Terrorbyte Guide

Terrorbyte Guide

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The Terrorbyte was initially announced in GTA Online as a part of the drip-feed in the After Hours Update and was released in the August of 2018.

Driving the Terrorbyte is a one-of-a-kind experience in free roam due to the many features it comes with – you simply can not get bored of this truck. So, I’ll be sharing everything I’ve come to learn about this impressive beast of a vehicle in today’s Terrorbyte guide!

Terrorbyte Overview

The Terrorbyte is perhaps one of, if not the most functional vehicles I have ever seen in GTA. Rarely have I seen a truck that is introduced with its own new unique client jobs while enabling you to operate different kinds of businesses from inside of it.

These include, but are not limited to, MC businesses (e.g Weed Farm, Counterfeit Cash Factory, Cocaine Lockup), Import/Export businesses, and of course, CEO crates.

I understand that a lot of people may not be fond of crate missions, mainly since a player usually needs to make round trips to the office beforehand.

However, let me tell you that with the Terrorbyte in your arsenal, all you need to do is simply spawn it with the Interaction Menu – after that, just access your computer inside of it and start sourcing crates! I used to procrastinate on crate missions, but now that I have the Terrorbyte, I keep up with them frequently.

Nonetheless, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as the truck’s special utility is an entire labyrinth to explore in it of itself.

On top of having its own S.A.M (Surface-to-Air) missiles fitted at the top, the Terrorbyte comes with its own drone station, a weapons workshop and even a specialized workshop for the Oppressor Mark II, though that’s for another guide.

Durable Exterior

From the outside, the Terrorbyte is a decent-sized truck that interestingly takes cosmetics to a whole new level by allowing you to change its entire paintjob.

This may not sound like a big deal, but more mainstream trucks such as a Pounder custom and Mule custom have always restricted coloring to only a few sidings – something that I haven’t been fond of. Furthermore, the Terrorbyte, when fully specced up, does not let its armor hinder the player’s color customization.

Speaking of armor though, the Terrorbyte is an absolute beast as far as durability goes. If I were to put a number on that, the truck is capable of tanking 34 rockets before going up in flames – to put this into perspective, all other trucks give out on the first rocket explosion.

Admittedly, this is most likely a bug as on other occasions, my Terrorbyte has exploded on the 6th rocket, suggesting that it is most likely intended to tank 5 rockets, which is still a lot!

Interior Setup

terrorbyte gta Interior setup

The interior of the Terrorbyte is more spacious than expected, packing a great deal of features, such as the main interactive touchscreen and joystick controls for operating different pieces of technology such as Drones.

A little interesting detail that many players tend to miss out on (myself included) is the cab’s wardrobe where you can do all of your character customization which you would otherwise do back home.

The Weapons Workshop is another neat ergonomic feature that spices up the truck’s interior by allowing you to create and select different weapon loadouts before heading out to carry dangerous missions.

Let’s not also forget the specialized workshop that is particularly important if you want to upgrade your Oppressor MK II as this is the only way to do so.

Client Jobs

The “Client Jobs” mechanic was introduced with the launch of the Terrorbyte, serving as missions given by Paige Harris that can be accessed from the truck’s interior touchscreen. Not straying far off from usual missions that reward tens and thousands of dollars, there are 6 different kinds of Client Jobs available.

Even though they all are fairly straightforward, I would recommend grinding the 4 that can be done solo (Robbery in Progress, Data Sweep, Targeted Data and Diamonds Shopping), leaving out the remaining that require two players minimum.

  • Robbery in Progress is where you scrutinize security cameras until you find a bank that’s currently being robbed. Rather than helping the criminals, your task is to take them out, steal their gold and deliver it to a drop-off point. Sinister!
  • Data Sweep is where you hack into a series of different vehicles, until you find a suitable one that contains the drives your client needs. Once located, you are tasked to break into it and drive it off to a delivery-point.
  • Targeted Data is where you infiltrate the Lifeinvader facility in order to kill a high-value target. This is done by hacking into a few laptops in the vicinity and pinning down the target’s location before going to them and killing them.
  • Diamonds Shopping is where you rob a jeweler (which I think is the same store from the Jewel Store Job mission) by killing a guard carrying a high-value briefcase. Deliver this briefcase to the specified drop-off point and get paid by your client – easy peasy!
  • Collectors Pieces is where you hijack a series of high-security vans to steal the antiques hoarded inside of them. After doing so, you’ll have to make your way to three different drop off zones in order to complete the mission.
  • Deal Breaker is where you break up a secretive deal that involves selling off one of your client’s stolen precious valuables. This is done by tracking down the party via cellphone signal, taking them out, recovering a briefcase and bolting back to the delivery point.

Special Utility

Terrorbyte Special Utility

While grinding out some client jobs that pay 30,000 dollars each is neat and all, I want to talk about my favorite aspect of this and that’s its special utility. This is where things get a whole lot more fun, mainly due to the S.A.M missile launcher, the drone station and of course, the good old player scanner.

S.A.M Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher is an absolute menace as far as on-foot players are concerned, because even though its regular homing missiles are too slow to be accurate on fast-moving vehicles, on-foot players are pretty much dead in advance.

Furthermore, the launcher can lock on multiple targets simultaneously, on or above ground, capable of being operated by a separate gunman.

While anything better than regular missiles (such as Deluxo and Vigilate) would’ve made the Terrorbyte overpowered, it is still menacing as it is. I can easily imagine a party of two running around in GTA Online, one driving to crowds of players with the other incessantly spamming missiles to carry out mass genocides.

If you ever find yourself in such a lobby, it’s best to get into a vehicle and dodge those missiles which are otherwise impossible to evade on-foot.

Drone Station

The Terrorbyte’s most cute and lethal installment has to be the Drone Station, which allows you to deploy a very small drone that can remain within a 100 meter radius of the truck.

Of course, if you attempt to go beyond this range, you’ll start to lose connection and the drone will eventually self-destruction, putting you on a one-minute cooldown to stop you from spawning another right away.

The best part is how dangerous this drone is, and being small does facilitate that if you ask me. There are three things you can do with a drone:

  • Shock: You can tase players and NPCs with this option, although NPCs die on impact while players get stunlocked for some time, leaving them vulnerable. You can use this opportunity to get the jump on them or spray them down with your gun.
  • Detonate: You can blow up the drone, especially near a player, to kill them. While the drone is very small and your enemy probably won’t notice it, the detonator does take a while to go off whilst giving clear audio cues along the way. As such, killing another player with it, although possible, is quite difficult.
  • Boost: Although the drone itself is quite slow, you can give it a temporary boost to close small distances in an instant. I particularly like to combo this with the detonate option in order to maximize my chances of landing a direct hit.

Player Scanner

The Terrorbyte comes installed with a Player Scanner on the top and one on the back, capable of being operated by both drivers and invited passengers. Taking an entire 5 seconds to scan, players are marked for a short period of time, and a cooldown exists before you can scan the same player again.

During this time, you can view information on marked players, such as their name, total earnings, kills, deaths, accuracy, favorite weapon, favorite vehicle, and so much more!

One thing that I personally think Rockstar should have added to this list of information is playtime, because if I see a player who has over a billion dollars in earnings, but with disproportionately low playtime, I know for a fact that they are modding.

This can go a long way in moderating modders because nothing’s better than a self-governing community, am I right?


Terrorbyte Customization

The Terrorbyte comes at a pretty hefty cost of around 1,375,000 dollars. With every added upgrade and customization, the price will go through the roof, so make sure you’ve made a couple of bands before buying one.

You can head on over to the Warstock Cache and Carry and re-specify the vehicle for specific customization options and the Nightclub’s garage for exterior modifications.

Interior Tints

Option Cost
Utility Free
Fresh Pastel 105,000 Dollars
Old School

Interior Decals

Option Cost
Classical: Blank Slate Free
Classical: Crosshatch 41,400 dollars
Classical: Diamond 42,900 dollars
Classical: Chevron 44,300 dollars
Classical: Checkered 45,800 dollars
Geometry: Tripping 47,200 dollars
Geometry: Isometric 48,600 dollars
Geometry: Houndstooth 50,100 dollars
Geometry: Nailhead 51,500 dollars
Geometry: Maze 53,600 dollars
Safari: Organic Zebra Print 55.500 dollars
Safari: Snakeskin Walls 57,200 dollars
Safari: Snakeskin Floor 58,900 dollars
Safari: Authentic Giraffe Hide 60,300 dollars
Safari: Ethical Leopard Skin 61,600 dollars
Nature: Butterfly Effect 62,800 dollars
Nature: Homely Floral 63,800 dollars
Nature: Classic Floral 64,700 dollars
Nature: Mad Skulls 65,400 dollars
Nature: Trad Damask 65,900 dollars
Designer: Sessanta Nove 116,400 dollars
Designer: Le Chien 118,800 dollars
Designer: Sebastian Dix 121,100 dollars
Designer: Santo Capra 123,300 dollars
Designer: Perseus 127,500 dollars

Pricing for the Add-ons

Option Cost
Turret Station 297,000 dollars
Drone Station 815,000 dollars
Weapon Workshop 245,000 dollars
Specialized Workshop 495,000 dollars


Terrorbyte Upgrades


So, you’re not satisfied with being able to soak up thousands of rounds of ammunition and thirty-four explosives – I totally respect that. There’s nothing wrong with getting an extra bang for your buck when it comes to enhanced armor and protection for your Terrorbyte.

Reinforce your Terrorbyte to the maximum with some well-needed armor upgrades. It’s cheaper than some decals, so why not?

Armor Cost
No Armor 1000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 20 Percent 7,500 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 40 Percent 12,000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 60 Percent 20,000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 80 Percent 35,000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 100 Percent 50,000 Dollars


The Terrorbyte is a low-speed vehicle with some poor acceleration, so it would be a waste to invest this money in better brakes. But, hey. You never know when you must come to a complete halt in this monstrosity of a vehicle weighing a few tons.

Brakes Cost
Stock Brakes 1000 Dollars
Street Brakes 20,000 Dollars
Sport Brakes 27,000 Dollars
Race Brakes 35,000 Dollars


Well, the Terrorbyte is a pretty slow vehicle (being a truck and all) and has some poor acceleration. But what if you need to make a quick getaway?

Then, you’d be better off tuning the engine with some EMS Upgrades because a fast Terrorbyte can indeed strike terror into the hearts of griefers with a turret installed – that’s how I like to roll!

Engine Cost
EMS Upgrade Level 1 9000 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 2 12,500 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 3 18,000 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 4 33,500 Dollars


You can get some decent headlights for a low price. I would recommend Xenon lights as they will light up roads and enhance visibility at night.

Lights Cost
Stock Lights 600 Dollars
Xenon Lights 7,500 Dollars


Terrorbyte Plates

So, you like custom plates and want to make a statement while driving your Terrorbyte? Well, you can choose from some select colors for a custom license plate.

License Plate Colors Cost
Blue on White 1 200 Dollars
Blue on White 2 200 Dollars
Blue on White 3 200 Dollars
Yellow on Blue 300 Dollars
Yellow on Black 600 Dollars


So you want to meddle with your Terrorbyte’s suspension? You can opt for the stock suspension and keep the car stable, or you can opt for a more rigid suspension and get some extra stability on smooth asphalt.

Even so, there’s a trade-off when you decide to drive it off-road or on uneven ground, which I wouldn’t recommend doing with a Terrorbyte Truck in the first place

Suspension Cost
Stock Suspension 200 Dollars
Lowered Suspension 1000 Dollars
Street Suspension 2000 Dollars
Sport Suspension 3,400 Dollars
Competition Suspension 4,400 Dollars


Transmission upgrades allow you to shift gears faster, thereby increasing acceleration across the board. This is a pretty good performance upgrade for the Terrorbyte, considering its poor stock acceleration.

However, better transmission could mean poorer handling at higher speeds, so be wary of how fast you go with this heavy behemoth of a truck.

Transmission Cost
Stock Transmission 1000 Dollars
Street Transmission 29,500 Dollars
Sports Transmission 32,500 Dollars
Race Transmission 40,000 Dollars


Going turbo means adding more air into your engine to burn more fuel, therefore getting some extra horsepower from your Terrorbyte. This will make your Terrorbyte accelerate faster and gain a better top speed. I would say just make sure to get the right brakes for the job if you opt to turbo your truck.

Turbo Cost
None 5000 Dollars
Turbo Tuning 50,000 Dollars


Terrorbyte Windows

You can opt to black out your windows for the Terrorbyte. While this doesn’t seem to do anything in terms of functionality, it can make your Terrorbyte look all the cooler with its blacked-out look.

Windows Cost
None 500 Dollars
Light Smoke 1,500 Dollars
Dark Smoke 3,500 Dollars
Limo 5000 Dollars


Question: Where Can I Get the Terrorbyte?

Answer: The Terrorbyte can be yours from Warstock Cache and Carry for 1,375,000 Dollars. However, the price can go upto over 4 million if you choose to go for its innate customizations and night club upgrades.

Question: What Can the Terrorbyte Do?

Answer: The Terrorbyte is your very own mobile espionage truck that offers options like a turret, wardrobe, surveillance drones, and storage for the Oppressor Mk II.

Question: Is the Terrorbyte Impenetrable?

Answer: The Terrorbyte can easily soak up thousands of rounds and can take on thirty-four missiles before blowing up. However, be wary of armor-piercing rounds as they can easily penetrate the windshield.

Question: What Can I Do in the Interaction Menu?

Answer: If you open up the Interaction Menu after buying your own Terrorbyte, you can see it under the service section and other vehicle properties.

From here, you can perform an array of cool functions on the truck, such as calling over the vehicle to a nearby vicinity and dispatching it back to the nightclub storage on demand.

Do bear in mind that you can’t relocate an existing Terrorbyte using the menu- for that, you need to return it to the Nightclub and then call it to your current location.

Question: Can I Lose Wanted Level Inside the Terrorbyte?

Answer: Yes! This is a rather overlooked aspect of the Terrorbyte, but even if you are running around with a five-stack Wanted Level, forget about calling Lester and instead, step inside your Terrorbyte.

It doesn’t matter if you enter it from the driving seat or from the outside, because either way, your Wanted Level will completely disappear!


Truly, the Terrorbyte is your all-in-one truck ready for espionage, hacking, surveillance, and mass destruction. It can give a beating and take a beating, making it one of the best trucks in GTA Online. While the Terrorbyte doesn’t come cheap, it genuinely justifies that with its enriching functionality.

That’s pretty much it for the Terrorbyte guide. Make sure to check out future guides on Grand Theft Fans cause we’re pumping out useful guides daily!

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