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Trevor Philips Guide: The Lunatic Fringe Under the Scope!

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Grand Theft Auto Series is jam-packed with missions, side activities, locations, and characters that play an immense role in making the game as astonishing as possible. Nonetheless, some aspects of the game are more vivid and catch more eyes than others, especially when you take into consideration the charismatic Tommy Vercetti and his side chicken Ken Rosenberg, or CJ and his sarcastic gang, and the vague and mystic Niko Bellic.

The list is very long to go through in detail, which makes it very hard to keep track of all the characters and their roles. Some of the supporting characters uplift the story and help the event flow smoothly. There are tons of characters in the GTA series with a great voice cast to back it up, but a select few can be as interesting as Trevor Philips.

Trevor is a hardcore criminal mastermind and a former bank robber with serious mental issues. He plays the role of one of the main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V and appears as one of the main characters in GTA Online.

If you are interested in knowing more about the character, you came to the right spot. In today’s Trevor Philips guide, we will dissect Trevor’s character and look deeper into his background, personality, mad missions, and role in Grand Theft Auto V.

Who is Trevor Philips?

Trevor made a career in criminal life. He is a meth addict psycho with an aggressive and reckless attitude. However, Trevor is big on loyalty and respects his closest friends.


Trevor Philips Background

Everything known about Trevor’s background comes from his own words. He was born and raised within the Canadian borders with the US. In a conversation with Franklin, he disclosed that he grew up in two countries, five states, and fourteen homes. He had eight fathers, lived in three retirement homes, went to two penitentiaries, and had one “beautiful damaged flower of a mother”.

As a child, Trevor had an impulsive and violent attitude which represented a handicap that disabled him from fitting in with society members. He claims that he assaulted his hockey coach with a hockey stick, and tried to choke a clarinet player with his instrument. In addition, Trevor mentions that he tortured and killed lots of animals when he was young.

Trevor’s upbringing itself was very harsh. His father was physically abusive, and his mother was emotionally abusive, calling him useless all the time. Trevor was abandoned by his father in a shopping mall (which he came back and burnt later as revenge). He also had a brother named Ryan, who supposedly died in an accident.

Early Life

trevor philips life

After getting discharged from the military, Trevor drifted into the wrong world and began committing small-time and petty crimes along the Canadian and U.S borders until he met Michael Townley (aka Michael De Santa).

Trevor and Michael were supposed to meet an employer to give them jobs in the middle of an abandoned runway. However, it turns out that the man was previously carjacked by Michael and starts yelling at both of them.

In the heat of the moment, Trevor shot the man in the eye with a flare gun, killing him on the spot. Trevor and Michael carried the body and dumped it in a nearby lake. They became criminal buddies since then. The duo resumed their journey of chain robberies, but their friendship starts getting shaky when Michael falls in love and marries a stripper. The latter started a family and became very cautious with his criminal activities.

Their partnership ended when they decided to undertake a robbery of a security depot in Ludendorff, North Yankton, with a friend named Brad and a contact called Lester. Before the heist, Michael made a secret deal with FIB agent Dave Norton to leave the criminal life and start a new page with his family in Los Santos. The deal was to meet at the getaway helicopter, shoot Trevor, and act as if he shot Michael.

Nevertheless, things went downhill when the police showed up during the robbery. The getaway driver was killed, forcing Michael to drive, who ended up crashing after getting hit by a train when crossing the railroad tracks. As planned, Norton showed up but instead of pretending to shoot Michael, the Agent Shot Brad instead.

Trevor escaped thinking Michael died and was buried in Ludendorff Cemetery, and Brad was behind bars.

GTA V Events

Forward nine years later Trevor is in the middle of the desert building a drug and arms empire when he gets the news of a jewelry store robbery. Immediately, Trevor knew only Michael do such a thing and heads down to Los Santos to reunite with his old pal. After their awkward meeting at Michael’s house, the duo resumed their shenanigans and got into Trouble with other criminal syndicates.

Trevor gets involved in a drug war with the Triads and the Lost MC, while Michael is under pressure from the FIB for going back to the criminal life. To make things worse, Trevor steals military-grade weapons from Merryweather and kidnaps Martin Madrazo’s Wife (drug baron and leader of Madrazo Cartel).

After a long twisty road of shootouts, drug deals, and killing for pleasure, Trevor, Michael, Lester, and their new friend Franklin decide to rob the Union Depository. Trevor goes to Michael’s mansion and tries to talk him into getting Brad out of jail and resume their chain robberies like the old days. However, Michael refuses to speak about Brad and claims that he has a family and wants to make movies.

This annoys Trevor and raises his suspicion of what happened in North Yankton nine years ago. Afterward, Trevor flies back to North Yankton and Digs up Michael’s grave to find Brad’s corps instead. He later finds out that Michael made a deal with the FIB to get out of the criminal life.


trevor philips personality

In Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor is too much for anyone to handle and there are many reasons why. Unlike the other protagonists in the story, Trevor is more extreme and likes going to the limits. And more, he is impulsive, irrational, and mentally unstable due to his tough childhood.

And that is not even half of it!

Trevor is also wild, notorious for his homicidal attitude, and his solution to a problem is going on a destructive rampage. Nonetheless, he is honest about being a relentless sociopath and shows no hypocrisy whatsoever. Another quality you may notice about Trevor is being insecure.

Despite his rugged and tough manners, Trevor is insecure about being a Canadian, and it shows. Almost every rampage he went through and crime he committed, was a product of being teased about his Canadian accent. For instance, Trevor gets angry and defensive when Ron asked him about his drug business in Canada during a mission. Michael also mocks Trevor for his Canadian accent while they hang out.

Trevor’s presence alone makes everyone nervous because of his unpredictable attitude and short temper. For example, his best pal Ron is always scared of him and tries to appease his good side whenever he gets angry. Even Michael gets anxious when they reunite, as he stands in front of his son to protect him from Trevor’s surprising explosions. Regardless, Trevor still shows that he is loyal and trusts his friends.

But it’s not just friends, even strangers who know very little about him get on the edge of their seats when they meet Trevor. For example, Fabian gets panicky when he sees Trevor during the mission Fame or Shame. It is stated that Trevor’s personality is based on Charles Bronson, also known as the most vicious prisoner in the UK.

Among the three protagonists, Trevor is indeed the loose cannon. He can easily kill anyone with no mercy. In addition, he is an arsonist and likes to kidnap people and drop them off at Altruist Cult camp, which he calls friends in the mountains, for money.  Despite his criminal and insane behavior, Trevor still shows some positive emotions. He is loyal and cares deeply about the people close to him.

Trevor shows a soft side the majority of sociopaths don’t even have. He expresses his sadness to Michael when he thought he was dead, how much he mourned him, and the tattoo he got to commemorate his memory. Trevor is also very protective when it comes to Michael’s family, and promises to kill anyone who tries to hurt them. Furthermore, Trevor shows that he longs for love and can fall in love when he gets in a relationship with Patricia Madrazo.

Trevor tends to use sexual threats to assert his dominance over his peers. If the players switch to Trevor during his stay at Floyd and Debora’s condo, they will find him gazing at Floyd while he is laying on the ground sobbing and wearing women’s clothes. On the other hand, he also encourages his friends and partners in crime to be brave and face their fears.

Trevor tends to be hectic and very erratic, but he is smart and highly cultured. He is fluent and smooth in his speech and uses detailed and complicated vocabulary. It is worth noting that Trevor spent four years in a military academy learning to be a pilot. Yet, he was discharged due to his unbalanced mental health. He also displays serious skills in planning and dealing with numbers, considering his record of successful jobs. Furthermore, Trevor proved that he is a professional with sheer will and focus.

While Trevor is loud, fearless, and can hurt anyone with ease, he is terrified of his mother. In the mission Mrs. Philips, Trevor starts stumbling and is unable to say a full sentence when he meets his mother in his trailer.


trevor philips appearance

Physically speaking, Trevor is built like an athlete. He is six feet tall and weighs about 200 lbs. with brown eyes and fading brown hair. He suffers from multiple cuts on his face, scars of knife wounds on his abdomen, and burns on his back. In addition, he has a lot of tattoos including:

  • A memorial tattoo of Michael on his shoulder
  • A dotted line along his neck with the words “CUT HERE” under it
  • Flying bird tattoo behind his ear
  • Skull tattoo on his left hand
  • The F word tattoo on his right hand

His regular outfit is a muddy white V-neck t-shirt with ripped blue jeans and brown boots. Other outfits Trevor can be seen in include, a denim jacket with blue jeans and a button-up shirt. Of course, after some missions, or upon completing the game, the player will unlock more clothes for Trevor such as suits.

He is not very keen on buying clothes from nice stores, instead, Trevor likes to shop at the discount store. Furthermore, his hygiene is almost none existent as stated by other characters. For instance, Michael calls him a “proto-hipster” that smells like urine and has blood under his fingernails.

Skills and Attributes

Thanks to his military background, Trevor is good at combat and shooting. Moreover, he is a good pilot and a stunt driver. Besides his intelligence and fighting abilities, Trevor has a special skill called Invulnerability. When activated, Trevor can take a lot of damage without dying, and perform a special melee attack.

Where can I find Trevor?

where to find trevor gta

Trevor is usually found in his rundown trailer in Sandy Shores, Blaine County. It is the headquarters of his company Trevor Philips Enterprises. He has several associates, Ron Jakawski, Wade Herbert, and Chef, to help him run his drug deals and weapon smuggling operations.

Trevor also uses Liquor Ace, Sandy Shores Airfield, McKenzie Field Hangar, and the Vanilla Unicorn as fronts for his “work”. He owns an airplane (Cuban 800), two helicopters (Frogger+ Cargobob), and a couple of vehicles including Bodhi, Sanchez, Blazer, and a Dune Buggy. Trevor’s weapons inventory features Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and Carbine Rifle.

Since Trevor is one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto 5, he appears in a lot of missions. More precisely, he will give the player a series of jobs to complete. So, here is a table that lists every mission related to Trevor Philips in GTA V:

Story Missions Side Missions GTA Online Missions
Trevor Only Missions:




Mr. Philips

Trevor Philips Industries

Nervous Ron

Crystal Maze

Friends Reunited

Fame or Shame

Three’s Company

By the Book

Hood Safari

Scouting the Port


The Merryweather Heist

Blitz Play

I Fought the Law…

Eye in the Sky

Caida Libre

Minor Turbulence

Paleto Score Setup


The Paleto Score


Monkey Business

Hang Ten

Surveying the Score

Bury the Hatchet

Pack Man

Fresh Meat

The Wrap Up

Lamar Down

Planning the Big Score

The Big Score

Selected as an option:

Something Sensible (Option A: killed)

The Time’s Come (Option B: Voice)

The Third Way (Option C)

Military Hardware (Michael/ Trevor)

Trash Truck (any character)

Boiler Suits (any character)

Masks (any character)

Tow Truck (any character)

Cargobob (Offshore option)

Special Bonds



Rampage One

Rampage Two

Rampage Three

Rampage Four

Rampage Five

Target Practice

Fair Game

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill

Vinewood Souvenirs – Willy

Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler

Vinewood Souvenirs – Kerry

Vinewood Souvenirs – Mark

Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli

Vinewood Souvenirs – The Last Act

Grass Roots – Trevor

The Civil Border Patrol

An American Welcome

Minute Man Blues

Extra Commission

Closing the Deal

Surreal Estate

Breach of Contract

Mrs. Philips

Romance Isn’t Dead



Lost My Mind

Turbine Carbine

Crystal Clear Out

Out of Harmony

Satellite Communications

The method in the Madness

Chopper Tail

Diamonds are for Trevor

Chop Chop


Close Action


Series A – Coke

Series A – Trash Truck

Series A – Bikers

Series A – Weed

Series A – Steal Meth

Series A Funding

What are Trevor’s best moments?

Without a doubt, Trevor is the craziest protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series. Consequently, some, or most if I am being honest, of his lunatic actions turn into unforgettable moments.

Killing Floyd and Debora

trevor Killing Floyd and Debora

Floyd was an unlucky victim of Trevor’s savage behavior, almost like everyone else. He maltreats Floyd and forces him to his gambling for him, all while staying in his apartment. Trevor even molests Floyd many times during the game, and sometimes you can see it in a cutscene.

On the other hand, Debora is not a big fan of Trevor and snaps once she sees him in her apartment. Debora grabs a gun and points it toward Trevor and Floyd while yelling at them to leave. Floyd makes things worse by brandishing a knife at Debora and Trevor.

Eventually, Trevor loses his temper and kills them both. However, the screen turns black and later shows Trevor leaving the apartment with blood all over his clothes.

Digging up Bard’s body

trevor Digging up Bard’s body

During the mission of Bury the Hatchet, Trevor visits Michel and reveals his plan to buts Brad out of prison. However, Michael is very reluctant and tries to avoid the conversation about the topic and goes into a deep talk about the future. In the end, Trevor drops the only question Michael does not want to answer. Trevor asks Michael who is buried in his grave in North Yankton, and Michael replies by saying he never thought of it.

Trevor snaps and storms out of Michael’s house towards Sandy Shores Airfield to get a plane and fly to North Yankton. Michael follows him hoping he can stop him but it’s no use. Trevor arrives first and starts digging up the grave. Halfway in, Michael arrives and starts talking to Trevor to stop him. Trevor refuses to stop until he finally gets to the coffin and opens it. Shocked to see Brad’s body, Trevor and Michael draw guns toward each other.

Michael explains to Trevor that the Ludendorff score was a set-up to bait Trevor and Brad to the FIB in exchange for his protection. He tells Trevor that Brad was accidentally shot, and he faked his injury.

The Hood Safari deal

The Hood Safari deal

At the beginning of the mission, Trevor arrives and meets Lamar and Franklin’s aunt Denis. Trevor gives Denis some cash to gain her trust, but she gets very disappointed when she finds out it is only seven Dollars. Trevor replies with: “I said something nice, not something expensive” and yells at her to get back in the house.

During this mission, Trevor accompanies Franklin and Lamar to a rigged drug deal claiming he is new in town and trying to make friends. Thanks to his long experience in the drug business, Trevor discovers that half of the cocaine brick was drywall. The Trio gets in a massive gunfight, but they manage to survive with no injuries.

Fresh Meat: Trevor trips over a fence

During the mission, Trevor goes to Franklin’s house and tries to hope over a fence. However, he takes a lousy jumpy and falls face-first on the floor. It appears that the voice actor Steven Ogg did trip onset resulting in a genuine laugh from Franklin.

Scooter brothers!

Scooter brothers

When players switch over to any of the main protagonists, they will find them living their normal life, and doing random stuff.

When it comes to Trevor, they never know what is going to hit them. Sometimes they will find him passed out on the beach half-naked with dead bodies all around him.

Nonetheless, you don’t always find him in the middle of violent acts. In one scene, they will find Trevor riding a scooter following another guy on a scooter and yelling: “scooter brothers!”

What is Trevor’s fate in GTA V?

Trevor’s fate in Grand Theft Auto 5 lies in the hands of the player. In the end, Franklin (player) gets to choose one of three options:

  • Option A: Kill Trevor in the mission “Something Sensible”.
  • Option B: Kill Michael in the mission “The Time’s Come”.
  • Option C: Risk his life and save them both in the mission “The Third Way”.

If the player chooses Option A, Franklin will meet Trevor in El Burro Heights oil fields and pulls a gun on him. Trevor gets in his car and tries to escape by driving around the city and finally returning to the oil fields. Michael comes to help Franklin and rams Trevor’s truck into a gas Tanker. Then, Franklin shoots the Tanker burning Trevor alive. If Franklin hesitates to pull the trigger, Michael will do it instead.


Question: Which heist pays more?

Answer: The highest paying heist in GTA 5 is the Diamond Casino heist with a total of 11.3 million dollars on hard difficulty. You have the option to play normal difficulty, but the money earned will fall to a total of 10 million $.

Question: Does GTA 5 support cross-platform?

Answer: Unfortunately, GTA 5 does not support cross-platform multiplayer. Meaning, that a player with a PS5 cannot play with a Player on a PS4.

Continue reading this guide to learn more about GTA’s Cross Platform.

Question: What are the best cars available in GTA V?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto 5 offers a massive variety of vehicles, especially with the constant updates and DLCs. The top three best cars include:
• Ocelot Pariah (136.00 mph)
• Grotti Itali RSX (135.30 mph)
• Pfister 811 (132.50 mph)

Final Thoughts

Grand Theft Auto is flooded with great characters, and thanks to Rockstar, they got magnificent voices as well. Nonetheless, among all the characters, Trevor Philips voiced by Steven Ogg shines brighter than the rest.

And it is not just the voicing, it’s the display of emotions as well. In addition, Trevor is one of the funniest characters in the series and the smartest one by far. Besides his homicidal and impulsive attitude, Trevor owns a redeeming quality as he can turn a funeral into a standup comedy.

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