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OG Loc Guide

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“Look at this fool man…perpetrating like he banging…he think he hard…I know that fool can’t be serious.”

Instantly recognizable from merely gleaning at the official artwork for the game, OG Loc is a complex character who fits in perfectly with Rockstar’s satirical time capsule of the early 90s known as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Squeaky voiced, overly animated, and the literal definition of a “try hard,” OG Loc is a surprisingly deep GTA San Andreas character despite initially coming off as nothing more than a caricature. What do you get if you cross the plagiarism rumors of Vanilla Ice and Ja Rule, the sexuality rumors of 50 Cent, and throw in a dash of commentary about masculine insecurity all whipped up in Rockstars gourmet kitchen? You get Jeffrey “OG Loc” Cross.

Everything in GTA is intentional, and Loc’s overly ambitious and plotting character fits perfectly into a saga of coming up from the bottom and trying to make it to the top. He doesn’t have the street cred of Carl Johnson, he doesn’t have the authority of Sweet, and he doesn’t have the know-how of Big Smoke, but he does perfectly summarize the trials and tribulations of folks that grew up in the hood and are eager to fit in at any cost necessary.

From mopping the floors of Burger Shot to eventually getting a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame, we’ll take you on a deep dive that explores his backstory and career trajectory, which ultimately answers the question, “How does someone who isn’t a tough guy rise up in the world of Grand Theft Auto?” Welcome to a OG Loc Guide.

The Origin of OG Loc

Don't Call Him Jeffrey
Image from Wiki Fandom

Jeffrey Cross grew up on Grove Street alongside CJ, Big Smoke, Sweet, and the rest of the gang. While never being a proper fit, he remained enamored with the gangsta lifestyle and wanted nothing more than to be on the same level as his peers. His insecurities and desire to prove others wrong only got emboldened when Sweet told him at some point that he’s not a right fit for Grove Street and won’t make it as a rapper. Instead, he was advised to look into higher education. While Sweet was well-intentioned and respectfully honest with him, this only encouraged Cross, and at some point in 1987, he named himself OG Loc and went out to prove his street cred.

OG Loc’s path to becoming his self-fulfilled prophecy takes him on a journey of betrayal, riches, and business endeavors that ultimately culminate in him succeeding. OG means original gangster, and loc is shorthand for loco, so essentially, Loc’s vision was to rebrand himself as a wily and unpredictable mainstay of Grove Street when in reality, he was always the chihuahua on the porch who couldn’t hang with the big dogs. Between 1987 and 1992, when the events of San Andreas unfolded, Loc did his damndest to bolster his street cred, frequently being sent to jail for the nefarious activity known as committing traffic violations.

Only a true OG would be caught joyriding and have several parking violations to their name, so off to the races, Loc went to make himself become the feared and revered gangbanger he always wanted to be. His stunts eventually culminated in a stint in prison and a reunion with Grove Street on the day of his release.

3D Universe Appearance (San Andreas)

OG Loc Name
Image from Wiki Fandom

In a scene from OG Loc’s dreams and Grove Streets’ worst nightmares, OG Loc is picked up by CJ, Big Smoke, and Sweet once his prison sentence is finished. Before the crew even exits the car, they comment on Loc’s overall appearance and demeanor, and the reviews are unfavorable. While lean and tattooed, Loc’s aura seems off. Something is missing from Loc’s vibe, and the Grove Street crew snickers and laughs. CJ even trolls him by calling Loc “Jeffrey” much to his chagrin. Nevertheless, Loc is on one and determined to get back to business and impress his friends. He instantly ropes CJ in on a revenge mission.

Loc claims that Freddy, a member of the rival gang, the Los Santos Vagos, “disrespected him” and “stole his rhymes” (OG Loc is supposed to be a rapper, after all) and that they need to go and ice him out. CJ reluctantly accepts, and once they visit Freddy’s house, a motorbike chase ensues with CJ behind the wheel, Loc on the gun, and Freddy trying to outrun them. During the mission, a surprising plot twist is revealed: Freddy stole nothing from Loc, and the two had a relationship while in prison, with OG Loc being his “prison bitch” since there were no women around.

It’s debatable whether the relationship was consensual, but besides the point, this is the first sign that Loc is more complex than he seems. He’s willing to lie to people to convince them to join his side and do his bidding. While the mission culminates in Freddy’s assassination and OG Loc no longer having to live with the shadow of him engaging in a same-sex relationship, this is only the tip of his iceberg.

CJ is the type of person who does things that shape the narrative, and OG Loc is the kind of person who always ends up responding to the narrative instead of shaping it himself. Desperate to change that, he declares that a fellow rapper named Madd Dogg is his rival and further lures CJ into his delusions.

Stealing His Way to the Top

Burger Shop Job
Image from Wiki Fandom

As Madd Dogg found success thanks to his killer rhymes and believable brand, OG Loc worked at a Burger Shot mopping floors per his parole officer’s request. While already psychologically fragile, this straw broke the camel’s back. OG Loc recruits CJ to break into Madd Dogg’s home to steal his book of rhymes. CJ accomplishes this only to be eventually tasked to murder Madd Dogg’s manager in a subsequent mission. After doing so, Mad Dogg’s career is crippled, and OG Loc is on the rise. He asks CJ to steal a sound system so he can throw a house party to bolster his street cred.

After doing so, Loc begins to find success in the music biz. OG Loc then releases his debut album “Str8 From Tha Streetz.” The web OG Loc weaves becomes even more complicated, with him being used as a means for Big Smoke to launder dirty money by becoming his manager. Greed begets greed.

Unbeknownst to him, CJ also ends up meeting Madd Dogg. CJ saves his life and even takes him to a rehab facility. The two become friends and business partners, with CJ becoming Madd Dogg’s manager. Eventually, they all have a final reunion crashing a joint press conference/music video set for OG Loc and going on a chase throughout Los Santos.

Once they eventually get him, he is essentially extorted into leaving the music game, and Madd Dogg gets his career and status back. However, this isn’t the end for OG Loc, and he pivots and essentially pulls a Diddy: Making his success less about his music and more about his brand and business endeavors. In the wake of Loc’s “manager” Big Smoke’s death, he pivots to the branding game and releases a clothing line called “Loc-Down.”

Here is a list of the missions given by OG Loc or those that involve him.

  1. OG Loc
  2. Life’s A Beach
  3. Madd Dogg’s Rhymes
  4. Management Issues
  5. House Party
  6. Cut Throat Business

Exploring His Missions

#1 OG Loc

OG Loc Mission 1
Image from Wiki Fandom

Loc’s first mission is more/less a straight shot. Upon picking him up from the police station, he tells a tale about needing to get back at a Vagos member named Freddy. CJ and the rest of Grove Street drive OG to the Vago’s house but as the mission starts, it’s just you and OG Loc.

Upon confronting Freddy, he drops the plot twist that there was no theft of rhymes and mocks OG Loc for being his “prison bitch”. CJ then commands a motorbike while OG Loc hangs on the back and acts as the gunman. You pursue Freddy throughout different streets and alleyways in Los Santos before the mission culminates in a larger-scale shootout at a basketball court.

Players will have to shoot the Vagos and Freddy to complete the mission. Upon completing it, CJ drops OG Loc off at Burger Shot for his first shift, and the mission ends with OG Loc becoming a certified mission giver. Players are awarded a bump to their Respect meter upon completing the mission.

#2 Life’s A Beach

Grand Theft Auto: Dancing All Night
Image from Wiki Fandom

After completing the previous mission and visiting OG Loc at Burger Shot between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM, CJ will be tasked with stealing a sound system so OG Loc can throw a lively house party to bolster his status on the scene. Thankfully, OG Loc works in the Marina district, and players won’t have to travel too far to the beach.

Upon arriving at the beach, CJ will have to chop it up with the DJ and get friendly with her. After scoring well enough in the dancing minigame, the DJ will invite CJ into her “office” (the van), and CJ will then throw them out and steal the van.

You’ll be chased all the way to a parking garage in Commerce, but if you can get the van there and not have it take too much damage, you’ll score a completed mission, a boost to your Respect, and unlock the dancing mini-game at nightclubs.

#3 Mad Dogg’s Rhymes

Mad Dogg's Rhymes
Image from Wiki Fandom

Effectively serving as a tutorial to the games stealth mechanics and home burglary missions, Madd Dogg’s Rhymes is a direct follow-up to Life’s A Beach and a continuation of OG Loc’s plans to throw a banging house party. Getting the perfect sound system was only half the game, but to ensure Loc is a hit at the party and cement him as an up-and-comer in the rap game, he needs an extra jolt. Therefore, CJ is tasked with sneaking into Madd Dogg’s mansion and stealing his book of rhymes. Players will drive to the estate only to realize it’s under heavy surveillance.

The usual run and gun tactics are thrown out the window, and players will have to do their best Solid Snake impersonation if they want to see it through. CJ will have to sneak all the way to the back of the mansion to gain access to the main door and either avoid security guards or use the knife to ice them out quietly. Guns are a no-no minus the silenced 9mm, which even then should only be used as a last resort. After gaining entry to the estate, players will work their way through it, eventually reaching Madd Dogg’s recording studio, where the fabled book of rhymes is located.

Once the book is obtained, players are allowed to use guns if they have to and will steal a bicycle left on the premises and make their way back to OG Loc to deliver the goods. Completion of the mission awards Respect and unlocks the next chapter of the OG Loc story and lays the groundwork for players to eventually befriend Madd Dogg himself.

#4 Management Issues

Management Issues
Image from Wiki Fandom

OG Loc doesn’t take no for an answer, and after Madd Dogg’s manager Alan Crawford rejects his offer to partner together for industry success, Loc decides that the best course of action is to take Crawford out of the picture entirely. Effectively crippling Madd Dogg’s career and opening the playing field, CJ is ordered to assassinate Alan Crawford. To do this, CJ must impersonate Crawford’s chauffer and abduct him from an award show at the Cathay Theater.

CJ will have to locate the actual driver and steal his car. Upon seizing the vehicle,, he will have to keep it in perfect condition and make his way to the theater to blend in with the motorcade. The driver can be found pretty easily at a different Burger Shot location across town, and players will have to intimidate him into leaving the car. Most will use a melee weapon to apply light damage and then ice the driver once he vacates the vehicle.

Dead men tell no tales, as they say. After successfully hijacking the car, CJ will perch himself within the motorcade and pick up Crawford and another person assumed to be his girlfriend. Once that happens, he’ll let them know that they’re taking the scenic route, and players will speed the car into the peer only to jump out right before the vehicle hits the water. Executing the hit will effectively remove Crawford from the picture and destroy the evidence that the car would have left. After doing this, the mission is completed, and players receive a boost in Respect.

#5 House Party

House Party
Image from Wiki Fandom

CJ arrives at Burger Shot to visit Loc only to see Loc violating his parole by quitting his job. Loc then tells CJ to get some girls and a fresh look for his house party that night, desperate for recognition. Loc wants to do it big and seize it as an opportunity to finally get his name out there before he’s sent back to the big house. Before things begin, players can get their haircut and visit a clothing store for some new threads. Eventually, Loc calls CJ and begs him to show up due to a microphone malfunctioning, and upon arrival, CJ realizes that was a lie.

Upon seeing Ryder in attendance, CJ and Ryder go outside and run into Sweet and other members of Grove Street. While chatting and commenting on the abysmal music from Loc, another gang member pulls up to them and tells them the Ballas gang is on their way, and it will get ugly.

The mission quickly turns into a big shootout with CJ and the crew taking out waves after waves of Ballas. It’s noteworthy to mention that during the entire shootout, Loc is still inside, presumably rapping to whoever is present. Real tough guy stuff, no? Upon defeating the Ballas the mission is passed and players are awarded additional Respect.

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#6 Cut Throat Business

Cut Throat Business
Image from Wiki Fandom

Now for the mission that really ties it all together. OG Loc’s final appearance within San Andreas isn’t even given by him. Instead, Madd Dogg initiates this one. CJ will visit Madd Dogg at his mansion when he finds Madd Dogg watching TV. The channel shows OG Loc doing a press conference on his new music video set, and Madd Dogg recognizes the rhymes Loc is spouting.

The two agree to make an unexpected appearance and make their way to Flint County to pay Loc a surprise visit. Once they arrive, OG Loc immediately grabs a hovercraft and tries to get as far away from them as possible. CJ and Madd Dogg will pilot another hovercraft and chase him throughout San Andreas.

Loc ditches the hovercraft and takes a go-kart at one point, and CJ and Mad Dogg will do the same. The chase sequence culminates with Loc attempting to hide at Blastin’ Fools Records. Unfortunately for him, CJ and Mad Dogg can get into the building and corner him in an office. Unbeknownst to Loc, one of the label executives, Jimmy Silverman hears the whole thing. Upon realizing that Loc is a fraud, he drops a major bomb on the entire thing: He offers Madd Dogg a record deal, sues OG Loc, and then makes him his errand boy and demands he picks them up some lunch.

This kills OG Locs career and re-instates Madd Dogg back at the top of the pack. After this mission, if players go to a Victim store and try to buy Loc’s clothing line, they’ll quickly realize the price has fallen dramatically. Players are awarded with Respect and depending on other missions they have completed can segway into the games ending segment.

HD Universe Appearances (4 and 5)

Grand Theft Auto 4

OG Loc CDs
Image from Wiki Fandom

OG Loc’s appearances in the HD Universe are much different than his role in San Andreas. In GTA 4. While San Andreas occurs in 1992 on the West Coast, 4 takes place in 2008 on the East Coast, returning players to Liberty City, Rockstar’s answer to New York City. During the events of San Andreas, Loc violates his parole by quitting his job at Burger Shot, and it’s safe to assume he was sent back to prison for a time. Sensing this as a grand opportunity to repair his brand and bolster his flailing street cred Loc put the peddle to the metal once released and eventually got the career, wealth, and respect he always wanted.

In Grand Theft Auto 4, players play as an Eastern European immigrant named Niko Bellic, so it’s safe to assume Niko has never even heard of him. OG Loc is never mentioned by name, but players can find a copy of his debut album at one of Niko’s safehouses and the safehouse of another protagonist named Luis Lopez. Lastly, his album can also be seen in the DJ area of one of the nightclubs in the game “Bahama Mamas.” Even sixteen years later, he’s still selling copies and getting royalties for the record, which shows that Loc was able to use the controversy of the past to lead to long-term success.

Grand Theft Auto 5

OG Loc's Star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame
Image from Wiki Fandom

With both games returning to the fictional state of San Andreas and focusing on the city of Los Santos primarily, it would only make sense that OG Loc would also have some sort of a return. Grand Theft Auto 5 takes place in 2013, and players can spot OG Loc’s very own star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame. Eagle-eyed players can also spot a vinyl pressing of his second album, “OriGinal” which was released between 1992 and 2013.

In the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and most recent PC releases of the game, the CD copy has been added as an easter egg, being visible in various safehouses for Franklin and Jimmy De Santa’s bedroom as well. Despite the clear indications that he’s still alive and thriving, he isn’t mentioned by name until Grand Theft Auto Online.

Grand Theft Auto Online

While Grand Theft Auto Online was initially meant to take place a few months before the events of GTA 5, due to the game’s longevity, Rockstar has updated the timeline, and nowadays, Online occurs in the present more/less. Online is seen as its own game and is an extension and continuation of the HD Universe, so the events that occur within it are considered canon. While OG Loc hasn’t been seen in-game, there is a very particular moment that confirms his existence within the universe.

Players at the F.Clinton and Partner celebrity solutions agency can overhear a dialogue between security guards. The security guard reveals that while answering a call the other day, he hears the “squeakiest” voice he’s ever heard and that the person calling needs to talk to Franklin Clinton. The security guard asks the caller if he’s Jeffrey and angers the caller, who hangs up. As revealed in San Andreas, OG Loc hates being called by his birth name.

The security guard then adds that he remembers working security for him in the late 90s and comments that he hopes OG Loc stops by sometime and that he’d like to see him. While the specifics of the timeline are never confirmed, it seems that after 1992 Loc went on successful tours, dropped a second record, and somehow managed to elevate himself into a Somebody.

Despite that, he wouldn’t be OG Loc if he didn’t have OG drama, and his mode of operation likely is to entrap people into his tapestry of lies to protect his image and find success at any cost necessary.


Question: Why is OG Loc significant to the lore of the series?

Answer: Commonly in GTA games, we see two narratives: The success of the up-and-comer (generally whoever we’re playing as) and the downfall of a big bad (whoever the villain is). We rarely get access to a window of an alternative path to success. OG Loc signifies anyone who tried their damndest to fit in but couldn’t do it, so they found a different approach and made it work. He’s a side effect of the GTA universe and worth exploring on that basis alone.

Question: Will we ever actually get to hear any of his music?

Answer: I doubt it. I think it’d be brilliant to have cutscenes where you can hear him in the recording studio and a demo of his track versus most of his “freestyles” in San Andreas, where he goes acapella to disastrous results. Outside of commercial jingles and the like, Rockstar always uses licensed soundtracks to further immerse players in the time whichever game they’re playing occurs. In their defense: Would Vice City be as memorable if it didn’t use authentic songs from the 80s in its soundtrack? Not likely.

One of the reasons that Grand Theft Auto is so effective is because it genuinely feels like an alternate universe to the world we live in. However, you can hear *some* of his music during the House Party mission, but Rockstar never recorded a full-length version to put into the game’s radio stations.

Question: Is OG Loc really such a bad guy?

Answer: Ultimately, morality is based on the beholder’s perception. One can argue that in the hyper-violent world of GTA that OG Loc is arguably more virtuous than characters like CJ or Claude since players will literally go on rampage missions or gang turf wars while playing as them and will kill hundreds if not thousands of NPCs. But what makes OG Loc different is that he’s more intentional in what he does. He shoots Freddy shortly after players meet him and help him on his first mission.

He puts a hit on Madd Dogg’s manager and makes CJ do it. If he’s willing to resort to murder in 1992, it begs the question: Who else has he killed between San Andreas and his distant cameo appearance in GTA Online? I wouldn’t put anyone on a morality ladder in this type of universe. Everyone occupies a grey area and does what they determine to be the best course of action.

Fun Facts

OG Loc Posing
Image from Wiki Fandom
  • If CJ dates Katie Zhan, she will comment on OG Loc and refer to him as “OG Joke,” meaning that Grove Street isn’t the only clique that sees through him.
  • OG Loc hates dancing and thinks that it’s “not gangsta.”
  • OG Loc once referred to the United States Constitution as being written by “A bunch of dudes on reefer with wooden teeth.”
  • Between 1992 and 2013, he embarked on two tours, the “OriGinal” tour, and the “Down and Dirty” tour. He really does have fans.
  • OG Loc once claimed in a radio interview that he would pimp out guys or literally anything. Big Smoke also once claimed that OG Loc has street cred because he’s always hated women and sold drugs to school-age girls. These are all lies.
  • OG Loc and Ja Rule have several commonalities. Both are named Jeffrey, Loc’s character model somewhat looks like Ja, and Ja Rule got in hot water over allegations that he stole rhymes from DMX, and OG Loc literally stole Madd Dogg’s rhymes.


OG Loc is a lot of things at once. He’s hilarious but infuriating. He’s relatable but out of touch. He’s stupid but conniving and often tries to move three steps ahead. His presence is much more than a punchline, though. His very existence is a symptom of the wild world Grand Theft Auto inhabits, and by proxy, he answers one of the most critical questions of the series: How does a dude who isn’t tough making it to the top?

OG Loc makes the world more realistic by satirizing multiple rappers and the industry as a whole, but he also further illuminates a central theme to the series: What’s the price for success, and is it worth the cost? OG Loc is every nerdy kid we saw got bullied who did their best to become something they’re not in order to fit in. He is a commentary about insecurity, identity, and the tangible wealth of reputation. Ultimately this is what makes him a significant character and worth analyzing.

What was your first impression of the wannabee who seeks to be king? Would you bump an OG Loc album? We’d love to hear your first impressions and favorite memories regarding the misguided rapper.

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