GTA V Chop Guide

GTA V Chop Guide

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One of the defining features of open-world games is their expansive cast of characters, including protagonists, antagonists, side characters, and NPCs. The protagonists are often portrayed as heroic figures, while the antagonists are depicted as darker, more nefarious characters who are in conflict with the protagonists. However, there are also characters that exist simply to add levity and humor to the game.

These characters, whether humorous individuals or adorable animals, provide a respite from the main conflicts of the game. Their inclusion is meant to encourage players to take a break from the tension and appreciate the smaller, more lighthearted moments. Rockstar, in particular, is renowned for paying meticulous attention to even the most minor details, which can greatly enhance the player’s overall enjoyment of the game, even if these details are not directly relevant to the main storyline.

One character that has particularly stood out to me is the star of this GTA V Chop guide., who initially appears to be Franklin’s dog based on the game’s initial artwork. However, it is quickly revealed that Lamar Davis actually owns him. However, despite this, it is clear to all GTA V fans that Franklin and Chop make a wholesome, funny, and reliable duo, and it would be practical for Franklin to adopt Chop (spoiler alert: he does in GTA Online).

Chop Overview

GTA V Chop and franklin
Image from GTA Fandom Wiki

Chop is a Rottweiler dog who was raised with The Families before coming under Lamar’s wing. Ever since, he has been a reliable partner to Lamar, supporting him with his acute sense of smell and unwavering loyalty. Moreover, despite being a hound that Lamar likes to let loose on his adversaries, he is surprisingly capable of being a cute and adorable dog that sits and paws at its caretaker’s command.

Being consistent with their track record of emphasizing minor details, it is not surprising to see that Rockstar put effort into developing Chop’s mechanics. On the adorable side, you can interact with Chop by petting and playing with him, whereas Rockstar even included a mechanic that allows him to fetch a ball if thrown.

On the more supportive side, Chop possesses a sense of duty that compels him to aggress anyone who dares to abuse (physically or verbally) his owner (primarily Franklin). It’s a cool and unique feature that adds to the overall immersion of the game.

While Chop’s mechanics are worth exploring, it’s also important to learn about Chop’s role in the GTA V storyline. With that said, this guide will first discuss Chop’s role in the story before presenting a full breakdown of his mechanics.

Chop’s First Appearance

Chop is introduced quite early in the game, specifically in the fifth mission titled “Chop.” The mission begins with Lamar and Chop walking to Franklin’s house just as Franklin’s aunt leaves for a jog. This allows Lamar to approach Franklin without any interruptions and talk to him about his profitable plan.

chop gta v dog
Image from GTA Fandom Wiki

Lamar’s Plan

Lamar, a proponent of the “winner” mentality, presents Franklin with a money-making opportunity. The idea is to kidnap D, a high-ranked member of the Ballas gang, intending to hand him over to the Los Santos Police Department. Since the loss of an OG member would be detrimental to the Ballas, Lamar hopes to make an easy profit off a ransom of 40,000 dollars.

While Lamar is determined to see this through, Franklin reluctantly tags along, and the trio (including Chop) make their way to Lamar’s van, in which they’ll be detaining D.

Confronting D

According to Lamar’s intelligence, D can be found around Vinewood Boulevard, so the group heads in that direction. During the journey, Franklin and Lamar have some entertaining conversation, during which Franklin admits to having a fondness for Chop and relates to him in that they both have to endure Lamar’s daily annoyances.

However, before they reach D’s location, Franklin shares his ambitious philosophy with Lamar, expressing a desire for the gang to move beyond petty tactics of making money, despite the irony of his current involvement in Lamar’s plan.

As the trio approaches D, they find him in an alley attempting to solicit free services from a prostitute, claiming his status as an OG. However, upon seeing Lamar, D quickly recognizes him (despite both Lamar and Franklin wearing bandannas) and flees the scene. The group hastily returns to the van and gives chase, with Chop jumping in head first.

Chop’s Chase

Despite Franklin’s exceptional driving skills, the trio is unable to catch up to D on a motorcycle with their van. However, as they exit Simmit Alley, D crashes into a bus and falls off his bike. Miraculously, he is not injured – instead, he quickly gets up and makes a run for it. In response, Lamar steps out of the van and releases Chop to chase after D!

In the second chase sequence, Chop is led into the area’s railyard, where D barely manages to cross a railroad track before a train cuts him off from his pursuers. Once the train passes, D disappears, likely hiding in one of the boxcars. The player then has the opportunity to switch to Chop’s perspective and use his sense of smell to locate the OG.

Chop’s Weird Tendency

As the player searches for D, they alternate between controlling Franklin and Chop. Chop begins by barking at a boxcar, and then Franklin checks it for D. If D is not there, the process is repeated. However, during this process, a strange cutscene occurs where Chop runs over to another dog and starts humping it, much to Franklin’s surprise, especially since the other dog is also male. Talk about strange tendencies, am I right?

Despite this strange occurrence, D is eventually found and apprehended, with bite marks on his bottom from Chop. Franklin and Lamar then place D in the back of the van and set off to collect the ransom.

Rolling with Franklin

GTA V Chop
Image from GTA Fandom Wiki

After the aforementioned mission, Lamar phones up Franklin and asks him to take care of Chop for “a while,” a time period that, spoiler alert, practically never ends. This marks the beginning of Franklin and Chop’s partnership, and Chop becomes a constant companion for Franklin.

It’s almost as if Franklin has become Chop’s new owner, as Lamar does not seem to assert his ownership over Chop again. From this point on, Chop is often seen accompanying Franklin on various missions.

Lamar’s Drug Deal

Chop accompanies Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor as they travel to Grove Street for Lamar’s personal business. More particularly, Lamar is going to be the recipient of a drug deal, but things go south when Trevor’s skepticism reveals the dealer’s deceit. Instead of handing over the proper product, the dealer tries to cheat Lamar with a fake substance mixed with “nose candy.” With the drug deal disrupted, the only thing left to do is survive the shootout that follows.

As the shootout begins and the protagonists take cover, Lamar orders Chop to leave the area before things get too dangerous. Therefore, part of the mission objective is to ensure Chop’s safety, as his death will cause the mission to fail. If the mission is completed successfully, Chop can be seen unharmed at Franklin’s house afterward.

The O’Neil Brothers

Chop backs up Franklin on the ground as he’s pursuing the last remnants of the O’Neil Brothers, a gang that was disbanded in the past as a result of Trevor’s actions. Moreover, even after the enemy jeep crashes and the O’Neil Brothers scatter into the woods as a result, Chop helps track them down by picking up their scent.

Furthermore, while Michael takes out most of the enemies from Trevor’s chopper using a thermal scope attached to a sniper rifle, Chop helps locate the man trying to shoot down Micheal’s chopper. Once Franklin delivers the final blow, Michael and Trevor escort him and Chop out of the forest, an experience that probably counts as Chop’s first time riding on a helicopter!

Iconic Cocaine Scene

Although Chop has been largely absent in recent years, he made a memorable appearance in the Contract DLC. By this point, Chop has grown significantly, and Franklin has moved on from his criminal past. After the Big Score heist, Franklin invested a large portion of his earnings, eventually becoming the CEO of his own company, F. Clinton and Partner. On the other hand, Lamar started a marijuana business called LD Organics (with LD standing for Lamar Davis).

Franklin and Lamar remain on good terms, with Lamar frequently sharing samples of his new products with Franklin. However, during the Contract DLC, Chop is found to have ingested one of Lamar’s cannabis samples, resulting in a hilarious cutscene where Chop is depicted as being very intoxicated, staggering towards Franklin before eventually falling over. Later, when Lamar demands that Franklin return all of his samples, Franklin dismissively tells him to sue Chop for them.

Chop the Companion

chop gta v attacking
Image from GTA Fandom Wiki

Let’s explore Chop’s mechanics in-depth and see what he brings to the table when tagging along with you. When I saw him for the first time, a few things that I had anticipated were the ability to sniff out enemies and attack them on will, as demonstrated in the prior mission, “Chop.”

However, I was only half right because Chop, as a supporting character, is given a “Seek” ability to sniff out hidden collectibles and objects in the locality instead of enemies. Other abilities in Chop’s arsenal include:

  • Attack: Chop will attack any enemies or animals in the vicinity
  • Stay: Chop will stay in one place and not move until further commanded
  • Follow: Chop will follow the player and stay by their side
  • Fetch: Chop will retrieve an object or item that the player throws

Taking Care of Chop

Seeing how much Chop contributes to a player’s experience, it is only natural to ensure that he is properly taken care of. I personally make sure to walk him around Forum Drive during my downtime, an activity that can be initiated by selecting the “Take for Walk” option when interacting with Chop. During the walk, I have a routine of playing fetch with him, followed by a nice treat before grooming him and taking him back to his kennel.


Question: What is Chop’s Breed?

Answer: Chop is a Rottweiler, a breed of dog known for their loyal and protective nature. Although they do make for excellent companions, they don’t get along with everyone; this minor detail makes me appreciate his partnership with Franklin even more.

Question: Can Chop be Petted?

Answer: Yes, Chop can be petted. The action of petting Chop is the equivalent of interacting with characters and objects in the game, which corresponds to the left bumper button on console and the “F” on PC.

Question: How did Chop get Intoxicated?

Anwer: Chop gets intoxicated in the Contract DLC due to ingesting some of Lamar’s cannabis samples that he initially lent to Franklin for testing. It appears Franklin did not take extra steps to distance his dog from them.


In conclusion, despite being a rather atypical dog, Chop is one of the more lovable characters in GTA V. Not only does he make an amusing first impression (unlike Lamar) in his first mission, but he continues to support the main cast in various ways during future missions.

Although Chop proves his reliability with his sense of smell and unflinching loyalty, it’s important to remember that, at the end of the day, he’s meant to be more than a subordinate: a loyal friend.

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