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GTA Hushsmush Guide – Tinder v2.0 in GTA 5!!

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In 2013, Rockstar dropped a bombshell of a game that shook the entire industry,  Grand Theft Auto 5. It was, it is, and probably will be one of (if not the) best open-world games you can ever play. And thanks to the endless support from Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V will soon celebrate its 10th birthday. 

The game is very detailed and adopts a lot of elements from real life. You can engage in a lot of activities like tennis or golf. You can even browse the internet and buy cars or call in favors from friends. But our main focus today is the Hushsmush website. 

Apparently, Rockstar took the liberty to create an online website similar to Ashley Madison’s mistresses service. Still, this is GTA! And it is full of surprises. Welcome to a GTA Hushsmush guide.

What is

Hushsmush is an online dating website where you can find countless profiles of women looking for sugar daddies.

You may come across some ladies who want some fun for a night while others are looking for sort of a long-term relationship or a commitment. You will find numerous profiles of young, old, single, and married women who have severe drinking issues. 

How do I access

You access the website through the phone. It is similar to the initiation process of the Epsilon Program Strangers and Freaks missions. It is also like searching for something on your real phone. That’s how much attention Rockstar put on the little details. 

Step one, bring your mobile device up and open the menu. You will see an internet browser icon, click on it! A tab will pop up containing a search bar near the top. Step two, enter the website’s URL: Immediately, the home page will load up. 

The website uses a combination of pink and white colors that really snatch attention. It contains photos of two half-naked girls and information about the site.

To sum it up, the main page is an open invitation to cheat. The website explains that many marriages end up in the gutter, and your partner did (or is probably doing) the dirty with someone else. They make you feel left out so you sign up!

Thank god this website is not real!

Anyways! Women can log in for free, while men have to pay 500 $, which brings us to step three. At the top, you will find a pink banner that says “click here to sign up”. Clicking on it to land on the next page to complete the payment process. After you lose 500 bucks, you will get access to all the ladies’ profiles. 

Each profile has a username and a couple of personal information about the women. In addition, you will see three options with each profile: Goose, Grab, and Grope. Whichever option you go for, a message will pop up telling you to keep an eye on your email.

What is the point of

Hushsmush is a pun, a joke. It is a meme platform created by rockstar to troll the players and tease them for not having serious girlfriends. 

Let me explain! 

The website is not functional! You just waste $500 to check out a bunch of ridiculous profiles. 

Nonetheless, if you spend enough time searching, you may find a profile that presumably belongs to Amanda De Santa (Michael’s wife). The woman says she is getting ignored by a husband who:

  • Loves yoga
  • Spends most of his time near the pool
  • Acts like he is 20 years younger

If you connect the dots, it’s basically Michael. 

It is worth noting that Booty Calls do not count as fully functional relationships. Booty Calls are strippers from the Vanilla Unicorn that you can seduce by flirting, physical touch during a private dance, or money. Others like Ursula and Elisa Macallen are met during side quests in the game. 

Some of the profiles on have pictures, while others don’t. But it is not the pictures, it is the personal information included with the picture that gets me the most. 

I found a profile with no picture with the username Curvalicious29. She is 29 years old with the body type of a blimp, drinks destructively, and may need some maintenance. You may also notice that banging and doughy are the most common body type descriptions. 

You have to love Rockstar for that! It is funny!   


Question: Is still working?

Answer: No, Rockstar made an update in February 2019 that rendered the website unusable and inaccessible. Who knows, maybe Rockstar will bring it back in the next GTA installment. 

Question: Do you get any response from the women on

Answer: No, according to the online forums, not a single player who tried the website got a response from the women on the website.

Question: Can GTA V protagonist have a Girlfriend?

Answer: In GTA 5, a Girlfriend is more of a companion, or a late night “stress release”. Using any of the three protagonists, go to the club and request a private dance from of the girls. As she starts performing, flirt with here to fill up the “Like” meter. Once you do that, you will get the option to take her home.

Final thoughts …

The website is useless and definitely not worth 500 bucks. Instead, you can do races, missions, heists, or rob banks to make more money.

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