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Lester Crest Guide: The Real Mega Mind!

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Many gamers, possibly millions of them, including me, have a serious addiction called Grand Theft Auto. I played each game at least five times and smashed about 50 keyboards thanks to stupid missions like “Demolition Man.” But Jokes aside, the series is one of the greatest open-world games the market can offer.

From the graphics to the stories and gameplay, it is worth every second. Each installment has its own plot and characters. However, Grand Theft Auto V features a list of some of the greatest and funniest characters in the entire series that hooked millions of players around the globe. Every character complements the other and makes the story more dynamic and captivating.

Yet, some characters may shine brighter than the rest. Many argue that Michael is the best with his mood swings, while others claim that Franklin is the coolest. Not to mention, many are ready to fight you just to prove that Trevor, the psychopath, is the most memorable.

Although the protagonists can hog the spotlight, sometimes another character can steal the attention. Lester Crest is one of the main characters in the story, but it is overshadowed by the legendary trio. This one-hit wonder of a character added a new flavor to the game and played an essential role in saving everyone else. Yet, its achievements are rarely mentioned.

In this article, we intend to give you all the details about Lester Crest, his personality, and the best moments in the game.

Who is Lester Crest?

Lester Crest is one of the most memorable characters in the Grand Theft Auto Series. He takes on the role of a main character (Boss) in GTA Online and appears as a Deuteragonist in GTA V (main character).


San Andreas Los Santos
Los Santos From GTA Fandom

Lester spent most of his life in San Andreas, Los Santos. He grew up with a chronic illness (wasting disease) that most of the time confined him to a wheelchair. In several cutscenes, Lester can be seen walking for a short distance using a cane. To make things even worse, Crest was diagnosed with asthma.

Because of the limitation, his sickness forced on his mobility, Lester gained considerable weight. As a result, he was bullied during his course of study. Now he seeks to get his revenge, as he posted on Bleeter.

After finishing his educational career, Lester decided to apply for a job at a faculty at the University of San Andreas, Los Santos. Sadly, Wheels (a nickname given to Lester by Trevor Philips) was rejected by the University admins. So, he decided to get back at them by hacking into their system.

After stacking some piles of cash, Lester bought a garment factory in La Mesa, a warehouse in Murrieta Heights, a safe house in the Grand Senora Desert, and a house in El Burro Heights. He also invested large sums of money in the stock market by buying shares at a low price and selling them for profit.


Image From GTA Fandom

What Lester lacks in his body makes up for it with big brains. In other words, Lester is a genius. He is an expert in handling high-tech equipment and programming and is keen on details. As a result, Uncle Lester is a mastermind in planning high-score jobs.

Crest is introverted and very awkward when it comes to social encounters. In a conversation with the player during the Fleeca Heist in GTA Online, he admits that he is terrible in conversations and seldom sees people in person.

Sometimes he organizes meetings in real life with people he met online. But, at the time of the date, Lester keeps his distance and observes from far away.

Talking about being creepy! On some occasions, he would tell a joke only to have it flop and ends in awkward silence. This shows that Crest is unable to deal with people on a personal level.

Humor was never his strongest suit. At some point, Lester got involved in corporate assassinations and tax fraud. In other words, he knows the ins and outs of the world’s politics and all the details of how major corporations function.

If you log in to Lester’s profile/page on Lifeinvader, you will see a message from a girl asking about his factual age. This means that Lester might have used a fake birth date to talk to younger women. As a result, Trevor Philips calls him “Lester The Molester.”

After the Bureau Raid, Moe (another nickname Trevor gave Lester) admits to Franklin that he used to hack young girls’ webcams and spy on them. He may as well be bisexual because you can see a document folder on his computer called “Gay Porn.”

Well, I said maybe. As far as my knowledge goes, this could be Rockstar trolling the players. Or maybe Lester is more complicated than we think!

There is a high possibility that Lester firmly believes in the Illuminati and thinks they are watching him. He has an Illuminati poster in his house and a folder on his PC under the same name. This can explain the boarded windows at his place. He could be just paranoid due to his shady activities.

The theories are endless!

Lester has a lot in common with Sly Cooper’s game series character, Bentley. Both are handicapped and need a wheelchair to move around, both are criminals who wear green, and both characters have genius-level intelligence. Uncle Lest also carries significant similarities to Kelso from the movie Heat. Especially their creative ability to plan and execute a successful heist.

Since Crest loves to watch the stock market, he also likes to keep an eye on the criminal world and stays up to date with everything that is going on. When he gets involved with Michael De Santa to help him with the Jewelry store heist, he mentions a man from Eastern Europe roaming the streets of Liberty City.

This entails that Lester is possibly paying attention to Niko Bellic and the criminal activities in Liberty City.

One thing Lester loves to do is listen to the Radio (Space 103.2). You can see him doing that in Michael’s car during the mission of Cleaning Out The Bureau. Apparently, Lester is nostalgic and misses the good old days of just robbing banks.

Finally, Lester, or as Trevor calls him, “The Patient,” is ambidextrous. In the Arcades during the Diamond Casino Heist, Lester uses both hands (simultaneously) to draw the plan on the board.

Relationship with other Characters

Lester has endless connections and affiliations like Brad Snider, Paige Harris, Agent 14, and many more. But, his most important relations are with the three main protagonists and the player (you) in the online world.

Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa
Image From GTA Fandom

It is not known when or where Lester met Michael. However, at some point in time, they became partners in crime. In fact, Lester is the big brains behind some of Michael’s successful heists.

Their friendship was not friendly at the beginning, but during the events of GTA V, you can see Michael standing up for Lester when he gets bullied by others. Still, Michael likes to tease Lester every now and then when he get criticized by him. They resemble Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour movies, but on the other side of the law.


Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips
Image From GTA Fandom

Like De Santa, Trevor and Lester met at an unknown time, possibly through a mutual friend (Michael). Lester hates Trevor and vice versa. Philips is always bullying Crest and his physical disability. Plus, he tries to take from his cut after pulling off a big score and calls him a lot of nicknames like Wheels, Moe, High, and Mighty Weasel, Lester the Molester, and Wheels. On the other hand, Lester looks at Trevor like he is a moron with idiotic and reckless behavior that makes things worse for everyone.

They are Like Dexter (Lester) and Dee Dee, except the latter (Trevor) is a mentally twisted sociopath with a fetish for destruction.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton
Image From GTA Fandom

Lester has a strong and healthy friendship with Franklin. In the beginning, Lester was a bit cautious around Franklin because he was the noob in Michael’s crew (during the Jewelry heist). Regardless, Franklin proved to be trustworthy and a valuable crew member.

As a result, Lester offers Franklin assassination missions to shake the stock market. One of the missions enables Lester to buy a mansion in the Vinewood Hills and give it to Franklin.

GTA Online Protagonist (the player)

In GTA Online, Lester is one of the main contacts who will give you missions and invite you for big heists. The first encounter is awkward because, as stated before, Lester is bad at social interactions. To add fuel to the fire, the player is mute and does not reply, so Lester doesn’t know how to deal with that. But, as the player succeeds in his quests, Lester shows more trust and offers more jobs with higher payrolls.

GTA Online services

Lester provides a set of services to Online players. He is unlocked as a contact on your mobile phone once you reach rank 10. You can call him and set a bounty on other players’ heads. The bounty falls between $2,000-10,000 and an additional grand as service fees.

Other features will be unlocked at different ranks. For instance, at rank 12, you can call Lester and select “Cops Turn Blind Eye.” That gives you three minutes to commit and crime you want without getting a wanted level for a paycheck of $5,000. At rank 15 (for $100), Lester will locate a car for you to use for 12 in-game hours before it gets marked as stolen.

Lester can also locate a Plane (rank 45/ $1,000), a Boat (rank 0/ $400), and a helicopter (rank 35/ $700). He can reveal hidden players on the map and take you off the radar (hide your blip on the map so players can’t locate you).

“Can’t handle the heat?” No problem! Uncle Lester can remove any wanted level with a single phone call. Try that while being chased by every single cop in Los Santos.

I’d rather just die and get it over with.

GTA V Events

Ludendorff Bank robbery in North Yankton
Ludendorff Bank robbery in North Yankton

Lester, Michael, and Trevor were all partners in crime and pull off a lot of successful jobs together. However, in 2004 Lester bailed out and refused to take part in the Ludendorff Bank robbery in North Yankton because he thought it was a bad idea. And it was!

I told you he’s a genius! The operation failed, and people end up dead. Michael made a secret deal with the FIB agent Dave Norton to fake his death and leave the criminal in exchange for turning in his partners. Dave was supposed to pretend to kill Michael, kill Trevor, but Brad Snider got caught in the line of fire and was killed instead of Trevor.

The latter manage to escape and find a hiding spot in Sandy Shores, and Michael got his way out and went to live in a mansion with his family. Since Lester was left out of the crew (Michael didn’t tell on him), he laid low in Los Santos and continued with his sketchy acts. Still, he kept an eye on Michael and Trevor.

Almost a decade later, Michael finds himself in a sticky situation. The latter owes 2.5 million dollars worth of damages to a drug lord called Martin Madrazo for destroying his girlfriend’s house. Michael finally reunites with Lester and asks for his help. Uncle Lester agrees to help in exchange for a favor.

Lester had had enough of the Lifeinvader CEO, Jay Norris, and his annoying nonsense. As a result, he wants him dead. Lester also had a plan to buy Lifeinvader stocks at a low price and sell them at a higher one after Norris is gone. After Michael ends Jay’s life, Lester helps him and his new partner Franklin rob a Jewelry store to pay Madrazo and take a cut.

And it doesn’t end there! Lester was the real unrecognized hero of the story. He showed up and provided help for all three protagonists when they were stuck in the mud. Reminds me of my childhood for some reason!

Wheels met Trevor for the first time in years after the latter decided to steal an anonymous superweapon from a private military company known as Merryweather. Lester, alongside Michael and Franklin, convinced Trevor of giving back the weapon before every government agency hunt them down.

Additionally, Moe joins the trio in planning and executing a bank heist in Paleto to fund the FIB’s operation to steal a chemical weapon from the Humane Labs. Furthermore, Lester takes part in helping Franklin and Michael infiltrate the FIB building to destroy evidence. His heroic actions continue when he aids Franklin in saving Michael from the Triads and Lamar Davis from the Ballas.

Last but not least, the three protagonists managed to hit the biggest score in their careers with Lester’s help. Besides the genius planning, Lester joins the playfield in the Union Depository robbery. If the player selects the obvious approach, Lester will go for a joy ride in Trevor’s chopper and take down Merryweather with a rocket launcher.

That’s what I call “Badass!” Lester’s role in the ending of GTA V events differs depending on the player’s choice. If C was selected, Franklin will call Lester for help. The latter will suggest taking out Michael and Trevor at the same time but later comes up with a plan to save them all.

Uncle Lester suggests they lure Steve Haines and Weston’s men to an ambush and kill them, leaving Haines and Weston with no protection. The protagonists then focus on their enemies. Michael kills Stretch, Franklin takes out Wei Cheng, and Trevor eliminates Haines. Finally, the trio joins forces to kidnap Weston and whack him.

If the player chooses to kill Trevor, Lester will point out that he is disappointed by the result and send Michael and Franklin their cut from the Union job plus half of Trevor’s share. If Michael dies, Lester will express his grief and discontent. Franklin and Trevor will get their piece of the Union pie, and Michael’s share will go to his family.

GTA Online events

The Parking Garage
The Parking Garage Mission

Including the previously mentioned services, Lester also offers high-paying missions for all the players online. The missions are:

  • Last Chopper Outta LS
  • High Priority Case
  • Quarry Quarry
  • By Land, Sea, and Air
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Four Trailers
  • Cops Capacity
  • Landing Strip
  • A Titan of a Job
  • Chemical Extraction
  • Stocks and Scares
  • Docks to Stock
  • Docks to Stock II
  • Crime Scenester
  • Sinking Feeling
  • Bust Out
  • The Parking Garage
  • Hack and Dash
  • On Maneuvers
  • American Exports
  • Master Data
  • Denial of Service
  • Truck Together

Moreover, he introduces the player to a more lucrative business, heists. Lester invites the players and their crew to execute a series of heists he already planned for. Lester takes part in the Fleeca Job, The Pacific Standard Job, The Doomsday Heist, and The Diamond Casino Heist.

Other missions include the Bikers update. He takes part in the Steal Supplies, Protection missions, and Sale missions.  Not to mention, he gets a cameo in the Prison Break Heist, The Humane Labs Raid, and Series A Funding (a phone call after the mission).


Cleaning Out the Bureau
Cleaning Out the Bureau Mission

Lester is one of the main characters in the storyline, which means he appears in a lot of missions. These missions are:

  • Marriage Counseling
  • Friend Request
  • Casing the Jewel Store
  • The Jewel Store Job
  • Friends Reunited
  • The Hotel Assassination
  • Paleto Score Setup
  • The Paleto Score
  • Hang Ten
  • Surveying the Score
  • Pack Man
  • Fresh Meat
  • Cleaning Out the Bureau
  • Architect’s Plans
  • The Bureau Raid
  • The Wrap Up
  • Lamar Down
  • Meltdown
  • Planning the Big Score
  • The Big Score
  • Something Sensible
  • The Time’s Come
  • The Third Way

Lester’s Assassinations (Required for 100% Completion)

As the name suggests, it is a series of missions given to Franklin Clinton by Lester to take out high-value targets and gain massive profit from the stock market. These missions are not part of the main storyline except for the Hotel Assassination. Franklin must pass the mission to gain access to a new safehouse.

There are a total of five assassinations: The Hotel, Multi Target, The Vice, The Bus, and The Construction assassination. I recommend you do these jobs after you are done with the main storyline to maximize the amount of money made by the characters. After each hit, make sure to follow Lester’s advice and buy as many stocks as possible.

Lester’s Funny Moments

Lester’s funny moments

Any encounter or joy ride with Lester turns into a clown show that makes you laugh for days. Especially during missions, when the player makes a mistake, Lester comes up with the most savage replies. “Please, Please, Please, can you not speak for a moment?” will forever be my favorite. Anyone with an annoying sibling can relate to that one!

The funny part of Lester’s character is that he’s a weirdo and a creep. If you check his computer, you will find a bank statement with purchases and subscriptions to adult movies and websites because he has no social life. Another great moment for Lester happened after the Bureau Raid (fire crew approach).

Michael and Franklin meet Lester at his house to celebrate their success. Uncle Lester, being the creep that he is, tells Franklin that he will get very drunk and spy on college girls via webcams.

I am not sure if I should be impressed or disgusted that he can do that. One of Lester’s funniest moments is at the beginning of the Fleeca Job when you walk out to meet him at the car. Since he has a physical disability, he is very weak and can easily be pushed over. Players online took the opportunity to run into Lester, push him over, and even beat him up. You can even push his AI to the middle of the street and watch the cars run him over.


Question: How old is Lester?

Answer: Lester is believed to be 66 years old in 2022. He was born in 1956 in North Yankton.

Question: What city does GTA 6 feature?

Answer: At the moment, there are no deep insights into the sixth rendition of GTA. Rockstar confirmed that the new addition to the series is currently under development, but there are speculations about GTA 6 being based in Chicago.

Question: Which GTA includes the smallest map?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto III features the smallest map behind GTA Vice City and GTA IV, respectively. GTA San Andreas had the biggest map in the franchise, but it was dethroned by GTA V and its massive Los Santos map.

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