Wade Hebert Guide

Wade Hebert Guide

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For Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games made sure that they continued to have some of the most bizarre characters, and that certainly isn’t any different when it comes to the lovable fool that is Wade Hebert.

To me, like quite a lot of the characters in GTA V, he isn’t used as much as I would have liked him to be. He appears in both Blaine County and Los Santos, plus he is a prominent part of the story, but his appearances just aren’t enough for me.

I couldn’t get enough of Wade and kind of hoped that he could have been part of the Deathwish ending like Lamar Davis, but his story comes to a premature end.

In this Wade Hebert guide, we’re going to take a look at what we know about Wade and his journey throughout life. Well, what we know of it.

Who Is Wade Hebert?

Wade is classed as the main character in GTA V, despite only being around for a handful of missions. He’s one of Trevor’s best friends, despite Trevor constantly being mean to the poor guy, and is always seemingly available to help Trevor on multiple errands and even wrongdoings.

He’s a Bit Dim

Wade comes across as a dim-wit and is mostly just around to be the laughable sidekick to Trevor. He is highly gullible and will believe anything Trevor tells him without questioning it.

While he comes across as if he’ll do no harm, he’ll suddenly have little outbursts and become disprespectful, including when he says Ashley Butler is a bitch, and they should kill her. It seems out of character for him, but he’s just been hanging around Trevor too long, and his psychotic tendencies were bound to rub off on innocent Wade.

Juggalo Family

Wade Hebert

His main look is hair full of dreadlocks tied back into a ponytail, a face full of piercings, and a baggy band t-shirt of Fatal Incursion.

In a cutscene, he is seen to have his face painted black and white, similar to how a Juggalo would paint their face.

It is clear that Wade has multiple tattoos along his arms, but it is unknown if he has them anywhere else on his body. His Juggalo lifestyle is further confirmed due to an arm tattoo saying “Juggalo Family.” Occasionally, he’ll rock a red bandana on his head to mix up his look.

Life Before Trevor

Not too much is known about Wade before the events of GTA V. His age, hometown, and work aren’t revealed, giving Wade an extra leave of mystery and leaving everyone wondering where he is from and does anyone actually miss the guy?

In 2012, Wade was making his way through Sandy Shores with a bunch of friends, heading to an event just known as “the Gathering,” and it is believed that Trevor got his hands on him in one of the most Trevor-way possible.

The group stopped to buy some drugs, and they encountered Trevor. He takes all his friends, but not Wade, to a quarry where it is presumed that he killed them. However, throughout the GTA V story, Trevor talks to Wade about how his friends “abandoned” him. Do we really trust Trevor not to have been a murderous manic at that moment?

Events of GTA V

In 2013, Wade decided not to return home and stayed with his new best pal Trevor.

We first see Wade in GTA V during the mission “Mr. Philips.” Trevors got himself in trouble for sleeping with Ashley Butler, the partner of Johnny Klebitz of the Lost MC. Yep, he’s moved his biker gang across the coast.

Johnny comes to confront Trevor, and in comes Wade, with Ron Janowski, to stop Johnny from doing something stupid. Alas, Wade and Ron couldn’t overpower Johnny, and, well, he ends up in the land of the dead at the hands of Trevor.

Finding the Ghost

Wade Hebert finding the ghost

Annoyed with the Lost MC, Trevor, with Wade in tow, goes off to find the rest of the biker gang. On the way, Trevor asks Wade to hunt out the “ghost” Michael Townley in Los Santos after they’ve dealt with the gang.

By the beginning of “Nervous Ron,” Wade has been utterly useless in his search for Michael, much to the annoyance of Trevor, who sends him off to carry on searching.

Trevor goes to his trailer at the beginning of “friends Reunited,” where he finds Wade, who starts to run away and hide, showing yet again that he’s a bumbling fool. Despite his best efforts, Wade still hasn’t been able to find Michael. Or, so he believes. Wade explains that he’s found two Michael Townley’s, but one is 83, and the other is in kindergarten.

The Ghost Has Been Found!

Wade Hebert Ghost

However, Wade explains that he’s found a Michael De Santa that fits the bill. He confirms this is the guy they’re looking after when he tells Trevor this Michael has a wife named Amanda.

Trevor is delighted that Wade has come through in the end but still beats the poor guy for not telling him this information sooner. Before the dynamic duo makes their way to Los Santos, they first make sure all of the Lost MC is dealt with by destroying their trailer park.

On the journey to Los Santos, Trevor tells Wade the story of his past with Michael Townley, a man he believed to be dead. Poor Trevor must be heartbroken. With no place to stay in Los Santos, Wade says his cousin Floyd has a place near Vespucci Beach, which Trevor decides to crash.

During “Scouting the Port,” Trevor walks in on what can be perceived as Wade and Floyd bad-mouthing him, which Wade dismisses. Trevor needs to scout the port where Floyd works, and the trio all go together.

While there, Wade gets pulled aside to deal with a suspicious spill. He comes back later in the mission, covered in crap, literally.

Wade makes an appearance just before the Merryweather Heist and helps out with making sure whichever option the players had opted for comes together.

Floyd, Debra, Gone?

Wade disappears for a little while. By disappears, I mean he’s just not used in-game until his last appearance in “Hang Ten.” He goes to Floyd’s apartment, where he sees Trevor coming out looking suspicious.

Trevor tells Wade that his cousin Floyd will meet us at the Vanilla Unicorn and that Debra has “disappeared.” Poor Wade is oblivious to the truth that Trevor has just murdered them, but Trevor tells him whatever to keep him in his sunshine and rainbows world.

The duo heads to the Vanilla Unicorn, where you’ll find Wade as he lives out his GTA V days in a strip club, a young man’s dream, right?

While Wade sadly doesn’t join the gang on any missions for the rest of the story, you can still find him at the Vanilla Unicorn if you miss the guy.

Friends and Family


Trevor is the only one of the three protagonists who seem to have a friendship with Wade. In fact, I don’t even think we see Wade talk to Michael or Franklin, despite them coming over to Floyd’s apartment for some all-important heist prep.

It’s the man that he socializes with the most and the person that has taken him in and cared for him. He kind of had to after he brutally murdered his friends. Sorry, they “disappeared,” right Trevor?

They have a real Lennie and George from Of Mice of Men bond going. We all know how that ends, especially if you had to read the book for GSCEs in England! The main difference is that Lennie in Wade gets to live to tell the tales of his life.



Floyd is Wade’s only blood relative that is seen or even mentioned in GTA V. Wade says he has a cousin in Los Santos early in the game, which of course, in Trevor’s mind, meant that was a family member they could crash with.

Floyd is quite similar to Wade because they both don’t seem to have a backbone and can easily be pushed over. He works at the Port of Los Santos, which Trevor takes advantage of.

He has a partner in Debra, who is more successful than him, making Floyd feel emasculated.


Image From GTA Fandom

Debra is technically a family member considering she is Floyd’s partner. However, Wade and Debra don’t communicate throughout the whole game. In fact, the only time we get to meet Debra is just before she meets her demise. Although, I don’t think her character will be that missed.

Daisy Bell and Kush-Chronic

Daisy and Kush are two of the friends that Wade was going to the “gathering” with, but we all know how that ended…

Best Moments

Ice cream!

wade herbert best moments

This boy sure does like his ice cream. During “Friends Reunited,” he asks if he and Trevor can stop for ice cream despite having a critical mission at stake. Obviously, they don’t, but it’s a cute moment from Wade. Someone even went as far as to set up a Twitter page for Wade where they often mention ice cream.

He Can’t Leave the Vanilla Unicorn

After the events of “Hang Ten,” Wade is found constantly in the Vanilla Unicorn. His reason? “Whenever I try to leave, they give me another dance”. The boy seems to be stuck in a strip dance for like.

Lifeinvader posts

Wade is quite active on Lifeinvader, the in-game social media. His most recent post is “I live in a strip club now! Dreams can come true!”. His music taste is also amplified with the post, “I love spraying soda over people while listening to horrorpop whoop whoop!”.

However, the funniest one has to come in the post he sends to Ron’s profile. He says, “Trevor made me put my johnson between my legs and wear the wig again.” As good as Trevor can be to Wade, he doesn’t half make him do some weird stuff.

What Missions Does He Appear In?

wade herbert missions

It is possible to Wade to make contact with Trevor after a few missions, but these are the ones where you’re graced with his appearance.

  • Mr. Philips
  • Nervous Ron
  • Friends Reunited
  • Scouting the Port
  • The Merryweather Heist
  • Hang Ten

Wade Hebert Guide: FAQs

Question: Who voices Wade?

Answer: Wade is voiced by Matthew Maher. he has an extensive CV, appearing in Captain Marvel, Gone Baby Gone, and recently, Funny Pages. His distinctive voice really adds to the character of Wade.

Question: Is Wade in GTA: Online?

Answer: Unfortunately, Wade only graces the world of GTA V during the story mode. However, Rockstar has had a habit of slowly adding story characters to Online through their various updates, so you can’t rule out him making an appearance.

Question: What is the best Wade quote? (In my opinion)

Answer: It has to be when Wade asks to play a game during a car journey with Trevor, which he calls “Animal, Mineral or Vegetable.” To which he replies, ” I’ll go first. I’m nanotechnology.”, showing that no matter what, Wade is a dim person.

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