill and Hollow are home to some of the areas rich and famous.

Battery Point

GTA Locations Battery Point
Image from Fandom

In one of the main mission areas of San Andreas, in Battery Point, you’ll find Jizzy’s Pleasure Domes, one of the Loco Syndicate strongholds.


GTA Locations Palisades
Image from Fandom

Situated on the western coastline, the Palisades has some stunning houses, with beautiful vistas over the sea.


GTA Locations Paradiso
Image from Fandom

Another highly residential area, Paradiso in the west neighbors the coastline district of Palisades and has nearly as much glamour.

Santa Flora

GTA Locations Santa Flora
Image from Fandom

Another western area, another residential district. Not much goes on in Santa Flora so it wouldn’t be surprising if you don’t remember this area.


GTA Locations Queens
Image from Fandom

Queens is the LGBTQ+ district of San Fierro. Pride flags can be found dotted across the area.

Ocean Flats

Ocean Flats GTA Locations
Image from Fandom

True to its namesake, Ocean Flats is another beachfront district. Close by is the Avispa Country Club, inclusive of a gold course and various tennis courts.


GTA Locations Garcia
Image from Fandom

Garcia is home to one of the main businesses in the San Fierro storyline, Zero RC. CJ has the option to purchase the business for $30,000 and complete missions for Zero.

Desert – Tierra Robada and Bone County

The vast desert land of the map is located in between San Fierro and Las Venturas. After the adventures of San Fierro, Toreno brings out CJ to the desert and his home.

The vast area includes multiple small towns, a large dam, and a mysterious restricted area. Split into multiple districts, the area gives CJ plenty to explore.


GTA Locations Bayside
GTA Locations Bayside

Bayside is a small, you guessed it, bayside town, situated to the north of Gant Bridge. The Boat School is located here so get those boating skills nailed down!

El Quebrados

GTA Locations El Quebrados
Image from Fandom

El Quebrados is small desert town in Tierra Robada. CJ can meet one of his potential girlfriends in this town.

Las Barrancas

GTA Locations Las Barrancas
Image from Fandom

Home to the Tee Pee Motel and the Dam Camper RV Park, Las Barrancas is another small town in Tierra Robada, overlooking the Sherman Dam.

Aldea Malvada

GTA Locations Aldea Malvada
Image from Fandom

Situated next to El Quebrados, Aldea Malvada can be described as an old ghost town. The buildings are derelict and it can be found on the top of a giant hill.

Fort Carson

GTA Locations Fort Carson
Image from Fandom

Fort Carson is a town situated in Bone County and the largest in the area. While it’s near the Hunter Quarry, it’s still isolated in the desert world.

Las Payasadas

GTA Locations Las Payasadas
Image from Fandom

Las Payasadas may be a small town but it’s famous for one thing, the “World’s Largest Cock”, a giant chicken overlooking the main road.

Las Brujas

GTA Locations Las Brujas
Image from Fandom

Las Brujas is another small ghost town but this time, in Bone County. It is believed the old western-style town is haunted by a witch, but that’s only revealed through police scanners throughout the game.

Area 69

GTA Locations Area 69
Image from Fandom

Mostly known as “Restricted Area” or “No Fly Zone”, Area 69 is a research facility based on Area 51. CJ is unable to fly across the area without obtaining a 5-star wanted level.

Verdant Meadows

GTA Locations Verdant Meadows
Image from Fandom

Home to the dreaded Flight School, Verdant Meadows in an airstrip CJ will buy throughout the events of San Andreas and complete various flying missions at the request of Toreno.

Hunter Quarry

GTA Locations Hunter Quarry
Image from Fandom

Hunter Quarry is, yes, a quarry which CJ can obtain Quarry missions from after being given a task from Wu Zi Mu.

Las Venturas

GTA Locations Las Venturas
Image from Fandom

Want the glamorous lifestyle of Las Vegas? Then head to Las Venturas, San Andreas’ own version of Sin City.

Gamble all your money away at one of the many casinos, shop till you drop at discount malls, and party like there’s no tomorrow.

The Strip

GTA Locations The Strip
Image from Fandom

The Strip is home to numerous luxurious hotels and casinos. Most of them bear similarities to those that are on the Las Vegas strip. The most notable are the Four Dragons Casino, owned by Wu Zi Mu, and Caligula’s Palace, owned by various crime families. You’ll also find Come-A-Lot, based on Excalibur, and The Camel’s Toe, based on the Luxor.

Old Venturas Strip

GTA Locations Old Venturas Strip
Image from Fandom

Old Ventura Strip is similar to that of Fremont Street. The area includes hotels, casinos and sex shops.


GTA Locations Pilgrim
Image from Fandom

Set just off of the Las Venturas Strip, Pilgrim is home to the Linden Station, one of the main train stations in Las Venturas.

Prickle Pine

GTA Locations Prickle Pine
Image from Fandom

Prickle Pine is home to one of CJs potential girlfriends, Millie Perkins. The C.R.A.S.H house is also there, where they’ve set up their corrupt operations.


GTA Locations Blackfield
Image from Fandom

Blackfield is the sporting district of Las Venturas. The Blackfield Stadium is located here as well as the Bike School.

Rockshore West and East

GTA Locations Rockshore West
Image from Fandom

While Rockshore West is largely residential, East contrasts it by being one of the industrial areas of Las Venturas. East has a train line that links the railways to Los Santos and Red County.

Las Venturas Airport

GTA Locations Las Venturas Airport
Image from Fandom

Las Venturas Airport connects Las Venturas, San Fierro and Los Santos by air, allowing CJ to quickly travel the continent of San Andreas.

Whitewood Estates

GTA Locations Whitewood Estates
Image from Fandom

To the north of Blackfield, Whitewood Estates homes one of the largest industrial estates in Las Venturas, with some residential houses close by.


Creek GTA Locations
Image from Fandom

One of the largest shopping malls can be found in Creek. Creek Mall is home to a Sub Urban, 24/7, Cluckin’ Bell and other popular in-game shops, with the bonus of most of them being accessible.

Roca Escalante

GTA Locations Roca- Escalante
Image from Fandom

Situated north of the Old Venturas Strip, Roca Escalante mostly contains shops and businesses, although not many of them are accessible. However, you can still grab a slice of pizza from The Well Stack Pizza Co.

Redsands West

GTA Locations Redsands West
Image from Fandom

Redsands West, home to the Las Venturas Bandits and the Las Venturas Fire Station. The area sits just north of the airport.

Yellow Bell

GTA Locations Yellow Bell
Image from Fandom

Yellow Bell is two districts, one focussing on the Yellow Bell Station, the other being home to the main gold course of Las Venturas.


GTA Locations Spinybed
Image from Fandom

Spinybed is largely unused throughout the game but you can still visit it to see an industrial area or grab a burger at Burger Shot.

K.A.C.C Military Fuels

GTA Locations K.A.C.C Military Fuels
Image from Fandom

This restricted area sits on the most north-eastern point of the map. Trespassing will make guards shoot at CJ immediately. One of the casino heist preparation missions takes place here.


Question: Which is my favorite area across the map?

Answer: In San Andreas, there are just too many to choose from. I love Las Vegas so being able to visit a fictionalized version is always fun. Despite a big chunk of the game’s story being in Los Santos, I probably spent the most time in the desert, mostly due to the hardest mission known to video games, the dreaded Flight School. But, I enjoy the secretive Area 69 and visiting the old ghost town of Las Brujas, in the hope I might see some urban legend.

Question: Which famous landmark was I happy to see replicated?

Answer: Definitely the Griffith Observatory, which was turned into the Los Santos Observatory in-game. Rockstar may have done a better job with the Galileo Observatory in GTA V but the San Andreas version still holds my heart.

Question: Which is the easiest way to travel across the San Andreas map?

Answer: Like all GTA games, there’s a variety of transportation to get CJ across the county. Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas all have their own airports to easily get from A to B. CJ can also hijack planes and fly them himself to get to other parts of the map. This is made a whole lot easier once CJ purchases the Verdant Meadows airstrip.

There we have it

There’s your whistle-stop tour of all those locations you can visit in the world of San Andreas. Take a tour around and see which part is your favorite.

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