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For Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar chose the stunning state of San Andreas, which strikes the ideal mix between natural beauty (Blaine County) and urban chaos (Los Santos). Many of Los Santos’ most prominent locales have been artistically reimagined to resemble those in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas while sporting a stylistically distinct appearance.

GTA Online is an extension of Grand Theft Auto 5, but it has become a separate entity due to huge updates and an influx of features. While the basic map for GTA 5 single-player campaign and GTA Online is the same, the map in GTA Online has a few distinct points of interest, while GTA Online also has a huge number of properties and businesses to buy and sell.

If you check out the GTA 5 Places & Locations guide, you’ll find similar areas to explore, but the events and side missions of the GTA 5 campaign and GTA Online differ.

I have included highly researched information about the GTA Online places, map, and locations in this post. Read on to find out all there is to know about places and locations in GTA Online.

Los Santos

Los Santos - map
Image by Ali Mustafa

The city of Los Santos is fictitious in the Grand Theft Auto world and is based on Los Angeles and other California Coast locales. It’s the backdrop of games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V, and it’s divided up into numerous distinct areas that are all based on real-world landmarks.

With the Criminal Enterprises patch installed, Agent ULP will contact you as soon as you launch GTA Online. By talking to them for a bit on the phone, you may unlock a new task icon in the center of Los Santos.

Many parts of Los Santos have their own distinct character. Having simple qualities, they bring a place to live and add to the story’s realism. Here are the major parts of Los Santos:

Downtown Los Santos

The central business area is the city’s high-rise core, which is bordered by motorways and the river and serves as a jumping-off point for exploration of the city’s various neighborhoods.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the action takes place in Downtown Los Santos, the heart of the city’s commercial and financial life in the fictional San Andreas. The neighborhoods of Vinewood and Rockford Hills are to its north, South Los Santos to its south, East Los Santos to its east, and Little Seoul to its west.

The Downtown Los Santos area of GTA Online has a variety of High-End Apartments buildings, like 4 Integrity Way, Apt. 35 and the Mission Row Nightclub.

North Los Santos

In addition to being home to Hollywood’s elite, the area’s hilly terrain also makes for excellent vantage points over the city below. The most luxurious goods and vehicles may be found at these stores. It’s less crowded here, but also more difficult to get about.

Once heists were introduced in GTA Online in 2015, apartments quickly rose in prominence. Because a heist can’t be planned or executed without a dedicated “heist room” in residence, multiple characters may buy apartments in the same building since there are many such structures. As a result, several structures rose to prominence thanks to their attractive prices, convenient locations, and apartments with numerous rooms.

Some of the most expensive residences in GTA Online were once situated in the northernmost hot spot.

West Los Santos

Consisting mostly of middle-class residents, it stretches out to the city limits and is flanked on each side by beaches and tourist hotspots. Many different kinds of people call it home, and there are many exciting places to explore.

South Los Santos

South Los Santos gta fandom
Image from GTA Fandom Wiki

This autonomous region draws inspiration from both South Los Angeles and Long Beach, and it, too, is home to both violent residents and easy escape routes.

East Los Santos

The area is a mishmash of socioeconomic strata, with wealthy and impoverished neighborhoods separated by miles of motorway and industrial zones thrown in for good measure.

Little Seoul

Little Seoul - map
Image by Ali Mustafa

Although the Los Santos Triads have considerable territory in the region, Little Seoul is still mostly inspired by South Korean culture. There are several Korean-owned businesses and stores in addition to the headquarters of large Asian corporations like Kayton and WIWANG.

Among the many Little Seoul properties available for purchase in GTA Online, the Little Seoul Agency stands out as a prime example of the Celebrity Solutions Agency’s offerings in the neighborhood.

With the release of Patch 1.58, “The Contract,” the Little Seoul Agency is now available in-game. Dynasty 8 Executive is selling the Little Seoul Agency for $2,010,000, which is a huge property and a 20-car garage.


Vinewood map
Image by Ali Mustafa

Several winding routes ascend the steep terrain to link northern Vinewood Hills with the rest of Vinewood. Nightclubs and upscale boutiques can be found in Vinewood’s northern section. Luxury hotels and a few mansions can be found on Vinewood’s southern end. In certain neighborhoods, like Rockford Hills, they just aren’t as prevalent.

It’s time to visit Vinewood Hills, and you should make your way up that steep slope. A tourist board next to the juice stand will provide the first clue in the treasure quest.

Rockford Hills

Rockford Hills map
Image by Ali Mustafa

In Grand Theft Auto V, the neighborhood of Rockford Hills is a wealthy and densely inhabited part of the city of Los Santos. It’s been included in a number of the game’s quests.

Rockford Hills is well-known to players since it is where Michael De Santa’s home is in Grand Theft Auto 5. The majority of Rockford Hills may be divided into two distinct regions: the northern and southern ends.

The Rockford Roll mission is located in the Rockford Dorset Hotel in Rockford Hills, and Simeon wants the players to retrieve a 9F Cabrio from there, which starts a chain of missions by Simeon in GTA Online.

Vespucci Beach

Vespucci Beach map
Image by Ali Mustafa

Vespucci Beach, along with neighboring Del Perro Beach, is a popular destination for afternoon sunbathers. They often lounge in the sun or take leisurely strolls along the shoreline. Establishments of various kinds will be accessible to the public. The beach will likely be empty save for a few nighttime workers cleaning up trash, and a few hipsters huddled around bonfires. Most places of business are also likely to be closed.

The affordable and easy automobile storage facility near Vespucci Beach in eastern Los Santos is a major draw for players. A modest, rather out-of-the-way skate park is located under the highway, next to the parking garage. Players that have amassed large automobile collections may find these garages useful.

While planned to be a peaceful place to relax, you will find lots of other players in Vespucci Beach causing chaos and mayhem, killing NPCs and other players.

Blaine County

Blaine County map
Image by Ali Mustafa

Blaine County is next to Los Santos County in southern San Andreas. The county’s varied landscape includes a substantial desert area, thick woodland, and a number of mountains.

Several major cities can be found in Blaine County, making it one of the more populous rural regions in Grand Theft Auto V. Blaine County consists of three major areas, which include:

Paleto Bay

Paleto Bay
Image from GTA Fandom

Paleto Bay is one of the peaceful areas on the map and plays a significant role in GTA Online. These peaceful spots contribute to the game’s realism, even if they do nothing to advance the plot or provide access to a new, powerful weapon.

You rarely find players in Paleto Bay, so if you’re looking to explore GTA Online without a 10-year-old ‘XxXSn!p3RxXx’ shooting you for no reason, you can travel to Paleto Bay.

When dozens of players are spread out around the landscape, each carrying dozens of weapons, these unoccupied spaces serve as safe havens. Players have even taken up permanent residence in these more peaceful areas of GTA Online, forming their own little towns there.

Treasure hunters in Paleto Bay just need to make their way to the wrecked bridge to get a vital clue for the treasure hunter quest in GTA Online.

Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores
Image from GTA Fandom

Sandy Shores, located on the coast of the Alamo Sea, is shown on the map as a peninsula. At this spot, the treasure map clue is posted on a rock off to the right side of a boat. In addition to the wooden table, the clue may also be found on top of a mountain close to Sandy Shores.

The area has little in common with Los Santos; thus, it’s a welcome change of scenery for gamers. When you get close to the city, the radio signal for the county stops, so you can’t listen to West Coast Talk Radio as you enter Los Santos.

In Freemode, you may explore the whole of Los Santos and Blaine County at your own pace. You may locate organizations with a social objective, places to live and work, and other things here.


Grapeseed is a farming village in Blaine County, San Andreas, and it features prominently in Grand Theft Auto Online. Located next to the northeastern part of the Alamo Sea, this town is home to several pastures, farmlands, and minor enterprises.

While Grapeseed isn’t often explored in GTA Online tasks, it has been seen in the Series A Funding epilogue and in the missions leading up to a few heists in GTA Online.

Alamo Sea

Alamo Sea map
Image by Ali Mustafa

The Alamo Sea is based on the Salton Sea in Southern California, and in terms of surface area, the Alamo Sea dominates the San Andreas mainland. The Alamo Sea holds great significance in GTA V single player campaign missions, as well as GTA Online. You will find Trevor’s safehouse nearby in Sandy Shores, and most of Trevor’s initial missions revolve near the Alamo Sea.

The Alamo Sea is mostly uninhabited by other players, so there’s unlikely that you’ll be disturbed. There are not many events occuring at the Alamo which explains the lack of players in the area; however you can take a dive in the sea to find interesting items and easter eggs.

The lake drops to its lowest point just north of Stab City. At these depths, the already murky waters of the Alamo Sea get considerably darker. You can equip scuba gear and dive in these depths to find rare species in GTA Online.

Moreover, you can join a friend’s server and go exploring the deepest part of the Alamo Sea with your friends to capture some scary moments together.

Mount Chiliad

Mount Chilliad map
Image by Ali Mustafa

From the peak of Mountain Chiliad, the map’s highest elevation, you can see all the way down to the surrounding cities and towns.

When looking at a Grand Theft Auto Online map, the area labeled “Chiliad” may be found in the game’s northernmost reserve. As a bonus, you may see UFOs and even a ghost from the peak of this mountain.

It’s not easy to reach the top of the mountain, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama over the whole city, making it a popular destination among gamers. In addition, developers tucked away a few surprises that can only be accessed by scaling Chiliad.

Treasure hunters need just go to Mount Chiliad, where the clue is strategically placed on a wooden table.

Property Locations


Luxury apartments gta fandom
Image from GTA Fandom

Since GTA Online’s inception, apartments have been the most common and rudimentary kind of safe house. You can buy them via Dynasty 8 Real Estate. The Executives and Other Criminals update included new apartment types, including Penthouses and Stilt Houses.

Apartments at the low end of the price range look like small homes or small apartments in rundown apartment blocks in poor areas; apartments in the middle range look like single-family homes with yards or slightly larger floorplan apartments in low-rise blocks, and apartments at the high end of the price range look like large apartments or Vinewood Hills mansions.

A garage is included with each unit for residents to utilize. The garage has space for 2, 6, or 10 cars, depending on the floor of the apartment building. The player’s apartment (and garage) may be used as a spawn location in GTA Online sessions.

Apartments may be purchased at one of three price points at the moment: cheap, moderate, or expensive.

  • Apartments in the lower-end price range often only have one story and are furnished and equipped with the barest essentials. 2 vehicle garages are included in low-end apartment options.
  • The furnishings and decor in medium-sized apartments are a notch or two above what you’d find in a small apartment. They are also at ground level. The homes provide storage space for six vehicles.
  • Luxury apartments include sleek furnishings and bright accents, much like Franklin’s home. There are 10 parking spots included with these 2-story apartments.

The High Life Update added a new luxurious interior option. This decor has a more classic feel while incorporating contemporary elements. Moreover, the structure is different. All the original luxury apartment buildings still have these updated interiors; however, their unit numbers have changed.

The improved version received two additional luxurious interiors as part of the Executives and Other Criminals update. The set has a three-story model of the Stilt Houses in Vinewood Hills, complete with a variety of interior design schemes, as well as a model of the three luxurious Penthouses found only in Eclipse Towers.

There are numerous apartments to purchase in GTA Online, and more are being added through updates, which is why I didn’t include a chart for apartments in this post; you can use your phone in the game and check out the apartments available to buy in the game!


Buying a garage in GTA Online will let you store your huge collection of vehicles with ease. You may purchase a garage by visiting the “Dynasty8realestate” website or by walking to the “For Sale” sign that is located on the property’s exterior.

Parking garages may be purchased for as little as $25,000 or as much as $150,000, depending on the size and number of bays needed to house one’s automobile collection. The cheaper garages can only fit two or three automobiles, whereas the more costly ones can store a lot more.

Two Car Garages
Name Price Location
Little Bighorn Ave $25,000 East Los Santos
Unit 124 Popular St $25,000 East Los Santos
1 Strawberry Ave $26,000 North-West San Andreas
142 Paleto Blvd $26,500 North-West San Andreas
1932 Grapeseed Ave $27,500 East San Andreas
1200 Route 68 $28,500 Central San Andreas
197 Route 60 $29,000 Central San Andreas
0754 Roy Lowenstein Blvd $29,500 East Los Santos
2000 Great Ocean Highway $31,500 North-West San Andreas
1920 Senora Way $32,000



East San Andreas
634 Blvd Del Perro $33,500 North-West Los Santos
0897 Mirror Park Blvd $33,500 North-East Los Santos
Garage Innocence Blvd $34,000 South-Central Los Santos


Six Car Garages
Name Price Location
870 Route 68 Approach $62,500 Central San Andreas
8754 Route 68 $65,000 Central San Andreas
4531 Dry Dock St $67,500 South-East Los Santos
Unit 1 Olympic Fury $70,000 East Los Santos
0432 Davis Ave $72,500 East Los Santos
1905 Davis Ave $75,000 South Los Santos
Unit 14 Popular St $77,500 East Los Santos
0552 Roy Lowenstein Blvd $80,000 East Los Santos


Ten Car Garages
Name Price Location
1623 South Shambles St $105,000 South East Los Santos
1337 Exceptional Way $112,500 South West Los Santos
Unit 76 Greenwich $120,500 Parkway  South West Los Santos
331 Supply Street $135,000 East Los Santos
Unit 2 Popular St $142,500 East Los Santos
0120 Murrieta Heights $150,000 East Los Santos


Yachts on GTA
Image from GTA Fandom

With the update “Executives and Other Criminals,” the Galaxy Super Yacht became available. Players can buy any of the three distinct types of super yachts, each with its own set of vehicles, at no cost.

Among the yacht’s many convenient amenities is a bedroom, where the player may rest and change clothing. All three super yachts are the same size which is 210ft.

A Superyacht Life is a set of six objectives that may be completed on any yacht to receive the Boat Captain Outfit and a modest sum of money. Also, from the captain’s bridge, you may make a quick trip anywhere on the globe at the same fee you’d pay on any of the three vessels.

Although the player has little control over the yacht itself while it’s sailing, they must pay $25,000 to have the skipper dock the vessel at any of 12 predetermined spots. Here are the three yachts that you can buy in GTA Online:

Name Price
The Orion



The Pisces



The Aquarius




Executive Offices

Each player is limited to a single Executive Office, which may be purchased via the Dynasty 8 Executive website. When a player buys an Office, they become elevated to the position of CEO of their Organization and have access to special features.

To begin purchasing and selling Special Cargo, you will need to invest in Warehouses and Vehicle Warehouses, both of which may be done after opening an office and gaining access to the SecuroServ Special Cargo Network.

These executive offices have fully modifiable interiors, a personal assistant, a helicopter, a boardroom, a Don’t Cross the Line arcade game, and additional storage options like a Money Safe and a Gun Locker, so you can stock up on the right arsenal for your next mission.

Unless the player spends an extra $795,000 on ‘Accommodation Improvement,’ which gives them access to a locked room where they may sleep, an office does not serve as a safe house.

Offices Locations
Name Price Location
Maze Bank West Office & Garage $1,000,000



Del Perro, North Los Santos
Arcadius Business Center Office & Garage






Alta Street, San Andreas Avenue, and Las Lagunas Boulevard in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos
Lombank West Office & Garage






Boulevard Del Perro and Bay City Avenue
Maze Bank Tower Office & Garage






Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos


Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse gta
Image from GTA Fandom

Players may keep their newly acquired Special Cargo in warehouses. Warehouses come in three sizes, each with its own storage capacity differences: small, medium, and large. They may be bought on Bank Foreclosures in the Maze, but only if the player is the CEO of a company and has an office in that company.

The Brickade, Cuban 800, Titan, and Tug are employed during Sell Missions, and the player may improve these vehicles at warehouses.

The Warehouse materializes, complete with tall industrial racks on which to stack boxes. The Organization has the challenge of securing its assets in the face of possible occasional building raids.

The Organization’s primary interface allows for convenient inventory tracking. You may also initiate a Steal Mission from this location.

There are two types of warehouses that you can buy in GTA Online, namely, Vehicle warehouses and Special Cargo warehouses.

Vehicle Warehouse:

Name Price Location
Cypress Apartments Vehicle Warehouse $2,675,000 Cypress Apartments
Davis Vehicle Warehouse $2,495,000 Davis
El Burro Heights Vehicle Warehouse $1,635,000 El Burro Heights
Elysian Island Vehicle Warehouse $1,950,000 Elysian Island
La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse $1,500,000 La Mesa
La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse $2,735,000 La Puerta
LSIA Vehicle Warehouse $2,170,000 LSIA
LSIA Vehicle Warehouse $2,300,000 LSIA
Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse $2,850,000 Murrieta Heights

Special Cargo Warehouse:

Name Price Location  
Small Warehouses – 16 Crates Convenience Store Lockup $250,000 Rancho
Celltowa Unit $318,000 La Mesa
White Widow Garage $360,000 La Puerta
Pacific Bait Storage $376,000 Elysian Island
Pier 400 Utility Building $392,000 Elysian Island
Foreclosed Garage $400,000 West Vinewood
Medium Warehouse – 42 Crates Name Price Location
GEE Warehouse $880,000 El Burro Heights
Derriere Lingerie Backlot $902,000 Del Perro
Fridgit Annexe $925,000 La Puerta
Discount Retail Unit $948,000 Downtown Vinewood
Disused Factory Outlet $971,000 Strawberry
LS Marine Building 3 $994,000 Elysian Island
Old Power Station $1,000,000 Rancho
Railyard Warehouse $1,017,000 La Mesa
Large Warehouse – 111 Crates Name Price Location
Wholesale Furniture $1,900,000 Cypress Apartments
West Vinewood Backlot $2,135,000 West Vinewood
Xero Gas Factory $2,365,000 LSIA
Logistics Depot $2,600,000 La Mesa
Bilgeco Warehouse $2,825,000 LSIA
Walker & Sons Warehouse $3,040,000 Banning
Cypress Warehouses $3,265,000 Cypress Apartments
Darnell Bros Warehouse $3,500,000 La Mesa


 La Mesa Clubhouse GTA Fandom
Image from GTA Fandom

Maze Bank Foreclosures sells clubhouses that may be customized with a wide variety of aesthetic touches and other features.

The club members have access to a variety of entertainment options, such as darts, a jukebox, and an arm-wrestling ring. Malc tells the player that the club needs a hierarchy in place and that the player needs a few prospects before he can join.

Next, Malc describes how to notice board postings work. The club’s garage is a notable amenity, with space for up to 10 players’ own bicycles.

The garage may accommodate a bike store as an add-on, should the buyer so choose. Malc explains to Zach Nelson, who manages the bike store in the MC’s clubhouse that MC members are still responsible for paying for the changes.

Like its office cousin, the Gun Locker lets players keep their weapons out of the way and only equip what they need.

Clubhouse Location Price
Del Perro Beach Clubhouse 7 Del Perro Beach $365,000
Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse 2214 Clinton Avenue $472,000
Grapeseed Clubhouse 2111 East Joshua Road $225,000
Great Chaparral Clubhouse 101 Route 68 $200,000
Hawick Clubhouse 1778 Hawick Avenue $495,000
La Mesa Clubhouse 137 Capital Boulevard $449,000
Paleto Bay Clubhouse 1 Paleto Boulevard $242,000
Paleto Bay Clubhouse 68 Paleto Boulevard $250,000
Pillbox Hill Clubhouse 75 Elgin Avenue $455,000
Rancho Clubhouse 1334 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard $420,000
Sandy Shores Clubhouse 47 Algonquin Boulevard $210,000
Vespucci Beach Clubhouse 4 Goma Street $395,000


Hangars gta fandom
Image from GTA Fandom

After the release of Smuggler’s Run, hangars became available to purchase in GTA Online. The Free Trade Shipping Co. also operates out of this facility, where personal airplanes are stored and modified.

Using your smartphone’s online browser, you may browse the Maze Bank Foreclosures website and purchase Hangars. You may have traditional hangars for $235,000 or modern ones for $375,000 as an extra. Five Hangars are up for grabs right now. They are:

  • Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499: $2,650,000
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar A2: $3,250,000
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar 3497: $2,085,000
  • LSIA Hangar A17: $1,200,000
  • LSIA Hangar 1: $1,525,000


Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse gta fandom
Image from GTA Fandom

The After Hours update to Grand Theft Auto Online included nightclubs in the game. They are a popular investment option because of their potential for high returns on investment. However, the initial investment and ongoing upkeep may be turned off by some players.

There’s more to do in a nightclub than simply dance; there are many other things you may do there than party. They provide a wide variety of tasks to do and plenty of space to park your automobiles. Nightclubs are a great way to earn money without working directly on it. Simply buy a nightclub, and the revenue will start generating.

Name Price Location
Cypress Apartments Vehicle Warehouse $2,675,000 Cypress Apartments
Davis Vehicle Warehouse $2,495,000 Davis
El Burro Heights Vehicle Warehouse $1,635,000 El Burro Heights
Elysian Island Vehicle Warehouse $1,950,000 Elysian Island
La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse $1,500,000 La Mesa
La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse $2,735,000 La Puerta
LSIA Vehicle Warehouse $2,170,000 LSIA
LSIA Vehicle Warehouse $2,300,000 LSIA
Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse $2,850,000 Murrieta Heights

Auto Shops

The Los Santos Tuners expansion in GTA Online brought auto shops to the game. Players may take on actual Auto Shop Service tasks, which include freemode preparations and the finale, which can be performed with any of the cars included in the update or Sessanta’s Tailgater S. Contracts, including the nature of the work to be done and the compensation to be earned, are listed on a whiteboard.

There are 5 Auto Shops to choose from, and they charge various rates. Go to the Foreclosures Maze Bank website to buy one of these :

  • Mission Row Auto Shop – $1,670,000
  • Strawberry Auto Shop – $1,705,000
  • Rancho Auto Shop – $1,750,000
  • Burton Auto Shop – $1,830,000
  • La Mesa Auto Shop – $1,920,000


Hawick GTA
Image from GTA Fandom

A Celebrity Solution Agency is a purchasable property in Grand Theft Auto Online included as part of The Contract update. The armory, car repair business, and rooms are all extras.

Agency Location Price
Little Seoul Little Seoul Tower
Corner San Andreas Avenue and Palomino Avenue.
Vespucci Canals Celltowa Building
Corner South Rockford Drive and San Andreas Avenue.
Rockford Hills Unnamed building
Corner Marathon Avenue and Movie Star Way.
Hawick Galileo House
Corner Spanish Avenue and Meteor Street.


Question: Can You Earn Passive Income In GTA Online?

Answer: Yes! You can purchase businesses to earn money without actively participating in the business with missions. Purchasing Nightclubs and Bunkers provide the most passive income in GTA Online, so you can stay busy with other shenanigans while your businesses make you money in your absence.

Question:Can You Sleep In GTA Online?

Answer: Yes, you can! Unlike the GTA 5 campaign, sleeping in GTA Online will not make a difference in your in-game clock, so sleeping in GTA Online is pretty useless.

Question: Can You Sell Properties In GTA Online?

Answer: Yes! You can buy and sell almost every property in GTA Online. Customizing a property with different upgrades increases its value, and you can sell it for a higher value than you originally bought it.


Every week, new material and events are added to GTA Online, and the game’s huge geography keeps growing. Although fresh material has been added throughout the years, the landscape is still very barren, and there are enormous unexplored areas that players may never see.

Fortunately, Rockstar still supports and provides huge feature updates to GTA Online, even though the game is about to reach its 10th anniversary soon. The map of GTA V has been well thought out, and you can still find surprising easter eggs by exploring the map.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in navigating around GTA Online with ease and help you find hot spots of interest. Make sure to check out more amazing related reads mentioned below:

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