Ocelot F620 guide

Ocelot F620 Guide

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The Ocelot F620 is a two-door coupe found in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Although a difficult car to find on the streets of Los Santos, the lightweight design and engine make it a great getaway car, but the vehicle is prone to fishtailing on sharp corners or turns, and is hard to control at high speeds. Nevertheless, despite the handling flaws, the Ocelot F620 can be a worthwhile car to upgrade in GTA V because of its high top speed.

However, the Ocelot F260 is not worth upgrading in GTA Online because of the new vehicle additions that have appeared in the GTA Online updates, such as the Dinka Sugoi or Pegassi Reaper have top speeds over 125 mph. The Ocelot F620 guide will tell you everything you need to know about the car and what modifications you should prioritize.

The Ocelot F620 Details

Ocelot F620 Details
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The Ocelot F620, modeled after the Maserati GranTurismo and Jaguar XK, first appeared in “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” GTA V, and GTA Online. In “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” the F620 can reach a top speed of 0-60 mph in 5 seconds and a high top speed; however, the F620’s performance deteriorates in GTA V and GTA Online. The top speed remains high, but acceleration is notably slower.

In addition, the handling and braking abilities are reduced, and it becomes harder to control at higher speeds as the vehicle’s lightweight frame makes it prone to spinning out. Furthermore, the Ocelot F620s engine will become disabled after a few crashes. But, if you can manage to not oversteer and constantly crash–which can be incredibly difficult with this car–the Ocelot F260 can be an excellent car to add to your collection.

If playing GTA V, you must find and steal the car from the streets of Los Santos to begin upgrading it. Investing in the Ocelot F620 in GTA V can be worthwhile because of its high top speed and decent braking, but there are better alternatives if you’re looking for a fast car with good handling. Nevertheless, some players may enjoy and be able to use the car’s unique handling to their advantage.

You can purchase the Ocelot F620 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $80,000 in GTA Online, but players are better off stealing the car, insuring it, and getting a tracker–all for $12,000. Players can then use the money saved to upgrade the F620 at Los Santos Customs. Yet, With the new vehicles released for GTA Online, players may be better off saving their cash for one of the special vehicles. But if you’re a new GTA Online player, stealing an Ocelot F620, insuring it, and adding a few upgrades can make for a good beginning car that doesn’t break the bank.

Ocelot F620 Notable Missions

The Ocelot is elusive in “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” being available after the completion of the missions “Random Encounter,” “This Ain’t Checkers,” and “No.3.” This is the only time you can find the F260 in the game. And you can rarely find it outside of these missions.

The F260 is given to Franklin by GTA V antagonist Devin Weston in the mission “I Fought the Law.” An F260 is also found nearby after completing the “Delivering the Truth” mission as Micheal.

Ocelot F620 Locations

Ocelot F620 Locations

The Ocelot F620 can be a tough car to find in the wild of San Andreas. In GTA V, players can find the Ocelot F620 around Vinewood Hills. Players can find the car in Del Perro and the Galileo Observatory parking lots when playing online. Furthermore, the car becomes more common when Simeon wants them.

Ocelot F620 Modifications and Upgrades

Players can upgrade their F620s in GTA V and GTA Online at Los Santos Customs, although modification costs differ between GTA V and GTA Online. The Ocelot F260 is inexpensive to improve–or slightly improve–and is well worth the investment.

With a fully upgraded Ocelot F260, you have a car with similar statistics to most of the special vehicles found in GTA V and GTA Online.


Ocelot F620 Modifications updates

Armor is an essential upgrade for the Ocelot F620. Unfortunately, the weak frame of the vehicle makes it prone to breaking down after a few crashes. Having armor will help you survive more police crashes–or attacks from other players.

Upgrade Cost GTA Cost GTA Online
Armor Upgrade 20% $1,625 $6,735
Armor Upgrade 40% $4,062 $10,625
Armor Upgrade 60% $6,500 $17,000
Armor Upgrade 80% $11,375 $29,750
Armor Upgrade 100% $16,250 $42,500



Upgrading the brakes can help you control the car and avoid fishtailing or spinning out on tight corners. The improved braking and control are tremendously important for the Ocelot F260 since the vehicle is tough to control and prone to spinning at high speeds.

Upgrade Cost GTA Cost GTA Online
Stock $325 $650
Street $6,500 $13,000
Sport $8,775 $17,550
Race $11,375 $22,750

Engine and Turbo Tuning

Ocelot Engine and Turbo Tuning

With the reduced acceleration in GTA V and GTA Online, the engine is another worthwhile investment for the F620. The increased speed makes the already fast car even faster. Adding turbo tuning to the F620 for $8,250–or $42,500 in GTA Online– can help you compete in street races and high-speed chases.

Upgrade Cost GTA Cost GTA Online
EMS Level 1 $2,925 $5,850
EMS Level 2 $4,062 $11,700
EMS Level 3 $5,850 $11,700
EMS level 4 $10,887 $21,775


Ocelot Suspension gta

Improving the suspension improves the F620 handling and will give you more control at higher speeds. In addition, improving the suspension is incredibly useful when dodging traffic or into alleyways to avoid the police–or other players.

Upgrade Cost GTA Cost GTA Online
Stock Transmission $325 $650
Street Transmission $9,587 $19,175
Sport Transmission $10,562 $21,125
Race Suspension $1,700 $26,000
Competition Suspension $13,000 $4,400


Ocelot F620 Transmission

Upgrading the transmission could be one of the most beneficial upgrades to the Ocelot F620, especially if you only plan on using it for a short time. With increased acceleration, the F620 is on par with most of the game’s special and other high-speed vehicles.

Upgrade Cost GTA Cost GTA Online
Stock Transmission $325 $650
Street Transmission $9,587 $19,175
Sport Transmission $10,562 $21,125
Race Suspension $13,000 $26,000

Other Upgrades

Ocelot F620 Upgrades

Like most vehicles in GTA V and GTA Online, cosmetic upgrades are also an option, with choices such as tinted windows, headlights, color, and license plate covers. But, these upgrades do not affect the car’s overall performance; however, the sheer number of customizations can help you create–or replicate– the Ocelot F260 of your dreams.

Alternatives to the Ocelot F260

If you can’t find an F260 to steal or don’t want to pay the $80,000 price tag, there are a few getaway car alternatives across Los Santos and in GTA Online with similar handling and speed to the Ocelot F260. With the sheer number of vehicle types across Los Santos, players should test out everything there is to offer.

Lampadati Felon GT

Lampadati Felon GT

The Felon GT can be found more readily around the streets and in the traffic of Los Santos and has similar speed and slightly better handling and acceleration than the Ocelot F260. The Lampadati’s improved acceleration makes it a better car in terms of performance and makes it a better car to upgrade. Players can purchase the Felon GT for $95,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Grotti Carbonizzare

Grotti Carbonizzare

Although the Carbonizzare is not as readily available as the F260, it is a good alternative if found. With better handling and acceleration than the F260, the Carbonizzare is the better option and is less prone to oversteering or spinning out. You can find the Grotti Carbonizzare around Galileo Observatory, Rockford Hills, and Vinewood Hills. If you’re playing GTA Online, the Grotti Carbonizzare can be bought for $195,000 at Legendary Motorsports.

Übermacht Oracle XS

Übermacht Oracle XS

The Oracle XS is easy to find in Los Santos, frequently appearing in Rockford Hills, Pillbox Hill, and Downtown Vinewood in GTA V and La Puerta in GTA Online.

Although it has a slightly lower top speed than the Ocelot F260, the Oracle XS has far better handling and acceleration and could be worth the investment if you’re looking for an easy-to-control vehicle.

If you’re a fan of the previous GTA titles, the Oracle XS is the modernized version of the Sentinel, which first appeared in GTA III. you can purchase the Oracle XS for $82,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Ocelot F620 Guide: FAQs

Question: Can I sell the Ocelot F260?

Answer: Yes, if you’re playing GTA Online, You can sell the Ocelot F260 at Los Santos Customs for $8,000 if stolen, or $48,000 if reselling–or up to $125,000, depending on the number of modifications.

Question: What is the Ocelot F260s top speed?

Answer: The Ocelot F260 has a top speed of 117 mph, which does not make it the fastest car in GTA V, but it is within under 10 mph of the fastest car, the Pibwasser Dominator, which has a top speed of 126 mph.

Question: Is it worth it to upgrade the Ocelot F260 in GTA V

Answer: Yes, since there are considerably fewer new vehicles available for GTA V compared to GTA Online, the Ocelot F260 is one of the best civilian cars available to players in terms of speed. Once players have completed the story mode or have enough side business going, the costs of fixing up the F260 can be well worth the extra investment at a fairly reasonable price.

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