Jasmine Butler

Jasmine has been a fan of GTA for as long as she can remember. To this date, GTA: San Andreas still holds up as one of her all-time favorite games. Jasmine has pedigree within the GTA content space, helping GTABase build their content, and now, she is over here at GrandTheftFans offering her hot takes and insider info!

Wade Hebert Guide

Wade Hebert Guide

For Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games made sure that they continued to have some of the most bizarre characters, and that certainly isn’t any different when it comes to the lovable fool that is Wade Hebert. To me, like quite a lot of the characters in GTA V, he isn’t used as much as …

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Steve Haines Guide

Steve Haines Guide: One of the Most Hated Characters in GTA History

Grand Theft Auto is full of antagonists, but none are better than the corrupt government officials. Meet Steven Haines, who fits that description perfectly. He’s no Officer Frank Tenpenny from GTA: San Andreas, but you can tell that Tenpenny was the blueprint of corrupt officials in GTA, and Steve Haines has tried to be the …

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fort zancudo

Fort Zancudo Guide

Across the whole of the Grand Theft Auto series, they always make sure to have the US military looking over your shoulder, making sure that you don’t cause too much chaos, even though we all know we will. Throughout my journey in the GTA V world, Fort Zancudo wasn’t a place I often visited, mostly …

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ryder gta guide

Ryder GTA Guide

Ryder was one of the more popular characters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas until he decided to take a big knife and stabbed almost everyone who loved him in the back, which I am still heartbroken about to this date. He went from a dopey stoner that helped out the Grove Street Families to …

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leonora johnson guide

Leonora Johnson Guide

Grand Theft Auto V carries on Rockstar Game’s trend of having mysteries for players to solve, whether they are canon or fan-made theories. One of the more popular mysteries in GTA V is the murder of Leonora Johnson, a tragic event that still hasn’t been solved. However, with new clues coming to light, can justice …

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lamar davis guide

Lamar Davis Guide

He may have not been a big player in the world of GTA V but everyone surely remembers the iconic Lamar Davis. The best friend of Franklin Clinton only appears in a handful of missions but his infectious personality and humorous one-lines mad fans aplenty, including me, wishing we could have more of Lamar. So, …

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CJ GTA Guide

CJ GTA Guide

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most popular entries in the GTA series to date. It has it all, a sprawling map based on areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, and an action-packed storyline with one man at the heart of it all, Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson. Possibly one of …

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