GTA V Overview

GTA V Overview

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It’s been almost a decade since Rockstar initially released Grand Theft Auto V. Landing first on the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360; there are currently three game iterations. Succeeding iterations come in the form of next-gen upgrades, firstly on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Recently, Rockstar decided to release a somewhat unwanted upgrade to the current generation of consoles; the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series.

Even with its decade-old age, Grand Theft Auto V still has a large player base. Thanks to Rockstar’s consistent game mode support, the number of players is a product of the ever-expanding multiplayer content. With all of that out of the way, let’s get a deeper insight into what Grand Theft Auto V offers the players. Let’s start our GTA V Overview by looking at the characters.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Protagonists

Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton

A Lost Santos native, he became part of the “streets” and joined The Families with his best friend, Lamar Davis. The Families is a small gang that commits various crimes to live day by day.

The GTA 5 story revolves around Franklin Aspires, which is to become much more than his petty life of crime for a small lump of money. He wants something more; he wants to live a life of luxury. That’s where he met his mentor Michael De Santa.

Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa

Michael Townley is a former bank robber and a notorious criminal who exchanged his life as a criminal for a fresh new start as an “upstanding citizen” under the witness protection program of the FIB. Upon his new leash in life, he lives by the name of Michael De Santa.

Michael realizes that living everyday life is boring, with an ungrateful family, a therapist who he feels is only milking the money out of him. Now, he wants to get back to his old ways, much to the dismay of the FIB agent protecting him, Dave Norton.

Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips is a hot-headed individual involved in Michael’s previous criminal activities. He later found his own company named Trevor Philips Enterprises, which operates illegal drug dealing and weapon smuggling transactions in Blaine County.

He is very aggressive and, for the most part, reckless. He was the reason why the 2004 bank heist went south; Trevor chose to kill the security guard at the bank; hence, the police became much more aggressive than they’d hoped for, even killing one of their members.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Plot

For the plot, we’ll only be tackling the early segments of the game to prevent spoilers for those of you who haven’t played the game yet.

A Heist That Failed

gta v heist failed

In 2004, a crew consisting of Michael Townley, Brad, Trevor, one unnamed driver, and Lester tried to rob a bank. During the heist, Trevor, being the impulsive man, decided to kill a security guard. Trevor’s action triggered the immediate and much more violent response of the police.

They escaped using a getaway vehicle; however, the police relentlessly chased them until they shot down the getaway driver. With the driver dead, the crew had no choice but to travel on foot. A huge shootout ensues, killing Brad, while Trevor makes his exit believing that Michael and Brad are done for. Trevor did not know that Michael instead made a deal with the FIB to turn over a new leash under their witness protection program.

Nine years have passed since the incident; Michael is living a miserable life under the new name of Michael De Santa with an ungrateful family. Michael’s day-to-day life of no action and being clean makes him miss his former self.

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Rookie Meets The Veteran

Franklin and Lamar, two men trying to live their lives day by day, work for a conspicuous car dealership owner named Simeon. Of course, Simeon employs illegal tactics and options to make a living out of his dealership. Simeon tasked Franklin to “repossess” a car owned by the De Santas.

Unfortunately for Franklin, he did not know that Michael was in the backseat of the vehicle. Pointing a gun directly toward the head of Franklin, Michael threatens Franklin to drive the car into the dealership as a form of payback against Simeon. Having no choice left, Franklin rams the vehicle into the dealership, and afterward, Michael starts beating the hell out of Simeon.

Michael has some satisfaction from his stint with Franklin and offers a drink at his house. Michael was mesmerized by Franklin’s willingness to do such a thing even though it cost him his job. Franklin takes up this offer, thinking that this would decision would finally change the course of his life.

They got into their first entanglement together when Michael got a call from his son, Jimmy, telling Michael that he tried to sell their boat and now thieves were speeding away with the boat. Jimmy also clarified that he is still in the boat, triggering Michael to go after the thieves.

Along the highway, Franklin and Michael chase the thieves. Michael asked Franklin to jump over the speeding boat upon arriving near the boat. Franklin rescued Jimmy; however, they were unable to retrieve the boat. Now, Michael fully trusts Franklin and tells him that Michael will call him immediately if any jobs are lying around.

After returning to his home, Michael discovers that his wife is cheating on him with her tennis coach, setting Michael on a rampage. He immediately calls Franklin to accompany him in chasing the instructor.

The instructor decided to park at a house in the Vinewood Hills, and somehow, Michael brought the house down. Unbeknownst to Michael, the house belonged to one of the mistresses of Martin Madrazo, a powerful drug lord.

The First Heist With A New Friend and Reunion With A Familiar Face

Now, Madrazo puts a hit on both Michael and Franklin. After dispatching the henchmen, Madrazo decided to let them live if they were able to pay the money to repair the damages done to the house.

Desperate to pay Madrazo, Michael contacts Lester to commence a heist. Lester still deems Franklin untrustworthy, and to prove himself, Franklin decides to do a mission for Lester, which involves killing the CEO of Lifeinvader.

After successfully assassinating the CEO of Lifeinvader, Lester briefs Michael, Franklin, and the crew to start the heist. Successfully pulling off the elaborate heist, Michael and Franklin were finally able to pay Madrazo.

The heist drew the attention of Trevor, who’s living in a remote desert location while dealing with gangs, production of illegal drugs, etc. All this time, Trevor was sending letters to Brad in prison, believing that he was still alive.

However, Dave Norton, a FIB agent, was the one writing the letters back to Trevor to keep him from knowing that Michael was still alive. After dealing with a few unfinished businesses with Johnny Klebitz (Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and The Damned protagonist), he decides to move to Los Santos to find out what exactly happened with Michael.

Trevor creates an astounding entrance at Michael’s house while both Mr. and Mrs. De Santa are arguing. Later on, Trevor also discovered that Michael has returned to living a criminal life once again. This so-called “awkward” reunion is cut short when Michael finds out that his daughter Tracey went on a television show called Fame or Shame.

The show is hosted by a disgusting television personality Lazlow Jones. To protect Michael’s daughter, Trevor and Michael decided to go after Lazlow to save Tracey. They both beat Lazlow to a pulp which somewhat induces a memory of the past between the two.

After that stint, Trevor, Michael, and Franklin’s faith intertwine with one another in a crazy ride of ups and downs within the vicinity of Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto V: Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto V’s gameplay revolves mainly around going on missions, progressing through the in-game story. It’s more of a “go here and do that kind of system.” It revolutionizes itself by creating a more “customizable” experience, with random NPCs providing missions while slowly soaking in the sizeable open-world experience or customizing your vehicle and upgrading its existing engine.

What’s better than this is that Grand Theft Auto V introduced the first-ever “Swap between protagonists” mechanic, allowing you to be more tactical about the missions.

We did get a brief glimpse of a mission involving a heist in Grand Theft Auto IV called Three Leaf Clover; however, Grand Theft Auto V further revolutionizes that mode by introducing a “hire your own crew” mechanic.

You can choose a crew member whose skills are bad, but you get a higher payout at the end with the risk of sabotaging the mission altogether, or you can hire a great crew member with more experience in exchange for a more significant cut in the payout.

Rockstar also introduced the first-person view for this game. With that view, you’ll be able to roam around the streets of Los Santos in first-person view, similar to games like Skyrim, Fallout, or Dying Light.

The attention to detail within the world of Los Santos is breathtaking as it offers even a detailed view of the dashboard inside a car (while in first-person view). Even within combat, there’s a bit of recoil, muzzle flash, etc., that you can see during the FPS mode.

Overall, Grand Theft Auto V is a definitive experience of how open-world games should play.

Here’s a better overview of the Grand Theft Auto V’s gameplay:

  • Features excellent customization of your open-world experience
  • Random NPCs that give you different types of missions.
  • Excellent implementation of mechanics during the Heist missions.
  • Option to switch between First-Person View and Third-Person View.
  • Decent physics system
  • Exciting, fun, and quirky missions, whether they may be main storyline missions or side missions.
  • Ability to switch between three different protagonists at any given time (with a few exceptions during main storyline missions and side missions)
  • Fascinating attention to detail when it comes to environment and world-building.

Grand Theft Auto V: Weapons

gta v weapons

Grand Theft Auto V sports a wide array of weapons to choose from. Most weapons in this game have a blend of realism and arcadey feel to it, and they are straightforward to use, mostly just involving you aiming and clicking on heads.

You shouldn’t expect it to blow you away with mechanics like in other realistic FPS shooting games. To be fair, Rockstar refined their mechanics when it comes to combat, such as a better cover system and somewhat decent ragdoll physics.

Melee Handguns Shotguns

Submachine Guns & Light Machine Guns

Antique Cavalry Dagger AP Pistol Assault Shotgun Assault SMG
Baseball Bat Combat Pistol Bullpup Shotgun Combat MG
Broken Bottle Heavy Pistol Heavy Shotgun Combat PDW
Crowbar Marksman Pistol Musket Gusenberg Sweeper
Fist Pistol Pump Shotgun Machine Pistol
Golf Club Pistol .50 Sawed-Off Shotgun MG
Hammer SNS Pistol Micro SMG
Hatchet Stun Gun SMG
Knife Vintage Pistol

Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles Heavy Weapons

Thrown Weapons and Special Weapons

Advanced Rifle Heavy Sniper Fireworks Launcher Ball
Assault Rifle Marksman Rifle Grenade Launcher BZ Gas
Bullpup Rifle Sniper Rifle Homing Launcher Grenade
Carbine Rifle Minigun Jerry Can
Special Carbine Railgun Molotov Cocktail
Rocket Launcher Proximity Mine
Sticky Bomb
Tear Gas
Remote Sniper

Grand Theft Auto V: Vehicles

There are a lot of controllable vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V. Amounting to almost 300+ cars, there’s no shortage of your preferred experience while getting around in the city of Los Santos.

Similar to the weapons, vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V sport the same feel, a blend of realism-arcadey experience. Not to say that this is bad, but it certainly helps you get into the action, especially when you’re in a high-speed car chase.

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Sports Cars Muscle Cars Super Sports Classics Sedans SUV, Crossovers, Pick-ups, Vans
9F Blade Adder Coquette Classic Asea Baller
9F Cabrio Buccaneer Bullet JB 700 Asea (Snow) Baller (Second Generation)
Alpha Burger Shot Stallion Cheetah Manana Asterope BeeJay XL
Banshee Chino Entity XF Monroe Emperor Cavalcade
Blista Compact Coquette BlackFin Infernus Peyote Emperor (Beater) Cavalcade (Second Generation)
Buffalo Dominator Osiris Pigalle Emperor (Snow) Dubsta
Buffalo S Duke O’Death T20 Roosevelt Fugitive Dubsta2
Carbonizzare Dukes Turismo R Stinger Glendale FQ 2
Comet Gauntlet Vacca Stirling GT Ingot Granger
Coquette Hotknife Voltic Tornado Intruder Gresley
Elegy RH8 Phoenix Zentorno Tornado (Convertible) Premier Habanero
Feltzer Picador Tornado (Beater) Primo Huntley S
Furore GT Pißwasser Dominator Tornado (Mariachi) Regina Landstalker
Fusilade Rat-Loader Z-Type Romero Hearse Mesa
Futo Rat-Truck Schafter Mesa (Snow)
Go Go Monkey Blista Redwood Gauntlet Stanier Patriot
Jester Ruiner Stratum Radius
Jester (Racecar) Sabre Turbo Stretch Rocoto
Massacro Slamvan Super Diamond Seminole
Massacro (Racecar) Stallion Surge Serrano
Penumbra Vigero Tailgater
Rapid GT Virgo Warrener
Rapid GT (Convertible) Voodoo Washington
Sprunk Buffalo


Compacts Coupes Motorcycles Off-Road Cycles Vans
Blista Cognoscenti Cabrio Akuma Bifta BMX Bison
Dilettante Exmeplar Bagger Blazer Cruiser Bison (McGill-Olsen)
Dilettante (Security) G620 Bati 801 Blazer Lifeguard Endurex Race Bike Bison (The Mighty Bush)
Issi Felon Bati 801RR Bodhi Fixter Bobcat XL
Panto Felon GT Carbon RS Brawler Scorcher Boxville
Prairie Jackal Daemon (Lost) Dubsta 6×6 Tri-Cycles Race Bike Boxville (Post OP)
Rhapsody Oracle Double T Dune Buggy Whippet Race Bike Boxville (Humane Labs)
Oracle XS Faggio Dune Loader Boxville (Go Postal)
Sentinel Hakuchou Hot Rod Blazer Burrito
Sentinel XS Hexer Injection Bugstars Burrito
Windsor Innovation Kalahari Burrito (Second Generation)
Zion Nemesis Marshall Burrito (McGill-Olsen)
Zion Cabrio PCJ 600 Mesa (Merryweather) Burrito (Snow)
Ruffian Rancher XL Camper
Sanchez Rancher XL (Snow) Clown Van
Sovereign Rebel Gang Burrito
Thrust Rusty Rebel Journey
Vader Sandking SWB Minivan
Vindicator Sandking XL Paradise
Space Docker Pony
The Liberator Pony (Smoke on The Water)
Rumpo (Deludamol)
Surfer (Beater)
Taco Van


Utility Trailers Industrial Service Commercials Emergency
Airtug Army Trailer (Military) Cutter Airport Bus Benson Ambulance
Caddy Army Trailer (Civilian; Driller) Dock Handler Bus Biff FIB (Buffalo)
Caddy (Civilian) Army Trailer (Extended; Sidetracked) Dozer Dashound Hauler FIB
Docktug Army Trailer (tanker) Dump Rental Shuttle Bus Mule Fire Truck
Fieldmaster Baletrailer Flatbed Taxi Packer Lifeguard
Fieldmaster (Snow) [M] Boat Trailer Mixer (First Generation) Tourbus Phantom Park Ranger
Forklift Dock Trailer Mixer (Second Generation) Trashmaster Pounder Police Bike
Lawn Mower Graintrailer Rubble Stockade Police Cruiser (Interceptor)
Ripley Ortega’s trailer Tipper (First Generation) Stockade (Snow) Police Cruiser (Buffalo)
Sadler Trailer (boat) Tipper (Second Generation) Police Cruiser
Sadler (Snow) [M] Trailer (Car Carrier; Civilian) Police Maverick
Scrap Truck Trailer (Car Carrier; Pack Man) Police Rancher
Towtruck (Truck) Trailer (flatbed) Police Riot
Towtruck Trailer (Container/Curtain-side) Police Roadcruiser
Tractor Trailer (Box) Police Transporter
Utility Truck (Crane) Trailer (Ramp) Police Prison Bus
Utility Truck (Box) Trailer (Fame or Shame) Police Predator
Utility Truck (Van) Trailer (logs) Sheriff Cruiser
Trailer (rake) Sheriff SUV
Trailer (small) Unmarked Cruiser
Trailer (Tanker; RON)


Military Boats Planes Helicopters
Barracks Dinghy Atomic Blimp Buzzard
Barracks Semi Dinghy (2-Seater) Besra Buzzard Attack Chopper
Crusader Jetmax Cargo Plane Cargobob
Rhino Tank Kraken Cuban 800 Cargobob (Trevor Philips Enterprises)
Marquis Dodo Cargobob (Jetsam)
Seashark Duster Frogger
Seashark (Lifeguard) Jet Frogger (Trevor Philips Enterprises)
Speeder Luxor Maverick
Squalo Luxor Deluxe Skylift
Submersible Mallard Swift
Suntrap Mammatus Swift Deluxe
Toro Miljet
Tropic P-996 LAZER
Xero Blimp

Grand Theft Auto V: Mission Overview

For this missions GTA V overview, we decided not to include a description of what the mission is about to avoid spoilers for new players.


Mission Name


Prologue N/A
Franklin and Lamar Simeon Yetarian
Chop Lamar Davis
Father/Son Michael De Santa
Marriage Counseling
Daddy’s Little Girl
Friend Request Lester Crest
The Long Stretch Lamar Davis
Casing the Jewel Store Lester Crest
Carbine Rifles
The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach)
Bugstars Equipment
BZ Gas Grenades
The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach)
Mr. Philips Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Industries Tao Cheng

Part 1

Mission Name


Nervous Ron Trevor Philips
Crystal Maze Tao Cheng
Friends Reunited Trevor Philips
Fame or Shame Michael De Santa
Dead Man Walking Dave Norton
Three’s Company
By the Book Steve Haines
Hood Safari Lamar Davis
Did Somebody Say Yoga? Michael De Santa
Scouting the Port Trevor Philipps
The Merryweather Heist (Freighter)
The Merryweather Heist (Offshore)
The Hotel Assassination Lester Crest
Boiler Suits Steve Haines, Dave Norton

Part 2

Mission Name


Masks Steve Haines, Dave Norton
Trash Truck
Tow Truck
Blitz Play
I Fought the Law Devin Weston
Eye in The Sky
Mr. Richards Solomon Richards
Caida Libre Martin Madrazo
Deep Inside Devin Weston
Minor Turbulence Trevor Philips
Paleto Score Setup Steve Haines
Predator Trevor Philips
Military Hardware Steve Haines


Mission Name


The Paleto Score Lester Crest
Derailed Trevor Philips
Monkey Business Steve Haines
Hang Ten Trevor Philips
Surveying the Score Lester Crest
Bury the Hatchet Bury The Hatchet
Pack Man Devin Weston
Fresh Meat Franklin Clinton
The Ballad of Rocco Solomon Richards
Cleaning Out the Bureau Lester Crest
Architect’s Plans Franklin Clinton
Fire Truck Lester Crest
The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew) Steve Haines
The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry)
The Wrap Up Dave Norton
Reuniting the Family Michael De Santa
Legal Trouble Solomon Richards
Lamar Down Franklin Clinton
Meltdown Solomon Richards
Planning The Big Score Lester Crest
Gauntlet (1-3)
The Big Score (Subtle Approach)
The Big Score (Obvious Approach)
Something Sensible (Ending 1) Steve Haines
The Time’s Come (Ending 2) Devin Weston
The Third Way (Ending 3) Lester Crest

Optional Missions (Missable and Side Missions)

Mission Name


The Good Husband (Family Event) Amanda De Santa
The Multi-Target Assassination Lester Crest
The Vice Assassination
The Bus Assassination
The Construction Assassination
Doting Dad (Family Event) Tracey De Santa
Parenting 101 (Family Event) Jimmy De Santa

Strangers and Freaks Mission

There are roughly 65 strangers and freaks missions; we’ll only be listing the ones needed to get 100% completion for Grand Theft Auto V.

Mission Name


Pulling Favors Tonya Wiggins
Pulling Another Favor
Pulling Favors Again
Still Pulling Favors
Pulling One Last Favor
Shift Work Hao
Paparazzo Beverly Felton
Paparazzo – The Sex Tape
Far Out Omega
The Final Frontier
Grass Roots – Franklin Barry
Grass Roots – The Pickup
Grass Roots – The Drag
Grass Roots – The Smoke-In
Paparazzo – The Partnership Beverly Felton
Paparazzo – The Meltdown
Paparazzo – The Highness
Paparazzo – Reality Check
Risk Assessment Dom Beasley
Liquidity Risk
Targeted Risk
Uncalculated Risk
Exercising Demons – Franklin Mary-Ann Quinn
A Starlet in Vinewood Peter Dreyfuss

Grand Theft Auto V: Multiplayer Overview

One of the most beloved modes in Grand Theft Auto V is the multiplayer mode. Within the multiplayer servers, you’ll be able to tackle only a few gameplay modes, such as deathmatch, races, etc.

However, with how much the Grand Theft Auto Online servers have evolved these days, you’ll now be able to play role-playing games such as cops vs robbers and even a zombie survival server reminiscent of the Day Z mod in Arma II.

Here are a few takeaways from the multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto V.

  • Option to purchase properties that range from low-end to luxury apartments.
  • Option to purchase vehicles including tanks, helicopters, etc.
  • Option to customize and personalize your CAC (Create-a-character)
  • Play with other players in different and challenging heist missions; these missions reward you with a vast amount of money to spend.
  • Play on different servers with different mechanics and objectives.
  • Race with other players on various maps with multiple obstacles.
  • Leveling up your character by earning reputation points (earned through various missions and activities in Grand Theft Auto Online)
  • A wide array of multiplayer-only vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Grand Theft Auto V Better Than Grand Theft Auto IV?

Answer: It highly depends on the definition your definition of better. If your definition of “better” has more content, more replayability, and a very active player base, Grand Theft Auto V wins by a mile. However, if you feel that “better” means a more in-depth story, better and more realistic physics, then for me, Grand Theft Auto IV takes the cake. To see a complete head-on comparison between the two games, check out this fantastic article Grand Theft Auto V vs Grand Theft Auto IV.

Question: Are There Any Similar Games To Grand Theft Auto V?

Answer: Many open-world games are available today; however, none of them come close to Grand Theft Auto V’s world. There are some games in-line with the genre of Grand Theft Auto V, and here are some of them.
• Saints Row Series
• Mafia Series
• Red Dead Redemption Series
• Watch Dogs Series
• Sleeping Dogs
• Just Cause Series
• The Simpsons Hit and Run

Here’s an article that further expands on this topic at hand: Games Like GTA V

Question: How Long Would It Take To 100% Grand Theft Auto V?

Answer: According to howlongtobeat, 637 players clocked in an average of 83 hours and 12 minutes of in-game time to complete Grand Theft Auto V. There are lots of missions and challenges to 100% of the game; here are the requirements:
• 69 main story missions
• 20 strangers and freak
• 14 random NPC missions
• 42 pastimes
• 16 miscellaneous tasks


Grand Theft Auto V is a genuinely complete open-world gaming experience. Although the story and writing have some shortcomings, it still is one of the best open-world games out there right now. Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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