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After taking the Ocelot Pariah for a spin and going through the rounds with it, I can safely say that it is one of the fastest supercars in GTA Online. In a league of its own, the Ocelot Pariah offers supreme performance, and with the right modifications, it undoubtedly becomes a beast.

The Ocelot Pariah was added to GTA Online to celebrate the Doomsday Heist Update that dropped in December of 2017, generating massive hype across the community. So without further ado, let’s review the Ocelot Pariah and why it made waves across the community.

Ocelot Pariah Overview

The Ocelot Pariah is one of the fastest cars in GTA V, despite being an old timer amongst its brethren. Possessing a ridiculous level of top speed and acceleration, the Pariah can outclass almost everything when in the right hands.

If you’re in town for one, you can obtain the Ocelot Pariah by opening up your phone and heading over to Legendary Motorsports. Go over to the Ocelot Pariah listing to purchase it for 1,420,000 GTA Dollars, but make sure to have space in your garage. Otherwise, you might end up losing a vehicle.



The Ocelot Pariah clearly takes a lot of inspiration from the super fast Aston Martin Vanquish Zagata. Apart from that, I’ve also noticed some key design elements taken straight from the Ferrari lineup, with details honed particularly from the Ferra Portofino and the Ferrari 812 Superfast. This becomes all the more evident when you close in on the car’s front section.

Lastly, taking a closer look at the vehicle’s tail lights, I see a tiny resemblance to the Dodge Viper SRT, making the car look much more like a Lampadi vehicle than an Ocelot one. Overall, with all these key integrations and mix & matching from various real-life cars, I really dig the aggressive and sporty look of the Ocelot Pariah.


Image From GTA Fandom

Moving on to the exterior of the vehicle and looking closely, I’ve noticed that the car comes equipped with a carbon fiber splitter for the stock vehicle. I don’t know about you, but this is a rare sight for me since players usually have to purchase it separately as a modification over at Los Santos Customs as far as other cars are concerned. That’s pretty neat!

However, the interior is a bit boring for my tastes, and Rockstar really needs to work on its car interiors. They expect users to use third-person mode predominantly, but sometimes I like to cruise around in first person, and that is when I notice the interior. Although the detail is very sparse, some standouts are the carbon fiber paddle shifters towards the rear of the steering wheel and of course, the manufacturer’s emblem on the horn cap.

The color scheme is pretty standard to what we’re used to for a superclass vehicle. The primary color is applied to the main bodywork, while the secondary color goes on the outline of the headlamps, interior stitching, and the main spokes of the stock rims.


When we come to the performance aspect of the vehicle, it’s in a league of its own. It blew me away with its incredible speed, which requires expert hands to fully utilize. However, once you master it, it pretty much wipes the competition in the Sports class. Sure, you might think the Elegy RH8, Neo or the Jugular might stand a chance, but you’d embarrass yourself. 

All in all, think twice before racing a tricked-out Pariah, or even a stock version, for that matter.

Top Speed

Thanks to the car’s large displacement 4-line engine, amongst other factors, the Pariah has an impressive stock speed, but wait till I get to its maximum achievable top speed. In-game files say that the stock Pariah’s top speed averages 110 miles per hour. However, as is the case with most cars, some EMS upgrades can bring that number up a notch – of course, the Pariah is no exception. 

If you head on over to the Los Santos Customs, you can install EMS upgrades on four levels. The basic EMS Upgrade 1 gives you adds two miles per hour speed while the EMS 2 gives you another few bars adding up to 115 miles per hour. EMS Upgrade 3 bumps you up to an impressive 120 miles per hour, and the EMS Level 4 brings the Pariah’s top speed to 126 miles per hour, making it the fastest car in the sports class.


There are very few contenders in GTA V’s car roster that are gifted both in terms of acceleration and speed. The majority are blessed in one but cursed in the other, adding up to very poor competitive value.

If a car’s top speed is great, but its acceleration isn’t, then good luck reaching your top speed before other competitors blow past you. Similarly, if a car’s acceleration is great, but its top speed isn’t, then you’ll quickly find yourself reaching your top speed before other competitors eventually overtake you and leave you in the dust.

As such, from a competitive standpoint, the Ocelot Pariah is an outstanding car due to its top speed and acceleration that complements the former so well. Capable of reaching its top speed in a matter of seconds, the Pariah fiercely competes with the likes of Principe Deveste Eight, Grotti Itali RSX, Lampadati Corsita, and all those top dogs.


Of course, the Ocelot Pariah does have its fair share of imperfection, which manifests itself in many ways, one of them being the handling.

But to start out positive, the Pariah boasts great traction and will almost never spin out on you, at least in my experience, and I’m sure my Pariah isn’t anything special. This quality makes it surprisingly maneuverable on rougher terrain compared to more mainstream sports cars, although I recommend going off-road only when necessary.

However, what stops this car from competing in technical or tight-cornering tracks is how its steering becomes particularly heavy when making sharp turns. You have to significantly slow down the Pariah in order to make a safe turn without spinning out or rolling over, at which point other competitors will overtake you.

Even so, consider this a pro tip, but in the event that you do spin out, don’t forget that the Pariah’s superior traction allows you to control and get back on track quite easily. Considering all these performance traits, I recommend the Pariah as the go-to Sports car for sports class races. But keep in mind, the Pariah performs best when racing on the straight or on smooth roads.


To get your daily dose of car modifications, head on over to Los Santos Customs. While I personally love the fact that the Ocelot Pariah gets to enjoy some customization options that other Ocelot cars don’t get to, they are still limited in the grand scheme of things. 


Image From GTA Fandom

The Ocelot Pariah is a very expensive vehicle, and griefers will definitely rear their eyes at this vehicle and point their crosshairs the first chance they get. So, if you ever run into one, be prepared in advance. Get the armor modifications you need for the vehicle to ensure that your Pariah doesn’t end up being toasted in a matter of seconds or being obliterated by some missiles. 

It’ll save you a lot of money in the process, as you’ll save your Pariah from being destroyed, for which you’ll have to buy another one or pay a premium on your GTA Online Insurance to replace the vehicle. So, plan ahead and get some armor upgrades!

Armor GTA Online
No Armor 1000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 20 Percent 7500 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 40 Percent 12000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 60 Percent 20000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 80 Percent 35000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 100 Percent 50000 Dollars


You definitely need those brake upgrades, and that is an understatement. The Ocelot Pariah is blazing fast, and controlling it on a highway or any road can become pretty tough, especially if the rear wheels lock up. In the event the wheels do lock up, you’ll end up damaging your Pariah for sure.

So get your hands on the best possible brakes in GTA Online, which are the impressive race brakes. With these, even if you’re going down the straight at 126 miles per hour, you can come to a complete standstill without crashing into what’s ahead.

Brakes GTA Online
Stock Brakes 1000 Dollars
Street Brakes 20000 Dollars
Sport Brakes 27000 Dollars
Race Brakes 27000 Dollars

Front Bumpers

Front Bumpers
Image From GTA Fandom

The Ocelot Pariah has some pretty solid bumper options, and if you look closely at the stock front bumper, it doesn’t look all that great. It seems to have these scary eyes with a wide mouth that looks pretty funny, which tones down the car’s seriousness and intimidation factor. Sure, it can blaze past 126 miles per hour, but it has a funny look to it.

That’s where the custom bumper options make the vehicle all the more menacing.

  • The Secondary Strip personally seems like a pretty unappealing bumper modification, and I’d rather look into the variety of other bumpers available for the vehicle. But if you dig it, go for it.
  • On the surface, the Carbon Strip is not that different from the secondary strip and adds the looks and texture of what appears to be carbon fiber, but we all know it’s just a diagonal texture on the secondary strip a deal-breaker.
  • Now, the Tuner Bumper changes up the goofy grille of the Ocelot Pariah to something a bit more sleek and beautiful. The trapezoid shape of the bumper fits pretty with the stock details of the front fascia of the Ocelot Pariah. The car looks super clean, which is why I personally use the tuner bumper on my Pariah Setup.
  • The Secondary Strip Tuner Bumper feels pretty unnatural as it doesn’t blend well with the looks of the Ocelot Pariah. Honestly, it looks tacky, and it seems weird to add such an unappealing option.
  • Similarly, the Carbon Strip Tuner Bumper just adds a diagonal carbon fiber texture to the secondary strip, which I don’t like all that much. It’s a hard pass from me.
  • The Secondary GT Bumper adds a beautiful and sleek rectangular bumper that spans the width of the front bumper but doesn’t go off to the sides all that much. However, a turn-off for me is the inclusion of the secondary strip once again. I wish there was a possibility of getting the GT bumper without the strip included.
  • The Carbon GT Bumper is the one and the same secondary GT Bumper with a bit of carbon fiber flare. If you want to spend the extra money and boast about your expensive setup, go for it. 
Front Bumpers GTA Online
Stock Front Bumper 2200 Dollars
Secondary Strip  4600 Dollars
Carbon Strip 7400 Dollars
Tuner Bumper 11700 Dollars
Secondary Strip Tuner Bumper 14500 Dollars
Carbon Strip Tuner Bumper 14700 Dollars
GT Bumper 14900 Dollars
Secondary GT Bumper 15100 Dollars
Carbon GT Bumper 15300 Dollars

Rear Bumpers

Now, moving to the rear of the vehicle, we get to take a look at some rear bumper options, which are limited but quite appealing. We’re talking about quality over quantity here, and the Ocelot Pariah has a tasteful but limited selection of rear bumpers.

The Stock Rear Diffuser is pretty sick for the Ocelot Pariah. I like my cars a bit sleeker, and if you do too, you can pick some minimalistic options for your Pariah’s rear. I recommend going with this option despite my criticism of carbon fiber because the blacked-out carbon diffuser mixes really well with the Pariah’s mesh grille, resulting in that sweet toned-down look.

Rear Bumper GTA Online
Stock Rear Diffuser 2200 Dollars
Carbon Diffuser 4600 Dollars
Carbon Trim Diffuser 7400 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

So, the Ocelot Pariah has a stock top speed of 110 miles per hour, which is pretty respectable, and I’d stick with that and improve the vehicle’s overall handling. But for the GTA Online speed demons out there, you could definitely trick out the engine with some EMS Upgrade and brag about the Pariah’s top speed that outclasses any supercar.

EMS Upgrades GTA Online
EMS Upgrade Level 1 9000 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 2 12500 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 3 18000 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 4 33500 Dollars


If you have the extra cash on hand and insurance, for that matter, you can prank some griefers or friends by keeping your Ocelot Pariah unlocked and rigging it with some explosives.

You can opt for the Ignition bomb that detonates when someone starts up the car or if you want to seriously go the extra mile to mess with someone, go for the Remote Bomb. Imagine someone successfully stealing your Pariah and them ending up dead because you installed a remote bomb. Good prank, but it comes at a cost.

Explosives GTA Online
Ignition Bomb 5000 Dollars
Remote Bomb 7500 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

The Ocelot Pariah has some exotic and whacky-looking Hood options. If you want to really stand out, go for those custom hoods, but if you want a nice vehicle for yourself and want to keep it looking clean and simple like me, keep the stock hood. In my opinion, it looks better that way.

  • The Secondary Hood features a custom black hood that looks pretty odd to me, but then again, it’s my personal opinion.
  • The Carbon Hood re-textures the secondary hood to add some lines to the hood of the vehicle.
  • The Vented Scoop Hood adds some indentations and lines to the hood of the vehicle that extends down into a rectangular vent.
  • The Secondary Vented Scoop Hood blacks out the car with the same design as the Vented Scoop Hood.
  • The Performance Hood adds numerous vents to the edges of the vehicle. Does it boost the performance of the vehicle? Certainly not.
  • The Secondary Performance Hood basically blacks out the Performance Hood, which I kind of like even though I’m a fan of clean looks.
  • The GT Hood adds a unique vent design to the hood of the Pariah. We get to see two long vents towards the outer edges with two symmetrical rhomboid or prism-shaped vents in the middle.
  • The Secondary GT Hood blacks out the design and makes it difficult to see the hood vents.
  • The Carbon GT Hood removes a bit of the sheen of the Secondary Hood and adorns the hood with a carbon texture along with GT Hood vents.
Hood GTA Online
Stock Hood 1600 Dollars
Secondary Hood 3000 Dollars
Carbon Hood 5000 Dollars
Vented Scoop Hood 8000 Dollars
Secondary Vented Scoop Hood 9600 Dollars
Carbon Vented Scoop Hood 11000 Dollars
Performance Hood 11600 Dollars
Secondary Performance Hood 12000 Dollars
Carbon Performance Hood 12400 Dollars
GT Hood 12400 Dollars
Secondary GT Hood 12500 Dollars
Carbon GT Hood 12900 Dollars


The Livery options for the Ocelot Pariah aren’t all that crazy. They’re simple yet elegant, just how I like them. You can access a load of livery options, but trust me, they all look the same except with different colors.

  • The Classic White Stripes add to thick stripes that stretch across the entire length of the vehicle, staying in the center. Mix and match colors and see what suits you for this livery.
  • The Classic Black Stripes are a black iteration of the classic white. Again, pick a primary color that you dig, and see what works. 
  • The Blue Race Stripes is just a rework of the classic white stripes in blue. You can polish up your color blocking and see what works best. The only colors that I can think of that work best with blue are yellow and a few shades of pink. That’s about it.
  • Red Race Stripes are the same except in red but for an exorbitant price. Heck, you could compliment the red stripes by changing the primary color of the vehicle to white, which looks sick, or you could even go for black.
  • Now the Black Offset Stripes kind of pain my eyes. Having an off-centered stripe makes my OCD act up, and let’s not get into the stripes themselves. You get one thick stripe running offset from the center and one thin line – not a huge fan of that.
  • The White Offset Stripe is one and the same as the black stripe. It’s not my thing just because of the thin black line and the livery placement.
  • I could work with the White Pointed Stripes, and if you can choose the right colors, it’ll look amazing. You can mix up any primary colors you like for the white stripe without looking odd.
  • The Ocelot Stripe features one long black stripe with the words Ocelot running up the hood of the vehicle. The stripe runs down to encase the emblem, which is pretty cool. I can definitely rock this look.
Livery GTA Online
None 11400 Dollars
Classic White Stripes 18240 Dollars
Classic Black Stripes 19380 Dollars
Blue Race Stripes 20520 Dollars
Red Race Stripes 21660 Dollars
Black Offset 22800 Dollars
White Offset 23370 Dollars
Black Pointed Stripes 23929 Dollars
White Pointed Stripes 24510 Dollars
Ocelot Stripe 25080 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

Lights don’t do much in terms of visibility since I can already see clearly at night in pitch black, at least in GTA Online. If you have the extra cash on hand, you can go for the Xenon Lights for the Pariah to enjoy two levels of headlight beams. 

This does nothing but add some cosmetic worth to the car, making it look better in photographs and adds a bit of swagger for those car meet-ups in GTA Online.

Lights GTA Online
Stock Lights 600 Dollars
Xenon Lights 7500 Dollars

Loss/Theft Prevention

I’ve had my Ocelot stolen or blown up a couple of times – but good thing I got a tracker and full coverage for it. If you’re investing in a car as expensive as the Ocelot and getting modifications for it, getting Loss or Theft Prevention is a small price. Mind you, you need to pay for the tracker to unlock full coverage, so you need to get both.

If you lose your Ocelot, or it ends up obliterated, call the insurance company and get a replacement Ocelot with all your personalized modifications and cosmetics in place. You will need to pay a small premium, but it’s better than paying full price again.

Loss/Theft Prevention GTA Online
Tracker 2000 Dollars
Full Coverage 7500 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

The Pariah has been given some roof options, but they aren’t all that impressive or worth it, for that matter. I’d comfortably stay with the stock roof option but if you’ve blacked out the hood and bumper with secondaries, then opting to get a custom roof seems plausible.

Roofs GTA Online
Stock Roof 200 Dollars
Secondary Roof 700 Dollars
Carbon Roof 1150 Dollars


The skirt options are pretty limited, too, and the selection is pretty subpar. Not to mention, the skirts for the Ocelot Pariah are so discreet that you can barely notice them even when modifying them in Los Santos Customs. And when in-game, you can only notice the skirts when zoomed in with a scope.

So, why even bother? I recommend saving your money and investing it in another modification that’s worth it, all while keeping the stock Pariah side skirts.

  • The Carbon Skirts offer a carbon fiber pattern on the very discreet side skirts of the vehicle.
  • The Pariah Skirts, on the surface, aren’t all that different from the Stock skirts, but when you zoom in, you can see the letters Pariah next to the Pariah emblem on the skirt.
Skirts GTA Online
Stock Skirts 2500 Dollars
Carbon Skirts 5500 Dollars
Pariah Skirts 8000 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

Now, the spoiler options for the Pariah are pretty cool, as you get access to a wide selection of spoilers that look pretty good.

  • The Tuner Spoiler is pretty discreet and looks sleek on the Pariah. A definite recommendation from me.
  • The Secondary Tuner Spoiler just blacks out the already black Tuner Spoiler, which isn’t worth it, in my opinion.
  • The Carbon Tuner Spoiler adds a carbon fiber pattern to the Tuner Spoiler, which is barely noticeable.
  • The Type II Tuner Spoiler features an angulated design that looks pretty solid.
  • The Secondary Type II Spoiler further darkens the already black Tuner Spoiler.
  • The Carbon Tuner II Spoiler adds slightly noticeable carbon fiber patterning to the Tuner Spoiler.
  • If you like it over the top, you can go for the GT Spoiler, which has a higher profile in contrast to the former options.
  • The Secondary GT Spoiler offers a more solid black color to the already blacked-out GT Spoiler.
  • The Carbon GT Spoiler adds a carbon fiber texture to the GT Spoiler.
  • If you want to take it a step further, you can go for the Performance Spoiler, which offers a robust look to it with reinforcement at the rear sides and rear bumper of the vehicle.
  • The Secondary Performance Spoiler offers darker blacks.
  • The Carbon Performance Spoiler offers a carbon fiber pattern to the Performance Spoiler.
Spoilers GTA Online
None 6000 Dollars
Tuner Spoiler 7050 Dollars
Secondary Tuner Spoiler 10000 Dollars
Carbon Tuner Spoiler 13000 Dollars
Type II Spoiler 14000 Dollars
Secondary Type II Spoiler 16000 Dollars
Carbon Type II Spoiler 16500 Dollars
GT Spoiler 17000 Dollars
Secondary GT Spoiler 17500 Dollars
Carbon GT Spoiler 18000 Dollars
Performance Spoiler 18500 Dollars
Secondary Performance Spoiler 19000 Dollars
Carbon Performance Spoiler 19500 Dollars


The suspension modifications allow you to lower your car and improve stability when traveling at high speeds, making it mandatory for the Ocelot Pariah. The Ocelot isn’t meant for traveling on uneven roads and performs the best on asphalt, so go for the Competition suspension and have a great ride!

Suspension GTA Online
Stock Suspension 200 Dollars
Lowered Suspension 1000 Dollars
Street Suspension 2000 Dollars
Sport Suspension 3400 Dollars
Competition Suspension 4400 Dollars


Ocelot Pariah
Image From GTA Fandom

Tinted windows don’t do anything besides look cool. They really complement the Ocelot Pariah, especially if you’re headed towards a car meet-up. But you can really notice the tinted limo windows when you’re in first-person mode. So, I suggest the limo windows if you want the supreme supercar feel.

Windows GTA Online
None 500 Dollars
Light Smoke 1500 Dollars
Dark Smoke 3500 Dollars
Limo 5000 Dollars


The Ocelot Pariah already has impeccable acceleration paired with its top speed. So, if you want to break the sound barrier at this point, you opt for a transmission upgrade like the Race Transmission that shifts gears faster and improves acceleration across the board. 

Transmission GTA Online
Stock Transmission 1000 Dollars
Street Transmission 29500 Dollars
Sports Transmission 32500 Dollars
Race Transmission 40000 Dollars


Turbo increases the engine’s overall air intake, unlocking higher acceleration and faster speeds for the Pariah. Since it’s already a fast car, I’d say go for it if you really need speed. Just make sure you get the Race brakes.

Turbo GTA Online
None 5000 Dollars
Turbo 50,000 Dollars


Question: How fast is the Ocelot Pariah?

Answer: The stock speed of the Ocelot Pariah is just 110 miles per hour, but with the right modifications, it becomes the fastest supercar in the game, achieving speeds of 126 miles per hour.

Question: How much is the Ocelot Pariah?

Answer: You can head on over to Legendary Motorsports to purchase the Ocelot Pariah for 1,420,000 GTA Dollars.

Question: Is there any other way to get the Ocelot Pariah?

Answer: For now, no. But you could have gotten your hands on one from the Lucky Wheel in the Casino during the GTA Online Bonuses Part 3 event that took place in April 2020.

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