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Lamar Davis Guide

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He may have not been a big player in the world of GTA V but everyone surely remembers the iconic Lamar Davis.

The best friend of Franklin Clinton only appears in a handful of missions but his infectious personality and humorous one-lines mad fans aplenty, including me, wishing we could have more of Lamar.

So, who is Lamar Davis? If you’ve played GTA V, you would have had a first-class seat to this GTA character, but if you feel as if you don’t know the character too much then carry on reading our Lamar Davis guide!

Who Is Lamar Davis?

Lamar is a secondary character who appears in GTA V and GTA Online. He believes he’s a ruthless gang member, on the hunt for the next big score, but in fact, he is just another Los Santos gang member trying to make a living in life.

Not much is known of Lamar before the events of GTA V besides that he went to Davis High School, where he befriended Franklin. He lives in Chamberlain Hills but will often frequent Franklin’s house.f

lamar davis

Events of GTA V

Lamar is first introduced during the mission “Franklin and Lamar”. The pair head to Vespucci Beach to repossess two cars at the request of their boss, Simeon Yetarian. Once they’ve gained access to the two cars, they race them around the city of Los Santos and have to get rid of some police heat while they are at it.

They deliver the cars to the Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealership and head back to Franklin’s house. The pair go their separate ways, but first Lamar has to get a cheeky line in about Franklin’s appearance, showing the pair’s sort of friendship.

The pair are again tasked with another repossession job, this time is a motorbike from a Vagos gang member. Franklin and Lamar head to an alley near Vespucci Beach and search for the bike. They start looking through some of the garages located along the alley and are eventually confronted by some Vagos. Lamar pulls out his gun and shoots one of the Vagos, despite Franklin wanting a clean job.

Lamar and Franklin are then left to shoot their way out of the alley and chase down the Vago escaping with the motorbike. Franklin mows down the Vago, killing them, and gets on the bike, before meeting Lamar at a car wash in Strawberry.

Once reunited, the pair get into an argument, mostly because Franklin doesn’t like how rash Lamar is getting and that they can’t repo the bike anymore because the owner is now dead. Lamar decides to keep the bike for himself and drives off.

The pair get fired from their repossession job, with Franklin delivering the news to Lamar.

Now he’s lost his job, Lamar starts to sway toward the life of crime. He heads to see Franklin, with the lovely Chop, saying he needs his help to pick some stuff up. The pair get into Lamar vans and head to Vinewood Boulevard.

Franklin soon relies that they’re on their way to kidnap D, a Ballas member, thinking it will earn them some quick money. The pair put on bandanas and confront D. Lamar, yet again, pulls out his gun, causing D to flee on a motorbike.

Lamar, Franklin and Chop chase after D in the van around Los Santos. Eventually, D’s motorbike is hit by a bus, sending him off the bike and running through to a railcard.

Franklin chases him on foot with Chop. Once the pair catch D, Lamar reappears with the van. Franklin chucks D into the van and they drive off. Lamar calls another Ballas member, asking for $40,000 in exchange for D. Franklin gets annoyed at Lamar for using a cellphone, knowing it can be traced.

Lamar is forced to give up D and Franklin trashes the phone so they can’t be traced.

lamar davis closes the van back door

With his friend Stretch now released from prison, Lamar plans a drug deal with D. He heads to Franklin’s house, who isn’t too happy that Stretch is back. Stretch and Franklin start to argue, leaving Lamar to interrupt and tell them they have business to attend to.

The trio head to the drug deal location at a warehouse in La Puerta. Due to the attempted kidnapping of D, he sets the trio up. With a swarm of Ballas approaching, Stretch shoots D and the group escapes, but not without a big gunfight first.

Once back at Franklin’s house, Lamar and Stretch walk away, with some berating added too.

Franklin and Lamar start to not talk as much. Lamar will have a call with Franklin asking him why he’s not around with Franklin stating he’s lying low after helping with a heist.

Lamar head to Franklin’s house. As he’s not there, he hangs out with Chop and Denise, Franklin’s auntie, until he shows up. Lamar, disgruntled by his friend, starts complaining to him about his lack of whereabouts recently and especially his missions with Michael de Santa and Trevor Philips.

Trevor shows up, wanting time with ‘the boys’. Lamar mentions he came over to talk about a ‘thing’, being another drug deal. The trio head to Grove Street, memories hey!

They get to the right house, Lamar tastes the drugs and is happy to take them. Trevor is Dubois of the deal and asks to taste another part of the drug brick. The dealer refuses so Trevor yanks the brick out of his hand, breaking it in action. They notice the inside is made of drywall meaning they’re being set up, again!

The dealer shouts down the street that the group has buyer’s remorse, leading to a shoot-out with the Ballas, with the cops eventually joining in on. They manage to slip out from the road and onto a local river of water, escaping on jet skis.

Lamar disappears for a little while but reappears when Franklin starts doing repo jobs for Devin Weston. Lamar gets in contact with Trevor, who tells him about Franklin’s whereabouts. Liking Lamar, Devin offers him some repo work too, much to Franklin’s chagrin.

Off-camera, Lamar steals the last of the cars on Devin’s list, setting up for all the cars to be transported out of Los Santos. Franklin meets Lamar at Glass heroes and the pair drive the final car to the Packer’s location at an Auto Repair shop, where Trevor is waiting.

They start driving the Packer to Paleto Bay but the police catch on that they’re transporting stole vehicles and start chasing them down. Once they’ve lost the heat, they head to Procopio Truck Stop.

They’re met by Molly Schultz only, with Devin deciding it’s not the best idea for him to be seen due to the police heat. She tells Franklin that Devin has decided to invest their money and will only give it to them once police attention has fully died down.

Lamar gets annoyed at the situation too, heading to his Lifeinvader account to say: “Who that vegan billionaire sociopath son of b*tch think he is playing us for our scroll???”.

Lamar decides to set up another drug deal, this time at the Paleto Bay Sawmill. Instead of turning to Franklin, get gets the help of Stretch but yet again, our naive Lamar is set up and kidnapped.

Tanisha goes to Franklin’s house to make him aware that Lamar has been set up again. Franklin enlists the help of Michael and Trevor to go and rescue him from the Sawmill.

On the journey back Franklin and Lamar hash out all their differences. They both realize that Stretch must have turned to the Ballas in prison and has been the one setting them up. Once Franklin drops Lamar off, Lamar complains about his lack of payment from Devin’s jobs, not realizing Franklin didn’t get paid either.

They start arguing again, leaving Franklin to walk away saying he’ll contact Lamar if something good comes up.

gta5 lamar and franklin


As you may already know, there are three different endings to GTA V for players to choose from. If options A (Something Sensible) or B (The Time’s Come) are chosen, Lamar won’t make a physical appearance in the game again. Instead, he’ll call Franklin saying he’s going to lay down for a while and that Franklin was right about Stretch.

However, if option C (The Third Way) is chosen, Lamar will get one final bow out. Once Franklin has chosen to save both Michael and Trevor, they band together to take down their enemies, including Stretch.

Franklin will call Lamar, telling him of his plan, and Lamar volunteers to help. First, the group takedown Merryweather and FIB agents at a Foundry. Franklin helps Lamar when he gets into a spot of trouble. Once their wave is clear, the gameplay is switched to Michael, and Lamar is then not seen again.

At the end of The Third Way, multiple calls can happen between Lamar and the protagonists. Franklin can call Lamar telling him that Stretch is dead. He’ll also email Franklin saying he wants to be a better man. Trevor can also call him, saying thank you for his help.

gta v lamar davies and co

Personality and Appearance

The best way to describe Lamar is a “Damsel in Distress” without him really realizing it. He is constantly getting himself into bad situations that people need to bail him out of. He is very erratic and will often go through with things without really thinking about them.

He is very into being “part of the hood” and constantly berates Franklin for working his way up the ladder and getting the high-profile, money-making gigs.

Lamar can give off the vibes of being a comedic character through his various one-liners at Franklin. One of his roasts of Franklin went viral on the internet for him saying Franklin had a “Yee Yee Ass Haircut”.

Lamar’s style is very basic and he’s often seen wearing a shirt over a long sleeve with shorts. He wears a dog tag around his neck and is covered in tattoos.

Mission Appearances

Lamar makes numerous appearances throughout GTA V and is probably one of the most used side characters. While at the end of some missions, Franklin will call Lamar, these missions are the ones where he makes a physical appearance in.

  • Franklin and Lamar
  • Repossession
  • Chop
  • The Long Stretch
  • Hood Safari
  • Deep Inside
  • Pack Man
  • Lamar Down
  • The Third Way

He also makes multiple appearances or is a mission giver in GTA Online.

  • Mall or Nothing
  • Ballas to the Wall
  • San Andreas Seoul
  • No Smoking
  • Ticket to Elysium
  • Caught Napping
  • Going Down the GOH
  • Lost MC RIP

In 2016, a Lowriders update was released for GTA Online, giving more missions including Lamar.

  • It’s a G Thing
  • Slow and Low
  • Funeral Party
  • Peace Offerings
  • Desperate Times Call For…
  • Lowrider Envy
  • Community Outreach
  • Point and Shoot

The story for Lamar online came in the form of a bumper update, The Contract, which was released in 2021, featuring his good buddy Franklin. Lamar makes an appearance in “Setup: Data Recovery”. He also appears in the set of missions titled “Short Trips”.

lamar comes up to work

Relationship to the Protagonists


Franklin is Lamar’s supposed best friend, despite the two constantly at each other throats. The best way of putting their relationship is Lamar’s always doing the dumb stuff whereas Franklin has to bail him out, whether he wants to or not. Despite this, the pair have a lot of love for each other and their friendship seems to come full circle by the end of the events of GTA V.


Even though the pair don’t have much dialogue or even on-screen time together, Trevor becomes a good friend to Lamar. They even have a nice little phone call at the end of the mission “The Third Way”. Trevor can call up Lamar and do activities like head to the bar and strip clubs together.


Lamar and Michael don’t cross paths in GTA V until “The Third Way”, and that’s only if you choose that option at the end. You can see Michael giving Franklin and Lamar directions in the mission “Franklin and Lamar”, but they were still strangers at that point.

lamar and michael

Lamar’s Best Moments

Viral Meme

In 2021, a meme of Lamar roasting Franklin went viral. During the early game mission “Franklin and Lamar”, Lamar hashes in on Franklin and takes the mickey out of his appearance. Despite the game coming out in 2013, people still love the interaction between the pair all these years later.

Interaction with Devin

At the end of the mission “Deep Inside”, Devin and Lamar interact for the first time. Multiple times, Devin tries to touch Lamar, much to Lamar’s annoyance with him eventually telling him not to touch him. It’s awkward but really reflects the contrasting differences between the two characters.

Trevor and Lamar

There is no doubt that the two loose cannons of GTA V are Trevor and Lamar, so a lot of their dialogue is hilarious but there is one moment that sticks out the most. While the pair are on a road trip, Trevor is moaning about Michael, leading to Lamar saying: “Homie you sound like some b*tch he ain’t called. Like ‘Ooohh he lied to me’.”

lamar and michael 2

Lamar Davis Guide: FAQs

Question: Who is Chop?

Answer: Chop is Lamar’s dog who accompanies him on various missions throughout GTA V. His appearance is that of a Rottweiler. After a while, Lamar will ask Franklin to look after Chop for him so if you want to visit the lovable pooch then head to Franklin’s home in Vinewood Hills. You can even take him out for walks and play fetch with him.

Question: Who is Lamar’s family?

Answer: Nothing is really known about Lamar’s family. They aren’t mentioned throughout the game and he’s never seen with them. He spends most of his time with either Franklin or Denise. I think he classes them as his family.

Question: Who are The Families?

Answer: The Families is a group of gangster families that mostly operate out of Los Santos. They include the Chamberlain Gangster Families, the Forum Drive Families, the Carson Avenue Families, and the Davis Neighborhood Families.

The Life of Lamar

Lamar’s life may not be overly exciting but he tries to make the most of it. He spends most of the time in his own little world, hoping that every situation he goes himself into will get him the riches he wants. I sure do hope that Lamar never changes his way.

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