how to use parachute in gta 5

How to Use Parachute in GTA 5

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Using a parachute in GTA V gives you the opportunity to view the breathtaking natural and urban scenery of Los Santos, travel quickly, and base jump or skydive, which may be something you–like myself– will never do in real life.

But before you jump from the highest building in Los Santos, attempt to complete the 13 parachuting missions in the game, or challenge your friends to parachuting missions in GTA Online, you should learn how to use parachute in GTA 5 the right way.

How to Use Parachute in GTA 5: Los Santos Downtown
Downtown Los Santos. Image by Alex Decato Roed

How to Use a Parachute in GTA V and GTA Online

Parachuting is a reasonably new addition to GTA and was first introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But it wasn’t until GTA V that parachuting mechanics became more realistic. Here is how to use the parachute on PS4, Xbox, and PC:

  1. Press X on PS4, A on Xbox, or the F key or left mouse button on PC will deploy the parachute.
  2. Push the left joystick forward on Xbox or PS4 to accelerate, or pull it back to slow down. On PC, press W to speed up and S to slow down.
  3. Use the bumpers on Xbox and PS4 to make precision turns left or right and hold them together to precision land. On PC, press A and D to make soft turns and Q and E to make sharp turns. And lean forward and press Shift to make a precision landing.
  4. Create a smoke trail by pressing and holding X on PS4, A on Xbox, or Shift on PC

After completing the “Minor Turbulence” mission as Trevor, players can buy parachutes at Ammu-Nation. The parachuting missions are unlocked when completing the Dom Beasley “Strangers and Freaks” mission, which becomes available for Franklin after “Minor Turbulence” and is found in Vinewood Hills.

Parachute Missions

An excellent way to get comfortable using the parachute is by playing the 13 parachuting missions you unlock after completing the “Risk Assessment” mission as Franklin. After completing the mission, 13 white parachute icons will appear across the map.

A parachute or helicopter will be at the marker when you arrive. The helicopters or parachutes, which start the missions, are usually clearly visible, except for a few missions where the parachute can be hard to see. A few of these missions require you to reach the top of tall buildings, but most are on ground level.

Helicopters or parachutes are found at the parachute mission points. Image by Alex Decato Roed

Once you find the helicopter or parachute, an on-screen prompt will ask if you want to start the parachuting mission. Often the helicopter will bring you to the appropriate altitude or top of a building.

Most in-game parachuting missions require you to open the parachute early as you guide your character through markers to a landing target. If you complete the challenge, you earn a cash reward based on how many checkpoints you hit and the accuracy of your landing.

Notable Parachuting Missions in GTA V

  • “Damned If You Don’t,” located in East Vinewood, is one of the highlights of the parachuting missions in GTA V. In the challenge, a helicopter brings you to an altitude high above the clouds, where you see commercial planes while you’re parachuting over the Tataviam Mountains towards the landing marker in Los Santos.
  • “Carving The Creek,” can be found along Cassidy Creek, where a Maverick helicopter will be waiting. You’re brought up to a spot above Mount Chiliad and must navigate checkpoints through Raton Canyon and land safely.
  • “Runaway Train,” this mission is conveniently located close to the target landing spot of “Carving The Creek,” where players will find a helicopter that brings players above the canyon, where they have to land on a moving train.
  • “Bank Bailout,” for this mission, you can find a parachute at the bottom of Maze Tower in Pillbox Hill. You are brought to the top of Maze Tower, spawning on a Bati 800 motorcycle, then drive the motorcycle off the top of the building, discard the bike, and land at the target in a park in Burton.
  • ” What Goes Up…” is one of the most difficult parachuting missions. First, players must climb to the top of a crane just south of Maze Tower. Once at the top, which takes a few minutes to climb to, and you have activated the mission, you jump from the crane towards a moving flatbed truck. Although the truck doesn’t move quickly, it is still tricky to time the landing.  

Best Parachuting Spots in Los Santos

Although the GTA V parachute missions are located at some highest spots in Los Santos and are worth the attempt, GTA V has numerous other tall buildings, cliffs, bridges, and peaks on Mount Chiliad, Gordo, San Chanski, and Josiah for players to parachute from.

You can also use–or steal– an aircraft and fly as high as you’d like before jumping and plummeting back to earth. These are some of the best areas to parachute in GTA V and GTA Online: 

  • The cable car at the top of Mount Chiliad has a parachute for players, and jumping from the cable car wire towers, gliding down the side of the mountain, is one of the best spots to jump.
  • Pinebox Hill has the highest buildings in Los Santos, with several tall cranes to jump from and the FIB building, Maze Tower, and the IAA tower. Most of the buildings in Pinebox Hill do require a helicopter to access. 
  • The cliffs along Ranton Canyon are perfect for driving a motorcycle, dirtbike, or bicycle into the air and parachuting off. The trails around the canyon allow you to reach high speeds so you can launch off the side of mountains or cliffsides.  

This list of locations around Los Santos can be helpful if you’re looking for other areas with high peaks, buildings, and ravines.

Parachuting in GTA Online

You can find parachute missions in GTA Online in the Quick Job menu under activities. But these missions are unavailable until you visit Lester’s house, after which Dom calls you, allowing you to host and join parachuting challenges against up to eight players.

Players jump from Maverick helicopters in competitions similar to the Dom parachuting missions in single-player–but beware, you fly faster, the checkpoints are closer to each other, and landings are more complex. Whichever player gets the most points from checkpoints and landing wins the competition and is rewarded in cash–which increases based on the size of the bet you place.

More missions become available as you level up in GTA Online, and once you reach level 11, the parachute becomes available at Ammu-Nation.

Free-fall parachuting challenges will also appear frequently in GTA Online. The challenge has players attempting to open their parachutes at the last minute, with planes and helicopters spawning if the challenge is active, allowing everyone the ability to jump from extreme heights. Whichever three players free-fall the longest distance before opening wins cash and RP.

Flight School Update Parachute Missions for GTA V and Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar added more parachute styles and missions with the “Flight School Update” to GTA V and GTA Online. The update, released in 2014, offers four new aircraft, two new vehicles, and 10 single-player missions and can be accessed at Los Santos International.

Although most of the flight school missions test your aviation skills, it offers one single-player parachuting mission where you free-fall and chase a parachute in the air and attempt to land on the target location safely.

When playing online, there are four other parachute missions that you can do with up to eight players. However, these challenges aren’t available until you reach levels 11, 20, and 25.

  • At Level 11, the challenges “Under the Radar” and “Cleared for Landing” are open to players. In “Under the Radar,” you jump from 4,780 feet, parachuting down Mount Josiah and landing at the military base. In “Cleared for Landing,” players jump from 6,200 feet and land at Los Santos International.
  • “Holding Pattern” opens at level 20 and has you jump from 7,784 feet towards the Maze Bank Arena, then release your primary chute, free-fall, pull the backup, and land on top of the Strawberry Ammu-Nation.
  • “Take the Plunge” is the last mission, which opens at level 25, and has you pull your backup chute as you plummet from 6,1240 feet towards the Alamo Sea.

How to Use a Parachute in GTA 5: FAQs

Question: Do I need to purchase a parachute before missions that require one?

Answer: No, most in-game and parachuting missions or challenges will equip you with a parachute. If you’re not doing one of the missions and jumping from a plane, helicopter, or building, you must buy a parachute beforehand.

Question: What happens if I shoot the Maverick pilot who starts the parachute missions?

Answer: If you steal the Maverick or shoot the pilot, all parachute missions become unavailable and the markers disappear until the next time you log on to GTA V. 

Question: How do I use the reserve parachute in GTA V?

Answer: To use the reserve chute, you’ll have to purchase one as an addition at Ammu-Nation. It can be found in the menu when you purchase a parachute. Any parachutes you get from planes or helicopters will not have a reserve chute. To cut your parachute on PS4, press triangle (Y on Xbox) after opening your parachute, then press X ( A on Xbox) to open the reserve chute. 

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