Syed Arham

A computer geek at heart, Arham spends his day losing games in Dota 2, switching things up to GTA Online, where he can take out his frustrations with fast cars and guns aplenty, and when he's not gaming, he's usually writing guides for fellow gaming enthusiasts.

GTA V Chop Guide

GTA V Chop Guide

One of the defining features of open-world games is their expansive cast of characters, including protagonists, antagonists, side characters, and NPCs. The protagonists are often portrayed as heroic figures, while the antagonists are depicted as darker, more nefarious characters who are in conflict with the protagonists. However, there are also characters that exist simply to […]

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Pegassi Infernus Guide

The Pegassi Infernus is one of the most sought-after vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V. The sleek, Italian-made supercar is one of the fastest cars in the game, and its unique design makes it a desirable choice for the player. Being behind the steering wheel for the first time was a pretty exhilarating experience for

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Grotti Turismo R Guide

GTA V has never held back when it comes to providing its players the vehicle options. With 55 cars in just the supercars category, choosing the perfect vehicle with a good performance-to-price ratio can be daunting. With that said, one of the most budget-friendly supercars you can get in GTA V is the Grotti Turismo

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GTA V The Big Score Guide

GTA V The Big Score Guide

When ranking the multitudes of missions in GTA V in terms of pure enjoyment, it’s no surprise that Heist missions, with their intense gunfights and high stakes, make their way to the top. After all, these missions are not one-off events but involve completing several preparation-related missions that coalesce to bring about a spectacularly executed

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