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GTA San Andreas Supply Lines Guide: Airborne Mayhem

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, developed by Rockstar Games, is widely regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time.

Released in 2004, it offered players an immersive open-world experience set in the fictional state of San Andreas. It quickly became a classic. This masterpiece of a game has enthralled millions of players worldwide with its hypnotic gameplay and captivating storyline.

Among the myriad of adventures it offers, “Supply Lines” has cemented its place in gaming history as a challenging yet exhilarating mission that will leave you breathless. Join me as we relive the excitement and appreciate the legacy of this unforgettable quest.

In this GTA San Andreas Supply Lines Guide, we will delve into the details, challenges, and strategies associated with this mission, providing in-depth analysis for both nostalgic fans and curious newcomers alike.

GTA San Andreas Supply Lines Guide: supply lines mission

Mission Overview

Did You know that GTA San Andreas still holds the record for having more missions than any other installment in the Grand Theft Auto series? It has a total of 100 missions! Well, 101 if you count the opening sequence.  “Supply Lines” is mission #45 on the list.

Setting the Stage

“Supply Lines” takes place in the San Fierro region of San Andreas. Of course, you will take the role of Carl “CJ” Johnson, the game’s protagonist, who finds himself aiding a cloak-and-dagger government agency. In the mission, you will get to meet  Zero, a friend and ally of CJ’s who is a wannabe entrepreneur running a remote-controlled aircraft store.

Mission Objective

The main objective is to help Zero defend his business from a rival enterprise known as Berkley. They will be roaming the streets in their vans, which you must destroy.

Mission Structure

The “Supply Lines” mission consists of a unique gameplay mechanic revolving around remote-controlled flight. You will have to pilot a miniature biplane armed with a machine gun.

Key Challenges

“Supply Lines” presents players with several noteworthy challenges that make it both exhilarating and frustrating.

The primary difficulty lies in controlling the RC Airplane, making the mission more grim and painful than it should be. You also have to maneuver through narrow streets and tall to reach your objectives, while avoiding enemy fire (they are armed and will shoot on site).

It requires precise control, fast reflexes, and a steady hand. As if flying this god-forsaken RC plane is not mentally draining enough, you have to pass the mission before the limited fuel supply runs out. It adds an element of urgency, forcing you to strategize your flight paths.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1: Start the Mission

gta supply line cutscene

To initialize the mission, head over to Zero’s RC shop after completing the “Air Raid” mission. After you walk into the marker, a cutscene will begin showing CJ looking for Zero. The latter will be inside a locker in the backroom of the shop, hanging by his underwear. Apparently, his enemies got to him and gave him a wedgie.

Anyways, after a few giggles, CJ suggests that Zero takes revenge and asks if he has any weapons lying around. Sadly though, he doesn’t have any rifles or RPGs lying around, just a cursed RC plane with a machine gun up front. Then, the scene will cut to the streets to show you the target.

Step #2: Taking Flight

airplane on roof

Once the cutscene is over, you will spawn on the rooftop in an RC plane called the Red Baron (it’s red). The controls will vary between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game will automatically show you the controls on the top left corner of the screen, but they aren’t exactly intuitive.

The plane is very sensitive and doesn’t follow the laws of either logic or physics! It is very twitchy, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll crash and burn on your first attempt to fly this contraption.

The good thing about the “Red Baron” is it takes off the floor very quickly. However, you have to gain altitude gradually because if you go straight up, it will stall and sink to the ground. The most frustrating aspect of the RC plane is the handling!

You would expect something this small to be good at cornering, but it’s not. Sharp turns are your worst enemy because the plane will go straight down. Thus, you have to take wide turns like your flying a Boeing 747.

The turns must be wide, and gradual, and no sudden or fast movements. Not to mention, you have to fly low between buildings, which requires taking hard lefts and rights while shooting moving targets without an aiming cursor.

Step #3: Locate the Targets

There are five couriers in total, and each one will be marked on the mini-map. All targets are on the move, driving various vehicles.

The couriers follow a specific path that circles around a predefined area and takes them back to where they originally spawned. Luckily, they will be moving very slowly, giving you more than enough time to get to them.

The first three targets are near each other, while the last two are further away. Here is a quick rundown of the order I would recommend you take them out:

  • Van (Closest)
  • Van (Near Tattoo Shop)
  • The Bicycle
  • Motorcycle 1 (Construction Site)
  • Van 3 (Financial District)

Get off the rooftop as soon as you spawn in. Your first target will be a marked Van driving across the street. Glide off the roof and lineup behind the van, then open fire.

Keep shooting until the vehicle explodes. When the target is down, stay on the same flight path heading west to Hashbury. Watch out from the trees and lamp posts ahead of you. The van will pass by the tattoo parlor and the clothing store.

You can fly over the buildings and then drop down, but I recommend you follow the road and then turn on the same street as the target. That way, you line up the shot perfectly.

Continue ahead, then turn left after you pass the tattoo shop. Keep heading east to Garcia and Doherty, the third target will be riding a bicycle and coming right at you. Land on the road and line up your shot. Open fire when the courier gets close.

Get back on the throttle immediately and make your way toward the northeast. The fourth courier will be on a motorcycle in the Kings area near the San Fierro Center.

You will know you’re on the right path when you see a crane in front of you. The latter is located on the construction site on the north edge of Doherty. It is a shortcut! Take extra caution with this target because their shots are more accurate, and they can damage the plane.

The rider will ditch his bike and run around a small patch of grass on a steep hill. It’s on the borders of Kings and Downtown.

It’s a tricky target to get, but it is manageable. You must keep a distance behind them and stay on their heel. As long as you are lined up, the bike will get severely damaged and explode, killing both riders. The final courier will be driving a Van in the Financial district.

He will be going slow on the same street as the Big Pointy Building. He will be heading north toward the Victim clothing store and the Vank Hoff Hotel.

Step #4: Go Back to Zero

go back to zero

The fastest way back is flying past the San Fierro Center and over the construction site. The streets are wide enough to make sharp turns or adjustments.

In addition, the construction site’s open space allows you to take a direct line to Zero’s RC shop and gain the necessary altitude. You don’t have to dip up and down on the way back or rise to the highest level possible. If you can still make it with 45-50% of fuel left in the tank.

All of this trouble for a lousy 5000 dollars and another annoying RC mission!


  • There are various paths and strategies you can take during the mission, but after repeating it several times, the aforementioned path was the smartest and fastest. I managed to complete the mission with at least half a tank of fuel remaining.
  • You can glide behind your targets and open fire. However, it needs a lot of precision and control due to the RC’s handling and lack of aiming cursor.
  • It is crucial to stay on the path, or you will get lost and waste more fuel.
  • You can land in front of the target to stop them and get a more accurate shot, but it may force you to take sharp turns to face the right direction.
  • Gain as much altitude as possible on your way back. So, you can coast more toward the finish and save some juice.
  • Keep an eye on your FUEL.


Question: How do I increase my stamina?

Answer: One aspect of GTA San Andreas that’s often neglected is staying fit and healthy. If CJ gains weight, the stamina will be low and run out fast. You can increase your stamina by 5% every 2.5 minutes of swimming. You can also get the same increase by running or cycling for 5 minutes.

But, the fastest way to increase your endurance is using the stationary bike or treadmill at the gym. You will get a 4% increase every 14 seconds. Other ways include finishing the Burglar missions. The latter will give you infinite energy.

Question: How do I unlock the new areas?

Answer: To unlock all the cities in GTA San Andreas, you must pass the storyline missions. The mission “Green Sabre” will unlock Flint County and San Fierro. However, “Are you going to San Fierro” is the first mission that takes place in the region. Las Venturas will be open once you finish the “Yay Ka-Boom-Boom” mission.

Question: How do I get rich fast?

Answer: There are several ways to earn money in San Andreas. You can complete missions and earn rewards, you can gamble, kill drug dealers on the streets, or do Burglar missions. Other ways include import/export missions, being a taxi driver, paramedic, vigilante, or fireman.

GTA San Andreas Supply Lines Guide: Final Thoughs

supply lines gta sa

Beyond the eccentric characters and lovable storyline, GTA San Andreas gave us unprecedented freedom and countless hours of gameplay. But the most significant thing SA offered us was the ruthless and breathtaking missions. Words cannot describe the rage, frustration, and tears, all because of this insane side quest.

However, through careful planning, skillful execution, and perseverance, anyone can overcome the mission’s challenges and enjoy the sense of accomplishment it brings.

Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, tackling “Supply Lines” is an adventure worth undertaking in the vast world of San Andreas. Remember to stay calm and focused, use your weapons wisely, and have fun!

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