gta V online fast levelling guide

GTA V Online Fast Levelling Guide

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GTA V Online is a playground of opportunities, and leveling up is the name of the game if you want to survive and thrive in the unforgiving streets of Los Santos.

There are a lot of things to set your sights on when you’re starting out. I’m talking about supersonic cars, extravagant clothes, and, most importantly, luxurious bling. But here’s the kicker: you gotta level up to unlock all these goodies. That’s right, leveling up is the ultimate path to unlocking everything LS has to offer.

But why is leveling up so important? Well, imagine this: you’re cruising down Vespucci Beach, minding your own business, when suddenly, you’re ambushed by a tryhard with an Oppressor. They’re like sharks, and you’re the little fish. But don’t worry, if you can reach a higher level; you’ll have a fighting chance against these guys. It’s all about having that edge. That advantage over your opponents.

GTA V Online Fast Levelling Overview

Gaining Reputation Points (RP) allows you to level up in GTA Online. It’s like XP on steroids, and you’ll want to get your hands on as much of it as possible. Here’s the deal. RP can be earned in a variety of ways, but we’re all about efficiency here.

We want the fastest, most kick-ass methods that bags you a lot of RP. Doing things like killing NPC civilians won’t net you any RP, so you have to be smart when picking the best methods. This superb guide spills all the beans on the best methods, so stop looking at Princess Robot Bubblegum and start reading this guide.

Selection Criteria

Okay, so there are countless ways you can do to gain RP in the game, but these listed below are, in my humble opinion, the best of the best. Why? Well, I’ve picked them based on the following:

  • How much RP do they offer in comparison to the work done
  • How much much time they take to complete
  • How interesting or fun are they

These methods are not concrete, but you should be doing them if you’re on the lookout for more RP.

Best Ways to Level Up Fast in GTA Online

GTA Online Gameplay

Take Part in Missions

  • Average RP: 2000-5000 RP
  • Average time to complete: 5-10 minutes

When you first set foot in LS, you wanna hit the ground running with some of the character missions. These will kickstart your adventure and set you on the path to greatness.

To get things rolling, all you gotta do is spot those mission markers scattered across the map. You could also head on over to the Online tab in the menu, click on Jobs, then Play Jobs, and dive into the Rockstar Created section. Now, here’s the deal: difficulty matters. You got three options to choose from:

  • Easy- 0.50x RP and Cash
  • Normal- 1.25x RP and Cash
  • Hard- 2.5x RP and Cash

The Easy one is not worth it at all, if I’m being honest. I recommend going for the sweet spot: Normal difficulty. Solo players, this one’s for you.

You’ll get 1.25x the RP and Cash, giving you a solid boost in your leveling journey. But hey, if you’re feeling lucky, choose the Hard difficulty. It’s tough, but rewarding as hell. These can be finished swiftly in around 10 minutes, so you can repeat them as much as you want.

Participate in Adversary Modes

  • Average RP: 2000-10000 RP
  • Average time to complete: 15-20 minutes

Now, onto the harder stuff, Adversary Modes. These are all about facing off against other players in epic combat scenarios and where the real battle begins. When it comes to these intense modes, Martin Madrazo is your go-to guy for them. He’ll keep texting you like your boss when you’re a minute late to work.

These modes aren’t a walk in the park, especially for the newbies out there. But the rewards are absolutely worth it.  It’s not like hitting the jackpot, but close enough. A pro tip: do the Bunker series modes like Slasher or Resurrection, and you won’t be disappointed.

Do the Weekly Events

GTA Online Gameplay

  • Average RP: 2000-10000 RP
  • Average time to complete: 15-30 minutes

Every week, Rockstar provides the community with a fresh batch of races, adversary modes, and missions that are juiced up with double or even triple the usual amount of cash and RP.

These weekly events are the golden ticket to gaining a ginormous amount of RP and cash. These events are designed for maximum efficiency, so you better be prepared. To get ahead of the game, check the Rockstar Newswire frequently, as it’ll keep you updated on all that’s coming next week.

Complete the Daily Objectives

  • Average RP: 5000 RP
  • Average time to complete: 20-40 minutes

The daily objectives are another awesome way to rack up a significant amount of RP. They include things like customizing a car, completing a mission, and purchasing a weapon, among other things.

If you’re consistent and stick to these for a whole month, brace yourselves because you’re in for a mega reward. The game devs appreciate your dedication, and they’re gonna shower you with a hefty and lucrative bonus at the end.

Take Part in Survival Modes

  • Average RP: 2850 RP
  • Average time to complete: 20-30 minutes

One of the methods I used to level up quickly as a beginner was doing the Survival Mode, and boy, oh boy, what an experience that was.

Before you dive into this epic mode, you gotta hit level 15. When you hit this milestone, prepare for an onslaught of NPCs hellbent on killing you. It’s your mission to defend your turf and show ’em who’s boss. You can take on this mode solo or team up with your buddies.

This mode isn’t just about leveling up; it’s also about making bank. Every wave you survive, every enemy you defeat, will fill up your MazeBank account. Rack up those points and watch your character skyrocket to new levels of awesomeness. It also acts as a boot camp to understand how NPC enemies work. And did I mention the RP you’ll get?

Complete Stunt Races

GTA Online Gameplay

  • Average RP: Depends on the type of race, but generally 2000+ RP
  • Average time to complete: 10-20 minutes

So you’re feeling a little bored, maybe tired of the same old grind for RP. It’s time to shake things up, and this is where the Stunt Races come in. These’ll provide you with a fresh breath of virtual air and a real-life adrenaline rush. These modes are an absolute blast, especially with your buddies. Not to mention, the RP and cash you get are worth it.

Participate in the Cayo Perico Heist

  • Average RP: 15000 RP +/-
  • Average time to complete: 60-120 minutes, including setup missions

Heists are the holy grail of leveling up and a masterclass in efficiency, where every move you make counts. Now, the original Heists are good for fast leveling, but the Cayo Perico Heist takes the crown.

The setup missions are extremely easy and not complicated at all. You can finish these in less than an hour, no sweat. It’s like a warm-up session for the finale. And the finale itself only takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

The finale alone can bag you a mind-boggling $1 million in cold, hard cash and a whopping 15,000 RP. You can do it solo, but teamwork bags more cash and RP.

Participate in Freemode Events

GTA Online Gameplay

  • Average RP: 2000-3000 RP
  • Average time to complete: 15-20 minutes

Freemode Events are where the main action happens, but here’s the deal: they’re only available in Public, Invite-Only, Crew, and Friends sessions.

These events include Business Battles, Time Trials, and other thrilling PvP encounters. But you’re not alone here; other players in the session can jump in and join the fun, adding an extra layer of competition. Sure, these might not shower you with insane amounts of RP, but every little helps.

Spinning the Lucky Wheel

  • Average RP: 2500-15000 RP
  • Average time to complete: Less than a minute

Believe it or not, the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino and Resort is also an excellent way to get some RP. You get one spin of this wheel per day, during which you can win a unique item, cash, and RP.

Even if you don’t win any cash or RP, there is still a chance that you will be awarded the valuable podium car that is shown in the casino. So, when it comes to spinning the Lucky Wheel,  everyone comes out ahead in the end in some way, so what have you got to lose?

Doing VIP and CEO Work

GTA Online Gameplay

  • Average RP: 2000-3000 RP
  • Average time to complete: 15-20 minutes

Venturing into the corporate world isn’t for the faint of heart, but in Los Santos, it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and you must always be one step ahead of everyone else.

Being a CEO or VIP is a perfect way to stay ahead of the pack and send out the message that you are someone not to be trifled with. Of course, being a CEO or VIP also has its perks, including a boatload of jobs that will net you some massive cash and RP.

Being a CEO is more beneficial because you need $50,000 every time you want to register as a VIP. So, focus your efforts on saving up for that coveted Office.

With an Office at your disposal, you gain access to two incredibly profitable activities: Special Cargo and Vehicle Cargo. 

Invest in them wisely, and you’ll be swimming in easy profit and RP. And if you want to expand to, let’s say, a Bunker, well, the profits will get bigger, and you will level up much faster. Of course, the money you need to put in initially is quite a lot, but the return you get is definitely worth it.

Escaping the Cops

  • Average RP: 500-2000 RP
  • Average time to complete: Depends on the wanted level and how you plan your escape

Another thrilling way to get RP is by evading the law. It’s not only adrenaline-rushing but also incredibly fun. The key to getting RP here is the wanted levels. The higher it climbs, the more RP awaits you at the end of your thrill-seeking journey. So, you gotta be cunning, clever, and meticulous in your planning. 

Robbing Convenience Stores

GTA Online Gameplay

  • Average RP: 200-500 RP+/-
  • Average time to complete: Around 5 minutes

A fun way to gain RP and a small amount of cash is by robbing the convenience stores around Los Santos. Sure, the RP isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s a pretty low-effort task, too, so you get out what you put in. It may not be the biggest payday also, but it’s all about the thrill, the rush of being an outlaw.

Plus, there’s something oddly satisfying about taking a slice of that virtual cash from unsuspecting store owners.


Question: What is the level cap in GTA Online?

Answer: The level cap for GTA Online is currently 8000. It’s a lot of work to reach that level.

Those who have been playing the game regularly since its 2013 release and those who have logged a significant number of hours in the game are often at or around this level.

I mean the ultimate GTA alphas who spent nearly half of their lives on this game. If you’re not willing to do that to even reach level 100, well, this game isn’t for you. 

Question: Does leveling up give access to new content in GTA Online?

Answer: Yep, leveling up will unlock new content, including clothes, armor, weapons, and vehicles. You have to get these because even the NPCs will judge you for looking like a homeless person. Since the game’s best stuff is typically unlocked at higher levels, it’s important to level up and show ’em who’s the boss here.

Question: Are any achievements/trophies tied to leveling up in GTA Online?

Answer: Yes, there are three achievements/trophies related to leveling up in GTA Online:
• Three-Bit Gangster: Reach Level 25
• Making Moves: Reach Level 50
• Above the Law: Reach Rank 100

So, to fully complete the game, you need to reach at least level 100 in GTA Online.

GTA V Online Fast Levelling Guide: Conclusion

Leveling up is one of the crucial aspects of GTA Online, and there are many freaking awesome ways to do that.

From completing exhilarating heists to evading the law, the game has endless possibilities. The methods mentioned in this guide have helped me level up in the game and can surely help you become the ultimate mobster in Los Santos.

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