ocelot lynx guide

Ocelot Lynx Guide

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Grand Theft Auto V/Online is loaded with controllable vehicles. And thanks to the endless updates from Rockstar, the list is getting bigger and bigger with each update. The list includes everything from jets soaring over the clouds, boats, subs ruling the seas, and ridiculous cars terrorizing Los Santos. And that’s why we are here today! 

There are a lot of cars grouped in a series of categories to choose from. You have the muscle, the classics, and even the supercar class. But one of the most popular categories is the sports section.  It is loaded with cars offering top-notch performance for a fraction of the price. In this piece, we are putting the Ocelot Lynx under the spotlight! 

It’s a car that not many players recognize, and very few own in their garages because it’s hard to obtain. Now, it is even harder to get! Follow along to know why. 

Overview of the Ocelot Lynx

Ocelot is a British car manufacturer in GTA V/ Online. It’s a knock-off brand of Jaguar mainly, and other brands like Maserati, Lotus, and Aston Martin. In their sports cars lineup, sits the Lynx. The latter is a two-door coupé that came to Grand Theft Auto Online with the 1.35 Cunning Stunts Bonuses DLC, on July 19th, 2016. 

The Ocelot Lynx was listed for sale on the Legendary Motorsports website for $ 1,735,000. The resale value of the Lynx is $ 1,041,000 in its stock form. A fully upgraded model will get you $ 1,230,125 in the marketplace. That’s 40% of the original purchase price gone in a blink of an eye! 

Sadly, the Lynx is no longer for sale. On June 13th, 2023, Rockstar released the 1.67 San Andreas Mercenaries Update, removing the Lynx from Legendary Motorsports’ website.

The vehicle will be attainable via events showrooms, Lucky Wheel, and possibly future events or updates. If you’re playing GTA on PS5 or Xbox X/S Series, then you’re in luck. You can get a Lynx by purchasing a copy from another player at the LS Car Meet. 


ocelot lynx gta design

The Ocelot Lynx seems to assume the basic coupé layout. It’s a two-door and two-seater, with a relatively short wheelbase. It is heavily influenced by the Jaguar F-Type. It is more noticeable at the rear fascia and side profile. The Lynx carries other characteristics from the Aston Martin Vanquish and DB11 at the front.

The front bumper is low, featuring a carbon fiber splitter and several vents to give the Lynx a more menacing stance. The hood is smooth with a subtle bulge in the middle, and the headlights are large and flamboyant.

On the sides, there are large air vents behind the front wheel arches and ridged side skirts. The beltline is high up, but the swooping roof line makes the Lynx look lower than it really is.

The highlights of the rear end are the thin taillights and quad exhaust pipes. The bumper has two vents on the side and a carbon fiber diffuser. The latter is shy and subtle like the ducktail spoiler on the trunk lid. It doesn’t grab any attention.  


The Lynx is powered by a big V8 engine mated to a six-speed gearbox, and has rear-wheel drive. It sounds heavenly when you rev it, similar to the Schwartzer and the V12 Schafter. However, it has a high pitch tone. The Lynx is a chunky one, weighing 3802 lbs (1725 kg), which can be problematic for performance. 

In terms of performance, the Lynx is not as good as you expect it to be. In other words, you get subpar performance with a supercar price tag. It’s just not worth it! The top speed caps out at 121.5 mph.

The Ocelot Pariah costs 300,000 dollars less and has a top speed of 136 mph. Plus, it will annihilate the Lynx in a race or on the streets. 

It puts out insane amounts of torque. Thus, it spins the back wheels a lot, especially when you try to launch it. It is suitable for racing on short circuits thanks to its superb acceleration, still, it’s easy to catch on the long straights. The handling is weird and takes a while to get used to.

The front wheels are grippy, yet it understeers a lot. Moreover, the rear end snaps out every time you floor it when exiting a corner.


ocelot lynx gta modifications

The Lynx is customizable through Los Santos Customs and has decent options. Still, what’s available is not enough to make it stand out from the crowd. The available mods are as follows:


  1. No Armor
  2. Armor Upgrade 20%
  3. Armor Upgrade 40%
  4. Armor Upgrade 60%
  5. Armor Upgrade 80%
  6. Armor Upgrade 100%
  1. $1,000 
  2. $7,500 
  3. $12,000 
  4. $20,000 
  5. $35,000 
  6. $50,000


  1. Stock Brakes
  2. Street Brakes
  3. Sport Brakes
  4. Race Brakes
  1. $1,000 
  2. $20,000 
  3. $27,000 
  4. $35,000

Bumpers – Front Bumpers

  1. Stock Front Bumper
  2. Painted and Carbon Splitter
  3. Sports Grille
  4. Custom Chin Spoiler
  5. Extreme Aero Front Bumper
  1. $2,200 
  2. $4,600 
  3. $7,400 
  4. $11,700 
  5. $14,500

Rear Bumpers

ocelot lynx gta rear bumpers
  1. Stock Rear Bumper
  2. Carbon Rear Bumper
  3. Painted Rear Bumper
  4. Painted Rear Diffuser
  5. Painted Bumper and Diffuser
  6. Carbon Rear Diffuser
  1. $2,200 
  2. $4,600 
  3. $7,400 
  4. $11,700 
  5. $14,500 
  6. $14,700


  1. Stock Chassis
  2. Roll Cage
  1. $700 
  2. $1,100


  1. EMS Upgrade, Level 1
  2. EMS Upgrade, Level 2
  3. EMS Upgrade, Level 3
  4. EMS Upgrade, Level 4
  1. $9,000 
  2. $12,500 
  3. $18,000 
  4. $33,500


  1. Stock Exhaust
  2. Oval Exhaust
  3. Chrome Tip Exhaust
  4. Race Exhaust
  5. Titanium Exhaust
  1. $260 
  2. $750 
  3. $1,800
  4. $3,000 
  5. $9,550


  1. Ignition Bomb
  2. Remote Bomb
  1. $5,000 
  2. $7,500


ocelot lynx gta hoods
  1. Stock Hood
  2. Performance Hood
  3. Double Vented Hood
  4. Scooped Hood
  5. Carbon Vented Hood
  1. $1,600 
  2. $3,000 
  3. $5,000 
  4. $8,000 
  5. $9,600


  1. Headlights
  2. Xenon Lights
  1. $600 
  2. $7,500


  1. None
  2. XERO Gas
  3. Ocelot Racing
  1. $11,400 
  2. $34,200 
  3. $45,600


  1. Blue on White 1
  2. Blue on White 2
  3. Blue on White 3
  4. Yellow on Blue
  5. Yellow on Black
  1. $200 
  2. $200 
  3. $200 
  4. $300 
  5. $600


  1. Stock Skirts
  2. Carbon Skirts
  1. $2,500 
  2. $5,500


  1. None
  2. Mid Level Spoiler
  3. Carbon Wing
  4. Drift Wing
  5. GT Wing
  1. $6,000 
  2. $7,050 
  3. $10,000 
  4. $13,000 
  5. $14,000


ocelot lynx gta suspension
  1. Stock Suspension
  2. Lowered Suspension
  3. Street Suspension
  4. Sport Suspension
  5. Competition Suspension
  6. Race Suspension
  1. $200 
  2. $1,000 
  3. $2,000 
  4. $3,400 
  5. $4,400 
  6. $4,600


  1. Stock Transmission
  2. Street Transmission
  3. Sports Transmission
  4. Race Transmission
  1. $1,000 
  2. $29,500 
  3. $32,500 
  4. $40,000


  1. None
  2. Turbo Tuning
  1. $5,000 
  2. $50,000


  1. None
  2. Light Smoke
  3. Dark Smoke
  4. Limo
  1. $500 
  2. $1,500 
  3. $3,500 
  4. $5,000

My Recommendation

gta ocelot lynx

As I already mentioned, the list of customization options is limited and enough to create a build that outshines the rest. But, it is possible to build something that you enjoy.

Maxing out on the armor and performance-enhancing mods like transmission, EMS upgrades, Turbo, and Brakes will give the biggest bang for your buck. 

I am not a fan of the available bumpers, but the Custom Chin spoiler is the best one. It is similar to the one on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. For the back, the Painted Rear Diffuser is the best option.

It retains the side vents and adds a sporty diffuser that complements the front. The car will look even more aggressive and mean when you add the side skirts. 

The Chrome Tip Exhaust is excellent, but the Race Exhaust is more assertive and works better with the chosen diffuser. The Lynx lacks variety, especially when it comes to hoods.

The carbon vented hood is sublime and goes well with a black rooftop. But you can’t really see the vents. The Scooped hood is also a solid choice because it adds a certain degree of boldness. 

Both Liveries look amazing if you are aiming for a race car style, but a clean Diamond Blue or Frost White are far greater choices. You can break it off with a black roof and side mirror with the secondary color option.

A Ducktail spoiler would’ve been a fantastic option, but since it’s not available, the carbon wing will do the trick. It accentuates the black roof. 

The stock wheel looks nice, but you cannot paint them black. A set of Hyperfresh rims from the street category works a lot better.  


Question: What are the Top 3 Fastest SUVs in GTA Online?

Answer: There are over 30 SUVs In GTA Online, and the fastest are: 
• Pegassi Toros (127.5 mph)
• Lampadati Novak (126 mph)
• Ubermacht Rebla GTS (123.5 mph

Question: How many Cars did Rockstar Remove?

Answer: On June 13th,2023, Rockstar released the 1.67 San Andrea Mercenaries update. The latter brought several new properties to the game, including cars, weapons, and missions. However, it removed a total of 118 vehicles from the marketplace. The cars are no longer available for purchase and will be obtainable via events showrooms, Lucky Wheel, and possible future updates. 

Question: How much does a Submarine Cost in GTA? 

Answer: There are three submarines available for purchase: 
• Kraken Submersible Kraken ($ 1,325,000)
• Kraken Submersibles Avisa ($ 1,545,000)
• Rune Kosatka Submarine HQ ($ 2,200,000)

Ocelot Lynx Guide: Wrapping Up…

The Ocelot Lynx is a unique piece of machinery in the GTA Online vehicles’ artillery. And it will definitely steal the spotlight in your garage. It is a strange yet impressive car. For a sports car, it offers a well-balanced performance. The handling takes a while to get used to, but it is a joy to drive.

Would I recommend it? For the current price tag, NO. It is super expensive for what it has to offer in terms of capabilities and customization options. You can try and win it as a prize, and avoid buying it at all costs.

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