x80 Proto Guide

x80 Proto Guide

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With the immense number of vehicles within Grand Theft Auto V, there is always a lot of room for selection before taking to the streets and burning rubber down the highway. A personal favorite car of mine, especially for racing, is the X80 Proto that is up for purchase in GTA Online. It’s the perfect supercar for those that enjoy class, style, and performance all at the same time. Welcome to a x80 Proto Guide.

Key Details Upfront for the X80 Proto

There are many notable details for the X80 Proto. The first of is, of course, the overall design. It is a beautiful design, and out of all the supercars/hypercars within the game, the X80 Proto holds its own with a sleek and stylish model.

Like several other cars, the X80 Proto was implemented into GTA Online as a part of the “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” update. You can purchase the X80 Proto through the Legendary Motorsport website for $2,700,000 in cash.

Boasting top speeds of around 117 Mph, there is a lot of potential for the car. Although the max speed of the X80 Proto is not on par with some other newer vehicles in GTA Online nowadays, there are still many other reasons to get this car for yourself. When it comes to absolute maximum speed of the car, you can expect around 121/122 miles per hour.

x80 proto

Overview of the X80 Proto

The X80 Proto knows how to make an entrance with its gorgeous design. Its statistics also keep its high standards upheld throughout the game, and it is always a joy to be driving this car around the world.

 It wasn’t a part of GTA Online from the start, but when it made its entrance, it got a lot of attention and still does to this very day. It makes sense as this car is still one of the most stylish cars in the game, based on my personal opinion!

With high top speeds and equally excellent handling on any terrain or road, this car is still one to watch for in the game.

How to Acquire the X80 Proto

As with most vehicles within the game, you will make your way to the internet app on your in-game phone in order to buy the X80 Proto. When you are on the internet, go to Legendary Motorsport and scroll the list until you find the it. You will need $2,700,000 as of the time of writing to purchase the car.

In the future, the vehicle could go on a discount or appear on the wheel of fortune. If there was a discount attached, it certainly means you would be able to grow your collection of cars without splashing a lot of cash on one of the older vehicles!

When you have purchased the X80 Proto through Legendary Motorsport, you can send it to one of your garages.

grotti x80

Stats of the X80 Proto

Next, it’s time to put our thinking caps on to think about the statistics of the X80 Proto and what they will mean for your driving experience! From speed to braking, these are all the statistics you need to know about before getting into the driving speed and revving that powerful engine.

Speed: As I mentioned before, the maximum top speed of the X80 Proto is around 121/122 Miles per hour which is a nice balance between speed and control.

Acceleration: The X80 Proto has nearly full bars on the acceleration as it is over three-quarters of the final bar up. An acceleration rating of over 90%. Always a great statistic to have!

Handling: The handling of the X80 Proto makes it up to the final bar. This equates to just a bit over an 80% rating. It is still a brilliant rating, although there may be a few areas you might find it struggles a bit with handling and its traction. Especially so when bringing the car to a full stop on uneven terrain.

Braking: The braking is where the X80 Proto, unfortunately, falls a little bit short. With it just reaching the top of the second bar, it is only around a 35% rating. If you know you may want to quickly bring the car to a stop at points, you may find it a slight struggle at times to brake quickly.

As noted before, due to the handling/traction of the car, braking on uneven terrain could be an issue for the X80 Proto. I have always been able to bring it to a stop easy enough, so you shouldn’t have too many issues with the vehicle, thankfully!

Overall, the statistics of the X80 Proto are excellent and will have you keeping up with the rest of the pack and their new cars. Even if at a slower speed than some. Not potentially the best car for drag racing, but for a leisurely drive or circuit in style, this car can be the choice for you. Make yourself known with the X80 Proto! Get those jazz tunes on and enjoy driving through the city of Los Santos with style.

gta x80 proto

Advantages and Disadvantages of the X80 Proto

The main advantage of the X80 Proto can be said to be its unique design. If you want a car that will draw attention to yourself in any server you join, this can be a great option.

Another advantage of the X80 Proto is its brilliant acceleration. There is a lot of worth from having acceleration up that high. In terms of a disadvantage, this can be said to be the car’s braking ability. Along with the braking ability, given that there are a lot of other cars that exceed the speed of the X80 Proto nowadays, the speed may not be what you are looking for, which can be said to be another disadvantage of this vehicle.

Test Drive of the X80 Proto

On one of my custom-created races, I decided to showcase the X80 Proto to you while putting it through its paces on a terrain track. The race takes players up Mt Chiliad through what regularly would have been walking and biking paths. 

Even offroad, the X80 Proto handles extremely nicely with its fast acceleration — some of the turns nearly had me flying over the side! But I was able to control the car just in time. 

In order to give a greater idea of the handling for you, I also performed a few handbrake turns/drifts on the corners of certain parts of the mountain to give a test of how effective it is for that purpose offroad.

Alternatives to the X80 Proto

Pegassi Reaper

pegassi reaper

The Pegassi Reaper is another car that I have written about. It is another of my favorites. If you are looking for a car that closely matches what the X80 Proto offers, this is one of the vehicles you can happily purchase, knowing you will get excellent performance.

Truffade Nero

truffade nero

Another vehicle that will be an excellent alternative to the X80 Proto is the Truffade Nero. Otherwise known simply as the Nero, this car will still keep up to pace with the X80 Proto and even can exceed its speeds. There is a distinctive style attached to this car too, so it will certainly keep up the presence of being on the roads in a similar way to the X80 Proto.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can the X80 Proto be modded?

Answer: Yes! You can mod the X80 Proto to your liking at any auto shop found around Los Santos. I would highly recommend that you upgrade the EMS/engine first, and then you may opt to add some new skirts to the vehicle. You can also get around one of the disadvantages of the vehicle slightly by adding ‘Race Brakes’ to the car.

Question: Who is the manufacturer of the X80 Proto?

Answer: The manufacturer of the X80 Proto is Grotti. They have many vehicles under their name throughout the game! Grotti cars also frequently are added even with some of the latest DLCs, so this in-game manufacturer is one of the most known.

Question: What is the interior of the X80 Proto like?

Answer: The interior of the vehicle has, once again, a unique design compared to some other cars. Though it still keeps a general race/supercar styled design within the interior.


If you need a new supercar in your garage, the X80 Proto can happily take up a space of your collection with style. No matter what you need the X80 Proto for, it will hold its own against other cars, and it is still frequently utilized by many members of the community.

The X80 Proto can be yours in no time when you save up enough cash to buy it from Legendary Motorsport. There are a lot of colors that you may choose from, as always, so you can be sure that you will be adding even more style to the vehicle.

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