lampadati tigon guide

Lampadati Tigon Guide

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Grand Theft Auto V and its Online mode became an instant hit among GTA die-hard fans from day one. Fast forward thirteen years later, and it is still going strong.

Rockstar managed to keep the game relevant for over a decade by bombarding it with a myriad of updates and DLCs, one better than the other. Besides the new missions and special features, these updates brought jaw-dropping cars that took GTA’s car community by storm. 

One of the distinctive vehicles that blessed Los Santos streets is the Lampadati Tigon. In this piece, you will find every detail you should know about this Italian beauty. 

Lampadati Tigon Overview

In Grand Theft Auto V/Online, Lampadati is an Italian car manufacturer known for creating stunning vehicles. Drawing inspiration primarily from Maserati, Lampadati incorporates elements from other manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, De Tomaso, and Lancia. Among its impressive lineup, the Tigon stands out as one of its finest products.

The Tigon is a civilian vehicle with two doors and two seats added to the Supercar class on August 11th, 2020, through the 1.51 Los Santos Summer Special Update. It was available for purchase on Legendary Motorsports’ website for a price of 2,310,000 dollars.

Unfortunately, it is no longer available as of June 13th of this year, when Rockstar released the 1.67 San Andreas Mercenaries Update and removed the Tigon from Legendary Motorsports’ website.

Rockstar also claimed that all the removed vehicles (Tigon included) will be obtainable only through events like the Lucky Wheel. So, keep your eyes peeled for any new updates and weekly events. Though, there is another way!

If you play GTA V/Online on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, you can attain a Tigon by purchasing a copy from another player at the Los Santos Car Meet.


lampadati tigon gta v

It would be an understatement to say that the Tigon was inspired by its real-life counterpart, the De Tomaso P72. In fact, the Tigon is almost an exact carbon copy of the P72. However, several features are incorporated from Lancia’s new Stratos and the Ultima RS.

The Tigon has a smooth and round appearance that closely resembles the P72. Its grille is slightly oval and features a splitter below it, with small fins on the edges. Unlike the P72, the manufacturer’s logo is in the center of the grille’s mesh rather than on the hood.

The car’s headlights are borrowed from the Ultima RS and fixed onto fender flares that are bulkier than cheeks over-injected with Botox. The housing is blacked out and consists of two rectangular main beams stacked above each other.

Additionally, it includes LED indicators and DRLs. The side profile has more curves than a Victoria Secret’s model. It is sleek and dominated by an aerodynamic style, much like the real deal. The car has large side skirts and circular air intake vents on the rear quarter panels, which give it a striking appearance when viewed from the side.

While they may not be as eye-catching as the ones on the P72 model, they are still quite impressive and are sure to attract attention. The cabin area is characterized by a large glass dome and a central pillar serving as the door hinge.

The vehicle’s engine is prominently displayed through a large glass window at the back, making it the centerpiece of the design. Moreover, the exhaust outlet is mounted on top of the trunk lid behind the engine.  The rear design of the vehicle resembles the New Stratos, especially the tail lights. The interior can be found in other supercars like the FMJ.


The Tigon is powered by a single-cam big V8 engine paired with a seven-speed transmission. It makes engine noises similar to the Progen GP1 and Tyrus. Despite having rear-wheel drive, the Tigon has quick acceleration thanks to its lightweight (2750 lbs/ 1250 kg). The handling is very sharp and responsive. 

The suspension is not good at dealing with road imperfections. The car often feels floaty over bumps and gets thrown around a lot. The grip is superb at low speeds but understeers a lot during fast corners. Speaking of fast, the Tigon caps out at 125.75 mph. That is not impressive considering the 2 million dollar price tag. 


lampadati tigon gta

The Tigon is not the most customizable car in GTA Online, but Rockstar gave it a decent amount of options to specs according to personal taste. 

The first thing to do with a car of this class is max out the armor for maximum protection. Performance mods like transmission, turbo, EMS upgrade, and brakes will enhance the handling and acceleration and increase top speed.

Thus, make sure to install the best options available. Competition suspension puts the car in its lowest settings and adds to the aggressive looks. 

For the exterior, the Race Splitter and the Arc are fantastic options that go hand in hand with the Speed or Turbo diffuser at the back. The fin that wraps around the back bumper accentuates the sporty style.

For the exhaust, the split looks incredible and reminds me of the Mclaren Senna. In the spoilers menu, you will find a Primary GT MKII spoiler. It adds a scoop on the roof and a carbon fiber spoiler, like a Pagani Zonda. 

I did not add tint to the windows because it hides the engine in the back. To finish off the overall build, a subtle dark color will do the trick. My personal favorite is the Cabernet Red with Torino Red pearlescent. Finally, a set of Synthetic Z Concave or Hyperfresh wheels (Street category) are a perfect fit for the Tigon. 


  1. No Armor
  2. Armor Upgrade 20%
  3. Armor Upgrade 40%
  4. Armor Upgrade 60%
  5. Armor Upgrade 80%
  6. Armor Upgrade 100%
  1. $1,000 
  2. $7,500 
  3. $12,000 
  4. $20,000 
  5. $35,000 
  6. $50,000


lampadati tigon gta online

  1. Stock Brakes
  2. Street Brakes
  3. Sport Brakes
  4. Race Brakes
  1. $1,000 
  2. $20,000 
  3. $27,000 
  4. $35,000

Bumpers – Front Bumpers

  1. Stock Front Bumper
  2. Canards
  3. Racer Splitter
  4. Downforce Splitter
  5. Performance Splitter
  6. Arc Splitter
  7. GT Splitter
  1. $2,200 
  2. $4,600 
  3. $7,400 
  4. $11,700 
  5. $14,500 
  6. $14,700 
  7. $14,900

Rear Bumpers

  1. Stock Rear Bumper
  2. Racer Diffuser
  3. Racer MKII Diffuser
  4. Performance Diffuser
  5. Speed Diffuser
  6. Turbo Diffuser
  1. $2,200
  2. $4,600 
  3. $7,400 
  4. $11,700 
  5. $14,500 
  6. $14,700 


  1. EMS Upgrade Level 1
  2. EMS Upgrade Level 2
  3. EMS Upgrade Level 3
  4. EMS Upgrade Level 4
  1. $9,000 
  2. $12,500
  3. $18,000 
  4. $33,500 


  1. Stock Exhaust
  2. Round Exhaust
  3. Round Cluster Exhaust
  4. Split Exhaust
  5. Jet Exhaust
  6. Dual Round Exhaust
  1. $260 
  2. $750 
  3. $1,800 
  4. $3,000 
  5. $9,550 
  6. $9,750 


gta lampadati tigon

  1. Ignition Bomb
  2. Remote Bomb
  1. $5,000 
  2. $7,500 

Lights – Headlights

  1. Stock Lights
  2. Xenon Lights
  1. $600 
  2. $7,500 


  1. None
  2. Race Stripes
  3. Yellow Double Stripes
  4. Speed Stripes
  5. Green Double Stripes
  6. Racer 4
  7. Racer 10
  8. Racer 23
  9. Jackal Racing
  10. Sprint
  11. Flames
  1. $11,400 
  2. $18,240 
  3. $19,380 
  4. $20,520 
  5. $21,660 
  6. $22,800 
  7. $23,370 
  8. $23,939 
  9. $24,510 
  10. $25,080 
  11. $25,650 


  1. Blue on White 1
  2. Blue on White 2
  3. Blue on White 3
  4. Yellow on Blue
  5. Yellow on Black
  1. $200 
  2. $200 
  3. $200 
  4. $300 
  5. $600 


  1. Stock Skirts
  2. Race Skirts
  3. Track Skirts
  4. Sports Skirts
  5. Arrow Skirts
  6. GT MKII Skirts
  1. $2,500 
  2. $5,500 
  3. $8,000 
  4. $10,500 
  5. $14,000 
  6. $14,500


lampadati tigon gta spoilers

  1. None
  2. Primary Race Spoiler
  3. Secondary Race Spoiler
  4. Track Spoiler
  5. GT Spoiler
  6. Carbon Arrow Spoiler
  7. Primary Arrow Spoiler
  8. Secondary Arrow Spoiler
  9. Primary GT MKII Spoiler
  10. Secondary GT MKII Spoiler
  11. Primary Arc Spoiler
  12. Secondary Arc Spoiler
  1. $6,000 
  2. $7,050 
  3. $10,000 
  4. $13,000 
  5. $14,000 
  6. $16,000 
  7. $16,500 
  8. $17,000 
  9. $17,500 
  10. $18,000 
  11. $18,500 
  12. $19,000 


  1. None
  2. Primary Sunstrip
  3. Secondary Sunstrip
  1. $200 
  2. $700
  3. $1,150 


  1. Stock Suspension
  2. Lowered Suspension
  3. Street Suspension
  4. Sport Suspension
  5. Competition Suspension
  1. $200 
  2. $1,000 
  3. $2,000 
  4. $3,400 
  5. $4,400 


  1. Stock Transmission
  2. Street Transmission
  3. Sports Transmission
  4. Race Transmission
  1. $1,000 
  2. $29,500 
  3. $32,500 
  4. $40,000 


  1. None
  2. Turbo Tuning
  1. $5,000 
  2. $50,000 


lampadati tigon gta 5 customization

  1. None
  2. Light Smoke
  3. Dark Smoke
  4. Limo
  1. $500 
  2. $1,500 
  3. $3,500 
  4. $5,000


Question: What is the Fastest Supercar in GTA Online? 

Answer: The fastest supercar in GTA Online is the Pfister 811, with a top speed of 132.5 mph. It costs $ 1,135,000 at Legendary Motorsports. 

Question: What Cars did Returning Players Receive as a Bonus?  

Answer: The returning players received several vehicles as a bonus, including:
• Pißwasser Vapid Dominator
• Bravado Redwood Gauntlet
• Bravado Sprunk Buffalo
• Imponte Duke O’Death
• Declasse Burger Shot Stallion
• Imponte Dukes 
• Declasse Stallion
• Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista
• Dinka Blista Compact
• Cheval Marshall

Question: What is the most Expensive Motorcycle in GTA? 

Answer: The Pegassi Oppressor MK II is the most expensive motorcycle you can buy in GTA Online. The original price was $ 3,890,250 ($ 2,925,000 trade price) and was later changed to 8 million dollars at Warstock Cache & Carry (trade price is 6 million). 

Lampadati Tigon Guide: Final Words

To sum up, the Tigon is an Italian supercar from Lampadati. It came to GTA Online via the 1.51 Los Santos Summer Special Update. It was available for grabs from Legendary Motorsports’ website for a spine-tingling 2,310,000 million dollars.

Unfortunately, it is no longer available for purchase, and can only be obtained through events, like the Lucky Wheel.

For a 2 million dollar supercar, the Tigon is not up to standards. The performance is subpar, and the top speed is unimpressive. However, it is an astonishingly beautiful car worth a spot in your garage.

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