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Luis Lopez GTA Guide

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Rockstar games blew the world away with its last iteration of the HD Universe. GTA IV took the world by surprise with its innovative euphoria physics, which was pretty controversial for tanking framerates. The story featured Niko Bellic, a former Serbian Soldier who fled from Europe to escape the horrors and memories of the war that scarred him forever. 

As his story unfolds, we are introduced to many memorable characters that leave the players wanting much more. By having their players thirst for more content, Rockstar was able to profit off their two DLC Story modes successfully, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. 

Today we are going to take a deep look into Luis Lopez, the main character for the Ballad of Gay Tony, where Luis cleans up the problems left by Gay Tony.

Luis Lopez Overview

Luis Lopez GTA
Image From GTA Fandom

Luis is the protagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC, although we do get to see him in action in GTA IV during the cutscene where Niko’s robbing a bank while he’s knocked out on the floor. We also get to see him in Lost and Damned, and things take an interesting turn because he’s also mentioned in Grand Theft Auto Online.

As far as the man’s story goes, Luis spent his early days of crime working for the Dominican Drug Dealers over at Northwood, which he regrets throughout the whole story. After getting arrested, spending lots of time in prison, and eventually getting released, his life takes a turn for the better as he becomes a personal bodyguard for his best friend, “Gay” Tony Prince.

Tony Prince is the kind of entrepreneur who runs Nightclubs for a living, namely the Maisonette 9 and the Hercules. The DLC is an exciting storytelling experience as Luis, being the more rational of the two, does his best to get out of many of the complicated situations created by Tony’s reckless actions.



Adriana Lopez with Luis

Luis is a Dominican who spent his early days on Frankfort Avenue in Northwood. He’s the son of Adriana Yanira Lopez and sibling to Ernesto Lopez and Leta Lopez-Wilkinson. Luis’s background does have a bit of depth as his father was U.S Marine. However, things didn’t work out between his mother and his father, so he left them when Luis was just a mere child. 

Luis was practically raised by his mother, and so were his two street hustling friends, Armando Torres and Henqiure Bardas. He grew up in the company of some older kids, namely Oscar Gomez, Teddy Benavidez, Alonso Gomez, and Willy Valerio, who steered him and his friends towards drug dealing.

Adolescent Days

Adolescent Days

Luis had a passion for rapping, and although he lacked lyrical rhythm, he continued to rap while Henrique tried to whip up a catchy beat to compliment him. Apart from rapping, the duo would also go on to do some naughty things, such as stealing Liquor from Principle Fischer’s Office.

Their schemes would usually fail, though, earning them detention. Unfortunately, Luis had a significant downfall in the year 2000 at 17 when he got sent to Juvenile Hall. The circumstances were messy as Luis’s sister allegedly got sexually harassed by her teacher. When Luis caught a whiff of this, he burst into anger, to the point that he proceeded to shoot and injure the teacher himself.

While it seems that Luis had a period of teen angst in his adolescence, he did grow up to become the calm and collected man we all know and love. Despite that, the law is what it is, and the teacher incident remained a permanent part of his track record.

Prison Time

 Luis Lopez Prison Time

Later in 2001, Luis got caught stealing a car and was convicted for Grand Theft Auto in the same year. However, it’s revealed later in the game that Luis took the blame for the crime, saving the actual perpetrators, Henrique and Armando, who got off scot-free. However, this time, it was going to be proper prison time, not juvie.

The two years Luis spent in prison were quite transformative; he had to build himself up, physically and mentally, to avoid the crosshairs of other prisoners. Moreover, by the time he was released, his siblings had left Liberty City to start their own families.

So, Luis had to step up and pay for his mother’s livelihood. Luiswas financially in bad shape and had no ambitions or aims this time; he did his best to get by. But who knew his life was finally about to change for the better.

Tony Steps In!

Gay Tony Prince with Luis Lopez

Finally, in 2005, Luis met up with Gay Tony Prince, who generously offered him the position of a personal bodyguard. Both of them hit it off quickly, and they soon developed a father-son relationship. His life was finally going up! 

With all of this in mind, Luis decided to cut all of his remaining ties with his old Drug Dealing Gang as it was time to get his act together and head in the right direction, but who knew Gay Tony could be so much trouble.

Luis As A Character

Physical Appearance

Luis Lopez GTA

Luis is of Dominican descent, which means he’s African and Latino at the same time. He rocks a slight mustache that goes well with his brown eyes and black hair. Moreover, on top of having a bit of stubble on his chin, he hones a slick fade that goes a bit too high, albeit acceptable. He pulls it off well, so I won’t hold it against him.

As far as accessories go, he uniquely wears a gray earring in his left ear. Not only that, but the man’s a bit of a narcissist, as his name is visibly tattooed to the right side of his own neck! While the artwork of the Ballad of Gay Tony depicts Luis with a necklace around his neck and a wristwatch on his wrist, we sadly never get to see any of those.

Luis gets a lot of outfits to choose from as the player progresses through the game, but you’ll normally see him wearing a black and white varsity jacket, some light blue jeans, and a pair of tennis shoes that are specifically white. Conversely, when he’s out on the job and at the club, he’s seen to be wearing a black suit with an earpiece. 


Luis Lopez GTA

Luis has been a fan favorite of mine ever since he got his chance in the spotlight in the Ballad of Gay Tony. He’s essentially a less extreme version of the mute Claude from GTA 3, whose sole objective was to get the job done and nothing else. On the other hand, Luis has that vibe to him whenever he has to deal with Gay Tony’s antics.


Luis is seen to show any feelings or emotions rarely, but there are times when he breaks out his cold attitude into a much more loving version of himself. We get to see times when Luis does express care and love for his mother and many of his friends. The notable example, although, has to be when he was trying to hold back his anger towards Mr. Santo, who was threatening his mother at the time.


Luis Lopez GTA

Luis is bold and sarcastic most of the time – he’s got a don’t give-a-damn attitude that goes well with his style and looks. I’d give him a 10 out of 10 for being one of the most incredible characters in GTA History. Gay Tony and Luis make a good pair as the flamboyant and impulsive Tony go well with the calm, collected, and cool Luis.


Luis Lopez GTA

Luis had his fair share of crime when he was young. He doesn’t like the street and thug lifestyle, which was one of the reasons that caused him to land in prison. Not only that, but even after getting out of his prison, his friends Armando and Henrique didn’t quit the street hustle and persuaded Luis to join in on the fun once again.


Although his friends are still in the cesspool known as drug dealing and street hustling, he cares about his friends and decides to help them with many drug deals. On the other hand, they do their part to repay him by getting him weapons and cars to work with. 

Ballad of Gay Tony

Lots of Loan Sharks

Lots of Loan Sharks

Fast forward to 2008, when the Ballad of Gay Tony takes place. To give a little context, Tony is in a pretty bad spot as he has trouble keeping most of his nightclubs operational. Desperate and in need of money, he refers to a few loan sharks to keep the nightclubs up and running. 

He makes dealings with sketchy people around the city, such as the Ancelotti Crime Family. Of course, things are heading in a downwards trend for Tony as he’s drowning in debt at this point of the story. 

Bank Heist

Bank Heist

Luis minds his own business and heads to a bank to make a transaction, but things get pretty bad soon. He’s caught in the midst of a bank robbery by Niko Bellic, the protagonist of GTA IV, Patrick, Derrick McCreary, and Michael Kane. 

Luis talks a bit with one of the hostages, who goes by the name Eugene Reaper. Eugene does the stupidest thing and tries to play the hero by pulling out a gun and shooting Michael. Of course, Eugene doesn’t get away with it and is soon shot down by Patrick and Derrick. 

Dirty Work for the Ancelotti Family

Dirty Work for the Ancelotti Family

Luis makes it out of the robbery in one piece as Niko Bellic makes his getaway along with the others. He makes his way to Tony’s Apartment, where he’s introduced to the Ancelotti Family, namely Rocco Pelosi and Uncle Vince, who are over at Tony’s place to collect the money he owes them.

Tony begs them to spare him and find some middle ground, so they work out a way for Tony. Eventually, what happens is that Luis gets stuck doing Tony’s bidding for the Ancelotti family to pay off Tony’s debts.

His Mom is In Trouble Too

Next, Luis heads over to his mother’s place. She’s your typical mother that doesn’t approve of his lifestyle and wants him to pursue a legitimate career by going to college. On the other hand, being the good guy he is, Luis helps out his mother financially, knowing all too well that college is not an option for him. Luis has to deal with another Loan Shark that’s been bothering his mother. 

The Celebinator

The Celebinator

Some days later, Tony tells Luis that a blogger known as the Celebinator has been leaving bad reviews and remarks about Tony and his clubs. He can’t have that, of course, so the person needs to be dealt with. 

Luis has no other option but to head over to the Celebinator’s place to intimidate him, hoping to scare him off without needing to resort to more strict measures. Fortunately, that’s all it takes to get the Celebinator to back off – once again, Luis has solved one of Tony’s many problems.

Yusuf Amir

Yusuf Amir

Apart from doing his dirty work, Tony also makes Luis work out business deals for him, particularly with a man named Yusuf Amir. Yusuf Amir is the kind of man who has no sense of value when it comes to money and is rich beyond imagination. Profession-wise, he’s a real estate developer who wants to franchise by buying Tony’s Clubs.

Things go pretty well between Luis and Yusuf Ameer, and Luis soon goes on to steal exotic and eccentric vehicles for the delusional Yusuf Ameer, such as a golden helicopter, a tank, and an entire subway car. More on the dirty side of his work, he’s also tasked with killing Yusuf’s associates, Ahmed Khaleel and Tahir Saeed, who were planning to kill and take over the millionaire’s business.

Mori Kibbutz

Mori Kibbutz

Besides Yusuf Amir, Luis also has to deal with another loan shark to that Tony owes money: Mori Kibbutz. Unlike Yusuf,  Luis is pretty impatient regarding Mori’s attitude; he’s pretty egocentric and difficult to work with. Nonetheless, for the sake of his friend Tony, Luis does Mori’s bidding to waive off the debt.

For some reason, Luis kills a drug dealer that owed Mori money and helps beat a Triathlon? He also goes on a run with Mori and his brother Brucie to steal three supercars, at which point Tony’s debt gets repaid. Despite their apparent relationship, Mori bullies his younger brother Brucie. Soon, Luis and Brucie hit it off in a different direction; he can be seen on several occasions at the Maisonette 9.

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The Diamond Deal

The Diamond Deal

Things are going pretty steady for Luis. Even after all the whacky adventures and jobs he’s forced to do for Rocco, he’s still alive and kicking it. However, things take an exciting turn as Luis learns that Tony and his boyfriend Evan Moss are looking to invest in diamonds worth up to 2 million dollars from an individual on the Platypus Cargo Ship. 

Reluctantly, Luis accompanies them to make sure things go smoothly on the day of the transaction. But the deal doesn’t go as planned as the trio is ambushed by the Lost MC Biker Gang and their leader Johnny Klebitz. Tragically, Johnny kills Tony’s boyfriend and steals the diamonds, although Luis and Tony manage to get away unscathed from the whole situation. 

Retrieve the Diamonds

Retrieve the Diamonds

After losing the diamonds and his boyfriend, Tony stoops even lower in debt and insanity; the only thing he can do is retrieve the diamonds. After much investigating, the duo gets a tip that someone has the diamonds over at the Libertarian. 

Of course, Luis is sent on a stealth mission to get the diamonds in one piece. As such, Luis ambushes the deal led by Johnny, Niko, and the Jewish Mob and manages to bring back the diamonds. He escapes the area in style and evades the police with the help of Yusuf’s Golden Buzzard – Yusuf coming in clutch!

Bulgarin Owns The Diamonds?

Ray Bulgarin, the original owner of the diamonds, soon finds out that they have fallen into the hands of Luis and Tony, albeit unintentional. In typical villain style, he lures Luis into a trap and reveals to him that he originally owned the diamonds; he also ended the Platypus Ship’s cook life by stealing them. 

Bulgarin, of course, demands his diamonds back, and upon refusing, he deems the duo to be a threat and goes on the offensive. Luis makes it out alive and realizes that the Russian Mafia is after them now – out of the frying pan into the fire!

Kidnap in the Ancelotti Family

Kidnap in the Ancelotti Family

Things get even worse as Niko Bellic abducts Gracie Ancelotti on behalf of the imprisoned Gerlad McCreary. The Ancelotti family, not knowing what to do, hurl the blame on Luis and Tony, making them responsible for figuring the situation out.

Hence, Luis, with the aid of the Ancelottis, follows Patrick McCreary with a helicopter and informs the Ancelottis of Grace’s location. After doing so, Patrick negotiates with Niko to get Gracie back – the diamonds for Grace essentially. 

Things seem to be going well, but out of nowhere, Bulgarin steps in and orders his men to kill Niko and Luis for stealing the diamonds. Once again, Luis and Tony manage to escape with Grace on a speedboat while Bulgarin’s men duke it out with Patrick and Niko over some diamonds.

Its either Tony or Luis

After the exchange goes south, Luis gets a heads up from Rocco, who asks him to link up with Uncle Vince and him in Middle Park. It’s revealed to Luis that Giovanni Ancelotti met up with Bulgarin to discuss most of their recent issues, and together, they found that the only resolution to their problems comes with the death of either Luis or Tony.  Rocco gives Luis a pro gamer tip to kill Tony so that the Russians don’t go after him and his family. Epic!

Luis Kills Vince

Luis Kills Vince

Luis knows that he has no other choice but to comply. After all, he was in this mess because of Tony, to begin with. Thus, he makes his way to the Maisonette 9, where he meets up with Rocco, Vince, and Tony, ready to settle things once and for all. 

In an interesting twist of events, Luis changes his mind at the last moment and decides to put down Vince; he spares Rocco because of his status and lets him escape. Even so, trouble is on its way as Bulgarin’s soldiers make their way to eliminate Luis and Tony. Yet, we all know that Luis is the protagonist, and with all that plot armor, he fends them off.

The Roles are Reversed

Tony, being the weaker of the duo, decided to flee from Liberty City to escape what was coming next. Luis, on the other hand, stopped him, arguing that it was time for them to take the fight to Bulgarin instead of running away.

Luis advises Tony to head to Meadows Park while he is busy destroying the Russian’s Heroin Supply at Firefly Island. There, Luis is approached by Timur with the news that Bulgarin is prepping to flee the city – but Luis isn’t going to let him off the hook now.

Bulgarin’s Last Moments

Bulgarin’s Last Moments

Yusuf plays a big role in helping out Luis in killing the Russians and boarding the plane just as it’s about to take off. Bulgarin knows it’s the end of the line for him, so he decides to take out Luis and himself with a hand grenade.  The plane explodes to bits, but Luis parachutes himself just in time and lands in Meadows Park, where Tony is waiting for him. Their troubles have finally ended; now, Yusuf safely offers to buy the rights to Tony’s clubs.

They hesitate for a moment but opt to keep a hold of the clubs instead of selling them to Yusuf. The three of them leave discussing what the future holds for them. Funny enough, but the scene pans toward a homeless war veteran named Jerry Kapowitz. He finds the diamonds that everyone was dying over in a trash can and sells them for 2 million dollars.

A Happy Ending

Luis’s mother is proud of him and tries to send him off to college one last time. Meanwhile, Mori and Brucie make up and settle things between themselves, and at the end of the game, it’s implied that Yusuf bought the Maisonette 9 and Hercules.

It’s pretty much a happy ending for Tony, Luis, and everyone who survived in the Ballad of Gay Tony. It seems pretty cliche, but it was an ending that Luis and Tony deserved after going through all the trouble for the Ancelottis and the Russian Mafia.

The End?

Luis Lopez GTA
Image from GTA Fandom

Tony headed for Los Santos sometime before 2018 with the intention of opening a successful nightclub franchise just like he did in Liberty City. Tony is back at it again with his reckless behavior in the After Hours update in GTA Online. He teams up with the main character in GTA Online with the hopes of setting up a new nightclub business in Los Santos.  

Luis had a good ending in GTA IV, but what happened to him later isn’t discussed. You can see a picture of Tony at his office, which implies that despite going their own separate ways, their friendship lived on.


Question: What happened to Luis?

Answer: Luis got out of the Russian Mafia Business along with Tony and got the chance to sell the Maisonette and Hercules. In GTA V, it’s implied that Tony and Luis remained good friends. If you go over to Jimmy’s room, you can see Luis on the front cover of a magazine by the name Residue. So yeah, he’s doing pretty well!

Question: What Happened to Bulgarin?

Answer: In a desperate attempt to flee Liberty City, Bulgarin boarded a jet but was apprehended by Luis. With no way out, he killed himself with a hand grenade while Luis managed to escape via parachute.

Question: Did Mori Change?

Answer: After being punched by Brucie, Mori apologized for his behavior to Luis on call and moved to a real Kibbutz community where he changed the values of sharing among the commune and made a profit out of it.

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