GTA IV Missions Progression

GTA IV Missions Progression Guide

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Rockstar outdid themselves when they launched Grand Theft Auto IV. The latter is a massive step up from its predecessors and set new standards for gaming as we know it. However, if you are anything like me, you probably need a GTA IV Missions Progression to show you how to progress through missions.

When I played GTA IV for the first time, I spent 70% of my time roaming around the map not knowing what to do next. And when it came down to the actual missions, I failed. A lot!

So, to help avoid the hell I wasted half of my life in, here is a simple guide to guide you through every mission. Before we get into the guide, here is a rule of thumb:

The mission will fail if you get wasted, busted by the cops, or if you fail to protect your partner. In addition, do not leave your partners behind, destroy their properties, or abandon the mission after you started it. The result is mission failure and you will be forced to do it all over again.

Missions in Broker, Dukes, and Bohan

Mission #1: The Cousins Bellic

Niko Bellic (one of the main characters of the game) steps off the ship and waits for Roman to arrive and pick him up.


Drive to Roman’s apartment in Hove Beach, Broker.


25$ + the “Off the Boat” achievement. You will unlock a safe house to save the game and the “Your Call” mission.

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the cousins bellic
‘Bad things happened to us’

Mission #2: It’s Your Call!

Roman introduces his girlfriend Mallorie to Niko and then takes him for a ride around the city.


Get into Roman’s car and drive him to the hardware store. Stay inside the car and keep an eye out for the loan sharks. When the latter arrives in a beige car, phone Roman and warn him. Lose the Albanians, and take him back to the car depot.


30$ +the Badger Cellphone. The “Three is a Crowd” mission is unlocked.

Tip: do not engage with the sharks or the mission will fail.

Mission #3: Three Is a Crowd


three is a crowd
‘Get in, ladies’

Roman asks Niko to pick up Mallorie and her friend Michelle from the station.


Get into Roman’s taxi and go to the subway station at Hove Beach. Honk to pick up the girls. Drop them off at Michelle’s apartment in Mohawk Avenue, Rotterdam Hill, then go to the clothes store and buy fresh attire.


Increased respect and popularity and you can shop for clothes. The “First Date” and “Bleed Out” missions are unlocked.

Mission #4: First Date

Niko receives a call from Michelle asking him out on a date. During the mission, Roman calls for help, and Niko has the choice to save him or ignore the call.


Pick up Michelle from her apartment and take her to the Carnival. Go to the bowling alley and find an empty lane to play in. Once finished, go back to Michelle’s car and drive her home.


Michelle becomes your girlfriend. The “Easy Fare” mission is unlocked if the player decides to save Roman.

Mission #5: Bleed Out

bleed out

Roman is getting beaten up by the Albanians and needs Niko’s help. The player will have a choice to do this mission during “First Date”. If the player accepts, Niko will have to apologize to Michelle for not showing up and asks her out on another date.


Go to the basketball court in Firefly Projects and save Roman. Beat up the Albanians and help Roman get to his car. Chase down Dardan, and do not let him escape. He will try to leave the vehicle and run-on foot. Kill him, and take Roman back to the depot.

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50$+ “Easy Fare”. Now you can hang out with Roman.

Mission #6: Easy Fare

Romans sends Niko to pick up one of his regular customers.


Get in Roman’s cab and drive to Rotterdam Hill. Honk once you arrive to pick up the customer. Take Jermaine to Masterson Street. The cops will turn up, lose them and drop Jermaine off at Gibson Street.


100$+ access to the Pay n’Spray garage. The “Bull in a China Shop” and “Jamaican Heat” missions are unlocked.

Mission #7: Jamaican Heat


jamaican heat
‘We should talk some time — I’m a good listener’

Niko offers to help Roman with the taxi business and gives his friend a lift.


Pick up Little Jacob from Oneida Avenue and drop him off on Dillon Street. Jacob will ask you to back him up, so take the gun and go to the vantage point. Wait for Jacob to get in position and then kill the gang members. Head back to the car and drive Jacob to the Homebrew Café on Tutelo Avenue.


150$+ “Uncle Vlad” and “Concrete Jungle”. You can work as a taxi driver for extra cash.

Mission #8: Bull in a China Shop

Vlad needs Niko to deal with a shop owner who declines to pay protection money.


Go to JJ China Limited shop on Huntington Street. Find something to throw at the window because the door is jammed. Collect the money and take it to Vlad.


50$ + “Hung Out to Dry”. You can have free taxi rides at any time.


Shoot the window, or punch it, but don’t hurt the shop owner.

Mission #9: Hung Out to Dry

hung out to dry
‘I see anyone, I don’t know you’

Vlad leads Niko to a Laundromat to intimidate the owner and collect the money.


Go to the laundromat at Hove Beach, Broker. Chase the owner when he tries to run and ram his Van until he stops.


100$+ “Clean Getaway”

Mission #10: Clean Getaway

Vlad’s boss is having a problem with someone who refuses to pay his debts.


First, head to the subway station, and then get on board the designated train. Leave the station and find the silver Blista Compact. Wash the car and then drive it to the lock-up.


150$+ “Ivan the Not So Terrible”.


Try to deliver the car with minimum damage.

Mission #11: Ivan the Not So Terrible

ivan the not so terrible

Vlad informs Niko that Mikhail Faustin, his boss, has bad blood with Ivan Bytchkov and wants him dead. Vlad plans to convince Ivan to rob Bellic’s cab depot, so Niko can kill him in self-defense.


Head down to Roman’s garage, but Ivan is already gone and heading to the construction site. Follow him! When you catch him, kill him or let him go.


200$+ “Uncle Vlad”.

Mission #12: Uncle Vlad

Niko finds Roman depressed because of Vlad’s fling with Mallorie. Niko decides to meet Vlad and talk to him about the affair with Roman in tow.


Go to the Comrades Bar with Roman. He will run to his car and try to escape, use the shotgun to kill his goons, and follow him. After he crashes the car, finish him off.


“Feed the Fish” achievement+ unlocks the “Crime and Punishment” mission.

Mission #13: Crime and Punishment


crime and punishment
‘My wife doesn’t like when people shout’

Niko and Roman get kidnapped by Faustin for killing Vlad. But, Faustin decides to let Niko go and assign him some jobs.


To start, steal a cop car and use the computer to locate the vans before their destination. Then, pull the Vans over, find which one has the TVs, and take it to the lock-up.


200$ + “Do You Have Protection?” mission. You get the ability to work as Vigilante and Most Wanted side missions for more cash.

Mission #14: Concrete Jungle

Little Jacob calls Niko asking for help with a couple of rivaling gang members.


First, meet Little Jacob and drive to the apartments in Willis. Then, park in the rear alley and wait for the drug dealers to come out and kill them.

Go back to the front, pick up Jacob, and go to the townhouse in Meadows Park. Follow Jacob to the front door and kill the drug dealers. Drive Jacob back to the Homebrew Café to end the mission.


200$+ “Shadow”.

Mission #15: Do You Have Protection?

do you have protection

A sex shop owner named is not willing to pay protection money. By orders from Faustin, Dimitri and Niko are sent to collect the money.


Go with Dimitri to the sex shop on Delaware Ave and go inside. First, target Joseph to frighten him, then the man in the middle. Shoot the porn actor in his leg, follow Dimitri out of the shop and drive to the gun shop. Buy a Micro-SMG, then go to Faustin’s house with Dimitri to finish the mission.


400$ +Micro-SMG. The Underground Gun Shops are now open alongside the “Shadow” and “Final Destination” missions.

Mission #16: Shadow

Little Jacob is not getting any profit from some drug dealers operating on their turf. Thus, he calls Niko to take care of them.


Find the dealer on Wallkill Ave. Don’t attack him, follow him instead, and do not let him see you. Break into the apartment when you get there and kill everyone.


250$+ “Russian Revolution”.

Mission #17: Final Destination


final destination
‘Mikhail, please, don’t do this’

Mikhail suspects that Lenny Petrovic is selling him out to the cops. Thus, he sends Niko to whack him.


Go to Guantanamo Ave and head to the train platform. Kill Lenny as he stands waiting.


500$+ “No Love Lost” and “Logging On”


Climb up to the roof of a nearby building and shoot Lenny in the head.

Mission #18: No Love Lost

Faustin hates his daughter’s boyfriend and wants him dead. he asks Niko to take him out.


Drive to Firefly Island and look for the couple around Funland. Jason will run away when you interact with them, grab a bike and kill him.


500$+ “Rigged to Blow”.

Mission #19: Logging On

logging on

Roman implores Niko to get an Email and start online dating.


First, go to Tw@ café in Oneida Ave and speak to the assistant. Use one of the computers and follow the on-screen instructions. When you are done, leave the café.


You will gain Internet access and unlock “Rigged to Blow” and “Exotic Sports” missions.

Mission #20: Rigged to Blow

Faustin is mad because Kenny Petrovic wants to avenge his son’s death. Mikhail tasks Niko to pick up a truck rigged with a bomb and take it to Petrovic’s garage.


Head over to the old factory and get the Truck. Park it inside Kenny’s garage, then arm the bomb and leave the area.


700$+ “The Master and the Molotov” and “Search and Delete”.

Tips: drive carefully and don’t damage the truck because the explosives are sensitive and can go off easily.

Mission #21: Search and Delete


search and delete
‘Man, you’re cold’

Brucie wants Niko to locate a man called Lyle Rivas and kill him for not paying the money owes.


First, steal a police car and use the computer. Select “police database”, then “search by name” and type in LYLE RIVAS. Once located, drive to Lyle’s house and kill him.


3500$+ “Easy as Can Be”. You may take side missions from Brucie to earn some money.

Mission #22: Easy as Can Be

Brucie updates Niko that Rivas had a car worth some money and asks Niko to steal it.


Head to Yorktown Ave. Find the car take a walk around it before you get in, then deliver it to the lock-up.




some armed thugs will show up and try to stop you, lose them and take the car to lock up.

Mission #23: The Master and the Molotov


the master and the molotov
‘Betrayed by Dimitri and by you’

Kenny Petrovic is looking to retaliate against Dimitri and Niko for bombing his garage and killing his son. Dimitri made a deal to save himself and Niko by killing Faustin.


First, gear up and get some guns, then go Perestroika in Hove Beach. Faustin will send his men to stop you and try to escape. Kill them then go after Faustin and end his life.


Unlocks “Russian Revolution” mission.

Mission #24: Russian Revolution

Niko agreed to meet with Dimitri to collect his payment. Jacob calls Niko and insists on joining him as a backup. Niko finds Dimitri with Ray Bulgarin, who wishes Niko to be dead.


Meet Little Jacob behind the warehouse in East Hook. Bulgarin wants to kill you, kill his men and get out of the area. The shootout warned the cops now they are on to you. Lose them and take Jacob back to the café.


Unlocks “Roman’s Sorrow” mission.

Mission #25: Roman’s Sorrow


roman's sorrow
‘I guess we start again’

Roman’s apartment and cab depot are destroyed. It is time to move on.


Go pick up Roman and drive to his apartment. You will find it destroyed, so you will be redirected to the depot. The latter is also gone, thus, you must go to the safehouse on Juliette street.


Unlocks “Escuela of the Streets” and “Lowest Point achievement”.

Tips: you will no longer get free taxi rides from Roman.

Mission #26: Out of the Closet

Lyle had a cousin called Tom and did not pay Brucie the money he owes. The latter wants Tom dead, so he contacts Niko to do the dirty work.


Use one of the computers at the internet café and log in to lookup FRENCH TOM and set a date. Tom will reply and meet you in a diner. Drive there and kill Tom when you are ready.


6750$+ “No. 01” and “The Puerto Rican Connection”

Mission #27: No. 01


Brucie’s race coming up, and his Banshee would not start. Instead, he takes Niko along to pick up his friend’s Comet and join the race.


The racecar is parked outside, pick it up and go to the starting grid. You have to win to pass the mission. After the race, take Brucie to his place.


6750$+ the Comet. Brucie can give you helicopter rides around the city and hire you for street racing.

Mission #28: Escuela of the Streets

Mallorie introduces Niko to Manny Escuela. The latter needs Niko’s help to take out a couple of drug dealers.


Get in the car with Manny and drive to the dealer’s place. Keep an eye on the dealer and follow him to a warehouse (do not let him see you). Once he gets in, follow him and kill everyone inside. Then, leave the area quickly.


1000$+ “Street Sweeper”.

Mission #29: Street Sweeper

street sweeper

Manny is on a mission to purge the streets and clean them up, and he needs Niko’s help.


Go to Muscle Mary’s garage on Windmill Street in Chase Point Bohan, and kill all the gang members. They will try to escape in vehicles, stop them!


1100$+ “Luck of The Irish”.

Tips: chase after the fleeing gang members and go back to the garage to finish the rest.

Mission #30: Luck of the Irish

Elizabeta Torres hires Niko to watch over her man Patrick McReary during a deal.


Pick up the sniper rifle from a rooftop on Juliette Street and get ready at the vantage point. Take the dealers out once they open fire on Patrick. The last dealer will try to escape in a van. To kill him, you must snipe him through the front windshield.


1500$+ “Blow Your Cover”.

Tips: try to kill the last dealer before he gets in the car. You will have to redo the mission if Patrick dies.

Mission #31: Blow Your Cover

blow your cover

Elizabeta introduces Niko to Johnny Klebitz, who is looking to sell some heroin. Elizabeta assigns Niko as Johnny’s protection during the deal. Niko also meets Playboy X, who decides to join Niko.


Get in the car with Playboy and drive to the apartment building on Cassidy Street in Schottler. When you arrive, go up to the third floor with Playboy and meet Johnny. One of the buyers is a cop who will blow his cover and a shoot-out initiate.

Stay close to Playboy and work your way up to the roof. Then, take the stairs and go out to the street. Find a vehicle to pick up Playboy, and escape the cops. Once the wanted level is gone, drop Playboy at his place in Northwood, Algonquin.


2000$+ access to Algonquin, Colony Island, happiness Island, and Integrity 2.0 radio station. In addition, you will be able to buy attire from Perseus and Modo, get taxi rides from Roman, and two ladies will be available to date online. You will also unlock “The Puerto Rican Connection” and “Deconstruction for beginners” missions.

Mission #32: The Puerto Rican Connection

Manny wants Niko to kill some friends who are mocking him for his videos.


Drive to Algonquin Bridge and wait for the train to pass, then follow it to Schottler Station. Wait for the targets to get off and kill them.


1500$+ “The Snow Storm” and “Call and Collect”.


You can kill the Targets once they get off the train, or follow them to their destination and whack them when they get out of the car.

Mission #33: Deconstruction for Beginners

deconstruction for beginners

Playboy X is looking to get Yusuf Amir, a real estate developer, on his team. However, the latter has been ducking Playboy. To show he means business, X calls Niko to help him kill Union Leaders who seized a construction site from Yusuf.


Got to Castle Gardens and pick up the guns. Kill the lookouts on top of the cranes and go inside the construction site. Kill the first leader and work your way up to the second floor. After you kill the third leader, the fourth one will run, follow him and kill him.


6500$+ “Photo Shoot” and “Ruff Rider”.


Use the first Aid packs and watch out from the helicopter.

Mission #34: Photo Shoot

Playboy thinks a dealer call Marlon Bridges is snitching on him and wants him out. But Niko does not know what Bridges look like.


Take Playboy’s camera phone a go to the basketball court on Exeter Ave. take a picture of the gang and send it to Playboy so he can show you the target. Once you identify Bridges, take him out and his friends.


6750$+ the Whiz cellphone.

Mission #35: Ruff Rider

ruff rider

Playboy wants Niko to help his old friend Dwayne. The latter was sending money to his ex-girl to pay the rent. However, she was giving the money to her new boyfriend Jayvon Simson. Dwayne wants Niko to whack Simson and get the money back.


Go to the arcade in Chinatown and find Simson and Dwayne’s ex-girlfriend, Cherise. Simson spotted you and he is running on his back, chase him down and get the money.


You have the option to kill Cherise or let her live. Either way, Dwayne will be happy. Furthermore, you will find an NRG 900 parked nearby, which you can use to chase Simson.

Mission #36: Undress to kill

Dwayne lost his will to live because of his sticky situation. Niko offers to help by giving him back the club he used to own.


Go to the Triangle club and walk inside unarmed. Head upstairs and listen to a conversation to locate the managers. The first manager will be in his office, the second is getting a lap dance in the back, and the third is near the stage.




Park a car in front of the back door of the club to stop the managers from fleeing.

Mission #37: The Snow Storm


the snow storm
‘It’s my job to watch you’

Little Jacob introduced Elizabeta to some contacts who ripped her off. She asks Niko to do Jacobs’s Job and Bring the drugs back.


Drive to the Old Hospital and find where the coke is, and kill anyone who opposes you.  After you find the drugs, Niko will call Jacob, but the cops are raiding the hospital. Fight your way out and lose the cops. Once the heat is off you, go meet up with Jacob in Chase



2500$+ “Have a Heart”.


If you enter the hospital from the back end, you will get to the coke faster and deal with fewer gang members. The remaining mobsters will get in a shootout with the cops. Plus, there is a boat nearby, take it.

Mission #38: Have a Heart

Elizabeta is stressed out because of the cops when Niko meets her at the apartment. Suddenly, Manny and his cameraman arrive at the apartment and start filming. In a moment of anger, Elizabeta shoots both man and his partner and asks Niko to dispose of the bodies.


Get in the car and take the bodies to a doctor in Broker.




You can dump the car in the river or blow it to complete the mission, but you will not get paid. To add, drive carefully and keep the trunk closed because the cops can see the bodies and chase after you if it pops open.

Mission #39: Wrong is Right

wrong is right

Niko reunites with his old lover Michelle who informs Niko that her real name is Karen and introduces him to her boss, The Contact. The latter sends Niko to collect data about a man named Oleg Minkov.


Go to Oleg’s apartment in hove beach. It is empty, go inside and check the computer. Oleg is meeting someone at the Jewelry store in Hove Beach. Keep an eye on Minkov, when he tries to escape, chase him and take him down.


6750$+ “Portrait of a Killer”.

Mission #40: Portrait of a killer

United Liberty Paper gives Niko a contract to kill Adam Dimayev.


A contact will send you a message that contains a photo of your target, read it carefully. Then steal a cop car and log in to the computer to locate Dimayev. Drive to his location and eliminate him and his guards.



Tips: the last guard alive will surrender, kill him or let him walk away (the decision will not affect the game).

Mission #41: Dust Off


dust off
‘What about me?’

The contact of United Liberty Paper wishes the Russian entrepreneur Eduard Borodin to be dead. However, the only way to get to the target is via air. As a result, Niko is sent on a ridiculous mission to steal a chopper.


Drive to Civilization Plaza and wait for a helicopter to take off. Follow the chopper on the expressway and wait for it to land in Westminster. Armed guards are protecting the landing pad, take them out and steal the helicopter.

Once you take off, head to Francis International Airport and land near the cargo yard.


7000$+ “Paper Trail”.


A guard will try to hold on to the helicopter leg when you take off, crush him with the chopper or let him fall to his death.

Mission #42: the Holland Play

Niko meets Playboy X, who wants him to kill Dwayne, but the latter also contacts Niko and wants him to kill Playboy. After a while, Niko must decide which one to kill to start the mission.


  • Kill Playboy X: kill the bodyguards in the house and chase down Playboy to an alleyway. Niko will execute X in a cutscene by shooting him in the throat.
  • Kill Dwayne: kill the thug and then kill Dwayne. The latter will simply give up and turns around, so Niko shoots him in the back of the head.


If you kill Dwayne, you will get 25000$. If you kill Playboy, you will get his penthouse as a gift with Claude’s outfit from GTA III.

Mission #43: Hostile Negotiation


hostile negotiation
‘Oh man, what are we going to do?’

Malorie calls Niko to inform him that Roman has been kidnapped and is being held hostage at the Lompoc Ave warehouse.


Get to the warehouse and start taking out the armed mobsters. Work your way up to the first floor, where Roman is being held. Kill his kidnapper and follow him out of the warehouse.


Roman manages to buy a new fleet of taxis (Cavalcade instead of Esperanto) alongside a penthouse in Middle Park East, Algonquin to use as a safe house.

Algonquin-Alderney Missions

Mission #44: Call and Collect

Francis is being blackmailed with incriminating photos and needs Niko to get them back.


Head to the Pier on Silicon Street. Once you get to the location, Francis will send you the number of the blackmailer. You must call him and identify who he is. When you spot him, he will try to escape, thus, you must kill him and retrieve the photos. Lose the heat and take the photos back to Francis.


1000$+ “Finale Interview” and “Harboring a Grudge”.


The blackmailer will try to escape on the right side of the pier. Moreover, you can make two long phone calls with the target to identify him.

Mission #45: Paper Trail

paper trail

The Liberty Paper will call Niko to meet with Little Jacob and get to the helicopter. The latter is equipped with a rocket launcher to take down the target.


Go to the salvage yard on Grummer Road and get in the helicopter with Little Jacob. Fly toward the south and locate the Russian helicopter. Follow it until it reaches the sea, then fly close to it.

Adjust the chopper to give Little Jacob a clear shot to take down the Russian. When the target is down, take Jacob back to a Helipad on Union Drive East.


7500$+ “That Special Someone”.

Mission #46: Finale Interview

Francis clarifies to Niko that a lawyer called Tom Goldberg is holding evidence that can put Francis behind bars. He wants Niko to get the evidence and get rid of the lawyer.


Go to an internet café and use a computer to book an interview with Goldberg’s firm. Apply through an ad or email and leave your phone number. Leave the café and wait. After a while, the firm will call and set a date for the interview. Go get a suit, and go to the firm. Go to the receptionist and follow her to Tom’s office. When you are ready, intimidate him to get the files, then kill him and go back to meet Francis.


1000$+ “Holland Nights”.


You must wear a suit and no headgear to start the mission. Plus, enter the firm with no gun equipped and do not attack anyone. You have the option to kill the lawyer without firing a gun to avoid the bodyguards and the police.

Mission #47: Holland Nights

holland nights

Clarence Little is behind some drug deals and soliciting operations in East Holland. Francis wants him dead. Niko refuses the job offer, but the reward is a bit a lot to leave on the table.


The target is inside an apartment building in East Holland. Call Francis when you get in the building to receive additional information about the target. Chase Clarence and kill anyone who tries to protect him.

He will try to escape upstairs to the roof. Follow him and don’t let him escape.


5000$+ “Lure”.


Avoid chasing the target and go up the Crain in the construction site across the projects, and snipe the target. You will have the decision to let the target live or kill him if you chase him to the roof.

If the target manages to reach a vehicle, he will drive very slowly and won’t stop until he is dead, which eliminates the option of sparing his life.

Mission #48: Lure

One of Clarence’s men is still threatening Francis with convicting proofs. The latter is at a boiling point and sends Niko to take care of the situation.


Go to the Feltzer in Union Drive East and pick up the Sniper Rifle ammo. Drive to the target’s place and call Francis for more info. After the call, go up the roof of the opposite building and take out the target. Shoot the window, the TV, or the cable dish to lure the target and kill him.


5000$+ “Blood Brothers”.


You can call the target many times, get too close, or throw a grenade to get him out of the building. He will try to escape with his car. So, you can destroy it, kill him before he gets in it, rigg it with a bomb, or chase him.

Mission #49: Harboring a Grudge

harboring a grudge

After meeting his mother Maureen and his sister Kate, Patrick McReary informs Niko that illegal meds are coming into the city via the docks by the Triads. Patrick wants to steal a trug loaded with drugs while it’s on the move.


Head to the docks in Fishmarket North with Packie. Follow Patrick to the top of the warehouse and wait for the drugs to arrive. Climb down a mini-cabin and steal the truck. Wait for Patrick to get in and drive to the lock-up.


7500$+ “Waste Not Want Knots”.


Take out the triads from the top of the warehouse when you still have the height advantage. Enemy vehicles will follow you, so make sure to get the truck to the lock-up without too much damage.

Mission #50: Waste not Want Knot

Patrick and his associates Gordon Sargent and Michael Keane are planning to bust a warehouse of a rival gang and steal from them. Niko is invited to take part in the raid.


Find a four-door car and pick up the rest of the boys. Drive to the waste depot and shoot the enemies outside. When the door is unlocked, get in and head upstairs to grab the cash.

On your way out of the office, shoot the Italians to stop them from stealing the money. Follow Packie to the boat and escape to safety.


8000$+ “Three Leaf Clover” and “A Long Way To Fall”.


There is usually a sedan near the apartment you can use. Try to stay close to Packie and protect him because he likes to lead the way. Once he gives the signal to escape, ignore all the mobsters, and run to the boat, Gordon and Michael will stay behind to deal with them.

Mission #51: Three Leaf Clover

three leaf clover

Niko heads to the McReary place and meets up with Packie, Michael, and Derrick to join them in robbing the Bank of Liberty.


Pick your partners up in a four-door car and head to the bank. Go inside and head down to the vault. Stay close to Derrick and Packie and cover them.

Kill as many cops as you can to clear the path and head down the subway station. Get back up on the streets and find a sedan. Lose the heat and drop your partner back at the apartment.


250,000$+ “Taking in the Trash”, “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, and “Smackdown”. The carbine rifle will be available for purchase and Packie will become your friend.

Mission #52: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Gerry, Packie’s brother, calls Niko and asks for a favor. The latter includes creating tension between the Ancelotti’s and the Albanians. Niko must kill the Ancelotti’s capo Anthony Spoleto and blame it on the Albanians.


Pick up the bomb from an alleyway on Inchon Ave and plant it under the Ancelotti’s car. Then, find yourself a vehicle and follow Anthony to the meeting. Once they arrive, back off to a safe spot and call Gerry to detonate the bomb. Finish off the remaining members, then lose the heat.


9000$+ “I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle”.


Don’t get too close when you follow the Ancelotti’s car or the mission will fail.

Mission #53: I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, And Your Motorcycl

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, And Your Motorcycle e

Gerry wants Niko to kill an Ancelotti capo named Frank Garone. Niko gets disguised as an Albanian on an Albanian bike to do the job.


Get on the bike and head to the meeting point. Frank will spot you and escape on his bike. You must chase him and end his life.


9250$+ an Albanian Biker Jacket. The mission “Blood brothers” is unlocked.

Mission #54: Smackdown

Packie’s brother, Derrick, is under threat from a friend named Bucky and asks Niko to take him out.


Steal a cruiser from the police station around the block and use the computer to find Bucky’s location. Go to the Burger Shot in Alderney. Once you arrive, a cutscene will show Bucky escaping to his hideout in a truck, chase him until he gets to his hideout. His crew will be waiting to protect him. Whack them all then lose the cops.


6500$+ the Alderney City safehouse.

Mission #55: A Long Way to Fall

a long way to fall

Niko travels to Drusilla’s to meet a man named Ray Boccino. Ray is having a problem with a guy called Teddy Benavidez who refuses to pay what he owes to Ray.


Ray will send you a message that includes a picture of Alonzo, one Ray’s men. Head to the projects in Galveston and find him. Intimidate Alonzo to get Teddy’s location. After shooting your way up to Teddy’s apartment, he will try to escape to the roof, chase him up and kill him.


8500$+ “Taking In The Trash” and “Babysitting”.


Kill Alonzo to avoid attention.

Mission #56: Babysitting

Niko and Derrick are helping a friend from Korea smuggle fake 100$ bills to Liberty City.


Meet Derrick at the dock and head over to Kim’s boat. Stay close to the Korean’s boat and protect him from the Albanians. A chopper will start following you after crossing East Borough Bridge, use the rocket launcher to take it out. Eliminate the remaining enemies and get Kim safely to his destination.


7000$+ the “Tunnel of Death” and “Dining Out”.


Shoot the boats’ engines for more damage.

Mission #57: Tunnel of Death

tunnel of death

Aiden O’Malley is being taken to a prison in Alderney City because Derrick snitched on him. The latter tells Niko to whack Aiden.


Go get the truck from Applewhite and use it to block one of the ends of Booth Tunnel while Packie blocks the other end. Kill the police officers and steal the Stockade. Lose the cops then ditch the truck. After that, take Aiden to the cliffs and end his life.


7500$+ “Blood Brothers”.

Mission #58: Blood Brothers

Francis wants Derrick dead because the latter wants to expose incriminating evidence against the former. However, Niko receives a call from Derrick telling him to kill Francis instead.


Choose a brother to kill. Head to the Court Yard in Lancet and use the window cleaning platform to reach the scaffolding and up to the rooftop. Go to the yellow marker and kill one of the brothers with a sniper rifle. Once the target is down, leave the area before the cops show up.


10000$ if you kill Derrick. You can raise it to 20000 if you call Francis while on the rooftop. You can blackmail Francis to remove up to 3 stars wanted level.

No rewards if you kill Francis, but your friendship with Packie will increase and the next mission will be easy.

Mission #59: Taking in the Trash

taking in the trash

The Lost MC gang has hidden diamonds in trash bags and Ray wants to have them. Niko with Luca Silvestri and two associates drive around in a Trashmaster to collect the diamonds.


Go get the Trashmaster and go to the first location. Then, head to the second location and collect the bags. Members of the Messina Crime Family will chase you, lose them and drive back to the Liberty Sanitation Depot in Fishmarket South.


9000$+ the Liberty Sanitation department attire, and unlock “Meltdown”.


Don’t destroy the garbage truck, and don’t let any of your associates die.

Mission #60: Meltdown

Niko is in trouble because Luca and his partners stole the diamonds.


Go to Castle Garden City and find Luca’s gang. They will try to escape, grab a car and chase after them. The gang will veer off into the park and try to escape on foot, you must kill them. After you take out the two goons, go into the toilets and find Luca. Kill him and retrieve the diamonds.


9500$+ “Museum Piece”.


Do not kill Luca before you get the diamonds.

Mission #61: Undertaker


Packie will contact Niko asking him to attend the funeral of one of his brothers, which got intercepted by Albanians.


Get a suit and head to the church. The Albanians are going to attack the hearse as it leaves. Kill them all and drive the hearse to the Cemetery. The Albanians will follow you in a car and try to damage it. Try to lose them.


Unlocks the “I’ll Take Her” and “That Special Someone” missions.


Do not let the casket fall off the rear in case the door detaches. If you killed Derrick you will have to drive to Steinway, or Colony Island if you killed Francis.

Mission #62: Museum Piece

Ray is looking to sell the diamonds he stole, but the deal goes wrong.


Meet up with Johnny at the side entrance of the Museum. Fernando Lopez will ambush the deal and steal the diamonds and Johnny runs off with the money. Shoot your way out of the Libertonian and escape the heat.


9500$+ “No Way on The Subway”.

Mission #63: No Way on the Subway

no way on the subway

Niko is up-to-date by Phil Bell and Ray that Johnny got the Money and Lopez got the diamonds. The former sends Niko to deal with the Lost MC and kill some bikers.


Grab a bike and go confront the bikers in an alley off Vauxite street. They will escape on their bikes down the subway tracks, go after them and kill them.


10000$+ “Weekend at Florian’s” and “Late Checkout”.

Tips: you can follow the bikers until one of them gets hit by a train and kill the other one after.

Mission #64: Weekend at Florian’s

Ray informs Niko about Florian Cravic, one of the two men Niko is looking for.


Pick Roman up and go meet Talbot, Roman’s friend, from Star Junction in Algonquin. Get a four-door car and drive to the corner of Ivy Drive South and Pyrite Street with Roman and Talbot. The latter will give you directions to Florian’s apartment.


“Hating the Haters”, “Entourage”, and “Pest Control” missions are unlocked.

Mission #65: Late Checkout

late checkout

Ray finally snapped after losing the money and the diamonds. He sends Niko to the Majestic Hotel to kill Isaac Roth, who threatened to kill Ray.


Drive to the Majestic Hotel where Isaac is staying. Guards are protecting the place, kill them and make your way up to the penthouse suite. Kill Isaac and his dealers, then leave the area.


11000$+ “Truck Hustle” and “Ransom”.


Isaac has two associates, and one of them can be left alive.

Mission #66: Truck Hustle

Mr. Bell asks Niko to steal a truck loaded with the heroine from the Triads.


Go to the alleyway and wait for the truck to arrive. It will be surrounded by a lot of Triad members who you must kill to steal the truck. One of them will get in the driver’s seat and take off.

Run after it and hold on to the back. Keep pressing the run button to stay on the truck until you reach the driver. Once you take over, follow the GPS to deliver the drugs.


11000$+ “Pegorino’s Pride” and “The Fixer’s Assassinations”.

Mission #67: I’ll Taker Her


i'll take her
‘We can enjoy the day’

Niko is off on a mission to kidnap Gracie Ancelotti, daughter of Don Giovanni, by orders from Packie.


Go to a computer terminal and look for an ad for a pink Feltzer. Contact Gracie to view the car. When she responds, go to her house and take the car for a test drive to the coast. During the ride, you will be notified to take Gracie to the safehouse.


9500$+ “Ransom”.


It is possible to take Gracie to the safehouse without spooking her. And, if you drive by a police car, you will get a wanted level. Lose it before heading to the safehouse.

Mission #68: Hating the Haters

Bernie Crane is scared of a homophobe who keeps threatening him and calls Niko for help.


Take Bernie to Middle Park to do his usual routine. Follow him as he jogs and watch him from a distance. When the attacker appears, kill him and take Bernie to Perseus in the exchange.


6000$+ “Union Drive”.


Kill the attacker instantly to avoid pursuit.

Mission #69: Union Drive

union drive

Bernie and his lover are being blackmailed by Dimitri Rascalov and call Niko for help.


Get a car and pick up Bernie, then head to the meeting point. Eradicate the blackmailers, and take Bernie back safe to his house when you are done.


6500$+ “Buoys Ahoy”.

Mission #70: Pegorino’s Pride

Jimmy Pegorino hires Niko to oversee one of his deals in case it goes wrong.


Get a suit first then drive to Pegorino’s mansion. After the conversation is over, get in the car with Jimmy and his men and travel to the refinery. Take the rifle and head to the vantage point, and keep an eye on Pegorino.

The Pavanos will ambush the deal and injure Jimmy, go and rescue him. Once you kill the enemies, two will run away in a car with Pegorino’s offering. Chase after them and get the offering back.


10500$+ “Payback”.

Mission #71: Buoys Ahoy


buoys ahoy
‘More people want me dead than alive’

Bernie phones Niko after a panic attack and asks him to meet at Pier 45 in Southeast Algonquin.


Get in the boat and take Bernie to a point on the coast near Firefly Island. Bernie will spot Dimitri’s goons on a boat nearby, chase after them and kill them.

Some of Dimitri’s men will manage to reach land, stay on their tail, and don’t let them escape. Once you eliminate them, go back and meet Bernie at the pier.


6500$+ “That Special Someone”. You will also get a new Infernus.

Mission #72: Payback

Pegorino is angry and wants his revenge. Thus, he sends Niko to bust their pick up and whack them all.


Chase the Pavanos to the pickup place at the diner in Acter. Use any means necessary to kill the men. The shoot-out will warn the police, lose the wanted level to finish the mission.


12000$+ “Catch the Wave”.

Mission #73: Catch the Wave

catch the wave

Mr. Bell needs Niko’s help to get his hands on another shipment of cocaine coming from Vice City.


Get in the truck with Bell and drive to the docks at Charge Island. Kill the Russians and reach the boats with Bell. Steal the boat with cocaine and follow Bell to the drop-off point. Make sure to stay close to Bell and kill the attackers.


7500$+ “Flatline” and “Trespass”.

Mission #74: Trespass

Phill Bell wants Charles Matteo dead before he snitches on him for stealing the cocaine boats.


Drive to the old Sprunk Factory in Alderney and locate Chubby Charlie. Kill anyone that tries to oppose you and chase after Chubby Charlie before he escapes. Head up to the roof and take down the helicopter.


105000$+ “To Live and Die in Alderney”.

Tips: you can attack from the underground services tunnel or bust through the front door.

Mission #75: To Live and Die in Alderney


to live and die in alderney
‘It’s a ghost house’

Phill Bell decides it’s time to move the heroine to a new place and calls Niko to help him unload the truck. However, the operation does not go as planned.


Take Bell and meet Frankie at the old mansion in Westdyke. The FIB will surround the place, get in the car and follow Bell.

Kill every cop in the way and make sure your partner doesn’t get arrested. Destroy the helicopter to lose the heat before switching to a Van parked behind the Hospital.

Lose the cops with Bell and Frankie in the Van, and head to the safehouse.


12000$+ “Pest Control”.

Mission #76: Ransom

Don Giovanni thinks his daughter is hanging out with some guy and not kidnaped.


Go to the safe house and head upstairs. Take a photo of Gracie with your phone and then leave.


9500$+ “She’s a Keeper”.

Mission #77: Flatline


One of Pegorino’s guards, Anthony Corrado is a FIB informant. Corrado suffered from a heart attack and is currently in the ER. Pegorino wants him dead before he testifies against him in court.


Go to the Westdyke Memorial Hospital and head toward the reception. There is a pair of scrubs in a locker room nearby. Use it as cover to make your way to Corrado’s ward.

Convince the guards to leave, get in the room, and unplug Anthony’s life support machine. leave the area as fast as possible. By the time you reach the reception, cops will be on to you. So, lose the heat to complete the mission.


13000$ + “Pest Control”.

Mission #78: Pest Control

Jimmy explains that there are rats in the Pegorino organization. An hour later he phones Niko and tasks him with killing Ray Boccino.


Drive over to east Holland and find Ray. He will be protected by guards. Pack some heat and kill ray and his followers.


14500$+ “That Special Someone”.


You can kill Ray by planting a bomb in his Oracle and detonating it when he stops to refuel at the gas station.

Mission #79: She’s a Keeper

she's a keeper

Giovanni located his daughter and moved in to save her.


Take Gracie to the new safehouse in Northwood. The Ancelotti family will be chasing you. Lose them!


9750$+ “Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend” mission.


Gracie is very vulnerable in the trunk, make to drive safely, and don’t damage the car.

Mission #80: Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend

Packie and Niko return Gracie safely to her family in exchange for the diamonds. However, the deal goes south when Bulgarin intervenes and takes the diamonds.


Packie is in his car in Northwood waiting for you. Meet him and head to the exchange spot behind the Charge Island Sewage Works. Bulgarin’s men will soon arrive, kill them and go across the pathway. Take the calvary down and Bulgarin’s last man. Afterward, follow Packie and drive him to his Ma’s house.


The “One Last thing” mission is unlocked.

Mission #81: Entourage


‘Make sure our boy gets to City Hall’

Niko pays a visit to Jon Gravelli at the Schottler medical center. The latter tells Niko to meet a politician and escort him.


Meet Bobby Jefferson at the Grand Easton Terminal and get in his car. Drive with the convoy and stay between the two sedans. The Russian mafia will lead you to an ambush and destroy one of the sedans.

You must eliminate the enemies and protect Jefferson. Once the shooters are down, drive Jefferson away to safety. Watch your back because the Russians will be after you.


12000$+ “Dining out”.

Mission #82: Dining Out

Gravelli informs Niko about a Korean man who recently came into the country and sold his money for a small change.


Go to Fuk’s Rice Box and look for Kim inside the restaurant. Walk over to the manager’s office and intimidate him to tell you where Kim is. The Latter will try to escape through the kitchen. Make him bleed!


13250$+ “Liquidize the Assets”.


Head directly to the kitchen if you kill the manager before he talks.

Mission #83: Liquidize the Assets

Liquidize the Assets

The Ancelotti family and the Russians are making a deal that is probably bad for Jon.


Drive to the compound and climb over the fences to get in. take cover after killing the first guards because waves of them will follow. Mow down the enemies and destroy all the Vans in the compound.


14000$ and intel about Darko Brevic.


one of the Vans will be hidden out of sight and a remaining Russian will try to take it and escape. Destroy it.

Mission #84: That Special Someone

The United Liberty Paper returns Niko’s favors and gives him Darko Brevic, the man who betrayed Niko’s unit at the war.


Pick Roman up from Firefly Island and drive to Francis International Airport. Darko will be thrown out of a Van in handcuffs. Confront Darko and decide whether to kill him or let him run free. Then, drive Roman to Brucie’s house.


“That Special Someone” achievement and “One Last Thing” mission is unlocked.


If you call Darko, Niko will feel empty and tell Roman nothing changed. But, if you let Darko live, Niko will tell Roman he did the right thing and feel better.

Mission #85: One Last Thing

one last thing

Jimmy Pegorino wants Niko to meet up with Phill Bell and do a deal with Dimitri Rascalov. However, Niko is hesitant due to Dimitri’s betrayal.

He phones Roman to tell him about the deal and the latter tells the former he should accept it and move on. Niko also phones Kate McReary who thinks the deal is not worth it.


Make a decision. (Head to the dollar symbol, or the red dagger).


If you go to the dollar symbol, you will accept the Deal and trigger the mission “if The Price is Right”. If you choose the red dagger you will initiate the Revenge ending and trigger the mission “A Dish Served Cold”.

Mission #86: A Dish Served Cold

Choosing the Revenge ending means that Niko refused to seal the deal with Dimitri and decided to kill him instead.


Dimitri is on board the Platypus Ship in the East Hook docks. Take out the Russians and work your way to the Bridge. Use the controls to open the cargo hold doors and go confront Dimitri. Kill Rascalov and leave the ship.


The mission “Mr. and Mrs. Bellic” is unlocked.

Mission #87: Mr. and Mrs. Bellic

mr and mrs bellic

Depending on the player’s choice in the last mission, the ending will vary.


  • If the player chose to do the Deal:

Go and meet Roman at the Church for his wedding.

  • If the player chose the Revenge:

Go and pick up Kate from her mother’s house, then head to Roman’s wedding at the Church.


“Out of Commission” and “A Revenger’s Tragedy” is unlocked.


The deal option will lead to Roman’s death. Niko engages in combat with an assassin, sent by Dimitri to kill him, and tries to disarm him. As a result, the gun fires, and a stray bullet kills Roman.

The Revenge option will lead to Kate’s death. Pegorino attempts a drive-by to kill Niko for not taking the deal with Dimitri, but he ends up shooting Kate instead.

Mission #88: Out of Commission

Little Jacob and Roman managed to locate Pegorino.


Go to Alderney and get in the car with Little Jacob and Roman. Follow Pegorino’s men and they will lead you to Pegorino’s location. The men will take you to an old abandoned casino where Pegorino is hiding.

Kill the armed men and find Pegorino. He will try to make an escape, get a dirt bike parked near you and chase him. Jump into the helicopter, catch Jimmy and finish him off.


250000$+ “You Won” achievement. If you finished the game in under 30H, you will get an additional “Liberty City Minute” achievement.

Mission #89: If the Price Is Right

As part of the partnership between Pegorino and Dimitri, Niko and Phill head to the exchange point to pick up a payment for a heroin deal. To their surprise, Dimitri calls and says he killed the representatives and decided to keep the heroine. Thus, Niko and Phill decided to steal the money and fight their way out.


Head to the docks and follow Phil inside. Steal the money and get out quickly. Phil will fall in trouble forcing you to go back and help to enable one of the buyers to take the money. Wait for Phil and chase the buyer. Kill him, then take the money and go with Phil to the Tudor hideout.



Mission #90: A Revenger’s Tragedy


final mission
‘Welcome to America!’

Jacob found one of Jimmy’s men who will lead Niko to Pegorino and Dimitri.


Get in the car with Jacob and wait for Pegorino’s men to move. Throw the car in reverse and follow Jimmy’s men. Dimitri is at the old Casino with Pegorino. He will try to escape to a chopper, and chase after him.

One of his men will kick you to fall in the water, grab the boat near you and stay on his trail.  Jacob will back you up with a helicopter, get in it and take control. After you land on Happiness Island, kill Dimitri and his men.


“You Won” achievement. If you finished the game in under 30H, you will get an additional “Liberty City Minute” achievement.

Side Missions:

There are many side missions that you can do to earn more cash. Each side mission is unlocked during the game. It includes:

  • Working as a cab driver for Roman
  • Deliver Drugs for little Jacob.
  • Accept tasks from random characters.
  • Vigilante and most wanted missions.
  • Steal sports cars for Brucie and Stevie.
  • Murder people for the Fixer.


Question: What is the hardest mission in GTA IV?

Answer: There are a couple of missions in GTA IV that players struggled with. For instance, many had to redo Three Leaf Clover because it involves a lot of FIB, NOOSE, and LCPD shooting at the player.

Another mission that players may find difficult is Catch the Wave. The main reason why this mission is hard is that Phill Bell is an easy target and gets killed pretty quickly.

Question: What is the best car in GTA IV?

Answer: If you are looking for the fastest car in the game, it would be the Bullet GT. However, if you are looking for an overall practical and fast four-door, the best option is the Sultan, the Schafter II, or the Super Diamond.

Question: How many weapons are in GTA IV?

Answer: The weapons inventory in GTA IV features 16 guns. The Carbine Rifle is the most reliable and best overall weapon for close and long-distance combat.

Final thoughts?

Rockstar amped up the difficulty all the way up to eleven with Grand Theft Auto 4, and it works. It shattered records left, right, and center and kept millions of gamers entertained to this day.

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