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Akuma Motorcycle Guide

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The Dinka Akuma is one of the more accessible sports bikes in the game despite oozing style and power. As such, while the Akuma is not considered the best bike, it still maintains a powerful cult following.

As for me, the Akuma is generally my bike of choice. I recall using it in my first bike race because I liked its stats which allowed me to blaze past everyone else. Ever since I’ve come to buy and cherish my own Akuma and have spent a lot of time modding it, it has served me so well that I’ve never even had to look at most other bikes. In fact, I have friends with expensive bikes, those considered the best in the game, and my Akuma has consistently given them a run for their money.

In this guide, I’ll be discussing all that I’ve learned about the Akuma in my career as a competitive racer and through my many hours of zooming through the busy roads of Los Santos.

Dinka Akuma
Dinka Akuma. Image Source: GTA Wiki Fandom

Akuma Motorcycle Overview

The Dinka Akuma is a fairly popular early pick for most players as it’s available in story mode and online while being cheap at one of the most efficient cost-to-performance ratios. As far as performance goes, the Akuma is a beast in the acceleration department boasting the highest acceleration in the game. This, coupled with its exceptional design, unsurprisingly attracts many new players to try it out.

You can easily get your hands on the stock Dinka Akuma by opening up the internet on your phone and heading to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos. The bike is sold at a measly 9000 dollars and is available in the initial eight basic colors of red, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, black, and white. Although it’s available at a relatively cheap cost, you can also quite easily acquire one through illegal means. 

Driving around Downtown Power Street, the South West Side of the Los Santos International Airport, and sometimes in Vinewood and Vespucci Beach should allow you to find an Akuma to hijack and make your own easily.

To maximize your chances of locating one, try driving around on another bike, as it seems to increase the spawn rate. That being said, I prefer to buy one myself, so I can fully enjoy the experience of storing and customizing my superbike.



The design of the Dinka Akuma is based loosely on the Ducati Monster. The Ducati monster is one of the most well-known bikes among motorsport enthusiasts. Similar to the Akuma, the design is sleek and minimalistic, all while maintaining that powerful look by keeping the engine exposed. It’s considered one of the first models to truly bridge the gap between sports and street bikes. 

It appears the team at Rockstar has also adhered to the Ducati’s philosophy by making the Dinka Akuma into a stylish vehicle that tries to incorporate the best of both worlds, whether it be civilian driving or street racing. Other influences include the Double T, as it is often called a streetfighter variant of the much renowned Double T. The Akuma also takes a fair bit of its styling from the Buell XB12S, such as the exposed tubing and taillights. 

With the influence of such famous models looming over it, it’s surprising to see how accessible and affordable the bike was made for most players. 


Going by just looking from the perspective of someone who isn’t a huge sports bike fan, I can still say that the Akuma is what I imagine when I think of the word “heavy bike.” The Akuma should be a good fit if you want a bike that makes you feel like you’re blasting off on a mini rocket.

To put it simply, the design is sleek and elegant, featuring simple, neat lines. With customizable tubes running across the naked engine and a raised fuel tank, the Akuma gives the misleading impression of a bike much heavier than a lightweight and easy-to-control ride.

The tire base is also quite short, and you can really feel it come into play when smoothly turning those sharp corners in the city streets.

As for the colors, the primary color for the bike is applied to the main upper body color around the seat and fuel tank. The secondary color goes on the lower metallic bars and tubes that cover the machinery and wheels. Let’s not forget that although the rims have a default grey color, they can be personalized as well – I prefer going for a bright and dark contrast between the two that really allows the style to pop. 


Top Speed

One of the biggest criticisms this bike faces is that it simply has a much lower top speed than its competitors. The top speed listed in the game files is apparently only 90 mph; however, through some fairly affordable upgrades, it can reach an impressive 121.25 mph.

While this makes for a swift experience in free roam, it is still not enough to keep it competitive on long straights with the other fastest bikes. 


Even though the Akuma’s top speed is regularly criticized, its stock acceleration really makes up for the slack. On purchase, it has a maxed-out acceleration stat, capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in just under 4 seconds, which is simply the fastest in the game. 

Since most races in the game don’t take place on straight tracks, this powerful acceleration really allows the Dinka Akuma to outperform all its competitors when tackling courses involving many twists and turns. Of course, it also helps make driving around the city a much more convenient experience as you can get to top speeds much faster. 


As mentioned earlier, the handling on this bike feels smooth, like butter. Because of the bike’s short turn radius, weaving through traffic or turning sharp corners feels very easy. This, coupled with the powerful acceleration, makes this bike the king of turning corners. 

However, the bike lacks braking power, as it’s not strong enough to keep up with the acceleration. The bike has a fairly low braking rating, but that’s why we have upgrades, right?


You can head on over to the Los Santos customs to tinker with and customize your Akuma to suit your preferences. Honestly, this bike benefits from investing in everything related to performance because the performance-to-price ratio is excellent. Even the earlier mentioned drawbacks regarding speed and braking can all be compensated for. 

Fully upgrading the Dinka Akuma costs 111,000 dollars in GTA Online – having a competitive bike within that price range is simply too good of an opportunity to pass up for most players. All in all, most players with a bit of saved-up cash should be able to get the most out of this bike, and those looking for a good bike at a low cost should find this option quite appealing to save up for. 

Sell Price (Resale) $5,400 ($60,900 when fully upgraded)

Dinka Akuma modified
Dinka Akuma. Image Source: GTA Wiki Fandom


Armor upgrades are a must if you plan to take your Akuma into GTA Online; with how aggressive many griefers can be these days, you should always prioritize keeping your vehicle safe.

Seeing how it really isn’t all that huge of an investment, I would strongly recommend going the extra mile and reinforcing it to the max with a 100 percent armor upgrade as is standard. That is unless you really believe in your ability to avoid all incoming projectiles, in which case I would be impressed yet doubtful.

Armor GTA V GTA Online
No Armor 100 Dollars 1000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 20 Percent 500 Dollars 3600 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 40 Percent 1250 Dollars 6000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 60 Percent 2000 Dollars 9600 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 80 Percent 3500 Dollars 16,800 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 100 Percent 5000 Dollars 24,000 Dollars


I’ve already mentioned how the Akuma is quite lacking in the braking department. Therefore, make sure to get proper brake upgrades. This will allow you to make the most out of your corner-cutting capabilities and powerful acceleration.

Furthermore, if you’re seriously looking to win races, consider it an absolutely necessary investment! Otherwise, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade as it is something that helps a lot in driving around the city.

Brakes GTA V GTA Online
Stock Brakes 100 Dollars 200 Dollars
Street Brakes 2000 Dollars 4000 Dollars
Sport Brakes 2700 Dollars 5400 Dollars
Race Brakes 3500 Dollars 7000 Dollars


We have the engine upgrades to address the allegations regarding the mediocre top speed. Honestly, 6700 dollars is chump change when it allows you to get a maxed-out engine on this machine. Essentially, you become able to reach speeds up to 120mph, which is generally up there in competing with some of the fastest bikes in the game.

EMS Upgrades GTA V GTA Online
EMS Upgrade Level 1  900 Dollars 1800 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 2 1250 Dollars 2500 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 3 1800 Dollars 2600 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 4 3350 Dollars 6700 Dollars


What would a bike be without a fancy exhaust that screams out at onlookers? Especially for a bike with a naked engine such as the Akuma, the exhaust genuinely adds to the overall aesthetic the bike is already going for. However, adding a custom exhaust may remove the tail light, leaving an empty slot on the rear end (as when the same light is broken). So, proceed with your personal preferences in mind.

Exhaust GTA V GTA Online
Stock Exhaust 130 Dollars 260 Dollars
Side Mounted Carbon Can 375 Dollars 750 Dollars
Stubby Turbo Exhaust 899 Dollars 1800 Dollars


If you ever feel like ruining the day of those who decide to mess with you, equip this thing with bombs. Being able to drop an ignition or remote bomb on a turn effortlessly while your pursuers might be trying to deal with the corner will be nothing short of a joyful experience – trust me!

Explosives GTA Online
Ignition Bomb 5000 Dollars
Remote Bomb 7500 Dollars
The Akuma in the cinematic preview
The Akuma in the cinematic preview. Image Source: GTA Wiki Fandom


Is it a pointless upgrade? Well yeah, it doesn’t really offer much in terms of utility. But if you’re one of those people who enjoys the feeling of leaving a streak of neon in the city at night for some stylish turns and photos, feel free to go ahead with the Xenon lights. It’s a respectable aesthetic choice.

Lights GTA V GTA Online
Stock Lights 100 Dollars 100 Dollars
Xenon Lights 100 Dollars 2000 Dollars


Now some of you may be thinking, “Why should I bother upgrading the transmission, the bike is already at maximum acceleration?”

Well, you’d be correct if this were real-life; however, as has been extensively tested by many playtesters and available videos on youtube, every upgrade matters and increases the bike’s overall performance. So, this is not an upgrade you should skimp out on, as the Akuma really needs every upgrade to the top speed available.

Transmission GTA V  GTA Online
Stock Transmission 100 Dollars 200 Dollars
Street Transmission 2950 Dollars 5900 Dollars
Sports Transmission 3250 Dollars 6500 Dollars
Race Transmission 4000 Dollars 8000 Dollars


Similar to the transmission, you should also go for the turbo tuning options to really capitalize on that top speed. While this is one of the more expensive performance upgrades for the Akuma, the bike has five gears and switches between them quite often. Thus, you will be able to benefit from the speed boost more often than other bikes. With that said, this is definitely a cost-effective upgrade for your Akuma.

Turbo GTA V GTA Online
None 500 Dollars 1000 Dollars
Turbo Tuning 2500 Dollars 24,000 Dollars



Question: How much are the Dinka Akuma and its upgrades?

Answer: The Dinka costs around 9000 dollars at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos and a total of 110,000 dollars to fully get all the performance upgrades.

Question: Is the Dinka Akuma a good bike?

Answer: Yes, with an upgraded Akuma, you can confidently join any race you wish and compete for the top spot. The acceleration and handling are top-class.

Question: Does the Akuma spawn around the map?

Answer: Yes, the Dinka Akuma does spawn at various points of the map, such as Vinewood and Vespucci Beach. What’s more important to take note of, though, is that you yourself should be on a bike when scouting for it – this increases its chance of spawning.

Akuma Motorcycle: Conclusion

In a nutshell, the Dinka Akuma enjoys its popularity for some extremely valid reasons. While it may not the best bike in terms of speed and performance, it’s definitely a valid competitive choice for racers. The acceleration combined with the handling makes it very easy and effective for those new to racing.

This, when considering the low cost, is sure to make the Akuma one of those love-at-first-sight vehicles for many players who choose to take it for a spin. It’s a very good early investment for players looking to grab a cheap bike until they’re ready to purchase and invest in the big boys.

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