GTA V Top 5 Planes

GTA V Top 5 Planes – How Many of These Planes Do You Own in the Game?

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One of the best aspects of Grand Theft Auto V is the freedom to get in any vehicle in the game, and your character is an automatic expert at maneuvering it.

Apart from the regular cars and motorbikes, you can drive planes, helicopters, trains, and even the Atomic Blimp!

The ability to fly planes was introduced in GTA: San Andreas, and it has been a feature in the series on and off (you can’t fly an aircraft in Grand Theft Auto IV).

Thankfully, Rockstar included flying airplanes in GTA V, which is great because who doesn’t love flying airplanes?

Exploring the vast map of GTA V with an airplane is one of the most incredible scenic views in the game; you can rejoice in the beauty of the Los Santos skyline or get mesmerized in the endless Grand Senora desert; there are different views at multiple points on the huge map.

To fly an airplane, you must first obtain an airplane. While there are many choices at Los Santos International, you can also purchase any aircraft of your choice on the web in the game to get it delivered to your hanger.

In this guide, I will tell you what I think are the GTA V Top 5 Planes; read on and find out!

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My Top Picks at a Glance

Buckingham Luxor: Luxurious, fast, and expensive; Buckingham Luxor is a personal favorite of mine. It is found in GTA V (on the southwestern side of Los Santos International) and can be bought in GTA Online.

Mammoth Hydra: Weaponized armored plane. It is introduced as part of a DLC heist and has been a player favorite since. It can only be found/bought in GTA online.

Western Company Rogue: Old school WWII plane with no compromise in overall speed or weaponry. It is made as an old warplane in design and is one of the unique planes in the game.

JoBuilt P-996 LAZER: Supersonic jet with high-speed missiles and a machine gun ready to obliterate your targets in the blink of an eye. One of the most popular jets in the game.

Volatol: OVERKILL! Get his plane in GTA Online if you want to rain fire on your enemies and char their bones. It might be slow, but it reaches high altitudes to fire carpet bombs and eliminate everything in its path.

Notable Mention

Nagasaki Ultralight: Introduced in the Smuggler’s Run DLC, the Nagasaki Ultralight quickly gained notoriety for its exceptional speed and stealth. While not a plane per se, it does fly! And you have the advantage of navigating around Los Santos under the radar.


The planes on this list are chosen based on speed, durability, amount of destruction they can cause, and aesthetics. There are dozens of aircraft found in GTA V and GTA Online, and the number keeps increasing as updates are uploaded by Rockstar, which is why it is essential to understand that this list is solely based on my opinion.

I have created this list, ensuring only the most unique planes make it on this list; I will also mention other similar planes like the ones mentioned in the list, so you will know what planes are for you if you love a particular type.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the list and start exploring the best planes you can fly in GTA V!

Our Top Five GTAV Planes

Buckingham Luxor


The Buckingham Luxor has been a personal favorite of mine since GTA V landed on Xbox 360. It is one of the few planes on this list that you can find in the GTA V offline campaign and GTA Online.

My OG GTA: San Andreas gamer will remember this plane as ‘Shamal.’ It was an all-time favorite from the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series.

While Shamal is present in the game, Buckingham Luxor is a black-colored version of it. So, planes like Buckingham Luxor include Shamal, Nimbus, Miljet, Ghawar, Vestra, and the non-customizable Buckingham Deluxe.

You can find Buckingham Luxor on the South-Western side of Los Santos International airport, and I have always used it to escape the police while on the run.

This plane can seat eight players and is one of the fastest planes you can get your hands on in the airport.

You don’t need to buy a plane to be able to use it; you can find it 24/7 at the airport. Be cautious while stealing it, though; if you don’t own a hangar and you try to rush in at the airport, you’ll directly get a 3-star wanted level, which is why I highly recommend that you purchase a hangar in the airport and rush straight to the Buckingham Luxor without any trouble from the police.

From then on, you can simply taxi the airplane to your hangar, and you will be able to fly it whenever you want!

There! I just gave you an easy hack to get a Buckingham Luxor for free! It usually costs $1,500,000 in the game, so I guess it won’t hurt you to Venmo me $10 for the helpful tip.

Unfortunately, this hack doesn’t work in GTA Online, so you’ll have to purchase it from Elitás Travel for $1,625,000.

(So, I guess I won’t be getting those $10?)

It is a rear-end armored private jet, which you should get your hands on if you want to travel in style! The plane can reach a top speed of 326.20 km/h, which is pretty fast. You can only modify its paint in the hangar workshop.

Mammoth Hydra

Mammoth Hydra

Moving to the next one on our list, the mammoth Hydra is an armored jet that you must get your hands on if you are in the mood to cause destruction (which is a constant while playing GTA V)

The Hydra costs $3,990,000 and can be bought from Warstock Cache & Carry in Grand Theft Auto Online.

You cannot modify the Hydra other than respraying it, while you can store it in your personal hangar or as a Pegasus vehicle.

After purchasing the Hydra, go to the Pegasus Concierge’s Interaction Menu and choose “Aircraft” to arrange for delivery.

The Hydra resembles a real-life Harrier Jet, so if you’re a fan of the fighter jet, then the Mammoth Hydra was introduced in the game just for you!

The destructive VTOL attack jet can only seat 1 passenger, which is the pilot, so if you’re planning on wreaking havoc in San Andreas with the Mammoth Hydra, you’ll need to fly solo and unleash your rockets and heat-seeking missiles.

The jet is also equipped with countermeasures so you can get rid of any pests on your tail. It’s an ultimate combat machine that will help you dominate other players in the game.

Jets like the Mammoth Hydra include the Pyro, V-65 Molotok, P-996 LAZER (which you’ll find on this list), the Besra, and the Vulkan. If you love Hydra, you’ll love these jets!

The Hydra can reach a maximum of 327.00 km/h. Okay, I know what you might be thinking, “Hey, it’s almost the same as the private jet mentioned above,” well yeah, the top speed of the Hydra and Luxor might seem the same. Still, the Hydra can reach the maximum speed much quicker than the Luxor because of its destructive acceleration.

Western Company Rogue

Western Company Rogue

This plane was introduced to us in the Smuggler’s Den update of GTA Online. It’s an old-school WWII plane but don’t be fooled by its looks; it’s a fast armored plane that can cause no less destruction than a standard jet in GTA.

The Rogue is shown with an extended fuselage and an expansive front section with a four-blade propeller, a tiny intake below it, two massive exhausts on each side, two doors for the nose landing gear and a circular taxi light, mounted on the gear strut.

The plane is identical to a WWII plane, with four armament hardpoints; the central portion has an extended cockpit with twin sliding canopies for the passengers (two per side). The horizontal stabilizers of the empennage are black; it has quite a tall tail and is emblazoned with the star insignia that signifies its association with the Military.

The “Lazer” graphics and dial set seen on fighter planes like the P-996 LAZER and the Hydra have been replicated for use in both seats. The Rogue can seat 2 players simultaneously, a pilot and a co-pilot in the back seat.

The biggest highlights of the Rogue are its incredible speed, fantastic handling, and classy design of an old WWII plane.

It’s a vintage aircraft that packs a great punch; it costs $1,596,000 if you buy it from Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online. It resembles the P-45 Nokota, but the Rogue is much cheaper than the Nokota.

You can modify the Rogue by improving its armor, countermeasures, and engine to reach a top speed of 328.60 km/h, according to the game files, but it never reaches that speed, as checked by YouTubers.

JoBuilt P-996 LAZER

JoBuilt P-996 LAZER

Another personal favorite on the list of best GTA V planes is the JoBuilt P-996 LAZER. I remember trying to break into Fort Zancudo to get my hands on a LAZER jet. Unfortunately, the security is so tight that it is almost impossible to get your hands on a LAZER and take off without taking any damage.

(Psst… you want to fly out of Fort Zancudo without a problem? Check out Grand Theft Auto V Cheats Guide. Thank me later)

The easiest way to get your hands on a JoBuilt P-996 LAZER is to buy it for $6,500,000 in the game or break into Fort Zancudo and fly it out of the hangar by any means.

Forget the front gate, get yourself a helicopter, and land directly in Fort Zancudo with a parachute. You’ll get a 5-star wanted level, so you must move fast before the tanks arrive.

Make your way to the hangar and fly the LAZER out of the fortified military area. The takeoff is extremely fast, and the LAZER can reach a max speed of 328.60 km/h.

While you will get hit but the jet is strong enough to withstand a lot of damage before it crashes; Trevor’s hangar at Sandy Shores Airfield is the closest place for you to land your damaged aircraft.

Once you reach the hangar, the jet is yours forever!

The LAZER is based on a real-life F16 Falcon, a favorite worldwide for jet enthusiasts. It is extremely fast and makes navigating around San Andreas extremely efficient.

It is equipped with an explosive canon and lock-on missiles, making it a great aircraft if you want speed and accuracy in killing your enemies.

It costs the same in GTA Online, and it is a fan favorite; you can see players flying around in the JoBuilt P-996 LAZER on almost every server in GTA Online. There aren’t any modifications in performance for the LAZER, while you can modify its paint and camo.

It is a fighter jet that can seat only one player like the Mammoth Hydra, to which it shares a striking resemblance. The design is quite identical to the Hydra, and the blue flame from the propeller on thrusting just adds to the amazing aesthetics of the LAZER.

If you haven’t discovered the LAZER yet in the campaign or GTA Online, then make sure to get your hands on it ASAP. It’s a great choice for fast races, and you will surely benefit a lot in GTA Online races if you learn to maneuver a LAZER with precision.


Volatol gta v

What do you do when just shooting and firing missiles isn’t enough to fill your bloodlust? You get yourself a Volatol!

A Volatol will ensure that your enemy is not only dead but there is no trace left of their existence apart from a mere carbon derivative gas in the vast endless space.

It is an overkill armored V-bomber aircraft, which might be slow, but it can reach amazing heights and deploy a carpet bomb that will obliterate any person or vehicle that comes in its path.

The Volatol was introduced with the Doomsday Heist update. The Volatol resembles Titan, RM-10 Bombushka, and has a striking similarity to Alkonost.

You have four choices of explosives (Gas, Cluster, Incendiary and Explosive) for the carpet bomb, and it carries twice as many bombs as any other aircraft bomber in the game. The Volatol is equipped with Dual-MGs, which can be controlled by two other players and rotate 360 degrees to defend the aircraft. At the same time, there are three kinds of countermeasures armed on the Volatol.

You can upgrade the engine, armor, bomb type, and paint job of the aircraft in your hangar.

You can buy it for $3,724,000 in GTA Online, and it reaches a top speed of 266.35 km/h, which is kinda slow, but as I mentioned, it makes up for its slow speed with its armor, altitude, and destructive weaponry.

It is an expensive airplane in the game, so you’ll need to give extra hours to earn that much money to afford the Volatol. If you ever spot this in the game flying above you, there’s no need to run, just say your prayers and leave the server.

Notable Mention

Nagasaki Ultralight

Nagasaki Ultralight

While not a proper airplane, the Nagasaki Ultralight is something between a bicycle and a glider. It was introduced in the Bikers update of GTA Online.

Equipped with a thruster, a glider, pulleys, and a standard bicycle, the Nagasaki Ultralight will help you navigate around San Andreas at high speeds without triggering attention from restricted airspaces.

The Ultralight is a prominent DIY airplane which is something Trevor might make in his airfield. The attention to detail of the weird parts, such as the pulley, the handlebar, and the glider, are not commonly found on a plane.

The vehicle has a tricycle’s undercarriage and a big wing of a glider on the top, both of which are maneuvered with the help of the lower handlebar and a series of articulating joints that allow for basic aircraft handling.

The Ultralight has a single seat in the center and an engine located near the main wing support. The front of the cockpit has a tiny console, which you can observe by flying the Ultralight in first-person mode. 

The engine and the back half of the vehicle’s chassis are surrounded by a number of essential components, including the radiator, the alternator, and the fuel tank. Like many vehicles introduced following the Bikers update, the engine is equipped with pulleys and a timing belt.

Overall, the vehicle is extremely funny and shows the true essence of GTA. It doesn’t come under the umbrella of an aircraft, so you won’t get any unwanted attention flying over restricted airspace. The vehicle’s top speed is only 78.60 km/h which is good news for people who want to pass over restricted airspace without being noticed.

You can buy the Nagasaki Ultralight for $665,000 in GTA Online.


Question: What Is The Fastest Plane In GTA V?

Answer: The Mammoth Hydra is the fastest plane in GTA V, with a top speed of 327.00 km/h. It is based on the real-life harrier jet, which is a fast and powerful killing machine. While most of the planes in the game can reach a similar top speed to the Hydra, the main advantage you get while flying it in GTA Online races is that it has a super-fast acceleration. Acceleration is extremely beneficial to get a head start.

Question: Can You Sell Owned Planes In GTA V?

Answer: Yes! You can make money from your owned planes in Grand Theft Auto Online by making a workshop in your personal hangar and hopping right in the plane you want to sell. Click on the on-screen buttons and select sell. You can sell your plane at half the price of what it’s worth online. If you want to make more money off your airplane, then simply modify it a bit, and you’ll fetch a decent price.

Question: Is There A Flying Motorbike In GTA V?

Answer: Of course! It’s GTA V! If you can dream it, GTA V already has it! The Oppressor MK 2 is a flying motorbike introduced in the After Hours update of GTA Online. It is a hovering motorbike with a huge thruster attached to the back so you can fly across San Andreas in style.


GTA V has some of the most unique vehicles ever introduced in gaming. While aiming to be the best game ever, Rockstar ensured that GTA V excels in every aspect, from minigames to beautiful vehicles for people of all tastes.

You can be a fan of vintage planes or modern-day bombers; GTA V has it all! There are a ton of plane choices in the game; some of them have made their way from GTA San Andreas, which brings about a nostalgic feeling while flying them.

You will need fast and destructive planes to complete missions, ace races, or just bully other players randomly in a mixed server.

I hope you found this list to help single out the best airplane for you in GTA V; check out other amazing articles on the website. Here are a few recommended reads for GTA V fans:

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