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Grand Theft Auto V has been the most popular entry in the history of not just the Grand Theft Auto series but also for Rockstar Games. It was a bold move when it was announced that Los Santos would be making a return, but it surely paid off.

Rockstar made a map full of life and immerses players into the Californian lifestyle. Los Santos isn’t the only location in GTA V. Brought in was a brand-new area in Blaine County. Yes, some of the areas in GTA: San Andreas returned such as Mount Chiliad but as a whole, it was given a whole new feel.

Let’s look at how the map is broken down and all those GTA V Places and Locations, landmarks, and downright weird locations in the blockbuster GTA V.

Los Santos County

Los Santos County takes up the bottom half of the State of San Andreas. Nestled inside is the city of Los Santos, the sprawling hills of Vinewood, and a beautiful beach at Del Perro. Most of the map takes inspiration from Los Angeles and its districts.

It is also one of the more geographically correct maps in the GTA series when it comes to the city of Los Angeles. Los Santos is broken down into multiple districts, with some having smaller sub-districts to make the area whole.

Backlot City

Backlot City
Image From GTA Fandom

Also known as Richards Majestic, Backlot City is the main hub of Los Santos’s film production. There are sets aplenty and you can often see people working on the productions wandering about. The area is gated and will warrant a two-star wanted level if you attempt to access it. Once Michael starts working for Solomon, Backlot City is open for him to enter without issues.


Chumash is situated on the coast, northwest of Los Santos. Based on the luxurious Malibu, the area is sprawling with mansions that overlook the sea, the perfect house for those with a lot of cash to burn. There’s also a little shopping center and a pier to match.

Del Perro

Del Perro is a GTA V version of the popular coastal area of Santa Monica. You’ll find Del Perro Beach with the Del Perro Pier and Pleasure Pier, plus the Prosperity Street Promenade for all your shopping needs.

Downtown Los Santos

Los Santos Downtown
Image From GTA Fandom

Downtown Los Santos is the main financial hub of Los Santos. There are skyscrapers aplenty, with the Maze Bank Tower, FIB Headquarters, and IAA Headquarters being the main draws. It’s home to many mini-districts including Pillbox Hill, Mission Row and Textile City. Legion Square sits in the middle where you’ll find the bonkers Barry.

East Los Santos

Home to Lester Crest, East Los Santos is a run-down area, in need of some serious TLC! Most of the area is full of dilapidated warehouses and factories that have lost their function. Some have been converted into homes but they don’t look the coziest. The mini districts of La Mesa, Cypress Flats, El Burro Heights and Murrieta Heights all makeup East Los Santos.

La Puerta

La Puerta’s main attraction is the Maze Bank Arena, where fans can watch the basketball team, the Los Santos Panic. During the events of GTA V, the Fame or Shame auditions are filmed here. Besides the arena, the area doesn’t have much to offer. It is mostly just the gateway to Los Santos International Airport.

Little Seoul

Sitting just outside of Downtown is the district of Little Seoul. The area is full of businesses, such as 24/7, Ammu-nation, and the Little Seoul Strip Mall. It is believed the area is heavily influenced by Koreatown in LA.

Los Santos International Airport

Los Santos International Airport

Decided that you’ve had enough of Los Santos? The Los Santos International Airport is the best place to get out of the area. The airport has four terminals and three runways, making it a busy one. Unfortunately, players aren’t able to hop on a plane anywhere. They can only use the airport to take planes or for mission purposes.

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Morningwood may be a small district but has some beautiful buildings to marvel at. You’ll find the Tivoli Cinema, which can be purchased by Michael, and Cafe Vespucci. It isn’t largely used in the events of GTA V but it’s still picturesque to look at.

Pacific Bluffs

Set just to the south of Chumash, Pacific Bluff is a stretch of road with many popular residential houses. It even has the famous contrasting pink and black houses, which are located in Pacific Palisades in LA. Pacific Bluffs is also the home to Isiah Frielander’s office, Michaels’s therapist. The museum Kortz Center is set out on the hills, overlooking Los Santos.

Port of Los Santos

The Port of Los Santos is the main hub for all of Los Santos’s cargo business. It plays a major part in GTA V, being Floyd’s workplace and The Merryweather Heist’s location. You can freely access the majority of the port. The only area that can get you into trouble is attempting to enter the Los Santos Naval Port, that’ll see you obtain a four-star wanted level.


Richman was quite underdeveloped in GTA: San Andreas, with it mostly just being a rich persons residential area. In GTA V, they’ve decided to give it more life by adding the Los Santos Golf Club and The Richman Hotel. You can also find the University of San Andreas here, based on UCLA.

Rockford Hills

Rockford Hills
Image From GTA Fandom

Rockford Hills is based on the world-famous Beverly Hills. Michael is one of the lucky residents here. Portola Drive is where those rich and famous shop til they drop at Little Portola. The Epsilon Building, Mount Zonah Medical Center, and Rockford Hills Church all take center stage as the standout buildings here.

South Los Santos

The world has not been kind to South Los Santos. Due to it being riddled with crime, the area is severely under-developed and dubbed an unsafe area.

It’s split into various mini-districts including Davis, which is largely based on Compton and the home to Grove Street, Strawberry, Franklin’s original neighborhood, Chamberlain Hills, home to Lamar, and finally, Rancho.

Tonvga Hills

Tonvga Hills is another area that isn’t full of life but has a few key areas. The home of Devin Weston is here, as well as the Marlowe Vineyards. It’s nestled quite a far distance from Los Santos but is still within the Counties district.


Image From GTA Fandom

Vespucci is situated in the west of Los Santos. This beachfront haven is clearly based on Venice. With three mini districts housed in this area, it’s full of Californian vibes. Vespucci Beach with its sidewalk market and Muscle Sands Gym.

Vespucci Beach also becomes Trevor’s home when he travels to Los Santos. Nearby are the Vespucci Canals that Seasharks can freely ride along. The area is completed by Puerto Del Sol, a small marina, home to the Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club.


Vinewood is made up of a collection of mini districts that all draw similarities to that of the iconic Hollywood. Players can hang out with the soapboxers outside of the Oriental Theater on Vinewood Boulevard, check out the horse racing at Vinewood Racetrack, and take a stroll around Mirror Park. Downtown Vinewood, West Vinewood, East Vinewood, Alta and Hawick are all found here.

Vinewood Hills

 Vinewood Hills

Vinewood Hills is a large district set in the hills, just north of Los Santos. Players can climb to the Vinewood sign, visit the Galileo Observatory, and snoop on the houses that the celebrities own. Franklin eventually owns a house in the hills and it is a grand one!

Out in the Wild

Outside the hustle and bustle of Los Santos are various scenic vistas. The Tataviam Mountains is a mountain range northeast of Los Santos. The Land Act Dam and Reservoir is here. It was also the murder spot of Leonora Johnson. East of Los Santos is the Palomino Highlands, offering stunning views of different areas of San Andreas. The NOOSE Headquarters sit just in the north.

Another giant hill just above Vinewood Hills is Banham Canyon and Tongva Valley houses one of the busier roads that links Los Santos to Blaine County plus the With a Paddle White Water Activity Center. Great Chaparral is a large expanse of hills, sitting on route to the Grand Senora Desert.

Look out for the Big O fruit juice stand at the Arthur’s Pass Trails. It is pretty eye-catching. Nearly blending into Blaine County is the RON Alternates Wind Farm, which is located along the Senora Freeway. It’s classed as being in the San Chianski Mountain Range but keeps a Los Santos County postal code.

Blaine County

Blaine County is like the wilder older brother of Los Santos. Los Santos County may be full of crime but it seems a whole lot easier to get away with murder, literally, in Blaine County. The place is crawling with drug labs, dealers, and users. Some areas have become quite derelict while others thrive with lush greenery and stunning mountainous vistas.

Grand Senora Desert

The Grand Senora Desert is exactly what it says on the tin, a desert. Typically, the Grand Senora Desert will be one of the first places you cross as you venture into Blaine County. The Bolingbroke Penitentiary, where Brad is ‘incarcerated’, is in the desert alongside the Redwood Light Track, which is weirdly also a construction site.


Image From GTA Fandom

Grapeseed is a small town, set along the east coast of the Alamo Sea. It is full of crops, making it one of the few areas on the map that produces food. The O’Neil Ranch is here, meaning not only is the area rich in food but it’s also rich in drugs, well, before Trevor destroys it. Grapeseed is also home to the McKenzie Field, an airstrip made for smaller aircraft.


Set in the Grand Senora Desert is Harmony, another small town and one of the smallest across the whole of San Andreas. This one seems to be popular with the truckers with its. trailer park as well as Larry’s RV Sales. There’s also Eastern Motel for those that need to rest their head.

Paleto Bay

Paleto Bay is the most northern town across the whole of San Andreas. It’s a small coastal town, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t backed with action. It ends up being the unfortunate victim of a heist planned by the three protagonists while Trevor and Michael are in exile.

It’s a mixed bag with a few small businesses, houses dotted about and even the Clucking Bell Farms have found their home here.

Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores

It may be the largest town in Blaine County in terms of land size but it’s still quite a derelict area. The original home of Trevor, Sandy Shores is a meth lab haven, with plenty of people around wanting a taste of the drug. It is also home to one of Blaine County’s airfields, simply called the Sandy Shores Airfield.

The place is swarming with trailers for residents and there’s always plenty of trouble around every corner. Beam Me Up, based on Salvation Mountain, is a hill full of art by people that believe in exterterestial life. Whatever happened to what was once dubbed the holiday resort of Blaine County?

Altruist Camp

Hidden in the hills of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness is the headquarters for the Altruist Cult. Trevor can deliver victims to the cult to earn a reward. It’s not known what they do with the victims. However, it’s highly implied that the group are cannibals, yikes!

Dignity Villiage

Dignity Villiage This settlement is located along Route 1, right in the north of San Andreas. The Dignity Village is largely a place for the homeless of the local area to go. Inside is tents and awnings made of corrugated metal, with a few small buildings dotted about.

Fort Zancuado

Set just outside of Los Santos County is the Fort Zancuado military base. The area is heavily guarded, making it hard to sneak in if you want to steal any of their planes or helicopters. The airspace is also forbidden to fly through to try to avoid it unless you want the US military on your tail.


Galilee is a small area sitting along the coast of the northern part of the Alamo Sea. Millars Fishery operates out of the area alongside Millars Boat Shop.

Mount Chiliad

Taking up a large chunk of Blaine County is Mount Chiliad, which makes it return to the series after making an appearance in GTA: San Andreas. It’s the tallest peak across the whole land. Players can ride to the top via a cable car or you can walk/bike to the top.

Stab City

Stab City
Image From GTA Fandom

Stab City is a small trailer park situated southwest of the Alamo Sea. It was home to The Lost Bikers at one point but Trevor always holds grudges and it didn’t take long for him to oust them.

Further into the Wilderness

Blaine County is full of vast areas of wilderness, one of the larger areas is the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, which is a state park that sits along the descent down the west side of Mount Chiliad. It is home to plenty of wildlife including deer and coyotes, which Trevor is taught to hunt.

You may also get 100% lucky and find Bigfoot. To the south is Raton Canyon where the Calafia Bridge and Cassidy Creek are located. Heading further south, but just north of Fort Zancuado is Mount Josiah. While it isn’t as grand as Mount Chiliad, it would still be a difficult mountain to climb.

Out on the eastside of Blaine County is the San Chianski Mountain Range. While it is mostly mountainous, it is still the home to a few facilities and residents. The Humane Labs and Research facility is located on the coast but be warned, it garners a 4-star wanted level if you enter the facility. You can also find the Davis Quartz quarry and the tiny area of Cape Catfish, which has a small dock for fishing and a few homes.

The final of our mountains is Mount Gordo in the northeast of Blaine County. Besides the mountain, it is also the location of the El Gordo Lighthouse. Jolene Cranley-Evans fell to her demise neat the lighthouse and now haunts the top of the mountain. Just to the south of Paleto Bay is the Paleto Forest, an area cram-packed full of trees with the Paleto Forest Sawmill sitting in the middle.

North Chumash and Braddock Pass are two named areas. Still, all they have going through them are main highways with North Chumash just north of Fort Zancuado and Braddock Pass being the mountain pass through Mount Chiliad and Mount Gordo.

Cayo Perico

Cayo Perico
Image From GTA Fandom

Unfortunately, Cayo Perico is a GTA Online exclusive map, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t part of the GTA V world. Cayo Perico is a small island off the coast of Colombia, located in the Caribbean sea. It is privately owned by Juan Strickler, one of the most notorious drug dealers across the land. The map is only accessible during “The Cayo Perico Heist”, but it gave GTA Online fans something new after seven years of the same map.

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And That is GTA V

With players still to this day diving into the world of GTA V, it’s fine to assume that this map was a big hit. GTA Online continues to grow and we’ve even been lucky enough to get an online map expansion through it. This could be the last time that Los Santos appears in GTA but Rockstar has made sure it bows out as not just one of the best GTA maps but possibly, one of the best game maps in history.

GTA V Places and Locations: FAQs

Question: Can I climb the Vinewood Sign?

Answer: Unlike in GTA: San Andreas, it is possible to climb the Vinewood Sign in GTA V. One of the letter scraps for the Leonora Johnson murder investigation is situated on top of the ‘I’, so it would be a bit unhelpful on Rockstars end if they made the Vinewood Sign unclimbable.

Question: Which Los Santos do I prefer, GTA: San Andreas or GTA V?

Answer: Nostalgia always hits with GTA: San Andreas, especially since it is my favorite GTA title. But, I’m going to have to do with GTA V. Rockstar has done a brilliant job at taking everything that made Los Santos good in GTA: SA and made it better for GTA V. I’ve also said this numerous times already but adding more life to a game just makes it hit differently.
The pedestrians are more lively, and not just rehashed carbon copies. There’s more business to explore plus, with new graphics, it just simply looks better.

Question: Who is the best soapboxer?

Answer: In GTA V, soapboxers are more frequent. They’re people that will stand about for one of the protagonists to interact with. Once they do, the soapboxers will share their thoughts, whether is personal or they could be preaching. My favorite is Graham, a man dressed as a Zombie at Vinewood Boulevard. He is also dubbed the Vinewood Zombie. He’s quite a monotone character but doesn’t that fit a zombie well?

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