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Johnny Klebitz Guide

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Jonathan Michael “Johnny” Klebitz (March 24, 1974 – September 2013) was a character in the Grand Theft Auto video game series who appeared as a supporting character in GTA IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony, the primary protagonist in The Lost and Damned, and a minor character in GTA V.

He is the Lost MC’s vice president and served as acting president while president Billy Grey was in treatment. As interim president, Klebitz kept the Lost and the gang’s adversaries, The Angels of Death, at arm’s length.

After Billy was arrested for the second time in 2008, he became the formal president of The Lost. After the events of Grand Theft Auto V in 2013, Johnny and the rest of The Lost relocated to Sandy Shores, Blaine County. Before we go on with our complete Johnny Klebitz guide, here are some of the key details you need to know upfront. 

Key Details Up Front

America, the land of the free, the home of the brave, the stupid, and the criminally insane, the United States has seen its fair share of gang-bangers, mobsters, and psychotics roam our beloved streets, causing untold chaos, destruction, and corruption tonight on grand theft auto, motorcycles, meth, and Molotov cocktails.

We’ll look at the renowned Alderny biker with a penchant for cracking heads and cracking bargains; we’ll follow the tragic life of a rebel who chose to stick to being the man and live by his own rules.

The many battles he would fight in pursuant to living a happy and accomplished life only for it to be cut short suddenly and violently. Violence was not however something that Johnny looked forward to, even though this is a man who at one point controlled one of the single largest and most powerful motorcycle clubs in the country; a role he most certainly did not earn by being a friendly happy-go-lucky man. A lot of betrayals and tragic love are strung in Johnny’s life, as we dive deeper into the rise and fall of The Lost MC and its last noteworthy leader.


When it comes to business johnny Klebitz is unusually level-headed for a biker always preferring a profitable solution to a violent one and caring little for pride when the lives of people he cares for are on the line.

On the contrary, he shows very little hesitation to carry out acts of violence himself when he feels they are justified, unlike the chaotic Billy Grey (former Lost MC President).

It was under Klebitz that the Lost MC saw the most success as an operation, making peace with their long-time rivals; The Angels of Death. However, when Billy was released from prison, subsequent orders were given to reignite the war.

Johnny loyally carried out these orders, despite his reservations, having been a member of The Lost at least since his early 20s. Klebitz’s loyalty to his brothers would mean that he always put them first even when his life was in danger, only making changes to the group after climbing the ranks of the chapter and earning the rank of president.

Though responsible for the deaths of hundreds like many other subjects in GTAIV: The Lost and Damned, Johnny’s motivations for murder are decidedly familial and business-related. That doesn’t go to say that Klebitz was apprehensive about killing in general as evidenced by his large body count but rather to say he only killed when he deemed it necessary.

These were justified, in a twisted way, by the offender’s actions against Johnny’s band of brothers of whom he was vehemently and violently defensive. Ambitious but occasionally weak-willed, Johnny Klebitz is a man of action for the majority of his life but was consistently haunted by demons all too common to the modern American way of life.

Drugs, crime, and dangerous relationships with toxic individuals were what resulted in his tragic spiral from a successful head of a powerful biker gang to a strung-out meth addict trapped by his unhealthy love for his sick girlfriend, Ashley Butler.


Johnny Klebitz is a light-skinned man of middle eastern descent with hazel eyes and dark blonde buzzed hair, and a horseshoe mustache; a look he maintained consistently from the time he joined the loss to his untimely death at 39.

These were likely a result of the many fights he engaged in as a member of the motorcycle gang. Johnny’s face was heavily scarred even by age 34 including two deep scars on his right eyebrow and another on his left cheek; his nose was badly bent also likely from fights along with at least one of his eyes being badly damaged enough to give Klebitz a handicap while playing pool or aiming a weapon.

In 2008 Johnny was heavyset, weighing 230 pounds and being relatively tall as well as burly: fitting the stereotypical biker physique gained from years of brutal conflict. As previously mentioned Johnny’s typical outfit rarely changed having adopted the biker aesthetic at a young age making it a rare occurrence indeed to spot Johnny without his signature lost mc jacket in its many patches, which have the following meanings:

  • Vice President – shows Johnny’s standing in the club. This changes to President when Billy is killed.
  • TLMC – The club’s name, abbreviated.
  • White Wings – He had intercourse with a virgin, according to this symbol.
  • Golden Wings – Indicates that he has consumed the urine of a lady.
  • Brown Wings – This means he’s had oral-anal intercourse with a lady.
  • Red Wings – Indicates that he has had oral intercourse with a lady who is in menstruation.
  • I rode mine to Los Santos in 2004 – He, Brian, and Terry are the sole members who have this patch.
  • Skull – Denotes that he has murdered the club.
  • 8-Ball – He has completed his term with the club.
  • Loyal – Staying loyal during the civil wars.

Early Life

  1. Born to a Jewish family.
  2. Grew up in the shadows of liberty city.
  3. It is known that he had at least one brother Michael Klebitz, who was serving in Iraq and leading a drastically different life than Johnny. Michael was the person through which Johnny would meet Billy Grey.
  4. Relatively weak in the classroom
  5. Tried doing legitimate work driving 18-wheelers, as well as other mundane blue-collar jobs. Despite trying to be a good person in society, he would instead associate with men like Billy Grey.
  6. Joined The Lost motorcycle club before his 20th birthday.
  7. Became a criminal in his teens, around when he was 17. This was the time when he was arrested for Grand Theft Auto, and manslaughter in 1994.

The story begins with Johnny Klebitz and the members of The Lost Motorcycle Club motorcycle gang (of which Johnny is the vice president) roaming the streets of Alderney. Johnny is currently acting president, as the official president, Billy Grey spent the last year in compulsory drug addiction recovery treatment after being arrested for drug possession.

During his leadership, Johnny did a series of deals in Liberty City to enable the gang to continue the drug and weapons trade, after Billy’s poor management led to the gang’s financial predicament.

Once released from treatment, Billy returns to command of the gang and resumes a series of crimes, increasing the tension between him and Johnny. While Johnny prefers to keep the gang acting silently, avoiding conflicts with other gangs, Billy opts for violent and irrational actions.

In this way, Billy breaks the deal with The Angels of Death gang and starts a war against them. Eventually, Billy ends up arrested during a failed deal with a group of eastern drug dealers and Johnny takes over leadership of the gang, now split between the group that supports Johnny and the group that supports Brian Jeremy, a member still loyal to Billy who believes Johnny has armed up for the position of president.

Brian even takes part in a coup against Johnny but escapes with his life after several members of the gang are killed in combat. Later, Johnny ends up killing Brian in his hideout, which ends up becoming a new home for the protagonist. Alongside the gang’s internal war, Johnny has to deal with Ray Boccino, an Italian mobster who Niko Bellic, the main game’s protagonist, also works with, and Ashley, his ex-girlfriend who always gets into trouble related to his drug addiction.

At the end of the game, it is revealed that Billy will testify against his gang to enter the Witness Protection Program. Johnny then leads a raid on Alderney’s floor, where Billy meets and personally executes his former colleague. Soon after, the protagonist discovers that Jim, a veteran of the gang, has been killed.

With Johnny, Clay, Terry, and Angus being the only remaining members of the gang, they decide to put an end to the gang and set the club on fire. At various points in the plot, there are direct connections to the main game’s plot.

Two of the game’s missions, one involving Elizabeta Torres’ drug deal and another involving Ray’s diamonds, are also fulfilled in GTA IV, but from Niko’s perspective.

It is revealed that Johnny is the one who kidnaps Roman Bellic, Niko’s cousin, who in the main storyline sets out to rescue him. In the storyline of the game in question, Johnny performs the service at the behest of Dimitri Rascalov’s men, to whom Ashley owes money.

Jim, Johnny’s fellow biker, is murdered during the end of the game: he was killed by Niko at the behest of Ray, in a mission achievable in the main game. Also, Niko’s murder of Jason Michaels at the behest of Mikhail Faustin is erroneously thought of as a provocation by The Angels of Death gang, raising tensions between them.

The final animation, with the credits, shows several images of Liberty City, in which several moments of the main plot of the game can be seen, such as Niko and Roman passing through Roman’s house and office, both on fire and the moment when Niko runs Vlad. One of the missions also shows Tony Prince, from The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion.

Key relationships

Johnny and Billy Grey

Johnny’s relationship with Billy was tense right from the start of GTAIV. Johnny has done a lot for the club in Billy’s absence when he was caught with heroin and doing time in prison. When Billy demands Johnny to recover his bike, Johnny reminds Billy that he was the one who handled all the business. However, Billy still convinces Johnny to recover his bike, instead of all the history they had been through, and calls him his best friend too.

Billy had also slept with Ashley Butler, Johnny’s girlfriend. Johnny was naturally envious, but he never publicly admitted this to Billy. However, the fact that this had happened made matters worse for them when Billy was released from prison.

Billy is the one who always makes hot-headed decisions for the Club, and this is probably the reason that Johnny was always hot-headed around Billy, and open about disliking the guy. Agreement and disagreement continue between the two, to the point where Billy decides to get Johnny killed.

Billy plans meticulously to lead Johnny and Jim (loyal to Johnny) to a place where they would be killed, all to resume his control over The Lost. This plan goes south, and Billy again ends up in jail.

Billy seeks revenge against Johnny and agrees to testify against him, but Johnny is made aware of this, and finally kills Billy in prison. Johnny was hesitant about killing Billy, and the entire scene shows a lot of emotions.

Johnny and Jim Fitzgerald:

Johnny and Jim are best friends, brothers-in-arms, and amigos. Johnny and Jim hang out, go to the pub together, and have takeout together. Imagine a friend who you can call anytime-that is the kind of friend Jim is.

Throughout GTAIV, Johnny and Jim stay together and go on missions together. Jim is very loyal to Johnny and Johnny makes a lot of exceptions for Jim. One such instance is when Jim tells Johnny that he has to steal the Angels bike, and Johnny agrees to do it with him.

When the entire Club is strung out in civil war, Jim remains loyal to Johnny. Johnny also shares a relationship with Jim’s family, and the two often talk about troubles at Jim’s house. Johnny and Jim have each other’s back throughout their time together and stand up for one another.

Johnny was given the news of Jim’s death by Ashley after the mafia battles that took place which were ordered by Ray Boccino, and this sad news was received by a very grim Johnny. He says: “I miss Jim. He was one princely son of a [ __ ], the best thing this gang ever had.”, and you can see that he means every word of it.

Johnny and Ashley Butler:

Ashley Butler, like many of the other characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, is a drug addict who proves to be more trouble than she’s worth. Ashley and Johnny Klebitz were childhood friends, and as adults, they joined the same group and began dating.

Ashley, on the other hand, cheats on him regularly (typically to access more drugs), so he breaks up with her. After that, she continues to call Johnny, either to plead for money or to admit to being tossed out of treatment.

Ashley is very damaged and probably abused in several ways and the reason she clings to Johnny is that he was the one guy or the first guy to not hurt her and help her. She relies on him. She’s not a bad person per se but as Johnny said, she had to stop ruining things for herself.

Unfortunately, she never did. There’s probably more to her than just “a drug-addicted loser who uses Johnny’s character for her own gains”. Johnny may have been weak for Ashley and made mistakes in his past, but we all do.

For the events of Grand Theft Auto 5, Ashley and Johnny return, but Johnny is back together with Ashley and has his terrible drug addiction. This turns him from a meticulous, laid-back individual into a weak, timid character, ultimately leading to his death. Many fans blame Ashley for Johnny’s demise and were not surprised to see her die, either by the player’s decision or in a side plot in which she overdoses on heroin.

Other Characters:

Clay Simons

Clay is the road captain for The Lost M.C. and is believed to be a veteran of war. If Johnny needs a new bike, Clay will be the one to deliver it.

Terry Thorpe

Terry is the gang’s main gun-runner and will sell Johnny weapons cheaply from the back of his Slamvan.

Angus Martin

A Lost M.C. member paralyzed by an accident caused by Billy Grey, Angus is no longer an active member of the gang. However, he regularly sends Johnny emails where he demonstrates his distaste for Billy and Brian.

Johnny can call Angus for motorcycle theft jobs, which are similar to Brucie and Stevie’s missions in the original game.

Brian Jeremy

Brian is a senior member of The Lost M.C. and is loyal to Billy Grey. He does not like Johnny Klebitz, but soon meets his maker at the hands of the protagonist and (optionally) Terry and Clay.

Jason Michaels

Jason is a new member of The Lost M.C. He is dating Mikhail Faustin’s daughter, Anna, but is later killed by Niko Bellic on orders from Mikhail.


Question: How many members of the Lost MC ride out to the treatment center to pick up Billy Grey?

Answer: Six members namely Johnny Klebitz, Jim Fitzgerald, Brian Jeremy, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simmons, and Jason Michaels ride out to get Billy. When they return, it is obviously with seven members.

Question: Which Lost MC member looks to be Billy Grey’s too faithful companion?

Answer: Brian Jeremy. Brian Jeremy is incredibly faithful to Billy Grey, even going so far as to follow his chaotic and sadistic rituals, as seen by the opening cutscene. This is evident throughout, as Brian always defends Billy and supports him throughout disputes. When Billy gets jailed, Brian turns against Johnny, forming a new faction after blaming his incarceration on Johnny.

Question: What kind of motorcycle does Billy Grey ride?

Answer: Revenant. Billy and fellow Lost MC members jump and kill a few Angels of Death in the task “Clean and Serene” to reclaim Billy’s bike. It is discovered that Billy’s bike is a Revenant when he climbs on it.

Question: In “The Lost and Damned,” what is the first new weapon introduced?

Answer: Sawed-off Shotgun. When battling the Angels of Death to rescue Billy’s bike during the mission “Clean and Serene,” Johnny is instantly armed with a Sawed-off Shotgun. When riding around, though, pushing the aim button will lead Johnny to unholster his Sawn-off before the scrap yard combat.

Question: What is Johnny Klebitz’s custom unique motorcycle?

Answer: Hexer. In “Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned,” Johnny’s Hexer is a one-of-a-kind bike with a 2032cc twin cam engine mated to a six-speed gearbox with a chain final drive, according to the game after the first objective. It was constructed by Terry Thorpe and Angus Martin before the events of the tale, and if the original motorbike is lost or destroyed, Clay can provide a replacement one.

Question: Which Lost MC member is crippled from the waist down?

Answer: Angus. Before the events of “The Lost and Damned,” Angus is paralyzed from the waist down due to an accident allegedly inflicted by Billy Grey. The matter of Angus’ handicap is brought up during a conversation between Johnny and Billy, and Billy immediately and furiously rejects the conversation.

Question: Which Lost MC member (besides Johnny) was contacted by a FIB Agent?

Answer: Brian Jeremy. Brian After the mission “This S—Cursed,” t’s Jeremy tells Johnny and Jim that he knows Johnny has been talking to the feds and phoning his phone since they did the same to him.

Question: Who killed Lost MC member Jason Michaels?

Answer: Niko Bellic. Jason Michaels was making a fool of himself with Mikhail Faustin’s daughter Anna. Even though Mikhail Faustin ordered Jason’s killing, Niko Bellic was appointed as the hit guy. As a result, Niko killed Jason (and a few other unnamed Lost MC bikers.)

Question: Who is the Road Captain in the Lost MC?

Answer: Clay Simmons.The Road Captain of the Lost MC is Clay Simmons, as indicated in the opening credits. When Johnny needs a bike, he may phone Clay and request a certain model, and Clay will bring the bike himself.

Question: Who are the only remaining members of the Lost MC (Alderny Faction)?

Answer: Johnny, Terry, Clay, Angus. Jason Michaels was assassinated, Billy Grey was apprehended, and Brian Jeremy broke away from the Alderney Faction to form his faction (later to be killed anyway). However, other Lost MC members join in on the ‘Gang Wars’ mini-game and races. It’s unknown whose faction these individuals belong to.


Johnny Klebitz was one of the most deadly and dangerous bikers to roam the east coast however like all of us he was still human and, in the end, succumbed to the criminal lifestyle he’d involved himself in for the majority of his life.

America is a dangerous place people motorheads meth heads and madmen around seemingly every innocuous corner; who knows just how much longer the American way of life can remain until we’re all hardened criminals with an eccentric knack for pulling teeth.

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