gta online series a funding guide

GTA Online Series A Funding Guide

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The five original heist missions are something that every GTA Online player will go through at some point, be it for the thrills or the money. But as the years rolled by, some of the original heists lost their legendary reputation for several reasons, ranging from high difficulty to low payouts. 

But this does not mean it’s not worthwhile to do. All these heist missions were designed with the player’s experience in mind, and as you play them more frequently, you become more aware of the mechanics that can be exploited. Unfortunately, the Series A Funding does not come to mind when talking about this type of heist.

This heist mission has become, let’s say, a little less played over the years, and the main reason has to be its difficulty and focus on direct combat rather than anything else. Well, what can you do when Trevor is directly involved in this heist mission?

So, to help newcomers out and provide them with a reference guide to help them make the most out of this original heist, this GTA Online Series A Funding Guide will present several tips and methods that you should perform and look forward to while playing through the Series A Funding Heist.

gta online series a funding
Source: Pyre realm gaming

The Bottom Line Up Front 

  • Quest Name: Series A
  • Quest Giver: Lester, Ron, Trevor
  • Quest Objective: Steal Drugs
  • Time: 1 Hour – 2 Hour
  • The main tip to keep in mind: Equip strong long-range weapons and armored vehicles such as Heavy Sniper Mk II and Armored Kuruma.
  • Total Reward: $883,750

Series A Heist Overview

gta online series a heist
Source: MindaugasXLTU

Main Heist Objectives and Conditions

  • 4 players are required.
  • Complete 5 Set-up missions before the finale.
  • During the finale, all four players need to go to a warehouse and protect Trevor
  • Take the drug-filled vans and defend them from the enemies.
  • Drive it through the highway to the drop-off point.

Total Rewards (Finale)

  • Easy — $353,500
  • Normal — $707,000
  • Hard — $883,750
  • Product Placement Award
  • In The Name of Science Achievement

Total Duration

  • 1-2 Hours

This heist is probably the most different from every other heist in the game. Why? Well, because it relies heavily on gunfights and character motivations.

Trevor, as a quest giver, is already a radical choice, and this quality is reflected in the DNA of this entire heist mission. You and your crew will be involved in a lot of illegal drug-related operations and do some crazy things.

All in the name of Lord Trevor, who is also the major force in this entire heist mission. It is clear from the get-go, you are working for him, not the other way around.

Thus, if you are expecting water-tight plans, definite roles, and strategic decision-making, you won’t get anything like that in this heist mission. Right now, it’s the time to take out your guns and start killing anything that moves.

It’s kind of charming how primal this Series A Funding will make you feel, especially considering the previous missions. Series A is also perfect for players who just want to relax and not do anything too difficult to understand. The basic philosophy that underlines this entire heist is that if you want something, go and get it. Trevor Style.

However, this aspect also makes this heist pretty divisive among GTA Online fans. Due to the sheer destruction you constantly see during all the Series A Funding heist missions, the chaos becomes kind of dull and mindless very soon.

In any case, you will still receive around $884,750 while playing in hard mode. Just remember, if you want to have a good time playing through Series A, sharpen up your shooting skills and have some reliable crew members.

Set Up Mission

After you finish the Humane Lab heist mission, Lester will call you and tell you about a certain person who needs your help. Well, that person is Trevor, and he will demand that you steal a lot of drugs from him. After you meet with him, the five set-up missions begin, which will majorly involve you stealing drugs from dangerous people and gangs.

Coke – Series A Setup Mission #1

gta online coke – series a setup mission #1
Source: Dopamin Storm


  • The boat team needs to travel to the yacht with the help of jet skis
  • The helicopter Team must fly the helicopter to the yacht and help the boat team get out of there.
  • Clear the yacht out and steal the coke
  • Escape from the cops and use the helicopter to get to the warehouse with the drugs.


  • Easy — $7,676 
  • Normal — $15,352 
  • Hard — $19,190 

Total Duration 

  • 10 minutes

For this first setup mission, you will need to steal coke from a frat party taking place on a yacht close to Del Perro Beach. Your crew will be divided into two teams consisting of two players each.

The boat team will infiltrate the boat by going to the beach and then getting on jet skis to reach the yacht. The helicopter team needs to get a helicopter and then fly to the yacht. Then, they need to help the boat team by eliminating enemies and helping them with the escape. You will also have to lose cops before you reach the drop-off point.

Therefore, the objective is simple: kill enemies, steal the coke, and escape, preferably with everyone alive. If you run out of lives or a crew member leaves, you will fail this mission.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

The coked-up Frat guys won’t know that you are going to ambush, but once they do, you need to make sure you check every corner, as the yacht is not a great place for a gunfight. The corridors are small, and the rooms are even smaller.

So, you will have to deal with several close combat scenarios; thus, the shotgun and heavy armor are a must. With the help of a shotgun, you can quickly take out enemies who are trying to come dangerously close to you. Furthermore, as enemy helicopters will also be inbound, remember to carry homing missiles.

Another thing you can do is direct the helicopter team to go to the Del Pierro Pier’s closest point to the yacht and start sniping the enemies loitering on top of the yacht. They will be able to take quite a few enemies from a safe distance; moreover, the Helicopter team will be able to land on the helipad in a much safer environment.

Trash Truck – Series A Setup Mission #2

gta online trash truck – series a setup mission #2
Source: YeAhBuDdYxNZ Gaming


  • Travel to South L.S. Recycling, eliminate enemies and steal the Trashmaster.
  • Drive it to a variety of locations and collect garbage filled with molly.
  • Defend yourself from enemies and bring the truck back to the Warehouse.


  • Easy — $7,676 
  • Normal — $15,352 
  • Hard — $19,190 

Total Duration

  • 10 minutes

Now it’s time for the most notoriously difficult and unnecessarily complicated GTA Online Setup mission of all time, Trash Truck. In this mission, your crew will be divided into two teams, Operators and Collectors. 

The main objective is to go to specific locations, collect the garbage bags filled with Molly Pills, and store them in the Trashmaster Garbage Truck that you will have to steal from the Vagos.

And yeah, you will also need to defend yourself from the enemies constantly trying to disrupt your mission. Once you get all the garbage bags full of molly, bring the truck back to Ron Jakowski to complete the mission.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

This is going to be obvious, but stock up on snacks, armor, and ammo. Equip high-damage dealing Mk II weapons and bring in long-range snipers as well.

When you reach a new location with the Trashmaster, use it to block the alleyway so the enemies cannot get closer to the Collectors, who will be busy trying to find the garbage bags. Stay near your truck and use it for cover.

After you collect the first two bags, you will notice that to trigger the next objective, all the team members need to get on the Trashmaster.

Once the objective gets triggered, it will show you the next location, which you can mark on your map, but the moment a team member gets off the truck before getting to the new location, it will resort back to telling you that your crew members need to get on the truck.

So, you can use this mechanic as an advantage to prepare yourself for combat. Tell your team members to get their Armored Kurumas and place them near the alleyway where your next objective is.

Set up the Kurumas at the vantage point, tell everyone to get on the truck, and trigger the objective. This way, you can get in your Armored Kuruma and safely take everyone out.

What you need is to avoid taking on enemies solo or running away from other crew members. Remember to stick together and kill everyone together as well. A 10-minute timer will begin the moment you reach the second location. You will have to complete this entire mission within this time limit.

Bikers – Series A Setup Mission #3

gta online bikers – series a setup mission #3
Source: ShankTheTank


  • Travel to Trevor’s House and get silent guns.
  • Get on the Dingy and go to Lost MC trailers.
  • Eliminate gang members and steal the vans.
  • Travel to the warehouse with the vans.


  • Easy — $7,676 
  • Normal — $15,352 
  • Hard — $19,190 

Total Duration

  • 11 minutes

In this mission, You and your team will have to travel to Trevor’s house and get some silent weapons. Then,  get on the Dinghy present in the Alamo Sea and take it to the Lost MC trailers. 

Get off the Dinghy when you near the shore and start to take them out silently. Then, steal their vans and bring them back to Ron Jakowski.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

You are not required to use Trevor’s stealth weapons, because any stealth weapon will work for this mission. So, bring out your silent snipers and start eliminating The Lost MC from a safe distance. 

Remember, you will fail this mission if an enemy spots you, so don’t rush through it. Besides, you don’t have a time limit. Communicate with your teammates as much as you can.

Once you take the two vans, a chase will ensue. You can start shooting the Lost MC following you from the vehicle and reach the drop-off point.

Weed – Series A Setup Mission #4

gta online weed – series a setup mission #4
Source: Chapati Hindustani Gamer


  • Travel to the lumber mill.
  • Ambush enemies and steal the Bensons and the Technical.
  • Defend and escape from the enemies.
  • Reach the Warehouse with the Bensons.


  • Easy — $7,676 
  • Normal — $15,352 
  • Hard — $19,190 

Total Duration

  • 13-15 minutes

This mission will test your shooting skills, so armor up and get your Sniper Rifles. Your crew will be divided into two teams: the Ground Team and the Lookout Team. Travel to the lumber mill located in Paleto Forest.

You will have to infiltrate this place, kill enemies as this entire mill is run by the Ballas, and steal two Bensons filled with grass from there.

The Ground Team will focus on stealing the trucks, whereas the Lookout Team will need to drive a pickup truck with a machine gun on its back and use it to protect the Ground Team. During your escape, enemies will block roads and shoot at you. You will also trigger an 8-minute time limit.

If the Bensons get destroyed, or even the Pickup truck, you will lose this mission. Deliver the trucks to Ron Jakowski to complete this mission.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

As the Lookout Team will be going towards vantage points on the sides of this sawmill, try to take out enemies from far away. Stealth is not a concern; just try to take them out from a long distance.

Remember to take cover, and don’t throw explosives near the trucks. When you are escaping with the stolen trucks, you don’t have to follow the route the game tells you to take. 

Thus, you should instead take the coastal route and start going to the left side of the map to the Vespucci beach area. Less enemies will spawn there, and you won’t get constantly shot at, which is always a positive sign.

Drive through this beach route to reach Ron Jakowski. Who knew taking a scenic route would raise the chances of your survival, quite literally?

Steal Meth – Series A Setup Mission #5

gta online steal meth – series a setup mission #5
Source: arctrooper28


  • Travel to the farmhouse.
  • Take out the enemies.
  • Steal the Meth Juice filled Tanker by attaching a Semi-truck to it.
  • Drive it to Trevor’s Meth Lab.


  • Easy — $7,676 
  • Normal — $15,352 
  • Hard — $19,190 

Total Duration

  • 13-15 minutes

This is going to be a tricky mission. Your objective is to steal a tanker filled with flammable meth juice from the O’Neil Ranch in Grapeseed. You and your crew need to get to this place and start eliminating enemies. Keep killing them until your objective changes to “Steal the Tanker.”

Now, while you deal with the leftover enemies, one of your crew members needs to get the Semi-truck near the main house and hook it up with the Meth Juice Tanker in front of the barn. Once this is done, you will have to escape from that place with the truck.

The enemies will shoot at you and even at the Tanker. So, you need to make sure the Tanker does not blow up. Bring it to Trevor’s meth Lab, and you will have completed this heist setup.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

If you manage to find a Semi-Truck before you reach the O’Neil Ranch. You can avoid the entire encounter and just directly hook it up with Tanker and escape. It will be hard, as you will get shot a lot, so only do this if you are truly confident about defending the Tanker.

Bring in Armored Kuruma and use it to take out the enemies. This vehicle will be helpful throughout this setup mission.

One of the hardest things about this mission is protecting the Tanker. This delicate object can easily blow up or get unhooked from the truck if you are not driving properly. Luckily, you don’t have to closely follow the route that the game is telling you to take. Instead, when you start nearing the Alamo Sea, start driving on its shore.

Be close to the water as much as you can. There will also be a short path that will take you to your destination. You still have to drive carefully, but you won’t get shot at too much.

Series A Funding Heist Finale

gta online series a funding heist
Source: VarsityGaming


  • Travel to the warehouse and meet with Trevor.
  • Take out enemies there, and start driving the Vans filled with drugs.
  • Drive through the highway, while eliminating enemies and helicopters.
  • Reach the drop-off point with the vans intact and Trevor alive.

Total Rewards

  • Easy — $353,500
  • Normal — $707,000
  • Hard — $883,750

Total Duration

  • 12 minutes

This is not going to be your typical Heist Final, as you will not be stealing anything. When you begin this mission, Ron tells you and your crew that all of the people you stole drugs from during the heist setups know that Trevor was behind it and they are going to kill him. So, now, to get paid, you will have to protect Trevor.

You will then travel to the warehouse, where you will find Trevor and the drugs. You will be soon ambushed by enemies. Eliminate some of them, and then take their vans and start driving to the drop-off points. Two players should be driving the vans while the other two should be driving the Technical.

While you drive through the route, you will be bombarded with a variety of enemies. If you can reach the drop-off point with two of the vans intact and Trevor alive. You will complete this heist finale.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

In reality, there is not much you can do except for shooting at helicopters and enemies. But, you can try to maximize your chances of survival.  

The moment you get to the vans, defeat all the enemies there using your Armored Kuruma and the Technical. After doing that, direct two crewmates to climb up on the Van’s cab area and start driving on the highway.

Now, the crewmates who are on top of the vans can easily use homing missile launchers to blow up enemies or even mow them down with a minigun. This way, you can take a lot of them out pretty easily. But make sure you have a good internet connection to avoid lag.


Question: Does Trevor Take Part in Any of the Series A Heist Setup Missions?

Answer: No, Trevor will only give you the Setup Missions. He will only be a part of the Finale Heist mission, as you will have to protect him.

Question: Which Bank is Involved in the Series A Heist Mission?

Answer. You don’t have to break into any bank in this mission, this is a pretty unique heist as no banks are involved, and you earn money by stealing drugs for Trevor.

Question: Can You Use Your Vehicles During Series A Funding Heist?

Answer: Yes, you can bring cars like the Armored Kuruma, Toreador, and Vigilante during the Series A Funding.

GTA Online Series A Funding Guide: Conclusion

This is how you complete this “heist.” Just remember, you will need to fight all the enemies head-on and not spend time designing any kind of detailed plans.

Thus, this mission is perfect for players who want to create chaos and are trigger-happy. But if you are someone who is looking for an actual Heist experience, then you should avoid it.

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