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Vapid Bullet Guide – An Act of Inspiration!

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Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online have more cars than any other game in the entire series. Additionally, this automotive collection is growing with each update. Every once in a while, Rockstar adds a set of new autos in all shapes and sizes. 

However, not all cars are bespoke automobiles. Some of the vehicles started in GTA III. Those cars were so good they survived to live in GTA V

The Vapid bullet is among the OG cars that hold a special place in the hearts of GTA fans. This legend brought an unmatched mind-blowing performance. In this Vapid Bullet guide, you will find all you need to know about the Vapid Bullet. 


vapid motor company gta v
image from GTA Fandom

Vapid Motor Company is an American car manufacturer in GTA. The company was founded in 1942, and the player can invest in it. Vapid is a parody rendition of Ford Motor Company in real-life. The logo is a white oval circle with a red background and Vapid written inside it. The Font is similar to the one used to create the Ford logo. 

Most of the Vapid vehicles are based on Ford products like the Dominator (based on the Mustang). However, some models resemble productions from other companies like Chevrolet, Toyota, and even Dodge. 

Vapid carries the meaning of colorless, boring, and lifeless. Since Rockstar likes puns, it may imply that Ford makes boring cars. Or it could be a play on the word rapid. 

Vapid Bullet

The Bullet, also known as the Bullet GT, is one of the most iconic supercars in the Grand Theft Auto series. It is a sports coupé first appeared in GTA San Andreas and still lives on in GTA V today. 

vapid bullet gta v
Image from GTA Fandom

GTA San Andreas


  • Class: Sports.
  • Acquisition: Get silver or more in the driving school challenges in San Fierro.
  • Customization: TransFender.
  • Price: 105,000 $. 
  • Top Speed: 142 mph.
  • Drive Train: Rear wheel drive.
  • Seats: 2.
  • Transmission: 5-speed.
  • Weight: 1200 kg / 2645 lbs.


The Bullet was heavily inspired by the GT40 Concept car Ford revealed in 2002 at the North American International Auto show. The Bullet and its real-life counterpart share similar body lines, wheelbase, and two-tone color schemes. The front bumper is closely matched. But on the Bullet, the fog lamps are two small circular lights instead of one. Moreover, the intake air duct is smaller and more subtle than the one on the GT40 Concept. 

The headlights are smaller and feature a blacked-out housing with two main circular beams. Unlike the Ford GT, the hood does not have any air vents. Instead, it is boring and has a weird massive dent in the middle. 

The side profile includes air vents on the rear quarter panels just in front of the rear tires. Contrary to the GT40 Concept, they are less prominent. The Bullet comes fitted with five-spoke rims (one less than the GT40) and thick tires. What’s more, the Bullet lacks the sloping roof line as the Ford GT. 

The rear end is almost identical, with a ring-shaped tail light on each side and a black grill mesh in the middle. The rear bumper on the Bullet is body colored with quad exhaust pipes (two on each side). 

It’s not the prettiest car in the game, but it has a clean and sleek supercar design only a handful could pull off. 

vapid bullet gta v side view


When it comes to performance, the Bullet is unmatched. The car produces unbelievable amounts of power and torque. In addition, the Bullet has insane acceleration. As a result, it can reach a whopping top speed of 142 mph, making it the third-fastest car in the game. The short wheelbase and rear wheel drive may lead to oversteer in the corners or at high speeds. 

Still, it is responsive, and the oversteer is controllable. Furthermore, the car is lightweight, and the handling is impeccable. That translates to sublime maneuverability on twisty roads and magnificent racing capabilities. 

How to Get it

The Bullet will automatically spawn at the parking lot of the driving school in Doherty, San Fierro. But, only after you complete the driving school challenges with a silver or gold medal. Don’t worry, there are other ways to get your hands on the Bullet if you don’t want the hassle of going to school.

It spawns in a tiny parking space next to a police bribe in Doherty, San Fierro, near the Solarin Industries. It also appears in traffic on The Strip boulevard in Las Venturas. You can find a Bullet with a gray and brown color scheme, and a number plate that says “CHUNKY” at the Burger Shot lot in Juniper Hollow, San Fierro. 

You can import the Bullet for 84,000 $ at the Eastern Basin after you finish the third list. Weirdly, it’s only available for grabs on Saturdays. 


You can modify the Bullet at any TransFender garage in Los Santos, Las Venturas, or San Fierro. Whichever is closer to you.  There are 64 colors you can apply to the main body and the stripe for 150 $. You can also add Nitros, change the rims, and add Hydraulics. 

vapid bullet gta v performance

The Ballad Of Gay Tony (TBoGT)


Manufacturer: Vapid.

  • Class: Sports.
  • Top Speed: 101 mph.
  • Drive Train: Rear wheel drive.
  • Transmission: 5-speed. 
  • Weight: 1500 kg/ 3307 lbs.


TBoGT gta v

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the letters GT were added to the name Bullet. Maybe it adds more power to the car, who knows?! Anyways, the overall design is still based on the 2005 Ford GT with a couple of cues from other cars in the same category. 

The front bumper is lower and more aggressive. The latter has a big carbon fiber splitter and two support rods. One on each side. Above the splitter, there is a large intake grill with a black mesh and two oval vents on each side. They are hard to spot because the nose of the car is sharp and pointy to improve aerodynamics. Additionally, there are prominent carbon fiber canards on both sides of the front bumper.

The headlights are presented as two small main beams with smaller round turning signals. They are set in a massive carbon fiber housing with a glass case. The hood is fabricated like the Ford GT hood. It is fitted with two air ducts, but the hood scoop is wider and more pronounced. 

The fuel cap is placed on the bonnet on the driver’s side, whereas the windshield is curved like one on the Lamborghini Miura. The side profile is smooth and sleek with a low beltline and body-colored side skirts. The latter feeds the air to a small air intake. You will see the exact same thing on the Miura. 

Bigger side air vents are installed on the rear quarter panels as well, giving the Bullet a wider stance. The back window features louvers like the Miura. Other parts inspired by the Ford GT include a small lip spoiler and two air vents on the trunk to cool the engine down. The rear fascia includes a black panel with the number plate sitting in the middle. 

It also houses dual tail lights similar to the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR. The lower bumper is mostly a carbon fiber diffuser with a thin vent and dual exhaust exits in the middle. 

The two-tone color scheme changed and got rid of the racing stripe in the middle. Instead, it was replaced by two stripes above the side skirts. The Bullet comes with thick tires and five-spoke rims. They look like the ones on the Infernus but with a grove carved in each spoke. 


The Bullet GT is one of the top-tier sports cars in the game. It has quick acceleration and a high top speed. Still, it is slower than the Comet. The Bullet’s heavier weight leans in the corners, but you barely notice it thanks to the swift handling and wide track. It produces a lot of torque and power. Furthermore, the handling is balanced and steady through the corners because of the mid-engine layout. 

In the rain, the handling becomes a lot more tricky due to the rear-wheel driver and power production. So, take it easy when it’s wet, or you will end up hugging a tree. 

Where to Find it

There are several ways to obtain the Bullet GT. You can get it from Henrique Badras after you finish mission “No. 3”. You can grab one from “This ain’t Checkers” and “Triathlons” side missions. Another way to get the Bullet is by using a cheat code (dial 227-555-9666). 

The car usually spawns in the southern parts of Algonquin and Alderney. 


The first variant has body-colored louvers that can be resprayed. The second variant has black louvers that remain black no matter how many times you repaint the car. Other variants come in one-off paint jobs. The latter appears in the Drug Wars and racing side missions. 

Grand Theft Auto V/ Online

vapid bullet theft auto v online


Manufacturer: Vapid.

Class: Super.

Price: 155,000$.

Top Speed: 118 mph.

Drive train: Rear-wheel Drive.

Seats: 2.

Weight: 1100 kg/ 2425 lbs.

Transmission: 5-speed.

Customization: Los Santos Customs.

Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports.

Resale Value: 95,000 $ / 220,000 $ fully modded (only sold if purchased).  


The Vapid Bullet lives on in GTA V/ Online with the same previous rendition from The Ballad of Gay Tony. However, the details are sharper and much more noticeable than before. Accordingly, the Bullet looks more aggressive and mean.  The biggest change you can see is the silver lettering on the back above the exhaust. 

In addition, the Bullet receives new massive blade rims with five spokes in silver and black surrounded by low-profile tires. You will see the same wheel design on the Cheval Surge. 


The Bullet is still one of the best high-performance supercars in GTA V and its Online counterpart. The acceleration is jaw-dropping, and the handling is responsive and swift. The car is nimble and has sublime maneuverability. It is also easy to control on twisty roads. It is worth noting that the car is more prone to oversteering than before because of the drivetrain and lightweight. 

The top speed caps out at 118 mph which is faster than the Voltic. But it is slower than the majority of the competitors in its class. Thanks to the endless updates to GTA Online, new supercars entered the game, and most of them can blow past 122 mph. 


There is one model of the Vapid Bullet that appears behind the Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealership in the Repossession mission. It often spawns in a rare pearlescent color that you usually can’t get at Los Santos Customs. 

Where to Find it

The Vapid Bullet can be found parked in a couple of locations. It can appear on Portola Drive in Rockford Hills or at the Kortz Center parking lot. It may appear at the LTD Station in Richman Glen. Some of the cars that can trigger the Bullet to surface are the Buccaneer, Dubsta, Hexer, and Infernus. Drive them around Vinewood and Rockford Hills near Michael and Franklin’s mansions. 

If it’s not on the streets, you go on the internet and order one from Legendary Motorsports for 155,000 $.


Performance Upgrades

Engine: EMS upgrades


  1. Level 1
  2. Level 2
  3. Level 3
  4. Level 4
GTA V Story Mode price


  1. 4,500 $
  2. 6,250 $
  3. 9,000 $
  4. 16,750 $
GTA Online price


  1. 9,000 $
  2. 12,500 $
  3. 18,000 $
  4. 33,500 $


  1. Stock
  2. Street
  3. Sports
  4. Race 
  1. 500 $
  2. 14,750 $
  3. 16,250 $
  4. 20,000 $
  1. 1,000 $
  2. 29,500 $
  3. 32,500 $
  4. 40,000 $


  1. Stock 
  2. Lowered
  3. Street
  4. Sport
  5. Competition
  1. 100 $
  2. 500 $
  3. 1,000 $
  4. 1,700 $
  5. 2,200 $
  1. 200 $
  2. 1,000 $
  3. 2,000 $
  4. 3,400 $
  5. 4,400 $


  1. No Turbo
  2. Turbo Tuning
  1. 2,500 $
  2. 12,500 $
  1. 5000 $
  2. 50,000 $


  1. Stock 
  2. Street
  3. Sport 
  4. Race 
  1. 500 $
  2. 10,000 $
  3. 13,500 $
  4. 17,500 $
  1. 1000 $
  2. 20,000 $
  3. 27,000 $
  4. 35,000 $




  1. No armor
  2. 20% Armor
  3. 40% Armor
  4. 60% Armor
  5. 80% Armor
  6. 100% Armor
  1. 500 $
  2. 2,500 $
  3. 6,250 $
  4. 10,000 $
  5. 17,500 $
  6. 25,000 $
  1. 1,000 $
  2. 7,500 $
  3. 12,000 $
  4. 20,000 $
  5. 35,000 $
  6. 50,000 $


  1. Ignition Bomb 
  2. Remote Bomb
      N/A      N/A
  1. 5,000 $
  2. 7,500 $
Tracker       N/A             N/A

Cosmetic Upgrades 



  1. Blue on White 1
  2. Blue on White 2
  3. Blue on White 3
  4. Yellow on blue
  5. Yellow on Black
  1. 50 $
  2. 50 $
  3. 50 $
  4. 75 $
  5. 150 $
  1. 200 $
  2. 200 $
  3. 200 $
  4. 300 $
  5. 600 $


  1. None
  2. Light Smoke
  3. Dark Smoke
  4. Limo
  1. 100 $
  2. 200 $
  3. 450 $
  4. 700 $ 
  1. 500 $
  2. 1,500 $
  3. 3,500 $
  4. 5,000 $


  1. Stock
  2. Xenon
  1. 300 $
  2. 1,450 $
  1. 600 $
  2. 7,500 $


  1. Chrome
  2. Classic
  3. Matte
  4. Metallic
  5. Metals
  6. Pearlescent
  1. 1,200 $
  2. 400 $
  3. 1,000 $ 
  4. 650 $
  5. 900 $ 
  6. 1,100 $
  1. 25,000 $
  2. 780- 12,500 $
  3. 2,000- 17,500 $ 
  4. 1,300- 15,000 $ 
  5. 10,250- 50,000 $ 
  6. 2,340- 20,000 $

In Total, you will end up spending 100,000 $ more to fully upgrade the Bullet. 


Question: What is the Fastest Car in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? 

Answer: GTA San Andreas features a few quick sports cars. The Infernus and Turismo are on top with a top speed of 149 mph, followed by the Bullet and Super GT with a top speed of 142 mph. 

Question: In What Mission in GTA IV does the Feltzer Appear? 

Answer: The Benefactor Feltzer takes part in two missions in GTA IV. The first mission is “I’ll Take Her”. The player must kidnap Gracie by test-driving her car, which is a Feltzer. The second mission is “Exotic Exports”. The Feltzer is one of the ten vehicles the player must collect. 

Question: Where can I Customize my Car in GTA San Andreas? 

Answer: There are three mod shops in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and each garage offers certain modifications to certain vehicles. 

TransFender: Provides custom options limited to 64 cars.
Loco Low Co: Offers mods for lowriders only. 
Wheel Arch Angels: only six tuner cars can be customized in this shop. 

Final Thoughts

Grand Theft Auto’s car base is growing larger with every update Rockstar launches. A lot of cars made their debut in multiple categories casting a dark shadow on the OG vehicles. That is the case with the Vapid Bullet. The latter is a top dog when it comes to performance, but the lack of modification options and lower top speed sent it to the back of the pack. 

It never disappoints if you ever decide to own or drive one. Nonetheless, the Bullet doesn’t stand a chance against the newcomers like the T20, Osiris, Zentorno, and many more. 

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