GTA San Andreas Missions Progression

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    If someone asks you about a game with loads of action and you are a 90’s or 00’s kid, one of your options will be GTA San Andreas. This game captivated many kids and altered many fathers and mothers worldwide with a gang-based story that is more of a critique of the society of that time.

    But, this game was very hard back then. I’m very sure most of you (me included) didn’t finish it until you got older and had the patience and time to do it without HESOYAMs on your side.

    And if you haven’t finished the game already, you are stuck on a specific mission, or you are aiming for the difficult 100% completion, and you don’t know where to go or what to do, I’m going to tally all the missions up while showing some requirements and tips for you to complete them.

    This guide will be split into six parts, as the game is split into six parts as well:

    • Los Santos
    • Countryside
    • San Fierro
    • Bone County
    • Las Venturas
    • Back to Los Santos

    We have 100 GTA San Andreas Missions to cover, so there’s no time to waste; let’s go!

    Los Santos

    Here’s where the game starts. Our main character, Carl Johnson (CJ from now on), gets back to Los Santos from Liberty City after receiving a call from his brother, Sweet, telling him that his mother is dead.

    As soon as CJ gets to Los Santos, some cops named Tenpenny, Pulaski, and Hernández (who I’ll call C.R.A.S.H from now on) stop CJ, stealing his money and leaving him in the Ballas territory. Now, you’ll have to get to your first mission in Grove Street. This first part isn’t considered a mission as you are free to explore as much as you want.

    The game will finally start when you get to Grove Street and start the first mission.

    Want to know more about CJ? Here’s our complete CJ Guide.

    1. Big Smoke

    This first mission is just a cutscene where you meet Big Smoke for the first time; there’s nothing required.

    2. Sweet & Kendl

    CJ, Big Smoke, and Ryder reunite with Sweet & Kendl in the cemetery. But, before getting out of there, some Ballas start to open fire on you, so you have to get out of there with some Bikes.

    • Tips: Try not to confront the Ballas; they can kill you easily. Instead, go as fast as you can, following Sweet and Ryder.
    • Rewards: CJ’s house as your safehouse, where you can save your progression. + Respect.

    3. Ryder

    Ryder, your long-life friend, takes you for a walk through the neighborhood, showing what he missed when he was in Liberty City.

    • Rewards: Tattoo Parlors, Hair Salons, and Restaurants. + Respect.

    4. Tagging Up Turf

    Sweet takes you to clean the enemy’s tags in their area.

    • Tips: You’ll learn the basics about moving to the city here. As you are weaponless, you can choke your enemies with the Spray Can. The Police will chase you, but it’s better to run away this time; they will not pursue you for much time.
    • Rewards: $200, Spray Cans on CJ’s house. + Respect.

    5. Cleaning The Hood

    Sweet asks Ryder and you to get some drug dealers out of your zone as they sell near Grove Street. This mission is very straightforward, and here you’ll learn how to combat.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    6. Drive-Thru

    On this mythical mission (thanks to Big Smoke’s insatiable appetite), you and your gang are going to eat in a Cluckin’ Bell when a Ballas gang tries to do a Drive-By to you, failing in the attempt. So, as revenge, the Ballas are going to Grove Street to try to kill your homies. You have to stop them before they get on your hood.

    • Tips: Don’t wait for your homies to shoot the Ballas; instead, crash it and make it stumble onto walls and things. That will deteriorate the Ballas’ car.
    • Rewards: Gyms. + Respect.

    7. Nines and AK’s

    Because of the Drive-By, Big Smoke and you decide to get better weapons for them and their homies to protect themselves against the Ballas. In this mission, you’ll learn how to use weapons properly.

    • Rewards: Clothing stores, Emmet’s weaponry. +Respect.

    8. Drive-By

    After the Cluckin’ Bell Drive-By attempt, the Grove Street families get some revenge and start chasing some Ballas to get them down.

    • Tips: It is easier to go to where you have to go, get down the car, start shooting and kill everyone instead of waiting for the gang to get them down, even if the gang starts arguing with you.
    • Rewards: $500. + Respect.

    9. Sweet’s Girl

    Sweet and his girl got trapped in Seville Boulevard, where a group of Families started attacking CJ’s brother for being there. In this mission, we can realize how broken the Families are. After getting Sweet and his girl, you have to take them back to the Grove.

    • Tips: This mission is fairly hard, so it’s better if you get with your car and stumble on your objectives instead of getting out of the car. Use what you learned on Emmet’s and pass on there before getting to where Sweet is because you’ll need some extra ammo.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    10. Cesar Vialpando

    Another famous mission. In this time, you’ll get to know Cesar Vialpando, Kendl’s boyfriend and a member of the Varrios Los Aztecas gang, and one of CJ’s best allies on the game. First, you’ll have to get a Lowrider, then go to a mod garage to tune it, and then go to the meeting and win a Lowrider challenge.

    • Tips: If you are lost and don’t know how to make your car bounce, check your control settings. If you are on PC, they are usually on the number pad, exactly in the 8 for the up arrow, 2 for the down arrow, 4 for the left arrow, and 6 for the right arrow.
    • Rewards: Car garages and the Lowrider challenge.

    11. Home Invasion

    Now, let’s go with Ryder’s missions, which are hard too. On the first one, you have to rob a Colonel’s house to get some provisions to the Grove Families.

    • Tips: This mission can only be playable from 12:00 to 20:00, so if you are not on time, save your progress. This will skip 8 game hours. Also, at the Colonel’s house, take your time and be patient. You don’t want to mess this mission up as you’ll have to wait for hours again, and that’s stressful.
    • Rewards: + Respect. Now, the Burglar missions are available. You’ll need to do them for 100% completion.

    12. Catalyst

    C.R.A.S.H set a trap for you and the Grove Families by telling Ryder and you that there’s a train with some ammo that did an unexpected stop near Grove Street. The mission for you is is to go and steal the crates while fighting against both Vagos and Ballas. Then, you’ll have to fill Ryder’s car with some ammo crates from the train.

    • Tips: The first part is easy as the NPCs will focus on killing your allies instead of you. The problem is when you toss the boxes off the train. My recommendation is to give it full power and aim to Ryder’s head so that the boxes will hit Ryder’s car and Ryder will take them.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    13. Robbing Uncle Sam

    This is Ryder’s hardest mission. Here, you have to sneak onto National Guard’s Base to steal ammo for the Families. First, you’ll get to a van and then head to Ocean Docks, get into the facility, open the door and start robbing crates. Then you’ll have to run and also demolish some National Guard cars that are chasing you, then leave the loot on a parking lot.

    • Tips: First of all, Ryder is useless in this part. It’s better to kill the guards and go for the forklift to get the crates until you are done. Don’t worry about Ryder, though; he can handle some shots. For the second part, head directly where you have to go, and only tell Ryder to drop some boxes when you are in open spaces or moving. Otherwise, you’ll make your van go boom and lose the mission.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    14. OG Loc

    Your homie, OG Loc, got free from jail, and now you have to look for him at the police station. After that, Loc claims that a cholo from the Vagos stole his rhymes, but really, Loc wants to kill him for another reason. So first, you have to chase this cholo, named Freddy, and kill him. Then, you’ll have to take OG Loc to his job.

    • Tips: Try to stick to Freddy’s bike and shoot him instead of waiting for Loc to kill him. You’ll not lose this mission easily as if you don’t get Freddy down; he’ll get to a park where some other cholos are waiting to kill you. Try to avoid that and make Freddy’s bike explode.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    15. Running Dog

    Now, we’ll start with some Big Smoke missions. This one is really easy; you only have to take Big Smoke to see his “cousin” Mary and take some Vagos down on his way.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    16. Wrong Side of the Tracks

    This mission is the hell on Earth. First, you’ll have to take Big Smoke to the train station because there’s a train to rob, but some Vagos took advantage first, so now the mission is to take them down before they escape.

    • Tips: This mission is annoying because Big Smoke’s aim is really bad, so you’ll have to help him a bit. Speed up until getting to the front of the train, then start chasing the train, but separate the bike a lot from the train to give Smoke some space to shoot properly. Follow the paths Smoke indicates to you, and you’ll be fine. If you are good on the bikes, you can also try to get on the train, that can be tricky, but you’ll end the mission quickly with that.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    17. Just Business

    Another really hard mission from Smoke. This time, CJ and Smoke have to fight against the Russian mafia. You’ll get to Commerce for a trade between Big Smoke and the Russians, but the thing ran out of control, so you’ll have to help Big Smoke get out of the situation.

    • Tips: You’ll have many problems if you don’t cover against the Russians in the first part of the shooting. After that, you should take their weapons and get outside, busting and killing them without much hesitation. The second part of the mission is way easier, so you’ll not have problems there.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    18. Life’s a Beach

    Now with the OG Loc’s missions, which are very fun. In the first one, you’ll have to steal a sound system car. This isn’t difficult as it is the same mini-game as the lowrider one.

    • Rewards: The dance clubs get unlocked. + Respect.

    19. Madd Dogg’s Rhymes

    This is a difficult mission. So, CJ has to look for Madd Dogg’s rhyme book in his house as OG Loc is really bad at rapping, and his objective is to be a big musician.

    • Tips: If you follow the indications the game gives to you, things can be fairly easier. Sneak onto the place, and take a guard down. They have silenced guns so the nearby guards will not hear you. If you did it properly, getting out of the mansion will be a walk in the park. Otherwise, you’ll have to confront Madd Dogg’s guards.
    • Rewards: The silenced guns get unlocked. + Respect.

    20. Management Issues

    OG Loc’s career is about to explode, but Madd Dogg’s manager is defaming Loc to the point when no one wants to hear him rapping. The easiest way to get him out of the way is by killing him. Your objective is to infiltrate as his driver and get him down.

    • Tips: This mission can be difficult because you can’t damage the car, and if you do, you’ll have to pay a lot. Just be careful, respect the traffic lights, and you’ll be good.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    21. House Party

    Now is time to chill down for a bit and prepare for a party. Sadly, the party gets interrupted by a Ballas raid on Grove Street, so you’ll have to protect your hood. Remember to use covers; that will make the mission easier.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    22. Burning Desire

    C.R.A.S.H is now giving some missions to CJ, and if he doesn’t cooperate, he will get busted. His task is to get to a Vagos house and burn it down with some Molotovs that Tenpenny hid in Downtown Los Santos. This mission isn’t difficult at all.

    • Rewards: Having Denise Robinson as your girlfriend.

    23. Gray Imports

    Now, C.R.A.S.H gives you the objective of interrupting a weapon deal between Ballas and the Russian Mafia in Ocean Docks. You’ll have to stop the deal and kill the Russian Mafia leader. Again, use the covers and burst the place down, and you’ll be fine.

    • Rewards: None.

    24. Doberman

    This is another easy mission, where you have to supply yourself with weapons in Ammu-nation and go to kill a Ballas’ important member named Little Weasel.

    • Rewards: Ammu-nation gets unlocked, and a lot of new weapons to choose from. The Gang Warfare also gets unlocked. + Respect.

    25. Los Sepulcros

    We don’t get out of the killing objectives missions. Now, CJ has to kill Kane in Los Santos Cemetery. This is a fairly easy mission as you also unlock creating a band to help you. They can be helpful on the Gang Warfares.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    26. High Stakes, Low Rider

    We meet Cesar Vialpando again. This time, you’ll be running in a race against other cholos from Los Aztecas.

    • Rewards: $1000.

    27. Reuniting the Families

    This mission breaks all in Los Santos and makes CJ a dangerous objective in the city. There’s a Families meeting in Jefferson Motel, where the bosses of the Families reunite in an attempt of unifying the complete gang again. But, the Police discovered the meeting and raided the motel. Your mission is to rescue Sweet.

    • Tips: You should have decent weapons in this part of the game, so the Police Force shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you are struggling, get their weapons and use the covers to protect yourself. There’s a soda machine inside the motel, so use it if you run low on life. The second part of the mission is really easy.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    28. The Green Sabre

    Cesar Vialpando and CJ became great friends after the race, so Cesar started investigating a bit about the happenings around CJ’s mother’s death. He discovered Big Smoke, Ryder, and C.R.A.S.H planned everything, but they missed the objective, which was none other than Sweet.

    C.R.A.S.H set a trap on Sweet while you were with Cesar, discovering the Green Sabre betrayal, making the rumor that some Ballas will be in the Mullholand Intersection. Unfortunately, Sweet completely falls on it, so you have to rescue him.

    • Rewards: Access to Flint County and some safehouses on Red County and Flint County.

    Countryside Missions

    CJ discovered the betrayal and fell into the trap that C.R.A.S.H set on Sweet, getting kidnapped by them and being exiled to the Countryside, where C.R.A.S.H needs him to do some missions there.

    29. Badlands

    Your first task is to take a witness down. Unfortunately, some FBI guards are protecting him because he had some important information about C.R.A.S.H.

    • Tips: I recommend focusing on your objective as if you let him get in his escape vehicle, reaching him will be very hard. Forget about the FBI guards; go for it and then kill the guards.
    • Rewards: None.

    30. First Date / Tanker Commander

    Cesar gives you a contact of a cousin who can help get some money to run away from the Countryside. This girl is named Catalina and will be a nightmare for CJ on this part of the game. She will give us four missions that you can do in no particular order, so I tallied them up from the nearest to farthest.

    I chose Tanker Commander as the first one as it is next to where you meet Catalina.

    • Tips: If they bother you, you can get out of the truck and eliminate the gas station workers before transporting the Tanker to your objective.
    • Rewards: $5000.

    31. Body Harvest

    Before continuing with Catalina’s missions, you’ll have to do a mission for Tenpenny where you’ll know The Truth, a contact that will help you get to San Fierro if you help him. His first task for you is to steal a harvester from a farm in Whetstone.

    • Tips: Kill all the members before stealing the harvester. There will be other rednecks chasing you, but it’s better just to follow the road instead of trying to get through the mountains.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    32. King In Exile

    This mission is only a cinematic where CJ reunites with Cesar and Kendl in one of CJ’s safehouses in Angel Pine.

    • Rewards: None.

    33. Local Liquor Store

    As I said before, Catalina’s missions aren’t in a specific order, but the nearest to Catalina’s house is Local Liquor Store, which is in Blueberry.

    In this mission, you take Catalina to steal a small liquor store. The problem is that some rednecks took advantage and stole there first. Catalina got pissed because of that and decided to steal the stealers.

    • Tips: As I recommended with OG Loc, shoot the rednecks yourself instead of waiting for Catalina to kill them.
    • Rewards: $1000.

    34. Against All Odds

    Your next destination should be Against All Odds, where you have to heist a track betting shop in Montgomery. This mission is easier than the previous one as your only task is to do the heist and then hide from the Police, which can be done easily by going to a Pay ‘n’ Spray.

    • Rewards: $2000.

    35. Small Town Bank

    This is the hardest mission of the four as you’ll be shooting against Police Forces. Your mission is to steal a small bank in Palomino Creek. The shooting isn’t a big deal, and Catalina will be really helpful in this one. Lastly, you’ll be following her on a police bike and then taking her to the hideout.

    • Rewards: $10000.

    36. Wu Zi Mu

    In this mission, CJ has to compete in a race.

    • Rewards: $5000.

    37. Farewell, My Love…

    And in this one, CJ has to complete in another race.

    • Rewards: None.

    38. Are You Going to San Fierro?

    In this last mission on the Countryside, you’ll meet The Truth again, who will take you to San Fierro in his van. But, first, you’ll be burning his weed farm before the Police arrive.

    • Rewards: Access to San Fierro, a new safehouse in Doherty Garage. + Respect.

    San Fierro Missions

    San Fierro can probably be the hardest part of the game, but, luckily, the hardest missions are optional, like the Zero ones. Nonetheless, I’ll explain if you aim for 100% completion.

    After winning the second race, CJ owns a Garage in Doherty, San Fierro. So CJ will be going there in the hope of a safe place while he’s getting some more money and respect enough to defeat Smoke and C.R.A.S.H.

     39. Wear Flowers in Your Hair

    To fix and make a functional garage, you have to recruit some old friends from The Truth that will help you.

    • Rewards: To buy Zero RC’s store will unlock some optional missions. + Respect.

    40. 555 We Tip

    You must use the Mary you bring with The Truth to San Fierro to incriminate a judge as a favor for Tenpenny.

    • Rewards: The Valet missions are now available as a way to get money.

    41. Deconstruction

    Some workers next to the garage are harassing Kendl; now you have to stop them.

    • Rewards: None.

    42. Photo Opportunity

    Cesar gets advised of a meetup where some of the people involved in C.R.A.S.H’s activities will be. You’ll have to identify and set them as your new objectives.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    43. Jizzy

    Thanks to Wu Zi Mu, you’ll learn that those objectives you identified were none other than the Loco Syndicate, a criminal organization that runs San Fierro and works alongside C.R.A.S.H with Ryder and Smoke. Your objective is to get the trust of Jizzy, one of the members of the Loco Syndicate, exactly the one who runs the operations in the city.

    To get Jizzy’s trust, you’ll be working for him. Your first task is to work for him as a pimp, caring for some of his girls and investigating who’s messing with them.

    • Rewards: $3000. + Respect.

    44. T-Bone Mendez

    In this mission, you’ll help T-Bone Mendez, another Loco Syndicate member, rescue some vans with products. Also, you’ll be chasing some bikers; it’ll be easy if you have some bullets to give to them. You can also snatch the packages if you get closer to the bikes, which is easier.

    • Rewards: $5000. + Respect.

    45. Mike Toreno

    Now, it is time to meet the last member of the Loco Syndicate, Mike Toreno. But, unfortunately, he got accidentally kidnapped by the same gang who tried to steal Mendez’s products, and you have to rescue him by following his indications on the phone.

    • Rewards: $7000. + Respect.

    46. Outrider

    You have to protect Mendez and Toreno’s van from the Vietnamese gang, putting roadblocks.

    • Tips: If you have a missile launcher, this mission can get easier, but it isn’t necessary to have it. You can find one in San Fierro’s airport. The first roadblock isn’t hard; still, take some ammo from your objectives as you’ll need it for later. In the second roadblock, there are some gangsters on the construction roof. Remember to take them down too; follow the minimap; it’ll tell if you are missing someone. As for the cars blocking the road, remember to shoot at the gas tanks.
    • Rewards: $9000. + Respect.

    47. Snail Trail

    C.R.A.S.H tasked you with a new mission; kill a journalist investigating Tenpenny’s actions. You’ll have to follow and kill both the journalist and his source of information.

    This mission is fairly simple yet is a bit long. You only have to be sure the journalist doesn’t detect you, and everything will be fine.

    • Rewards: None.

    48. Ice Cold Killa

    You got all the information you needed; now, it’s time to kill Jizzy. He’ll be in Pleasure Domes.

    • Tips: If you want to make this easier, you can explode Jizzy’s car tires before entering Pleasure Domes. You can also ignore Jizzy’s guards in the place and run directly to the door.
    • Rewards: $12000. + Respect.

    49. Pier 69

    Jizzy’s down; now it’s time to get T-Bone Mendez. You are going to dismantle Loco Syndicate’s plans. T-Bone is easy to kill, yet, Ryder will also be there, and you’ll be riding a boat to kill him.

    • Tips: You can skip the boat pursuit by shooting Ryder while he’s swimming with a sniper.
    • Rewards: $15000. + Respect.

    50. Toreno’s Last Flight

    There’s only an objective left; Mike Toreno. But, unfortunately, he’s trying to escape in a helicopter, so you have to take it down with a rocket launcher.

    • Tips: Again, ignore the shooters and just go for the helicopter. Then, you can just run away.
    • Rewards: $18000. + Respect.

    51. Mountain Cloud Boys

    The Loco Syndicate is down; they will no longer be a problem. But now, you’ll have to help Wu Zi Mu deal with the Vietnamese gang annoying the Triads. In This mission, you’ll protect Woozie from danger.

    • Rewards: $5000. + Respect.

    52. Ran Fa Li

    Another easy task. This time, you’ll have to search for a car with a package at the airport. Of course, the Vietnamese will set an ambush for the one looking for the package, but running away is easy.

    • Rewards: $6000. + Respect.

    53. Lure

    Ran Fa Li, a Woozie’s ally, will need some help to get to his home as he’s the main target of the Vietnamese. So you’ll work as his decoy while Fa Li gets to his home.

    • Tips: Be careful and try not to demolish the car before getting to the Countryside and following the points. Take this mission as a race.
    • Rewards: $8000. AK-47 is available to buy, + Respect.

    54. Amphibious Assault

    For this mission, you should have at least a lung capacity of at least a 20%. If you don’t have it, Woozie will tell you, and you won’t be capable of advancing. So swim around San Fierro’s water for a while, and you’ll be done. So, Woozie needs you to plant a bug on a Da Nang Boys (the Vietnamese gang) ship.

    This mission is fairly hard, so I’ll do a quick guide to beat it.

    You have to get to the docks; then, you’ll be swimming in the docks. Follow the points and try to avoid the guards. The game will tell you when you’ll have to get underwater. Before getting to the main ship, there will be some boats with guards keeping an eye. Swim underwater to distract them if they detect you and get to the boat.

    • Tip: in both Definitive Edition and Original Game, you can get to a surface and kill the guards with a sniper, which will make this part of the mission free.

    As you get on the boat, your next task is to plant the device while being sneaky. The game will provide you with a knife to silently execute the guards. If you alert them, they will attack you. You can also use a silenced pistol if you have one.

    After planting the device, you’ll get back to the docks to end the mission.

    • Rewards: $11000. + Respect.

    55. The Da Nang Thang

    On this mission, you’ll help Woozie finally defeat the Vietnamese gang. So, you’ll get on a helicopter to get aboard a container ship where the Da Nang Boys’ leader is, but the Vietnamese will take the helicopter down, so you’ll have to complete the mission by getting in the ship and finishing the business by yourself.

    • Rewards: $15000. + Respect.

    56. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

    This is the last mission on San Fierro if you decide to skip the optional ones. To finally end with the Loco Syndicate’s empire, you’ll have to detonate a factory they had with an explosive car.

    • Rewards: Access to Bone County. $25000. + Respect.

    57. Air Raid (Optional)

    This one is the first of three optional missions from Zero that people usually skip because of their difficulty. To unlock these three missions, you’ll have to buy Zero’s place, which costs $30000, but Zero will give you a lot of money in return if you complete his missions.

    On this mission, you’ll have to shoot some small-sized ships that Berkley set to raid Zero’s place to break his antennas.

    • Rewards: $3000.

    58. Supply Lines… (Optional)

    This is the most infuriating mission of all three from Zero because you’ll have to control a miniature plane to destroy some cars and kill some messengers Berkley has as revenge for hanging Zero from a hook.

    • Tips: First, some things about the RC plane. It is very sensitive and easy to get out of control, so if you are playing on a control, it’ll be easier to control as you can regulate the turns of the RC with the joysticks. Unfortunately, this job is harder on the keyboard and mouse because of the RC plane’s same sensibility.

    Also, don’t shoot while flying; get to your destination and then shoot.

    Lastly, my best recommendation is to fly over the buildings by flying really high.

    Now, about the objectives. If he’s riding, the guy on his BMX is invincible, so you’ll have to wait for him to get down the bike to kill him.

    Also, don’t land in front of the vans; they will drive away at full speed if they detect you. Instead, fly and drive behind them, give the vans some shots and make the drivers jump off the car. You don’t have to destroy the vans; it’s enough by killing the drivers.

    Now, the Sanchez bike. It has two passengers; the driver and a shooter. Wait for them to be waiting in the traffic lights as they can get stuck on it. As soon as they fall a bullet, they will run away, so don’t shoot if they are in movement.

    • Rewards: $5000.

    59. New Model Army (Optional)

    This last Zero mission is way easier than the previous one. You have to drive a mini helicopter in a scaled map, cleaning the way of Zero’s car while destroying Berkley’s cars.

    • Tips: The helicopter is way easier to control than the RC plane, so you don’t have to worry about it.
      • Destroy all Berkley’s cars before helping Zero with the road; that will make the mission easier.
    • Rewards: Making Zero RC shop as a passive income. $7000.

    60. Back to School (Optional)

    This mission is necessary if you want to unlock the Wang Cars missions. You’ll have to learn some card tricks and graduate from the driving school.

    Some tasks in school are slightly hard, but you can pull them out with some practice and patience.

    • Rewards: the opportunity to buy Wang Cars showroom, which will unlock some side missions.

    61. Zeroing In (Optional)

    Wang Cars has four side missions that will give you a lot of money. The place costs $50000. If you know how to manage your money, buying the place will not be a problem.

    The first mission is to steal a car. First, you’ll have to find it and then take it to the Doherty Garage.

    • Rewards: $5000. + Respect.

    62. Test Drive (Optional)

    In this second Wang Cars mission, you’ll have to steal two cars from a showroom with the help of Cesar.

    • Rewards: $5000. + Respect.

    63. Customs Fast Track (Optional)

    Your task in this mission is to get to the docks to steal some crates where you’ll find a car Cesar is looking for.

    • Rewards: Up to $10000. + Respect. Car exports and imports got unlocked.

    64. Puncture Wounds (Optional)

    In this last mission, you’ll have to use a car with stingers on it to stop a crazy driver who has the desired car, then take it to the garage.

    • Rewards: $5000. Wang Cars unlocked as a passive income.

    Bone County Missions

    A mysterious man called CJ claiming he has some valuable information to get Sweet out of prison. Now, CJ has to investigate the information by getting to Bone County and doing some jobs for the mysterious man.

    65. Monster

    The mysterious man will make you a test by driving a Monster truck through Bone County. You have to make less than 6:30 minutes to succeed.

    •  Rewards: $5000.

    66. Highjack

    The mysterious man is none other than Mike Toreno, who didn’t die in the helicopter in Toreno’s Last Flight. He knew what you were doing from the start, as Toreno is an infiltrated on Loco Syndicate, working for an unknown government organization.

    Toreno’s first assigned task is to steal a truck on the freeway and take it to your garage in Doherty.

    • Rewards: $7000.

    67. Interdiction

    In this mission, you’ll be in charge of guarding a Toreno’s helicopter that delivers some contraband and then taking the product to a hideout.

    • Rewards: $1000.

    68. Verdant Meadows

    This mission only consists of a cutscene where Toreno asks CJ to buy an airstrip. You have to go and buy the place. It costs $80000.

    • Rewards: None.

    69. Learning to Fly

    This is the chokepoint for most of those who play GTASA, as Learning to Fly involves some hard mini-games around flying. In addition, you’ll need the skill for the following missions, and this mission is also unskippable, so you need a lot of patience. However, the good side is that if you learned to fly the RC plane in Supply Lines…, you can beat this mission easier as the real planes are easier to control.

    • Rewards: Some safehouses in Las Venturas and access to all the airports on the map.

    70. N.O.E

    In this mission, you’ll use your knowledge on flying to drop some contraband for Toreno.

    • Rewards: $15000.

    71. Stowaway

    On the next mission, you’ll have to plant a satchel charge on a government plane that carries some important packages. So, you’ll have to hop on the plane with a bike, plant the charges and jump out of there with a parachute.

    • Rewards: $20000.

    72. Black Project

    The Truth is back, and he needs some help. He assigns you to steal the Black Project on Area 69 research labs. You’ll have to infiltrate there.

    • Tips: I strongly recommend buying a sniper rifle and taking all the military down. Cleaning the area will mean a lot to not worry about in this mission. Kill all of them if needed. You can also shoot up to two spotlights, but be careful with that.

    Getting into the research labs isn’t hard, but pick the bulletproof vests around the place as you can get easily hurt by the military personnel. Driving the jetpack isn’t hard either.

    • Rewards: None.

    73. Green Goo

    In this last Bone County mission, you’ll have to steal an unknown artifact for The Truth by using the jetpack to get on a train.

    • Tips: Instead of getting on the train, you can wait for it on any roof near the train rails and shoot all the crates until you get the right one. Then, you get on the train only to pick up the artifact and then leave. With this, you’ll avoid facing military personnel.
    • Rewards: $20000. Verdant Meadows airstrip as a passive income. The jetpack.

    Las Venturas Missions

    CJ will forget Toreno for a while, as Woozie needs his help again, this time in Las Venturas.

    74. Fender Ketchup

    As soon as you get on Las Venturas, Woozie let you know that you’ll have a part of the Four Dragons Casino, and you’ll work as his partner. Anyway, the government and the Italian mafia are messing around with Woozie, trying to get one of Woozie’s deliveries down. But, the Triads got one of the Italian guys, someone named Johnny Sindacco, and you’ll need to get some information of who is conspiring against Woozie.

    To get some information from Sindacco, you’ll need to scare him by attaching him to a car and driving like a maniac.

    • Rewards: $5000. + Respect.

    75. Explosive Situation

    Woozie is set for revenge, so you’ll need to highjack some explosives on a quarry next to your casino to blow Sindacco’s casino. This mission is very simple even when there’s a timer, and you have a limited time to recollect the dynamite.

    • Rewards: $7000. + Respect.

    76. You’ve Had Your Chips

    In this mission, you discover that Sindacco’s family messed with your casino tokens. They own a plastic factory, and your plan is to destroy the token machines.

    • Rewards: $10000. + Respect.

    77. Don Peyote

    The Truth is asking again for some help. This time, he led some friends at their luck in the middle of nowhere, and you have to rescue them. Their names are Maccer and Paul, and they will indirectly work as your link to make the biggest heist to the biggest casino in Las Venturas, the Caligula Casino.

    • Rewards: + Respect. Caligula’s heist side missions. I’ll talk about them right now.

    78. Architectural Espionage (Optional)

    I’ll talk about these side missions as even they are not necessary for the development of the missions, they are fairly easy and won’t take you much, and they are fun.

    These side missions consist of CJ and Woozie planning the Caligula’s heist. The first part is to steal Caligula’s blueprints, which can be found in the planning department. You’ll need a camera and a distraction to steal the blueprints.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    79. Key to Her Heart (Optional)

    You have the blueprints; now, you need to access the casino easily. For this, you’ll try to seduce one of the workers of the place, exactly, Millie Perkins. Then, you’ll have to follow and make her fall in love with you to steal the keycard she has. After that, you can forget about her.

    • Tips: You’ll get a gimp suit in this mission. To skip a lot of wasting time dating Millie, get to her house with the suit, do your job a couple of times, and you’ll be done. You can also kill her, but that’s rude.
    • Rewards: Millie as your girlfriend. + Respect.

    80. Dam and Blast (Optional)

    Your mission is to set some charges on Las Venturas’ dam to detonate it while you are doing the Caligula’s heist. This mission is very straightforward.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    81. Cop Wheels (Optional)

    On this mission, CJ has to steal four Police Bikes to use to escort the armored truck that will take the money out of Caligula’s.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    82. Up, Up and Away! (Optional)

    You got almost everything except the bank van, which will take the money out of Caligula’s. So you’ll need to steal it; the problem is that it’s hard to get access to it, and stealing while moving is a very dangerous move. The only solution is to steal a helicopter with a magnet and steal the bank van.

    • Tips: The helicopter is on a military base. Kill everyone there as they can be a serious problem afterward. Also, they will send two helicopters to take you down; arm yourself with a rocket launcher, and don’t get onto your helicopter before getting rid of them.
    • Rewards: + Respect.

    83. Intensive Care

    You are now infiltrated in the Italian families through Ken Rosenberg, administrating casinos as a representative from Liberty City’s mob. You’ll need to do some tasks for him, and the first one is to rescue Johnny Sindacco (the same guy you were scared of as soon as you got to the city) and take him to a safe place.

    • Rewards: $5000. + Respect.

    84. The Meat Business

    On this next mission, you’ll get trapped in a meat factory as you were with Rosenberg to talk to the Sindacco’s leader in Las Venturas, Johnny. Unfortunately, Sindacco recognized you, and he had a heart attack and died, so now you’ll have to escape from the meat factory.

    • Rewards: $8000. + Respect.

    85. Madd Dogg

    You ruined Madd Dogg’s life, and he’s about to jump from a cliff. Now, it is time to save him.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    86. Fish In a Barrel

    This mission is just a cutscene with Woozie and Ran Fa Li as you are now working together as co-owners of Woozie’s casino.

    • Rewards: None.

    87. Misappropriation

    You’ll meet C.R.A.S.H again, and they need you to eliminate some DEA agent and get a dossier back.

    • Tips: Aldea Malvada is far from your position when starting the mission. If you want to get there quickly, it’s better to get to Verdant Meadows and take the jetpack. That will let you easily get to the DEA agent and kill him. Kill all the FBI agents, and take the dossier.
    • Rewards: None.

    88. Freefall

    Rosenberg lost his spot as Caligula’s manager, and Salvatore Leone arrived. You’ll work for him as his muscle while you are prepping a heist on his casino. Your first mission is to intercept and board a plane full of Forelli’s hitmen (the rival family of the Sindacco’s) and kill them.

    • Rewards: $15000. + Respect.

    89. High Noon

    C.R.A.S.H is now trying to kill you as they won’t use you anymore. Officer Hernandez tried to set a tramp by working as an infiltrate, but Tenpenny and Pulaski discovered him. While looking for the dossier you got back for them, Tenpenny knocked Hernandez out and asked Pulaski to kill you. First, you have to dig your tomb, and when you are about to die, Hernandez recovered and disarmed Pulaski. Now, your mission is to kill him.

    • Rewards: None.

    90. Saint Mark’s Bistro

    Leone needs you for another mission; to get Forelli down and get rid of the rivalry on Las Venturas. To do that, you’ll have to fly to Liberty City and make a score on Saint Mark’s Bistro.

    • Tips: arm yourself with a bulletproof vest and your best rifle, and this will be easy.
    • Rewards: $20000. + Respect.

    91. Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s (Optional)

    If you did these side missions, it’s time to do the heist at Caligula’s.

    This mission is very straightforward; just follow the indications Zero gives you, and everything will be fine.

    • Tips: The only problem is the number of Salvatore’s gorillas chasing after you, but, as I said in Reuniting The Families back then, there’s a lot of soda machines that can heal you if you are hurt, and also, there are some bulletproof vests that are easy to spot. Be sure you are using one of those before doing this mission.
    • Rewards: $100000. + Respect.

    92. A Home in the Hills

    Madd Dogg is thankful for all you have done, so he offers you his mansion. The only problem is that you have to clean it up before using it, as Madd Dogg lost it to a Vagos drug dealer.

    • Tips: As I said before, use a bulletproof vest for this mission. Don’t let the Triads kill the objectives themselves; do it yourself.
    • Rewards: Madd Dogg’s mansion as your safehouse. + Respect.

    Back to Los Santos Missions

    CJ got back to Los Santos thanks to Madd Dogg, and now you have to clean the city and take your brother out of jail while ending with C.R.A.S.H and Smoke once for all.

    93. Vertical Bird

    Before fixing your problems, Toreno needs you for a final job. You’ll need to infiltrate and steal a military jet from an aircraft carrier and then demolish some spy boats to protect Toreno.

    • Tips: It doesn’t matter if you activate the alarms but only if you are near the jet. I recommend eliminating the other jets as soon as possible as they can be annoying. Get very high to avoid contact with buildings. The rest is very easy.
    • Rewards: $50000. The hydra will be available in Verdant Meadows. + Respect.

    94. and 95. Home Coming and Beat Down on B Dup

    These two missions are the same; recovering territory for the Families. On Home Coming, Sweet gets out of prison, and you’ll be cleaning Grove Street, and on Beat Down on B Dup, you’ll be looking for B Dup, who let the crack dealers invade the Families’ territories while taking Glen Park for your gang.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    96. Cut Throat Business

    Madd Dogg is about to be a star again, but he wants revenge on OG Loc. Dogg realized Loc is using his rhyme book, and your task is to chase him down. Shooting isn’t necessary, so don’t waste bullets on Jeffrey.

    • Rewards: + Respect.

    97. Grove 4 Life

    This is another Gang Wars mission.

    • Rewards: $10000. + Respect.

    98. Riot

    This mission consists of a cinematic explaining that Tenpenny would not get in jail for all of his crimes, making Los Santos explode and causing a riot. Then, you have to take Sweet to his home in Groove.

    • Rewards: None.

    99. Los Desperados

    On this mission, you’ll have to help Cesar and Varrio Los Aztecas recover their position against the Vagos. You’ll have to raid Cesar’s old home in Unity Station to accomplish that. I highly recommend using a bulletproof vest here. The rest will be easy as Cesar will be a great help.

    •   Rewards: + Respect.

    100. End of the Line

    To start this mission, you must put at least 35% of the territories in your name.

    This is the last mission of the game. Sweet discovered where Smoke is hiding, and you’ll search and end his life.

    Smoke is hiding in a warehouse in East Los Santos. However, entering there isn’t an easy task, so you’ll have to steal an armored truck to demolish the entrance.

    As you enter, you’ll have to pass through 3 floors to get to Smoke. Cover yourself, use the ammo the enemies drop, and use the bulletproof vests and the healing hearts you’ll find through the floors. This part can get highly complicated if you rush through the place, so take your time.

    I’ll give you a personal tip to make the shooting against Smoke a bit easier; don’t waste your rifle bullets on the floors; instead, use them on Smoke and clean your path with SMGs or pistols, as you desire. Also, if you kept the minigun, this part would be really easy.

    After killing Big Smoke, Tenpenny will get to the place to steal Smoke’s money and kill you. Nonetheless, you got to escape Tenpenny, but he burned the place to try to kill you. Getting out of the tower isn’t hard at all; you’ll have some night vision goggles to help you on your way out.

    Tenpenny is trying to escape, but Sweet won’t let that happen, getting to hang himself on the firetruck. You’ll have to chase the firetruck to be sure Sweet won’t fall. Sweet won’t last much hanging there, so you’ll rescue him. The next part of the mission involves shooting at many enemies (cars, bikes, rioters) who want to stop you.

    After all the chasing, Tenpenny will lose control of the firetruck, falling from the bridge upside Grove and finally dying, meaning that this is the end of the game.

    • Rewards: $250000. + Respect.


    Question: How Long is GTA San Andreas?

    Answer: GTA San Andreas is a long game. It can take you at least 30 hours only by following the obligatory missions. However, if you take the optional missions, it can be more than 40, and if you are trying to do the 100% completion, then it can take you more than 60 hours.

    Question: Which is the Hardest Mission on GTA San Andreas?

    Answer: If you don’t count the optional missions, then End of the Line or Learning to Fly are two hard ones that can complicate things. But, if you also count the optional missions, then Supply Lines is the hardest mission on the game.

    Question: What Do I Have to Do to Make the 100% Completion?

    Answer: First, finish the game with all the side missions, including the asset missions like working as a valet, as a courier, and in the quarry. Then, you have to beat all the available races, stadium events, vehicle challenges, and the driving, boat, and bike schools. It is also needed to beat all the vehicle missions, like the firefighter, vigilante, taxi driver, paramedic, freight train, and pimping missions.

    As well, you have to complete all the three imports and exports boards, beat all the challenges in Ammu-nation, get all the collectibles (tags, snapshots, oysters, and horseshoes), purchase all the available properties, learn all the moves in the gym, and getting at least 35% girlfriend progress with Millie Perkins.


    Love it or hate it, but GTA: San Andreas is one of the most mythical games thanks to its story and missions. I hope this mission progression will help to guide you on this game!

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