Police Station in GTA 5

Where is the Police Station in GTA 5?

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There is more than one police station in GTA 5, which makes sense, considering that the map is the biggest in the series. In the city of Los Santos alone, there are nine law enforcement buildings, including Police Stations in: 

  • Vespucci and Vespucci Beach
  • Vinewood 
  • Mission Row
  • La Mesa 
  • Del Perro Pier 
  • Rockford Hills
  • Davis

But, it does not end there. There are two more stations outside the city in Blaine county, featuring: 

  • Sandy Shores
  • Paleto Bay

What is the Point of a Police Station?

Police Stations in GTA 5 serve as spawning points for the players when they get busted by the cops. For instance, if you get caught by the cops in the La Mesa area or near it, you will spawn back at the La Mesa station. The same principle applies to some of the remaining stations. 

Where is the Exact Location of these Police Stations?

gta 5 police department

Vespucci and Vespucci Beach police Stations

Vespucci Station is a modern 3-story construction based on the real-life Santa Monica safety facility. It’s boxed by San Andreas Boulevard, South Rockford Drive, and Vespucci Boulevard.

Vespucci Beach Station is one of the two smallest stations in the game. The building is basically a big glass doughnut located on the beach. Unfortunately, the station is closed and serves no role in the game (players do not respawn here).

Vinewood Station

An up-to-date two-story construction based on the real-life Los Angeles Police Department in Hollywood. It is located in Downtown Vinewood, on Vinewood Boulevard and Elgin Avenue.

Mission Row Station

It is bound by Sinner Street, Little Bighorn Avenue, Vespucci Boulevard, and Altee Street. The building consists of three stories and an Impound Garage. In other words, if you do something dumb and get busted by the cops, they will seize your personal vehicle and store it in that garage.

La Mesa Station

This one consists of a single-floor building on Popular Street in East Los Santos, and it resembles the real Highway Patrol in LA.

Del Perro Pier

As the name suggests, it is located on the Del Perro Pier. It is the second smallest station on the map. Just like Vespucci Beach Station, this one is also a waste of space, because it’s shut down, and you can’t spawn here.

Rockford Hills Headquarters

The law enforcement offices are located on Abe Milton Parkway and Eastbourne Way. It is part of a big complex building that links to the city hall and a fire department.

Davis Sheriff’s Office

Davis area includes probably the most confusing police station of them all. Outside the building, the sign read Los Santos County Sheriff. But, if you head inside, you will find lots of LS-PD officers. Not to mention, there are no sheriff cruisers in sight. The building is located on Innocence Boulevard near a multi-story car park.

The remaining stations fall under the jurisdiction of Blaine County, which includes Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, Stab City, Grapeseed, and Harmony.

Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Office

The office is a rectangular building located on Alhambra near the gas station parallel to the main Joshua Road.

Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office

The office is at the intersection of Paleto Boulevard and Route 1. It is a single-floor rectangular building with a parking lot and a helipad.

Why is it Important to Know About These Police Stations?

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A couple of these Police Stations appear in storyline missions, and knowing their location can save you valuable time. In addition, if you accidentally pass by a station with a wanted level, you will get seen and shot.

Some of the stations, like Mission Row, have a Sprunk machine and armor to regenerate health and get protection. Vespucci station also has armor on the rooftop patio. 

The players can use the Police Stations for transportation, which is by far the best feature. If you head to any of the stations, you will find the police:

  • Bike
  • Interceptor
  • Sheriff cruiser
  • Riot. 

You can use them to move around the map. Some have a Helipad where a chopper appears.  

One more thing! 

Every gamer who played Grand Theft Auto V knows that the Police are relentless and savage. These annoying demonic AI will do whatever is possible to get their hands on you! (even if it means breaking some laws of physics and common sense). So if you ever get bored, head into a station and shoot some cops for fun. 


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