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Best Drift Car in GTA 5

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Every GTA 5 player has their perspectives about different cars in the game but when it comes to the best drifting cars, you will find these cars the best. I have been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 for a year now and I have been trying different drifting cars, but when it comes to the most stable and controllable highly sluggish cars I have made a list of my 5 top recommendations to help you find the best drift car in GTA 5.

If you love drifting whether in online or offline gameplay you have to try these cars for the best drifting experience. Although some of these cars don’t have good speed these cars are the best drifting cars. I would highly recommend trying these drifting cars and upgrades.

Willard Faction

Willard Faction
Image from GTA Fandom

Faction is one of the easiest cars that you can pick up for drifting in GTA 5. It’s really easy to get it to slide, you have to do very much to get this car to kick out the double-clutching and all the corrections and stuff that you have to do to get it to slide is very minimal so for people who are starting or have friends who are just starting out you want to try and get them into the faction this is one of the easiest cars you could probably drift on this game.

Note: Don’t make this car a lowrider. You will find that this car will not perform the way you wanted it to perform.

Regular Willard Faction is easily found on Bennie’s website for just $36,000 and to be honest, this is a very cheap in-car in GTA 5 because with this money you can just buy a set of custom tires. So I think it’s pretty cool.

Go to Bennie’s custom and upgrade it as I tell you to slide this car smoothly.

Again if you already have lowriders upgrade then you have to sell the car this is because this upgrade will hurt the performance of the car when you are trying to drift.

Also if your car has bulletproof tires you will need to sell the car this is because with these you won’t be able to slam or stance your car.

Willard Faction customized

For armor upgrade I will suggest that you go for 0 Percent armor on it, if you slightly increase the armor say 20 percent this will alter the performance of the vehicle so don’t do it.

With no armor, we will choose stock brakes because with stock brakes double-clutching energies corrections in general when you apply the break you don’t want your car losing too much speed so these will apply the least amount of resistance when you apply these breaks.

Under the hood of the car, I’ll suggest you guys run EMS if you don’t have EMS for an upgrade just run whatever you can but try to get some races done so that you can run EMS.

Side Note: If you guys want to run the loudest horn you can, sometimes when people spin on the track and they’re just trying to get back on the track you got to let them know that you are coming through so put some musical horns or something nice and loud.

Now we know that sports suspension seems to be the dominant upgrade now this is automatic for every single car but of course, on the Faction, we will be running for sports suspension moving on to the transmission we will be running race, and like I said before if you don’t have race upgrade unlock yet go ahead and put on whatever the highest upgrade you can. But I will suggest you race and unlock this upgrade.

Don’t forget to put the turbo in the car as far as tire compounds go you guys can go ahead and run sports muscle, sweet SUV, or whatever you want. But don’t I repeat don’t use either tuner or high end. I’ve had bad experiences with this also the racing community promotes the tuners as the creepiest compound in the game

Now comes the most important part after these upgrades we will have to slam or stance your car for that we can shoot the tires breaking the suspension down. To do this you will need to fire 5 shots at the heavy sniper 14 shots at the Marksman. Shoot below the center so that your shooting doesn’t blow up the tires.

Dewbauchee Rapid GT

Dewbauchee Rapid GT
Image from GTA Fandom

Dewbauchee Rapid GT is $13200 worth in GTA 5, it can be bought from legendary motorsports and is considered one of the best drift cars in the game. Buy one if you love to drift in the game. To make it the best drifting car apply these settings to your cars.

Change the armor of the car to decrease it to zero.

Change brakes to stock breaks, Upgrade your car engine to level 4. The important thing to remember is not to put a spoiler on your car, change the suspension to sports suspension. Go for race transmission when applying transmission to your car.

Now wheels matter when you select your car to drift, use the dash VIP SUV wheels for the best possible drift and apply chrome rims on the wheels. Another important point is NOT to put bulletproof tires on, if you put the bulletproof tires on it will make the car heavy which won’t drift, and make a stop when trying to drift.

PRO TIP: Now apply stancing on the car using regular sniper shoot the middle of the rim 9 times, on the 5th shot you will notice the car drops a little bit and on the 9th shot you will notice the car gets lower. Apply stancing on all four tires of the car. This is free stancing and easy to do otherwise you will have to go to a workshop and pay for the stancing setting of your car.

Stancing lowers the weight of the car and makes it more driftable, the car will slide more and now your car is properly driftable.

Get your Rapid GT today and start drifting in GTA 5. You can also do racing with this car as the car is a sports car so it also has some remarkable performance in drag racing.

Bravado Banshee 900R

Image from

Banshee is a very capable car and due to its high power and being rear-wheel drive you can do the mid-drive speed boost or double-clutch making this car a huge contender for either both high speed or even low speed drifting meaning it’s very capable in all sorts of environments so you can do drifting anywhere you want like low speed drifting in some parking lots etc.

Note: If you are new to GTA 5 I advise you to use any other car because this car has a high amount of power and it takes a high level of practice and skill to get good with it.

You can buy this car from Benny’s Original motor work for just $565,000. Then go to Bennie’s custom and upgrade it as I tell you to drive this car smoothly.

First things first you don’t want to equip bulletproof tires under any circumstances equipping them will just hinder you from being able to stand in your car later on and that is a very vital part of drifting if you don’t equip them you should be good. If you put them on then it’s going to be a hard time for you. You will not be able to get this car drifting.

The next thing I’ll like to say is that all of your performance upgrades such as the turbo the transmission and the engine you want to go ahead and max those out to the max of your ability it will make the car a lot faster and drive a lot more power into the rear wheels which will give the car a lot less grip as it’s a rear-wheel drive.

Next thing is that upgrade your car’s breaks with stock brakes. Don’t upgrade brakes as having higher level breaks. This is because these will make the car easier to slow down and ultimately kill your drift off.

Spoilers are not recommended however if you are struggling a little bit you do find the car a bit too hard to control it might be helpful if you are a bit newer to drifting.

Suspension wise I will recommend you to use sports suspension typically the lower you make your car the more slippery it will be. So use sports suspension.

As far as tire compounds go you guys can go ahead and chose any wheels you want but don’t use off-road.

Now comes the most important part after these upgrades we will have to slam or stance your car for that we can shoot the tires breaking the suspension down that’s why having bulletproof tires is detrimental to you because when you don’t have them equipped it allows you to stance your car.

To do this you will need to fire a heavy sniper or the Marksman on the bottom half of your tire or fender until you see the body drop twice. If you look and pay attention to the fender and you see on the wheel arch that it will drop down twice if you fire 12 shots of the Marksman rifle. It also depends upon the armor upgrade if your armor is max then it will take more shots.

Note: You have to do this whenever your start drifting you can’t save it in this form. This will change the handling model to the point where it has way less grip and it is a lot easier to drift

Dinka RT 3000

Dinka RT 3000
Image from GTA Fandom

Dinka RT 3000 is worth $175000 in GTA 5 and it can be obtained from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. The first thing to upgrade to make your Dinka RT 3000 highly driftable is to modify its armor. It handles your car’s damage power so the more armor you have, the more weight your car has and less it drifts. Your car has to be light to do perfect drifting.

The next thing to modify in Dinka RT 3000 is its breaks, although breaks don’t link directly with car drifting ability I still recommend leaving your car breaks to stock so that the car performs default as it is made for drifting.

The next modification to Dinka RT 3000 I suggest is to upgrade its engine, the more power the car has the more smoothly it will drift and do power slides, so remember to upgrade your car’s engine.

PRO TIP: Leave the spoilers off for Dinka RT 3000, adding one will make your car harder to drift.

Another important modification for Dinka RT 3000 to make it the best driftable car in GTA 5 is to upgrade its suspension. But remember to stance your car first it will reduce the traction of your car and help you do good drifts.

Dinka RT 3000 customization

Upgrade the transmission as well, it will make Dinka RT 300 much quicker and faster to do power slides. Once you unlock the turbo system for Dinka RT 3000 do remember to upgrade it, the turbo also increases car drifting ability.

The last and most important upgrade to do in Dinka RT 3000 is changing its tires. Apply SUV tires or muscle wheels because these tires reduce the grip of the car. These types of tires cost no more than $500 so it is an easy and cheap upgrade for a car like Dinka RT 3000.

If you are stancing your Dinka RT 3000 it must not have bulletproof tires so that you can stance your car with a weapon (Sniper). For Dinka RT 3000 visual effects has little or no effect on car drifting ability.

Now I will highly recommend stance your Dinka RT 3000 to make it as driftable as possible, to stance your car you will have to go to the setting and apply the stance setting in the menu. This is only applicable if Dinka RT 3000 is set as your main vehicle if not the second method to stance your car is to use a weapon to break your car’s suspension, for that you should not have bulletproof tires to apply this method.

Always use a powerful weapon, Sniper is highly recommended as it gives a clear shot to tire and limited bullets are shot at a single time. Remember to only shoot the rim, do not shoot the tire. The car will drop 2 times to properly stance it.

Your Dinka RT 3000 is now at best to do drifting as one the best drifting vehicles in GTA 5. Dinka RT 3000a is a highly slippery car so don’t make it too much slippery because it will be hard to control your car. Have fun drifting with Dinka RT 3000.

Benefactor Schwartzer

Benefactor Schwartzer
Image from GTA Fandom

This car is very similar to the faction but it has more power than it which makes it slightly heavier than the faction but easy to do drifts and power slides.  It has a good pick-up speed from 0 to 100 which helps in starting a drift, Benefactor Schwartzer can do long drifts and is a very controllable car during drifts but it is less sluggish due to the good weight of the car.

It requires low skills to handle this car which means a driver who can do little drifts or doesn’t know much about drifts can handle this car. Benefactor Schwartzer is a sports category car so it can be used in drag races as well as drift races.

It is worth $80000 in the game which is a cheap price for a drifting car and you can obtain it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. When applying drifting upgrades for example stancing and other upgrades this car price reaches over $170000.

Benefactor Schwartzer has an advantage over suspension which makes it less expensive and you don’t have to upgrade suspensions for good drifts. You can also steal this car from the street and it is a great car for beginners who just started playing GTA 5.

I would recommend all new players to try this car for drifting as it is very easy to learn to drift using Benefactor Schwartzer and easy to handle during drifts which makes it one of the best drifting cars in GTA 5.

FAQs about Best drift cars in GTA 5

Question: How do I get Banshee 900R?

Answer: The Bravado Banshee 900R can be purchased from Benny’s Original Motor Works for $565,000 in GTA Online.

Question: How do you drift in drift 5?

Answer: First, players will need to increase speed and provoke drifts by making extreme turns at tight corners. Then they’ll need to use a delicate mesh of throttle and breaks, along with steering, to keep the cars drifting through corners.

Question: Where can I practice drifting in GTA 5?

Answer: GTA Online are amazing places to practice drifting as they have many tight corners. Taking the car around the backpass and into the track gives players a lot of space to practice their drifting while experiencing elevation changes.


I would say that if you are a new player in GTA 5 and you love to drift try out any of the above-mentioned cars as these cars are cheap to buy/obtain, easy to learn, and very easy to control.

You can also apply the above upgrades to make these cars more and more sluggish and draftable so have the best drifting experience in GTA 5.

I have personally tried all of the above-mentioned cars and I highly recommend drifting fans to try these cars as these cars are the best drift cars in GTA 5.

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