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Bravado Gauntlet Guide – “United We Stand, Together We Fall”

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Muscle cars became a cultural phenomenon with a massive following, especially in the GTA Online Community. They may not be the fastest in the game, but they dominate the streets of Los Santos. 

As the name suggests, muscle cars have rough styles and powerful engines made for the top players in the game. And no one in the game got it better than the Bravado Gauntlet. 

In this Bravado Gauntlet guide, we will tell you everything you need to get up to speed on the Bravado Gauntlet.

Vehicle Overview

  • Manufacturer: Bravado.
  • Class: Muscle.
  • Price: 32,000$.
  • Top Speed: 113 mph.
  • Drive train: Rear-wheel Drive.
  • Seats: 2.
  • Weight: 1600 kg/ 3500 lbs.
  • Transmission: 5-speed.
  • Where to mod it: Los Santos Customs.
  • How to get it: Southern San Andreas Super Autos/ Stolen.
  • Variants: Redwood Gauntlet.
  • Resale Value: 20,000$ stock/ 85,000$ fully modded/ 10,000$ stolen.

What is Bravado?

Bravado gta v

Bravado is an American car company in the HD Universe of the Grand Theft Auto series. It has been manufacturing cars since the good old days of GTA IV. After taking a closer look at the majority of its design models, you can clearly notice that Bravado takes inspiration mainly from Dodge. 

However, some of the cars are based on other brands like Chevrolet, TVR, and even Ford. Some vehicles are an alloy of several models. The logo is an off-brand Ram logo with red and white. 

Bravado carries the meaning of valorous and menacing. As a result, every car made by Bravado embodies that meaning and puts it to good use. To simplify, it is a hidden reference to the sheer size and power of its vehicles, just like Dodge.

Bravado Gauntlet Design

Bravado has a lot of great creations in its arsenal, including pickup trucks, military vehicles, monster trucks, sports cars, and supercars. Withal, Bravado is well known for its muscle cars more than anything else. 

The Gauntlet is an infamous two-door muscle car in GTA V. Alongside the Banshee, the Gauntlet is an austere contender that put Bravado back on the Grand Theft Auto map. 

The third-generation Dodge Challenger is the main source of inspiration for the Gauntlet. The fluid bulky body lines are similar to those on the SRT8 model, in addition to matching hoods. However, the Gauntlet does not come with hood vents. 

There are other design cues from various different cars. Looking at it from the side, the Gauntlet seems to share the same body structure/ style as the 1970s Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda.  

The front grille mesh resembles the grill of the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro. The same goes for the rear end. It is shaped after the challenger, but the looks and tail lights are from a Camaro. 

The front end is forged like the Chevrolet Camaro with a pointy shape instead of a sleek continuous line. The front grille features four horizontal blades bordered by two big round headlights on both sides. The outer lights are pushed back ever so slightly to keep the front end as flush as possible. 

The lower bumper is narrower than the top and houses two round fog lamps with a wide black mesh for the intake. The front bumper is bland and lacks any exciting features. Not to mention, the looks are ruined by a big number plate sitting right in the center.

The exterior looks lean toward the traditional muscle car appearance. The lines begin narrow at the front and start to expand in the middle. Then it flows seamlessly towards the end with broad and flared wheel arches. 

The rear quarter panels include vertical air vents like the Camaro and 70s Challenger to cool down the breaks. And, on the rear fenders, there is a chrome/ silver “Gauntlet” badge. On the other hand, the front fender includes a “450cui Turbocharged” badge. 

It could be a hidden reference to the 392 Challenger SRT. 

Moving to the back end of the car. It is boring and lacks any excitement like the front. The tail lights are from the fifth Gen Camaro. However, they are merged together in one housing instead of being separate. In between the light, sits a big shiny Bravado emblem. 

The bumper and the exhaust exits are similar to those on the challenger, with a black section in the middle. The latter gives the visual effects of a diffuser. The number plate is included in the rear bumper. It is placed in the middle under the emblem. 

The interior is not overwhelming either. It is the same basic interior you find in the Dominator, Buccaneer, and Ruiner. Except it has Bravado emblems. They even share the same speed dials. 

The primary color scheme covers 98% of the bodywork, while the secondary color is reserved for a thick racing stripe. The stripe is right in the middle, starting from the pointiest part of the front all the way back to the trunk. 

Despite being modeled after a recent generation of the Dodge challenger, the engine is based on the performance variants of the 1971 Challenger. 

bravado gauntlet design


In terms of performance, the Gauntlet falls in the middle of the muscle car class. Yet, the dominator is much faster. The handling is more responsive than it originally looks. Nevertheless, it still feels like you are driving a boat on land. 

The acceleration is decent. It gets up and goes considering it’s a heavy rear-wheel drive muscle car. The Gauntlet can be quite twitchy at high-speed corners. It also has a tendency to spin out at low-speed turns. So it may require a bit of finesse to keep it under control. 

The Gauntlet sounds great, with a deep burble similar to the Saber Turbo and the Buffalo. Still, the fact that you can install a turbo and hear the blow off valve sound instead of a supercharger whine is really annoying to me. 

At least it can get you up to a top speed of 113 mph. Traction is not the best, so you better stay away from low-grip tires. Finally, the brakes could use an upgrade.


There are two ways to get the Bravado Gauntlet, you can either steal it or buy it. If you decide to purchase it, use the phone and go to Southern San Andreas Super Autos. You will find a brand-new Gauntlet for the cost of 32,000 $. 

If you are a brookie, you can search for one in the streets of Los Santos and steal it. It usually spawns at the garage in Little Seoul on Vespucci Boulevard. Sometimes, you can find it parked on the street in Rockford Hills near the Portola area. 

You may find one in Mission Row or at the theater’s parking lot in Vinewood Hills. The Gauntlet is usually found in the southern parts of LS River where gang members gather for street races. 

If you have any luck, you may find one stuck in traffic, or a custom one parked in front of LS custom shop in Burton. The latter can be sold for almost 9000 $, whereas the stock Gauntlet can be sold for 4000 $. If you sell the one you bought, you will lose 10,000+ $. 

The Gauntlet appears in a series of missions, including the Big Score if you choose the subtle approach.  


The Bravado Gauntlet is an OG muscle that has been in GTA V since the game was released. It is a shame that such a vehicle comes with just the basic mods. Unfortunately, the Gauntlet lacks a lot of custom options, especially when it comes to the bodywork. 

Here is a list of the upgrades available for the Gauntlet. 

Performance upgrades:

Engine: EMS upgrades

  1. Level 1
  2. Level 2
  3. Level 3
  4. Level 4
GTA V Story Mode price

  1. 900 $
  2. 1,250 $
  3. 1,800 $
  4. 3,350 $
GTA Online price

  1. 1,800 $
  2. 2,500 $
  3. 3,600 $
  4. 6,700 $

  1. Stock
  2. Street
  3. Sports
  4. Race 
  1. 100 $
  2. 2,950 $
  3. 3,250 $
  4. 4,000 $
  1. 200 $
  2. 5,900 $
  3. 6,500 $
  4. 8,000 $

  1. Stock 
  2. Lowered
  3. Street
  4. Sport
  1. 100 $
  2. 500 $
  3. 1,000 $
  4. 1,700 $
  1. 200 $
  2. 1,000 $
  3. 2,000 $
  4. 3,400 $

  1. No Turbo
  2. Turbo Tuning
  1. 500 $
  2. 2,500 $
  1. 1000 $
  2. 30,000 $

  1. Stock 
  2. Street
  3. Sport 
  4. Race 
  1. 100 $
  2. 2,000 $
  3. 2,700 $
  4. 3,500 $
  1. 200 $
  2. 4,000 $
  3. 5,400 $
  4. 7,000 $

Cosmetic and protection upgrades:


  1. None 
  2. 20% armor
  3. 40% armor
  4. 60% armor
  5. 80% armor
  6. 100% armor
  1. 100 $
  2. 500 $
  3. 1,250 $
  4. 2,000 $
  5. 3,500 $
  6. 5,000 $
  1. 200 $
  2. 4,500 $
  3. 7,500 $
  4. 12,000 $
  5. 21,000 $
  6. 30,000 $

  1. Ignition Bomb 
  2. Remote Bomb
  1. N/A
  2. N/A
  1. 5,000 $
  2. 7,500 $
Tracker           N/A           2,000 $

  1. Blue on White 1
  2. Blue on White 2
  3. Blue on White 3
  4. Yellow on blue
  5. Yellow on Black
  1. 50 $
  2. 50 $
  3. 50 $
  4. 75 $
  5. 150 $
  1. 200 $
  2. 200 $
  3. 200 $
  4. 300 $
  5. 600 $

  1. None
  2. Light Smoke
  3. Dark Smoke
  4. Limo
  1. 100 $
  2. 200 $
  3. 450 $
  4. 700 $ 
  1. 500 $
  2. 1,500 $
  3. 3,500 $
  4. 5,000 $

  1. Stock
  2. Xenon
  1. 100 $
  2. 300 $
  1. 200 $
  2. 3,000 $

  1. Chrome
  2. Classic
  3. Matte
  4. Metallic
  5. Metals
  6. Pearlescent
  1. 1,200 $
  2. 400 $
  3. 1,000 $ 
  4. 650 $
  5. 900 $ 
  6. 1,100 $
  1. 25,000 $
  2. 780- 12,500 $
  3. 2,000- 17,500 $ 
  4. 1,300- 15,000 $ 
  5. 10,250- 50,000 $ 
  6. 2,340- 20,000 $

Extra modifications include neon light combination, interior colors, wheel types, and horns. Some mods may require a higher rank in GTA Online to unlock. And lots of money! 


The Redwood Gauntlet

the redwood gauntlet GTA V
Image from GTA Wiki

In 2016, Rockstar added a racing variant of the Gauntlet as part of the Cunning Stunts DLC. The Redwood Gauntlet shares the exact design as the standard Gauntlet. All the bodywork is the same. The most obvious differences are the Redwood Cigarettes Racing Livery and the red wheels that come with the Redwood Gauntlet, hence the name. 

But the biggest upgrade is in the performance. The Redwood Gauntlet has better acceleration and more power. In addition, it has better traction noticeable mainly at high speeds. Speaking of the devil, the top speed of the racing variant is increased to 117 mph, making it a fierce competitor to sports cars like the Rapid GT. 

The handling didn’t change much, and the weight was slightly reduced. The engine model, transmission, and drivetrain are the same as the standard model. However, the sound was changed as well. Now, the Redwood Gauntlet sounds a bit more like the Adder. 

Similar to the standard Gauntlet, the Redwood variant lacks in terms of custom options. You can add the same basic performance upgrades, and change wheels, tires, and lights. You can change the primary color of the car, but the livery on top stays the same. 

If you are a returning player, congratulations! The Redwood Gauntlet is yours for free. If not, you have to buy it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for 230,000 $. In story mode, the car will automatically appear in the protagonists’ garages after winning the stock car races. 


The Bravado Gauntlet is a decent muscle car and a worthy opponent. However, there are a lot of cars in the same class that can give the Gauntlet a run for its money. Its toughest rival is the Vapid Dominator. 

The Dominator is based on the fifth-gen Ford Mustang. It has high torque output and makes a lot of power. In addition, it has remarkable acceleration and can reach a top speed of 120 mph. Nonetheless, the handling is not as good as the Gauntlet. 


Question: What is the Fastest Muscle Car in GTA Online? 

Answer: There are so many fast muscle cars in GTA Online. The top five include: 

  1. BF Weevil Custom – 137 mph
  2. Vapid Imperator – 132 mph
  3. (Arena) Vapid Dominator – 131 mph
  4. (Arena) Declasse Impaler – 130 mph
  5. Bravado Buffalo STX – 126 mph 

Question: What is the Most Expensive Muscle Car in GTA Online? 

Answer: The most expensive muscle money can buy in GTA Online is the Imponte Ruiner 2000. It costs 5.7 million $ and has a trading price of 4.3 million $. 

Question: What is the Best Muscle Car for Beginners? 

Answer: The best muscle cars for beginners to choose from include the Bravado Gauntlet, Vapid Dominator, Declasse Saber Turbo Custom, and the Dukes. 

Finale Thoughts

The Bravado Gauntlet is a legendary vehicle that’s been rolling around LS streets since day one. It is a great well rounded car that deserves a spot in your collection. However, the car is outdated and lacks some serious modifications compared to the other cars in the game.

And since the updates will not be stopping any time soon, the Gauntlet may as well be forgotten. 

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