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GTA Demolition Man Guide: The Sandbox of Destruction!

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City is an outstanding video game set in 1980s Miami, where players assume the role of Tommy Vercetti, a former mobster seeking revenge in a vivid open-world environment.

It is a beloved and timeless classic in the series offering a gripping storyline, iconic soundtrack, immersive gameplay, and exciting series of missions that will keep you awake for weeks. Some quests are as easy as taking a walk in the park, while others are harder than teaching a Giraffe to Limbo dance.  

One such mission that stands out among the rest is “Demolition Man.”

It is arguably the harshest and most hated mission in the game, if not the whole GTA series. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the “Demolition Man” mission, providing step-by-step instructions, essential tips, and strategies to help you conquer this “Spawn of Satan” mission.

Quick Overview

  • Demolition Man is mission number 10 in the story’s chronological order. You unlock it when you finish the “Four Iron” mission. It is an optional storyline job. In other words, you can accept it when it pops up or leave it till the end. 
  • The operation is given to you by Avery Carrington. He is a dirty real estate mogul, who becomes friends with Tommy and helps him acquire/run his real estate business after taking down Diaz. 
  • The mission objective is to plant four bombs inside a construction site and cause severe damage, using a remote-controlled helicopter.

The Beginning

demolition man gta

First, you must start the actual mission to pass it. When the “A” marker pops up on your mini-map, follow it. It will lead you to Avery’s construction site in Vice Point. Step into the pink blip.

The latter will trigger a cutscene of Avery explaining the mission to Tommy, so skip it. Head over to the Top Fun van near the site and get in. It’s very close; you can just run. After you get in the van, the game will spawn you in an RC helicopter dubbed the “Goblin“. 

Taking Control

The first thing you need to realize is that the timer doesn’t actually start until you pick up a bomb. So take your time familiarize yourself with the controls. W to go up and S to go down. A & D will tilt left and right. They can be used to avoid hitting obstacles on the way but not for turning the helicopter.

To change the direction of the RC, you must use 1,2/ 4, and 5 on the numpad to rotate the helicopter left and right. 9 & 6 will tilt the RC forward and backward. They Are what you use to direct the RC in the right path. It really makes the job harder than it already is.

Try to climb up and down and slide from side to side. That way, you get a sense of how the RC responds. 

There are a few key characteristics that you should know about the Goblin:

  • First of all, it is super slow, and it likes to go up. Keep tapping the W and stay tilted forward to gain speed. You want to stay above the ground at all times while trying to avoid crashing into the ceiling above you because the RC can take damage. 
  • Second, quick sharp turns are your worst enemy because the RC is hypersensitive. And that is the worst part about the RC helicopter, the steering. A tiny adjustment can take you way off course. You can easily overshoot the target, especially when using a keyboard and mouse. You have no idea how many times I dropped the bomb on the floor outside the marker!
  • Finally, you will also notice that the helicopter goes down quicker than it goes up. In other words, it plummets to the ground faster than a cinder block sinking in a pool of water. 

Scanning the Perimeter 

demolition man gta

This is the secret move that helped me finish the mission in the best way possible. Upon starting the job, head to the construction site and look around. Through scanning the map carefully, I managed to pinpoint the location of the targets and plan an effective and efficient route (more on that later).

I also detected that the drop zones are protected by armed construction workers and security guards. The latter will shoot on sight and follow you during the entire mission. It is important to avoid getting hit by them because the RC helicopter will take damage. If the Goblin gets destroyed, the mission will fail. 

Infiltrating the Construction Site 

While scanning the area can be a big plus, planning the best route is critical. A good plan will save time and eliminate stress and confusion during the mission.

After repeating the mission several times, I managed to outline a fast track to finish the mission before the timer runs out. Going from top to bottom is much better, and here is why:

  1. Starting with the furthest away will make your next trip shorter. You will not travel as far as you did in the previous round (that made it mentally easier).
  2. You will get the attention of the guards and security personnel surrounding the place. Thus, you can draw them away from one zone to the other or lure them away from the site entirely. Some of them may get stuck on something because they are dumb. That will keep them off your back for a while.

Target 1

After you pick up the first bomb and gun it toward the site. Ignore the first target and turn to the right. You will be facing a staircase. On the second flight of stairs, climb directly up to the top floor. If you move forward a little, the target will appear on your left. 

Tip: Don’t follow the entire stairway up to the top. You will end up facing the wrong, and taking more turns to locate the target. Thus, it will slow you down a lot.

Target 2

Go back down and grab the second bomb. Using the same path as the previous trip, make your way back to the building, and go up the stairs.

However, this time the drop zone is on the floor below the previous target. You have to follow the second flight of stairs to the next target, then turn to the right. You will notice a wooden wall; the marker is behind it, protected by a security guard.

Target 3

demolition man gta

The third target is on the first floor. Once you pick up the third bomb, go back to the site and go up the first flight of stairs. Turn right and go straight. Surprisingly, there is another wooden wall close to the corner at the end of the hall. The third location is hiding behind it. You don’t need to go the same way you came in.

Continue forward and bank to the right. You will find an unfinished ledge that will take you down the main entrance, saving you a lot of time.

Target 4

The last target is the most obvious one. Pick the last bomb and drop it on the marked barrel at the entrance of the construction site. When you drop the bomb, the whole building will turn into a big ball of fire, marking the end of the mission.

It is a bit disappointing if you ask me! Trying to make an escape would have made the mission much more exciting. Anyways, assuming that you did not hit many obstacles on the way, the mission will be successfully completed with 2 minutes and 15 seconds to spare.

Tips and Cheat Codes

demolition man gta tips and cheat codes

  • Lower the RC and get closer to the barrel to increase your accuracy. You might miss it if you go too high, costing you valuable time.
  • The workers cannot keep up with the RC, avoid attacking them, and focus on dropping the bombs. There are so many, and trying to kill them will only waste time. You can do that by hitting them with the blades of the helicopter. The security guards are more dangerous because they have guns. However, their aim is terrible. They cannot hit you as long as you keep moving.
  • The markers on the map will tell you if you are on the same level as the target (and the location). If the pink blip is a square, you are on the same level as the drop zone. A triangle pointing up means the location is above you. If the triangle is pointing down, then the spot is below you.
  • You can use the “Booooooring” cheat code to slow down the in-game time. This will allow you great control over the RC and makes the mission 100 times easier. However, it does take longer to finish that way.
  • There are a couple of mods and trainer options that you can use to leave the van after the mission starts. You can pick the bombs and run to place them in their designated places. You can use guns to kill the guards and workers, but it will increase your wanted level.


Question: How Long will it Take me to Complete GTA Vice City? 

Answer: Depending on your playstyle, it can take up to 110 hours to finish the entire game. If you rush through the main story, you can complete it in 12-18h (with very few failures). 100% completion takes about 40h. However, if you really take your time and explore every inch of the map, you will spend 110h+.

Question: Are there Safehouses/Properties to Buy in Vice City? 

Answer: There are a lot of properties and assets which can be purchased in GTA Vice City. Some will be available at the beginning. While others will be unlocked according to your progress in the storyline missions.

You can use any of the properties to save your game. Some assets generate revenue that you have to collect every once in a while. Moreover, not all of them include garages to store your vehicles

Question: How Many Missions are in GTA Vice City?

Answer: GTA Vice City has a total of 87 missions. The latter includes: 
38 Story missions
19 Asset missions
8 Side missions
6 Races
5 Payphone missions
4 Off-road challenges
3 RC jobs
3 Stadium missions
1 Sparrow mission

GTA Demolition Man Guide: Final Words

GTA Vice City has a plethora of frustrating missions, but “Demolition Man” is by far the worst in the entire series. It presents a formidable challenge that requires skill, patience, and strategic thinking.

However, it is doable without any cheat codes or mods. By following this guide, you will be better equipped to tackle this challenge. 

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