Doomsday Heist Guide

Doomsday Heist Guide

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How often do you still frequent games produced and sold nearly a decade ago? How many of these games still get updated with new content every couple of months, completely reinvigorating the player base? Let me answer all of these questions for you; not many or none at all. 

This is because, while everyone has their favorite classic games that they still play years and years after launch, there isn’t enough broad interest for the companies involved to continue supporting these games. We have all loaded an old competitive multiplayer game like CoD only to find the servers populated with various types of hackers that the game developers literally could not care less about fixing. 

GTA 5, on the other hand, is completely different. The support and content provided for the online element of this title are truly second to none. No other title in the world right now produces as much extra free content for their fans as Rockstar. Of course, this is not done out of the goodness of their hearts; it’s all a money-making scheme. However, this doesn’t mean we avid gamers and GTA fans cant get something enjoyable out of it. 

So, with all this in mind, in this Doomsday Heist guide, we’re going to look at one of the content drops for GTA Online, one released way back in the glory days of 2017? The Doomsday Heist update is truly one of the greatest currently released for GTA Online and, therefore, deserves some talking about, in my opinion. Let’s go. 


The Doomsday Heist Screenshot
The Doomsday Heist screenshot. Photo by James Gibson.

It would be incredibly boring for you and me if I began covering every new element that was added to the game via this update. Therefore, I will rattle off the big figures for you. Firstly, this update adds over 200 items of clothing as well as 65 outfits and a huge number of masks, 123 in total. This update also adds six new weapons to the game, as well as some face paint and new tattoos. 

However, it would not be a GTA update without some new vehicles being added to the game, both earthbound and prone to flight. In total, this new content drop added 30 different vehicles. Rockstar also added nine new properties and base facilities to GTA Online, purchasable through the Maze Bank app. All of this new content is backed up by several missions and new characters. All of this will be discussed in greater detail later. 

Beginning the DLC

Unlike most content added to GTA Online, you will need at least one more person to start and complete these quests. However, this should be a bit easier than the other heists that always required four players.

Once you have your extra player, the release of the DLC, and booting up your GTA Online character, you will need to ensure you are already either a CEO, a VIP in an organization, or part of a motorcycle club. Being a part of one of these groups will allow the player to purchase one of the facilities required for this heist. 

Once one of these facilities has been purchased, the player can begin the heist by completing the preparation tasks required for the heist. However, before we go into detail about these prep tasks, let’s take a look at these facilities and their locations. 

Mission Start
Begining the mission. Photo by James Gibson.


Paleto Bay Facility

Paleto Bay Facility
Image from Wiki Fandom

This cheaper facility will cost the player a staggering amount considering it is the cheapest on this list, coming in at $1.25 million. As this facility is located out in Paleto Bay, it is rather inconvenient to get to, thus giving the reason for its lower price tag.

Mount Gordo

Mount Gordo
Image from Wiki Fandom

While this nuke-proof bunker will cost the player slightly more than its sister out in Paleto Bay, the Mount Gordo facility is sure to impress. The sheer size of the mountains surrounding the location adds to the overall ambiance of safety and magnitude and provides a great shelter from any possible ground attacks. All in all, this facility will cost the player $1.46 million; however, the views from the entrance are surely worth that alone.

Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores Facility
Image from Wiki Fandom

The third facility on this list, Sandy Shores, is perfect for any player who likes to spend their time outside of downtown Los Santos or just so happens to love terrorizing the neighborhood once frequented by Trevor Phillips.

This location will cost the player $2.74 million, the sharp increase in value being put down to its highly accessible and sought-after location. 

Grand Senora Desert

Grand Senora Desert
Image from Wiki Fandom

This location will cost the player $2.52 million, a rather good price for such a facility when one learns that it was formerly a nuclear testing facility. Therefore, it is fully equipped and partially tested to absorb even the hardest of missiles. 

Zancudo River

Zancudo River Facility
Image from Wiki Fandom

This location is perhaps the most picturesque out of our list, featuring the foothills of the Senora desert and some lovely bridges just in the player’s eye line from the base’s entrance.

Not to mention the lovely river that is perfect for quick escapes and ease of access. After purchasing this property, you will find your pockets significantly lighter, losing $2.1 million.

Route 68

Route 68
Image from Wiki Fandom

This is the perfect spot for you if you need a facility nestled in amongst one of the busiest highways in all of Los Santos. Not only will you have no problem accessing your base, but you will find slipping a large number of transport vehicles in and out of the site no issue with the sheer amount of nearby traffic covering up any vehicle passing.

Also, the road noise from the highway will do a great job of covering up any mysterious noises from the facility. In total, this facility will cost the player $2.3 million. 

RON Alternates Wind Farm

RON Alternates Wind Farm
Image from Wiki Fandom

Protected by the government-sanctioned renewable energy project inhabiting this valley, the RON facility is the perfect spot for some shady underground business. Not only does it fit in with the sheer amount of windmills all around the base, but it is also known to the government and accepted as the cost of doing business, giving the player peace of mind.

This peace of mind, however, will come at a price; $1.85 million, to be exact. Hopefully, this cost will be offset by the money you save on electricity bills from your windmills. 

Land Act Reservoir

Land Act Reservoir
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Land Act Reservoir base is our list’s last and most expensive facility. This location is by far the coolest and most well-defended in the entire game, thus the exorbitant price of $2.95 million. The facility sits at the bottom of a canyon which has been walled off for future use as a water reservoir for Los Santos county. However, this reservoir is yet to be put to use, leaving you a perfect site. 

Preparation Tasks

Now, before we get into the full list of preparation tasks the player must have completed before commencing the main heist, I will note that should the player be virtually rolling money, they can opt to skip these missions by paying for the equipment directly.

However, this method is no fun, and it ruins the entire point of additional content for the game. Also, some of these missions can be completed by the player alone; however, it will be easier with a party, and some missions will require at least one more player. 

Data Breaches Heist

Dead Courier

The Doomsday Heist update gives the player access to three new heists in total, each of which builds towards one final mission. The first of these heists is the Data Breach heist. The Dead Courier prep mission for this heist will see the player acquire paramedic uniforms and an ambulance.

Doing this will allow the player to enter the Los Santos County Coroner’s Office, a location that they must walk into calmly and without alarm to gain access to a memory stick of the body of a dead agent awaiting autopsy. This will be the task for half of the team.

The second half must simultaneously travel to Los Santos city center to pick up the agent’s black Savage helicopter. From here, you must fly the aircraft to the marked location in order to intercept some enemies in El Burro Heights.

After the second team has killed these enemies and taken the information they had, you must take the helicopter and pick up the paramedic team, extracting them from the coroner’s office while being pursued by police.

After you have escaped the police and returned to base, the mission will be complete for all players. 

Driving Paramedic Vehicle
Going to LS County Coroners. Photo by James Gibson.

Signal Interceptors

The next stage of this heist’s preparation sounds a lot like the beginnings of an actual heist. Firstly, the player and their crew must drive to a seemingly random parking lot in La Mesa. Here, you will find a Deluxo waiting for you. Good old Lester will have already equipped this Delorean-like vehicle to hack some of the central hub’s data caches. 

The first step of this mission is to tail four separate central-hub vehicles with your Deluxo, staying within certain proximity while using the Securo-Serv app to hack their systems. After this is done, you will need to destroy the vehicles before moving on to your next target.

All in all, there will be four of these vehicles roaming around the city that the player must hack and destroy before moving on to the four police predators that must also be hacked.

Lastly, the player must hack a cargo plane that is just about to depart the Los Santos International Airport by using the hover mode available on the Deluxo. In the middle of this hack, the player doing the hacking must be defended by other members of the crew while they fight off three Valkyrie MOD.0s. 

However, once these enemies are dealt with, and the cargo plane is destroyed, the rest of the mission will be plain sailing, allowing the crew to return their vehicles and hacked data to the drop-off point.

Server Farm

GTA Online Akula
Image from Wiki Fandom

The last preparation mission required for this heist involves the player and their crew stealing an Akula stealth helicopter from the NOOSE Government Facility. To get this vehicle, the crew must enter the facility without raising alarms, bypassing all security personnel and cameras. After this, you must make your way from the car park and enter the Akula with your entire team. 

From here, land on the government facilities roof and use the nearby ladder to gain entry to the rear entrance. Once inside, your next job is to find the four servers that hold the information you require.

To do this, the crew must take out all members of security patrolling the server farm, especially the head of security, who will be marked on the map. After this, the players must complete a small mini-game in order to connect the server nodes

. The alarm will immediately trigger when this is completed, putting the entire crew into the firing line.

The responding force will be massive, featuring NOOSE security personnel and police units in droves. The crew will have to eliminate all of these enemies, including the force that does not enter the building.

Once these enemies are dealt with, simply enter your stealth helicopter with the rest of your crew and make your escape, all the while avoiding police backup in the form of attack helicopters and the snipers inside them.

Once you have escaped the facility and returned to the Sandy Shores Airfield with your crew, the mission will be completed.

The Data Breaches Heist

After the saga of preparation missions, the heist is finally here, you know, the whole reason you played this add-on, to begin with? Anyway, to begin this heist, the entire crew must meet with Lester and Avon to discuss the mission. 

Once here, you will find out about the data extracted from the myriad hacking expeditions you and your friends went on. Eventually, Avon announces that the data shows the target is practically shut down and empty, giving the perfect opportunity for the heist to go ahead. 

The player and crew are then instructed to head over to the IAA base to stop the enemies from attacking the base. Of course, you will find several Merryweather Security personnel there, your chief enemy in this game.

Once these enemies spot the crew, they will turn and begin firing upon you, requiring the player and their friends to take them all out before moving forward into the base. The next section of this heist will see the players progress through the IAA base, taking out all the enemies who stand in their way.

Eventually, when the players manage to kill enough of the Merryweather Security forces and their pals, the threat level at the base is reduced, forcing the enemies to flee. You can either let them leave or kill them in this instance. Nothing will change based on your decision so maybe take some time for target practice. 

After this, the crew will meet with Agent 14 and Phoenicia Rackman. Along with Avon, this group all has a meeting, discussing who caused all this bother and the possible war that the player has helped to prevent. Eventually, in true GTA style, it is found that the perpetrator is “some Russians,” backed by a warmonger named Bogdan.

Satisfied with these answers and pushed out of the building by Avon, the player, and their crew must exit the building along with Avon and wait for him to get in touch at a later date. This will spell the end of the first heist of the update.

Heist 2 – The Bogdan Problem

Preparation Tasks


Avenger Aircraft
Image from Wiki Fandom

Following on from the previous heist missions, the player and their crew must go to Los Santos International airport to start this prep mission. Once there, they must board the newly added Avenger aircraft.

This new aircraft added as part of the Doomsday Heist update is a tilt-rotor helicopter unlike anything seen before in GTA Online. The crew can find one in a hangar that is controlled by more Merryweather Security operatives. 

During this mission to steal the Avenger from Merryweather, the player and their crew will be caught in an ambush by their long-term enemies; when they enter the hanger, the lights will be turned off, plunging the player into darkness before the flash of muzzle fire alerts the player to the Merryweather presence. 

Avon, over the radio, will tell the team that they have walked into an ambush, something very evident to any player with eyes. However, he will proceed in telling you that there are two generators on site that must be turned back on to restore visibility to fly the Avenger out. To do this, simply wade your way through the countless enemy drones until you reach both generators, turning them on one at a time.

After eliminating enemy ground forces and getting into the Avenger, the player is informed by Uncle Lester that Merryweather will be tracking the aircraft’s whereabouts on radar and will be sending in some attack helicopters to bring you down. Therefore, with the player flying the Avenger, the other crew members must man the turrets and defend themselves from the enemy.

Once a certain number of Buzzard helicopters are eliminated, and the player has flown far enough outside of Merryweather orbit, Lester will inform the crew that they are safe to come home. The mission will be complete when you set the Avenger and your crew down in Paleto Bay.

Rescue ULP

Agent ULP
Image from Wiki Fandom

The second prep mission for this heist involves saving Agent ULP from the Grand Banks Steel Foundry. In order to save this agent, the player and their crew must split up into two teams, a ground team and a lookout team. 

When you arrive at the location, the ground team must enter the foundry and rescue the agent from the room in which he is being held captive. To find this agent, the player must eliminate everyone in their way and travel up to the top floor. Here, after liberating the agent, you need to make sure to protect the target and exit the building safely. 

At the same time, the lookout team must climb up a water tower and keep watch over the foundry. Here, they must fight off waves of reinforcements to ensure the ground team’s safety when they leave with their target. 

After this, the team must form up and escape the forces that chase them. With the agent, the team will eventually get clear of their pursuers before dropping the agent off at the McKenzie field hanger, thus completing the mission.

Escaping the chasers. Photo by James Gibson.

Salvage Hard Drives

This next prep mission will see the team split up into two units, one team of operators and one team of salvagers. The operators must drive the newly added RCVs and clear a path for the salvagers while they retrieve hard drives from the Speedo vans. 

This mission is rather simple; you must simply drive to each of the four locations and perform your duties to save the hard drives. Once all of these drives are collected, the final one being in Elysian Island, the player must drop them off at La Puerta, completing the mission. 

Submarine Recon

The last prep mission for this heist involves the crew heading out to start their observations of the Russian submarine that is listing off the Los Santos coast. To do this, however, the team must also split up again.

Before this split up, though, the entire crew must take out the submarine’s resupply convoy, consisting of several heavily armed vehicles. After this is done, the Paleto Bay team must head to, you guessed it, Paleto Bay and enter the water, destroying several sea mines there. 

After this, you must search for and scan the remnants of a spy plane that Avon informs you were shot down earlier in the week. Here, the team scans the plane to find out what weapon felled it.

The second team, the Paleto Cove unit, must also enter the sea at Paleto Cove and destroy more sea mines. After this, the team progresses until they find the submarine in transit, quickly scanning it before they have to leave. When the teams eventually meet up again in the parking lot of Ammu-Nation, the mission is complete as all necessary information has been gathered. 

Destroying Sea Mines
Destroying the sea mines. Photo by James Gibson.

The Bogdan Problem

Now that the team is ready to go, they must split up into two teams. One submarine unit and one air support unit. The air unit must get into the avenger, fly above the marked submarine location, and destroy all reinforcements that come for the submarine unit when they board the enemy vessel. 

On the other hand, the submarine team has the difficult task of getting aboard the submarine. Once aboard, the team must make their way through the vessel, killing all enemies; however, during this time, Bogdan comes on the radio and states that they are making a mistake and fighting for the wrong side.

After you find him, the team must make him talk before Avon orders you to document everything in sight with a mobile phone before plugging it into the console. At this point, a cutscene plays, revealing Avon to be the real enemy as he double-crosses the team. Avon then forces the submarine into a self-destruct sequence.

Ultimately, the air team must pick up the submarine team in the middle of much enemy opposition, heading back to the hangar. Agent 14 and Phoenicia Rackman arrive at the hangar to express their fury before the mission ends. Here, Lester tells the team that he will come up with a plan to exonerate themselves for their part in all this, leaving the mission area to bring everything to a close.

Heist 3 – The Doomsday Scenario

Preparation Tasks

As with the previous heists in this DLC, this last one also has several prep missions before you embark on the final heists. However, these missions are all rather similar to ones already completed previously, including missions like:

  • Rescue Agent 14
  • Escort ULP
  • Barrage
  • Khanjali
  • Air Defenses

Ultimately, the player will be fully prepared to take on the final mission and exact their revenge on Avon, the betrayer.

The Doomsday Scenario

The Doomsday Heist
The Doomsday Heist mission. Photo by James Gibson.

Finally, we have made it to the final act of the DLC. To begin, the crew must head to the Grapeseed to pick up either an ATV or a tank. After this, simply head to Mount Chiliad and enter the secret entrance, using Lester’s hacking skills to pass through the security doors. 

After entering the facility, the team will have to fight through all of Avon’s security. After doing this and destroying Avon’s supplies, the player must run to stop Avon from launching his missiles. However, you are too late, and he manages to arm them. Trapped behind a blast door, the team cannot progress until Lester manages to trick the system and get his team through.

Once again, this begins a period of the crew fighting off countless enemies while also hacking the systems. What follows is even more fighting and hacking until all of Avon’s missiles are shut down, forcing him to flee, and the crew ultimately chases him down and kills him. 

Ultimately, the team must head back to Rackman, wherein you will be thanked for your work and rewarded with large sums of money. Should you complete this mission on normal, you will earn $1.8 million; however, on hard, you will earn $2.25 million. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are the Doomsday Heists worth it?

Answer: While they are very time-consuming and require the player to find several friends with a good bit of time on their hands, the reward for these missions is more than worth it. Not only do you and your crew earn money throughout, but you will also earn up to $2.25 million for the final mission should you complete it on the hardest difficulty.

Question: What are the best heists in GTA Online?

Answer: While there are many great GTA Online heists, the best, according to the community, is the Diamond heists and the Doomsday heists. However, neither of these heist missions pays the most; this accolade goes to the Casino heists.

Question: What is the easiest heist in GTA Online?

Answer: From personal experience and, perhaps, because it is the first heist available to the player in GTA Online, I would say that the Fleeca job is the easiest possible heist to complete.

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