GTA IV Overview

GTA IV Overview

Released by Rockstar nearly 14 years ago, Grand Theft Auto IV aimed to be a game-changing revolution to the Grand Theft Auto franchise with its new engine, RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine). The RAGE engine is one of the best open-world game engines with its unique and realistic take on world physics. With an entirely …

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games like gta v

Games Like GTA V

If you have been at all conscious throughout the last two decades and even the slightest bit interested in the world of gaming, you will have heard of Grand Theft Auto. Ever since the rather primitive birdseye titles in the 1990s, the GTA series has been gradually cementing itself as one of the biggest and …

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gta vice city overview

GTA Vice City Overview: Welcome to the Tropical Paradise!

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a magnificent feat from Rockstar Games Inc. and a remarkable all-time classic despite being released almost 20 years ago. GTA III was a record-breaking game and a massive success. It took the concept of open-world gameplay to a completely different level. Many thought that Rockstar can’t match GTA III’s …

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