where is the impound in GTA 5

Where Is the Impound in GTA 5

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There is one impound garage in Grand Theft Auto V in single-player mode. It is located inside the police station in Mission Row, Los Santos. You will find the station on the corner of Sinner Street and the famous Vespucci Boulevard. 

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Impound is located in Davis next to the Sheriff’s Station on the corner of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard and Innocence Boulevard. This location appears in the Strangers and Freaks side missions series Pulling Favors.  

Except for the mission’s appearance, Davis’ impound lot has no significant effect on the game’s outcome. Although, it is one of the businesses you can purchase for 150,000 $. It provides Franklin with an extra source of income as a Tow Truck driver. The player gets paid 500 $ for every car he tows without damaging it. 

You will also get a Police Riot if you have the 1.17 update. 

Where is the Impound in GTA 5

How Does the Impound System Work?

There are several ways to get your vehicle impounded. Abandonment is one of those ways. Let us say you splashed some cash on ordering a nice vehicle online, or took a car to the Los Santos Custom Shop and modified it, then left it in the open streets. That vehicle will get picked up and dumped in the impound. If you leave it there for too long, the LSPD will destroy it.

Just like in real life, if you park your car in a no-parking zone, it will get impounded. Yet, that doesn’t happen too often. Here is an example. If you are playing as Franklin and decide to leave his personal Buffalo in the middle of an interaction or a no-parking zone, the car will not go to the impound. Instead, the vehicle will respawn at Franklin’s house. 

Imagine you got a wanted level, and you are getting chased by the cops, which probably happened more than a dozen times already. If you get busted or killed next to your whip, they will commandeer it and send it to the impound garage. Another reason and this one annoys me a lot, is if you walk away from the car and go too far. It will despawn and teleport to the impound. 

Other scenarios include starting a mission that requires using a different auto or loading an autosave that takes you back to the safehouse instead of keeping you near your car. 

All that is in GTA V story mode. If you go Online, your car will only be seized if you get eviscerated near your car while having a wanted level.  

How to Retrieve my Car From the Impound?

Story Mode

There is only one way to get your car back from the impound in GTA 5 story mode (single-player). Go to the Station in Mission Row and walk to the impound garage. On the top left of the screen, a small interaction message will appear and ask you to pay 250 $ to get your car out. If you have two vehicles impounded, you will have to choose which auto to retrieve. 

The impound garage can fit a maximum of two vehicles, which created several issues for many players. Because if you steal an auto, drive it for a few minutes, then abandon it. The car will get impounded and may overwrite your personal car and lose it for good. 

GTA Online

Things are a bit different in the Online aspect of Grand Theft Auto V. First of all, you will find your car in the exact same condition at the impound. If it has zero scratches, you will find it intact. If the cops took it in with a lot of damage, you will find it parked in the impound with a lot of damage. 

If it gets impounded with sticky bombs all over it, you will find it sitting in the impound with stickies all over it. But that’s beside the point. To retrieve your car for the impound in GTA Online you can: 

  • Pay for it
  • Steal it
  • Pay someone to retrieve it for you 
  • Let it get destroyed and claim the insurance

You can walk to the front gates of the impound in Davis and pay the 250 $ fee like a normal person. But let’s be honest, people who play GTA are not normal. Special people will steal their car back by force.

You can use the multi-story car park in the back to jump over the wall and to the impound. Or, you can get a car and use it to hop over the fence. The gates will automatically open once you get in your car and try to leave. But that part might be tricky because you will get 3 starts instantly when you bust into the impound lot. 

You can avoid the hassle and ask your assistant to retrieve it. That option is available when you register as a CEO and will cost you 1000 $. The last choice includes destroying the car, calling Mors Mutual Insurance, and getting the car back. The only problem is the amount you pay back to the Insurance company. The sum varies depending on the vehicle you have impounded. 

It is worth noting that your impounded vehicle will get destroyed if you pull another one out of the garage. In addition, certain military-grade vehicles cannot be impounded. As a result, they will be automatically destroyed.  

Where is the Impound in GTA 5: FAQs

Question: Is Purchasing the Davis Impound Worth it?

Answer: The impound generates low income every week. However,  you can use the tow truck to tow cars for 500 $ per auto. It may take a while, but it is a quick option to recover your investment. 

Question: What is the Rarest Car in GTA 5?

Answer: Several rare cars are hard to come by in GTA V. That includes Nagasaki Blazer, Rusted Tractor, Lost SlamVan, and Space Docker.

Question: What is the Fastest Car in GTA 5? 

Answer: The fastest car in GTA V is the Ocelot Pariah with a 136 mph top speed.

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