GTA Online Missions Progression

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It was only this year in March that Grand Theft Auto Online was released as a standalone game, and why not? GTA Online is an entirely new game based on Grand Theft Auto V. While it was initially released in 2013 alongside GTA V, with the numerous DLCs, GTA Online became a separate game with many missions, vehicles, characters, and updates.

Missions in GTA Online are slightly different than GTA V, considering it might involve completing missions with friends and rewarding more money than the offline campaign since things are far more expensive in the online world.

GTA Online missions are sometimes much more complex than GTA V campaign missions since the reward is higher, and you have the choice of completing the mission with your friends or other players.

Other characters in the game assign missions in GTA Online; many of these characters are reoccurring from GTA V, while we do see new faces in GTA Online assigning you missions and helping you earn a bit of cash to buy the wildest and craziest items.

Read on to discover all of the GTA Online missions progression and how to get through them.

Character Creation And Tutorial

When you’ve finished making your character and going through the tutorial, you’ll be dropped into a world full of powerful enemies that are eager to put a bullet between your eyes with whatever weapon they happen to be holding at the time. Thanks to the devs, you won’t be interrupted when you’re in the middle of a mission online.

While you’re off a mission, you’ll be sent to a random server to free roam, where there will be tons of other players of varying levels. GTA Online has a plethora of different worlds; you can join servers with your friends in it or mess with other players on random servers.

After creating your custom character, you’ll begin your first tutorial and contract mission immediately by meeting Lamar Davis. Read on to find out all about Contact Missions.

Full List of All the Contact Missions Features in GTA Online:

1) Lamar Davis Missions

Caught Napping
Image from gta fandom

Following the player’s arrival at Los Santos International Airport, Lamar will pick you up and brief you on the city while also arming you for ‘self-defense,’ or so he says.

Lamar will let you get in the car, and then the first official contact mission begins, which is an epic race. The whole of northern Los Santos has been turned into one giant racetrack. After Lamar’s victory in the race, the player will learn about his buddy and drug dealer Gerald. He will tell the player that Gerald called to tell him about a trade happening beneath the Olympic Freeway and that Gerald is interested in the goods.

This will begin a chain of new contacts for getting missions. These missions will help you earn lots of RP and money, which you will need a lot of, and when I say ‘a lot,’ I mean A LOT!

You can always open the ‘jobs’ tab in the menu to replay the mission with greater difficulty or different settings. Here are all of the contact missions that you will get from Lamar:

Rank Requirement

Mission Name

– Rank 1 Mail Or Nothing
– Rank 1 Ballas to the wall
– Rank 1 Hold Up
– Rank 5 Slow and Low
– Rank 5 Community Outreach
– Rank 5 Point and Shoot
– Rank 5 Funeral Party
– Rank 5 It’s a G Thing
– Rank 5 Peace Offerings
– Rank 5 Desperate Times Call For…
– Rank 16 San Andreas Seoul
– Rank 18 Ticket to Elysium
– Rank 20 Caught Napping
– Rank 20 Going Down the GOH
– Rank 25 Lost MC RIP
– Rank 30 No Smoking

2) Gerald Missions

Deal Breaker
Image from gta fandom

Twenty of Gerald’s Contact Missions in GTA Online are tailored for new players because they are incredibly easy so that people in initial ranks can earn money and RP.

Upon passing the tutorial (the first race with Lamar), players will have access to general Gerald missions. If you opt to skip the tutorial, you can still select any Contact mission from the ‘jobs’ tab in the menu and get access to Gerald missions from there.

Sometimes, during special events weeks, you can get additional RP s and money if you complete Gerald missions. So don’t worry if you have completed all Gerald missions and there’s a special week coming up; you can always go in the menu and search for Gerald missions to complete them again for multiplied rewards!

Here are Gerald’s missions in GTA Online:

Rank Requirement

Mission Name

– Rank 1 Learning the Ropes Alone
– Rank 1 Learning the Ropes
– Rank 6 Pier Pressure
– Rank 6 Death Metal
– Rank 6 Deal Breaker
– Rank 6 Flood in the LS River
– Rank 7 Meth’d Up
– Rank 8 No Hay Bronca
– Rank 10 Hit ‘Em Up
– Rank 12 Gassed Up
– Rank 15 Violent Duct
– Rank 19 Hard Labor
– Rank 30 War and Pieces
– Rank 35 Chumash and Grab
– Rank 45 Dish the Dirt

3) Simeon Yetarian Missions

Several of Simeon’s Contact Missions can be completed with a very low Rank, making them ideal for newer players looking to increase their level or upgrade their equipment before attempting heists. Furthermore, even a novice player with little equipment may finish some of those objectives relatively easily.

Grand Theft Auto Online’s continuation of the Arena War update includes a new set of eight Contact Missions called Premium Deluxe Repo Work (which is assigned by Simeon Yetarian). You can complete these missions solo or with a team of up to 3 other players.

During the several GTA Online event weeks, Simeon’s Contact Missions (including Premium Deluxe Repo Work) are often highlighted to earn multiplied rewards. A player with a low rank can benefit from knowing what they are so that they may earn the bonus money and experience points that week.

Here are Simeon’s missions:

Rank Requirement

Mission Name

– Rank 1 Repo: Blow Up IV
– Rank 1 Repo: Burn Rate
– Rank 1 Repo: Do you Even Lift
– Rank 1 Repo: GTA Today
– Rank 1 Repo: RV Nearly There?
– Rank 1 Repo: Sasquashed
– Rank 1 Repo: Simeonomics
– Rank 1 Repo: Under the Hammer
– Rank 5 Where Credit’s Due
– Rank 5 Rockford Roll
– Rank 5 Rich Men in Richman
– Rank 5 Chasers
– Rank 5 It Takes a Thief
– Rank 10 Gentry Does It
– Rank 10 All in the Game
– Rank 10 El Burro Heists
– Rank 12 Blow Up
– Rank 12 GTA Today
– Rank 16 Chasers II
– Rank 20 Blow Up II
– Rank 31 Blow Up III

4) Ron Jakowski Missions

Fueling the Flames
Image from GTA Fandom

Ron Jakowski assigns a few simple Contact Missions for GTA Online players. Ron’s missions require a bit of capital before beginning, and this guy will ask you to get a submarine which (trust me) doesn’t come cheap!

You can start Ron’s missions by directly selecting his missions from the ‘jobs’ tab in the menu or giving Ron a call from your phone after getting his info.

After calling Ron, you’ll get his missions sequentially. Here are all of Ron’s missions in GTA Online.

Rank Requirement

Mission Name

– Rank 13 TP Industries
– Rank 13 Romance Isn’t Dead
– Rank 20 Fueling the Flames
– Rank 25 Turbine Carbine
– Rank 25 Daemon Run
– Rank 27 Base Invaders
– Rank 30 Crank Up the Volume
– Rank 55 Landing Gear
– Rank 55 Wet Workers

5) Trevor Phillips Missions

Satellite Communications
Image from gta fandom

As disappointing as it may be, Trevor is not a playable character in GTA 5 Online. However, you may still team up with him and follow his mission instructions. After completing the missions mentioned above, Ron, you’ll get to meet Trevor and participate in expanding his business.

Reaching Rank 13 in GTA Online is a prerequisite for unlocking Trevor’s missions. Then, Trevor’s friend and assistant, Ron, will phone you to say that Trevor wants to meet up with you, which is where Trevor’s missions will begin. The first Trevor assignment is called “TP Industries,” and it’s available to players after they find Trevor’s trailer in Sandy Shores.

Trevor needs the player’s assistance in expanding TP Industries’ operations across Los Santos. The player is about to embark on a multi-part adventure to assist in this endeavor. Besides the optional Series A Funding heist, Trevor and Ron will give you eight other tasks to complete in GTA Online. Here are all of the Trevor Phillips missions in GTA Online.

Rank Requirement

Mission Name

– Rank 13 TP Industries
– Rank 20 Lost My Mind
– Rank 28 Crystal Clear Out
– Rank 43 Chop Chop
– Rank 50 Out of Harmony
– Rank 60 Satellite Communications
– Rank 65 Method in the Madness
– Rank 70 Chopper Tail
– Rank 50 Diamonds are for Trevor

6) Lester Crest Missions

If you haven’t reached level 14 yet, you’ll need to create more mayhem in Los Santos to earn enough RP to unlock Lester’s Contact Missions. After reaching level 14, players must complete the “Fleeca Job – Scope Out” Heist setup, which entails scouting the Fleeca Bank’s security before rescuing Paige and stealing some supplies.

In a typical situation, phoning Lester would initiate a Contact Mission. Lester says he’ll call when he has an assignment; however if you get a glitch and he doesn’t call you, you can access the mission from the ‘jobs’ tab in the menu.

Calling Lester and replaying the Fleeca Job Heist will provide access to other Contact Missions from Lester. When Lester calls, the Fleeca Job Heist will be waiting for you at your apartment. The next step is to call off the Fleeca Heist, which will lose the setup money. Lester’s Contact Missions should become accessible after a short delay.

Lester Crest’s Contact Missions are great for players low on cash to get easy money. His missions are fairly easy and very rewarding. You can also wait for special events week to gain additional RP and money from Lester’s missions. Here are all of the Lester Crest missions in GTA Online.

Rank Requirement

Mission Name

– Rank 14 Denial of Service
– Rank 16 Master Data
– Rank 19 Cops Capacity
– Rank 20 Crime Scenester
– Rank 22 Landing Strip
– Rank 24 A Titan of a Job
– Rank 25 Last Copper Outta LS
– Rank 30 Quarry, Quarry
– Rank 30 By Land, Sea, and Air
– Rank 40 Teaser Trailer
– Rank 45 Four Trailers
– Rank 55 Bust Out
– Rank 55 Sinking Feeling
– Rank 55 The Parking Garage
– Rank 60 Hack and Dash
– Rank 65 American Exports
– Rank 65 On Maneuvers
– Rank 70 Docks to Stock
– Rank 70 Stocks and Scares

7) Martin Madrazo Missions

Water the Vineyard
Image from gta fandom

A staggering 31 Contact Missions can be completed for Martin Madrazo in GTA Online. There are many choices for players who want to grind them throughout an event week, so it’s worth digging further into each one to see how they stack up. Most tasks don’t require players to recruit strangers or annoy their friends to complete, so you can easily complete them as solo missions.

Madrazo Dispatch Services, or Dispatch for short, was introduced in an update of GTA Online, which includes assassinating different people in different parts of the city.

Assassinating a target or targets is the primary goal. Most missions involve silently killing the target; thus, players must use stealth to avoid alerting the bad guys. If the target is not startled, the task will go more smoothly. The dispatch missions need a minimum of two people; therefore, you cannot solo these missions; you’ll need to get strangers or bug your friends for dispatch missions, but trust me, they’re so worth it!

Here are all of Martin Madrazo’s GTA Online missions:

Rank Requirement

Mission Name

– Rank 1 Dispatch I
– Rank 1 Dispatch II
– Rank 1 Dispatch III
– Rank 1 Impact IV
– Rank 1 Dispatch V
– Rank 1 Dispatch VI
– Rank 18 On the List
– Rank 19 Artificial Scarcity
– Rank 20 Handle with Care
– Rank 20 Time to Get Away
– Rank 22 Out of Court Settlement
– Rank 23 Death From Above
 Rank 35 Check Out Time-
– Rank 40 Water the Vineyard
– Rank 40 Grab Your Ballas
– Rank 40 Stick Up to the Stickup Crew
– Rank 40 The Los Santos Connection
– Rank 44 Effin’ Lazers
– Rank 45 Editor and Thief
– Rank 45 Mixed Up with Coke
– Rank 45 Dry Docking
– Rank 45 Cleaning the Cat House
– Rank 50 Extradition
– Rank 50 Hole Up Burton
– Rank 55 Show Me the Monet
– Rank 65 Judging the Jury
– Rank 70 Defender
– Rank 75 Rooftop Rumble
– Rank 81 Trash Talk

7) The Diamond Casino & Resort Missions

The Con Casino Heist
Image from Wiki Fandom

Six tasks, known as the Casino Story Missions or just Casino, were added to Grand Theft Auto Online with the Diamond Casino & Resort update. Players in GTA Online must pay the VIP Membership fee at Diamond Gambling and Resort before participating in any casino assignments. Players may access the casino tasks list after making the required payment.

They’ll be able to afford the Master Penthouse in GTA Online. After this is done, the first casino assignment will begin when the player receives a call from Agatha Barker, the Casino’s owner in GTA Online. When the call is over, the ‘AB’ on the mission map indicates that the first map marker is now accessible.

Until they are all finished, you can only access these tasks via the Casino’s staff-only area; after that, they will appear on the Pause Menu’s ‘jobs’ submenu. Note that there is no Rank requirement for Diamond Casino & Resort Missions.

Here are all of the Diamond Casino & Resort missions:

  • Loose Cheng
  • House Keeping
  • Strong Arm Tactics
  • Play to Win
  • Bad Bead
  • Cashing Out

8) Race Missions

There are many races scattered across the GTA Online universe. The races are wild, and the tracks can be way above the clouds or below the deepest oceans. The player may choose their Vehicle from a number of options after they’ve registered for the race.

The player has the freedom to customize their ride by picking a paint job and adding modifications in Los Santos Customs. Once these parameters are confirmed, the race may begin. To a significant extent, the player’s ability to brake, turn, and avoid crashes with traffic and barriers will affect the race’s outcome, just as it would in any other race in the single-player section of the game.

You can also access particular races, showing you how GTA differs from other open-world action-adventure games! You will be racing in the skies, or the seas, or the roads, or ALL THREE!

9) Heist Missions

The Fleeca Job
Image from GTA Fandom

Heists are my favorite part of GTA V and one of the reasons why this installment of GTA is my favorite. Thankfully, Rockstar knows that people love heists in GTA V, which is why they added lots of them in GTA Online (and are constantly adding new ones with occasional updates).

Following the completion of the first heist, Lester will introduce a new character who will make direct contact with the player whenever a new heist becomes available. After that, the player may choose to take on the role of Heist Leader and organize heists on their own.

Each subsequent heist takes more initial capital and must be unlocked in sequence. You can take the role of the heist leader, but remember, the Heist Leader does not get any of the up-front cash and can only benefit from the primary heist task if it is successful.

The heist cannot begin without the right amount of people, which is usually four players (except for The Fleeca Job, which only requires a crew of two players, and also The Doomsday Heist). The heist’s setup will also fail if a team member abandons the mission mid-way.

When pulling off a heist, it’s always best to execute it with a group of people who know what they’re doing and won’t mess up the plan no matter what happens. Heists are incredibly fun and the highlight of GTA V, which is why they must be done with dedication, so make sure you choose a team that doesn’t abandon mid-way.

Here are all of the Heists in GTA Online:

  1. The Fleeca Job
  2. The Prison Break
  3. The Humane Labs Raid
  4. Series A Funding
  5. The Pacific Standard
  6. The Doomsday Heist
  7. The Diamond Casino Heist
  8. The Cayo Perico Heist


Question: Can You Use GTA 5 Money In GTA Online?

Answer: No, you cannot use the money you earn in GTA 5 in GTA Online or use GTA Online money in GTA 5 because both games are considered separate, especially after GTA Online was re-released as a separate game.

The main reason for this is that you can easily edit your money in GTA 5 with mods, trainers, and cheats, while you have to earn your money fair and square in GTA Online, i.e., by completing Contact missions (or purchasing it via microtransactions hehe)

Question: Can you use cheats in GTA Online?

Answer: No, Rockstar strictly prohibits using mods, trainers, and cheats in GTA Online. While there is complete freedom to use these three in GTA 5 single-player campaign, using them in GTA Online will result in an instant ban since it is unfair to other players for one player to gain an advantage with the use of cheats.

Question: Are Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in GTA Online?

Answer: Michael and Franklin are entirely absent in GTA Online. You can find Trevor and numerous other GTA V story mode characters in GTA Online, assigning you missions.


GTA Online gave new life to GTA V. While the story mode campaign is incredibly fun, playing and replaying it eight times (personal experience) can get a bit boring. GTA Online, with its constant new updates and content, will not let you get bored!

I mean, who doesn’t want more of GTA V?

GTA Online has many missions, and Rockstar’s update support has not ended! We can expect a lot of new updates and loads of new characters, vehicles, missions, and heists in the future for GTA Online.

I hope you found this post fun to read; make sure to check out more excellent articles on the blog!

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