Jesse Alexander

Jesse is a content writer and avid gamer. He has been playing the GTA series for a long time. Gaming is his first love and biggest passion. To this day, he can still be found going around the GTA world. He is yet to complete the game, and checks replays of GTA Vice City and San Andreas. When he is not in the GTA world, he can be found playing Halo Infinite, Witcher 3, or Call of Duty Black Ops.

OG Loc Guide

OG Loc Guide

“Look at this fool man…perpetrating like he banging…he think he hard…I know that fool can’t be serious.” Instantly recognizable from merely gleaning at the official artwork for the game, OG Loc is a complex character who fits in perfectly with Rockstar’s satirical time capsule of the early 90s known as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. …

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cluckin bell gta guide

Cluckin Bell GTA Guide

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been captivating gamers and causing controversy since its inception back on the original Playstation. However, it wasn’t until the third entry that GTA mania took over gamers and the media alike. Rockstar created the first true open-world sandbox that encouraged player exploration and let players go at their own pace …

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