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What is fun about the Grand Theft Auto series is having the freedom to be whatever you want, something that other open-world games don’t offer. The main concept of GTA is acting like an outlaw and carjacking citizens, robbing stores and big banks.

You can do street races and even kill people for fun. However, some players want to switch sides and experience the game from the other side of the law. 

Unfortunately, there is no police academy to apply through and become an official police officer in GTA 5. So, how do I become a cop in GTA V? 

There are a couple of ways you can try. 

  • You can use Director Mode.
  • You can install the LSPDFR mod. 
  • You can fill out a form and join an Online RP server. 

How to be a Cop in GTA 5 Single-player/Story Mode

Grand Theft Auto 5 includes a feature called Director Mode. The latter enables you to control several elements in the game, like the weather. Also, you can choose to play any character you like. Hence, role-playing as a cop.

Here is how: 

  • In Rockstar Editor, open the interaction menu and select Director Mode.
  • Once the Mode is enabled, another menu will pop up. It features a list of all the characters and their respective categories. 
  • Pick the Emergency Serves category and opt for the LSPD. 
  • An additional menu will let you set the weather and other different stuff. 

I don’t recommend you try this method for a couple of reasons. There are no missions available for you to complete. You basically steal a police cruiser and just play pretend. In addition, once you enable Director Mode, all achievements and trophies will be disabled because it’s considered cheating. 

So, don’t bother wasting your time with this. 

How to Become a Cop Using Mods

become a cop in gta

As luck would have it, you can still enjoy a much more realistic experience as a police officer in GTA 5. To do that, you must download the Los Santos Police Department First Response mod, or LSPDFR for short. 

This turns the game all the way up to eleven. It allows you to see and feel what it is like to be a real cop firsthand. You can choose to be a normal highway patrol unit, Noose, or FIB. Using this mod, you can get involved in high-speed chases, engage in shootouts with armed robbers, and track down criminals. 

What I love about LSPDFR more than anything else is the power! Once you install this mod, you become the law. You can turn into a dirty cop, letting perps go and arresting innocent civilians. 

To play LSPDFR, you have to: 

  • Download the LSPDFR files. 
  • Extract the LSPDFR and RAGE Plugin Hook to your GTA game files. You may be asked to overwrite a few files. Hit “Yes”. 
  • Once the process is completed, open GTA V using the RAGEPluginHook.exe. 

If you see the police stations marked on your map after you launch the game, it means the mod is fully functional. Ensure that the version you download is supported, or the mod may not function as intended. 

How to Become a Cop Online

become a cop online gta 5

LSPDFR is a great mod that provides a realistic experience as a cop. However, you can have an even better insight into working as a Law Enforcement Officer by joining an Online RP Server. Some of the popular servers you can join are FiveM, NoPixel, Eclipse RP, MafiCity GTA RP, and OCRP. 

These servers are fully-fledged worlds where you can be whatever you want. You will encounter players from across the globe playing the roles of firefighters, store clerks, mechanics, food delivery providers, and much more. 

You can even play as a drug dealer or construction worker. But most importantly, you can choose to be a cop and access features like cuffing criminals and searching them. Also, you will be able to use police computers and look up criminal records of any suspect. 

The only downside to RP servers is they are a bit demanding. Some servers are very hard to join in the first place. A few may ask you to join discord servers and go through a long registration process. Then you must wait for your application to get accepted. 

And when you do get in, you must follow a series of rules. All to make sure that the server doesn’t crash, or stop someone from ruining the fun. 


Question: How Do I Lose Wanted Level in GTA V?

Answer: There are several ways to lose cops in GTA 5. First, you bring the phone up and call Lester. From the menu, you can choose to lose the wanted level. Second, you can get underground and try to hide from the cops or swim underwater until the stars go away. The Lazy way out is killing yourself or simply getting busted.

Question: What Cars Do Police Use in GTA 5?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto V cop are relentless and they have a wide variety of vehicles. The latter includes: Police cruisers (Buffalo and Interceptor), Granger, Armored Vans, Riots, Predators (Police boats), and Maverick Helicopters. FIB and NOOSE use unmarked blacked out units, while the army uses trucks, jeeps, and Tanks.

Question: How Do I Steal a Cop Car in GTA 5?

Answer: Police vehicles are usually parked in front of the police stations or in their designated parking lots. You can call the emergency services and ask for the police presence. Once the cops show up you can steal their vehicle. Moreover, you can get a wanted level and lure the cops, then take their cruiser.

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