Enus Super Diamond Guide

Enus Super Diamond Guide: The Formula for Tranquility!

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For a long time, the sedan group has been ignored. Many players abandoned the traditional three-box configuration in favor of the new two-door sports vehicles. The demise of sedans, on the other hand, is greatly exaggerated. This class comprises some of the fastest and best-handling autos in the game. 

It’s not all about pace and control, though. It also contains ultra-luxurious high-end cars. And no one does it quite like Enus. The Super Diamond is an absolute behemoth that demands reverence. You’ll find out why in this Enus Super Diamond guide.

Vehicle Overview

  • Manufacturer: Enus.
  • Class: Sedans.
  • Price: 250,000$.
  • Top Speed: 111 mph.
  • Drive train: Rear-wheel Drive.
  • Seats: 4.
  • Weight: 2800 kg/ 6172 lbs.
  • Transmission: 5-speed.
  • Where to mod it: Los Santos Customs.
  • Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports (Online)/ Southern San Andreas Super Autos (Story Mode).
  • Resale Value: 160,000 $ / 280,000 $ fully modded (only sold if purchased).  

Everything You Need to Know about Enus

Enus is a vehicle manufacturer in the Grand Theft Auto HD Universe. It has been building high-quality vehicles since GTA IV and continues to do so in GTA V/Online. The company focuses on producing high-end premium automobiles. Enus is, in other terms, Rockstar’s effort to imitate Rolls Royce and Bentley. 

And it’s evident!

Most of its car models are knockoffs of the forenamed brands. For example, the Enus Deity is a forgery of a Bentley Flying Spur. In addition, the Jubilee is nearly a carbon copy of the Rolls Royce Cullinan. Of course, a few significant design modifications are required to prevent legal claims.

Enus began as a British vehicle manufacturer controlled by another German corporation. This possibly implies that Volkswagen owns Bentley and BMW owns Rolls Royce. We all know Rockstar loves Easter eggs.

Enus cars are large, heavy, and boxy in appearance. I almost neglected to add that they are not cheap! The emblem is an oval slanted to the right with invasive horizontal lines on the left forming the letter E.

The Super Diamond is an Enus opulent four-door car featured in The Ballad Of Gay Tony (TBOGT), GTA V, and the Online playground.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

enus super diamond


The Enus Super Diamond is modeled around the first-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom. Specifically, the 2005 year extended variant. It has a dignified construction that demands respect and denotes high status, much like its real-life counterpart.

The Super Diamond, unlike its counterpart, lacks suicide doors. It has a huge boxy body form, smooth lines, and a lengthy wheelbase.

From the Front

The fascia’s focal point is a massive rectangular chrome grille with ten horizontal slats. A diamond-encrusted hood decoration sits on top of the grille. It is similar to the “Spirit of Ecstasy” on a genuine Rolls Royce or the Flying B/ Wing B on a Bentley.

The bumper is modest and simple. It’s dull and lacks the excitement of other sportier, more aggressive vehicles. The only thing that stands out is the four intake grilles with diamond mesh. What irritates me the most is the placement of the front license plate. It is located in the middle and covers two of the intake grilles.

The Super Diamond would seem so much better if the license plate was smaller, positioned higher, or removed entirely. The headlamps are also rectangular, with black casings and two circular headlights.

Turning signals are displayed as a narrow LED strip, placed beneath the headlights and mirroring their length. The hood is expansive and sweeping. It has a semi-triangular bulge that begins at the grille’s borders. 

From the Side

The lines continue seamlessly to the A-pillars, going through the side view mirrors. The side profile illustrates the vehicle’s massive dimensions.

Furthermore, the wide fenders and side skirts complement and finish the overall appearance. The Super Diamond has massive wheels and low-profile tires, comparable to the Ubermacht Oracle.

The Super Diamond has a large wheelbase because it is built on the 2005 extended Rolls Royce Phantom. The latter translates to a spacious and comfortable cabin for the people to relax in.

The windows are wide and have chrome frames, giving a good view outside. The chrome finish extends to the door handles as well.

From the Back

enus super diamond from the back

The Super Diamond’s trunk has a bulge identical to the bonnet. A wireless antenna has been installed on the right back quarter panel if you examine it closely. Taillights are comparable to headlamps. They’re rectangular in shape, with a blacked-out housing and an LED strip below for the indicators.

It features a chrome panel above the license plate that serves as a handle to open the trunk lid. The bumper, like the front, is dull and basic, with a dual exhaust pipe. I believe the boring aspects of the car do not affect on the general appearance because high-end luxury autos are typically minimalistic and simple.


The Super Diamond has a respectable maximum speed for a luxury car. Furthermore, the fast acceleration allows it to get up and go. The handling is responsive, quick, and reasonable in narrow bends.

On the open fast turn, however, the vehicle becomes tail happy and begins to drift. You can manage the slide and drift around the curve if you have enough experience. However, it has the potential to spin out.

It should be noted that the Super Diamond can be difficult to handle. The car is far too heavy, resulting in a huge body roll if you take a sharp turn too quickly.

The Super Diamond’s brakes are not its best suit. It does not have an ABS, unlike the majority of sedans in GTA IV. As a consequence, it will lock the brakes and slide when stopping hard. If you attempt to slow down in the middle of a turn, it may create a lot of understeer.

The Super Diamond and its drop-top variants, as shown, are powered by a Dual Overhead Cam inline four-banger. It is turbocharged and has a six-speed gearbox. It generates more torque than most rivals in the class and transmits it to the back axles. As a result, the maximum speed can easily exceed 100 mph.

Generally, the Enus Super Diamond performs similarly to Benefactor Shafter and Dukes. Furthermore, because it is a luxury vehicle, the motor is smooth and silent. If you pay attention, you’ll note that the engine’s tone is comparable to that of the Enus Cognoscenti and the Admiral.


Enus Super Drop Diamond

The Super Drop Diamond is the Super Diamond’s convertible counterpart. It is styled after the 2007-2015 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé. Aside from the apparent changes, the Super Drop is similar inside and out to the standard Diamond.

They share the same interior, which is found in the Benefactor Schafter. The Super Drop Diamond usually comes painted in chrome gold. However, the hood is a distinct hue of gold.

In terms of performance, the Super Drop shares the same turbocharged engine as the standard Super Diamond. Nonetheless, the Super Drop is significantly lighter (weighs about 600 pounds less) and has a six-speed gearbox.

Both cars produce insane levels of power and torque. It is required because they have the aerodynamics of a brick. They also have the same dreadful brakes. Still, due to its lighter weight, the Super Drop Diamond is quicker and more nimble. It minimizes body roll and improves maneuverability.

Where to Find it

standard super diamond

Standard Super Diamond

After completing the main storyline missions, the car begins to spawn. Even so, the Super Diamond is seldom seen in public. Nonetheless, it may surface in a few locations.

The Super Diamond frequently spawns in the Algonquin region. You might come across it while traveling around the airport. It may appear if you drive a Stretch E or a supercar around the area. You can also drive around Star Junction in an Oracle.

Super Drop Diamond

In Middle Park, Algonquin, the Super Drop Diamond should be parked near a restaurant. It’s not far from the safe house. It also appears in the missions High Drive, Caught with Your Pants Down, and For the Man Who Has Everything.

You can take it and fly straight to the safe house. However, you can gain it as a reward for completing the For the Man Who Has Everything mission.

GTA V/ Online


For the newest Grand Theft Auto installment and the Online arena, the Enus Super Diamond returns. It keeps its enormous, boaty, and boxy body.

The exterior look remained unchanged. However, it has been updated to match the game’s visuals and gameplay. It has a brown interior, similar to the Schafter and Carbonizzar. The only visible difference is the new six-spoke wheels and the absence of a convertible version.


The Enus Super Diamond has the most torque in its class and may as well be the most powerful car in the game. Because of its impressive acceleration, it is a feared opponent in drag races.

That is, unfortunately, the only positive aspect of its success.

The Super Diamond has been and still is a lumbering behemoth with a long wheelbase. As a consequence, there is a lot of body roll, which causes significant understeer in the bends. Furthermore, the brakes have little to no traction, which this vehicle requires, given its weight and fast acceleration.

Furthermore, the sedan class includes lighter rivals with superb handling, raising the standard too high for the Super Diamond to meet. According to the website’s formal specs, the Enus has a 7L 450 hp motor. However, the game’s modeled motor shouts “inline-4”. At the very least, it’s turbocharged and has a maximum speed of 111 mph.

The powerplant tone of the Super Diamond is similar to that of the Serrano and the FQ2. That explains the unappealing, monotonous sound the vehicle makes when you drive it. It’s a good thing because the Enus is a luxury vehicle that’s meant to be quiet and calm.


enus super diamond variants

The Super Diamond does not have a convertible variation in GTA V or the Online counterpart, but it does have several modded alternatives. Three altered models spawn in the golf course parking area. They stand out with high-end split ten rims, a one-of-a-kind window tint, and custom color paint.

Where to Find it

The Enus Super Diamond is usually seen in traffic near Rockford Hills, Vinewood Hills, and Vespucci Beach. You can also get one as a prize in a random event. As a thank you for driving him to the wedding in Paleto Bay, the groom will give you a Super Diamond with upgrades.

The Super Diamond is frequently spotted near North Chumash. If you cannot locate one on the street, you can purchase it for $250,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Auto. Legendary Motorsports in GTA Online sells it for the same amount. In the latter, it is rarely encountered in traffic. 


One of the downsides of the Enus Super Diamond is the lack of customization options. Apart from the basics, there is not much you can do to make it stand out from the crowd. 

Performance Upgrades:

Modification Price in story mode Price in GTA Online
Engine: EMS upgrades


  1. Level 1
  2. Level 2
  3. Level 3
  4. Level 4


  1. 4,500 $
  2. 6,250 $
  3. 9,000 $
  4. 16,750 $


  1. 9,000 $
  2. 12,500 $
  3. 18,000 $
  4. 33,500 $


  1. Stock
  2. Lowered
  3. Street
  4. Sport
  5. Competition 


  1. 100 $
  2. 500 $
  3. 1,000 $
  4. 1,700 $
  5. 2,200 $


  1. 200 $
  2. 1,000 $
  3. 2,000 $
  4. 3,400 $
  5. 4,400 $


  1. Stock
  2. Street
  3. Sports
  4. Race 


  1. 500 $
  2. 14,750 $
  3. 16,250 $
  4. 20,000 $


  1. 1,000 $
  2. 29,500 $
  3. 32,5000 $
  4. 40,000 $


  1. No Turbo
  2. Turbo Tuning


  1. 2,500 $
  2. 12,500 $


  1. 5,000 $
  2. 50,000 $


  1. Stock 
  2. Street 
  3. Sports
  4. Race 


  1. 500 $
  2. 10,000 $
  3. 13,500 $
  4. 17,500 $


  1. 1,000 $
  2. 20,000 $
  3. 27,000 $
  4. 35,000 $


enus super diamond protection



  1. No armor
  2. 20% Armor
  3. 40% Armor
  4. 60% Armor
  5. 80% Armor
  6. 100% Armor


  1. 500 $
  2. 2,500 $
  3. 6,250 $
  4. 10,000 $
  5. 17,500 $
  6. 25,000 $


  1. 1,000 $
  2. 7,500 $
  3. 12,000 $
  4. 20,000 $
  5. 35,000 $
  6. 50,000 $


  1. Ignition Bomb 
  2. Remote Bomb


  1. N/A     
  2.  N/A


  1. 5,000 $
  2. 7,500 $
Tracker       N/A             N/A

Cosmetic Upgrades:



  1. Blue on White 1
  2. Blue on White 2
  3. Blue on White 3
  4. Yellow on blue
  5. Yellow on Black


  1. 50 $
  2. 50 $
  3. 50 $
  4. 75 $
  5. 150 $


  1. 200 $
  2. 200 $
  3. 200 $
  4. 300 $
  5. 600 $


  1. None
  2. Light Smoke
  3. Dark Smoke
  4. Limo


  1. 100 $
  2. 200 $
  3. 450 $
  4. 700 $ 


  1. 500 $
  2. 1,500 $
  3. 3,500 $
  4. 5,000 $


  1. Stock
  2. Xenon


  1. 300 $
  2. 1,450 $


  1. 600 $
  2. 7,500 $


  1. Chrome
  2. Classic
  3. Matte
  4. Metallic
  5. Metals
  6. Pearlescent


  1. 1,200 $
  2. 400 $
  3. 1,000 $ 
  4. 650 $
  5. 900 $ 
  6. 1,100 $


  1. 25,000 $
  2. 780- 12,500 $
  3. 2,000- 17,500 $ 
  4. 1,300- 15,000 $ 
  5. 10,250- 50,000 $ 
  6. 2,340- 20,000 $


Question: How many Vehicles Can I Own in GTA Online at the Same Time? 

Answer: There are more than 700+ vehicles that you can own in GTA Online. How many you can have at the same time depends on how many properties you own. If you acquire all the assets in GTA Online, you will be able to store 400+ vehicles at the same time. 

Question: How many Characters Can I Control in GTA Online?

Answer: GTA Online allows the player to create two different characters. Both of them share the same level and bank account. However, they cannot share the same purchased items.  

Question: What is the Solution to the “Maximum CEOs” Message in GTA Online?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no fix to the “Maximum CEO” message. Only 10 CEOs, VIPs, and MC Presidents are allowed in a single session, and you must find another one to join.

What Do We Think

enus super diamond customization

The Enus Super Diamond has a massive road presence and is a class leader in terms of luxury. However, it has been in the game for over a decade and has restricted modification.

Furthermore, it is overpriced for the functionality it provides. If you are searching for a car worthy of your money, a V12 Benefactor Schafter is the way to go.

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