Vespucci Beach Guide

Vespucci Beach Guide

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Vespucci Beach in Grand Theft Auto V is a location that many players know. I love visiting the beach for even a simple walk around with my character. The length of the beach is immense, and there is a vibrancy of life bustling around the sun-scorched sands that let the tide wash over them ever so gently.

It is in the fictional city of Los Santos, based on the real-world Los Angeles. Every player will make their way to the beach at one point or another. There are a lot of excellent times to be had on Vespucci Beach!

As someone who has also spent a lot of time at Vespucci Beach. This article will act as a Vespucci Beach guide to everything there is to experience at the beach.

Key Details Up Front of Vespucci Beach

Vespucci Beach is on the west side of Los Santos on the coastline. There is one shop that players will frequently visit found on the beach’s central pedestrian pathway connecting to the other road entrances. The shop is called Vespucci Movie Masks and Memorabilia. You will be able to obtain a lot of brilliant masks from the store.

A few of the game’s quests will also take you to Vespucci Beach, so there is always a reason that you will be making your way to the beach. Not only that, but the Del Perro Pier is further on the beach. This pier has a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, and lots more. Based on the Santa Monica Pier found in Los Angeles.

Overview of Vespucci Beach

Overview of Vespucci Beach

Many will be familiar with the location of Vespucci Beach. This will be thanks to the inspiration of the beach being the real-life Venice Beach. Notably, Venice Beach can be found in Los Angeles and looks strikingly similar to many parts of Vespucci Beach.

If you’ve been on holiday to Los Angeles or perhaps even live there or close by. You will make connections from various parts of Los Santos to their real-life counterparts in the game.

The Del Perro Pier, as mentioned before, is based on the Santa Monica Pier, and you can actually go on the rollercoaster ride if you want to. Equally the same with the Ferris Wheel, which you can also choose to go on.

Fans of the GTA series will get familiar vibes from Vespucci Beach as they have actually encountered a similar beach before. I recall that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has the same beach with a different name. That name is Santa Maria Beach. It has a pier and general similarities to Vespucci Beach.

Key Features/Locations of Vespucci Beach

There are rocky areas near the far north of the beach, and this is near a luxury resort, so it is always great to walk along the entire length of the beach. Paths will also go under the Del Perro Pier. Of course, this means you will be able to explore the beach unrestricted. 

Near the south side of the beach, there is also a boathouse-like area that overlooks the beach. Not only that but this is conveniently located near some parking. Along with the other numerous features of the beach, there are even tennis court/volleyball areas found on Vespucci Beach.

Within GTA Online, a certain yacht defense activity will have players competing for essentially gaining control of a yacht from other players by capturing the area on the vehicle to win the objective of the activity.

It is likely you will be making your attack on the yacht from Vespucci Beach. When this happens, lots more vehicles will be on the beach. Including more jet skis on the beach and even helicopters that will await you.

Businesses Found on the Vespucci Beach

Businesses on the Vespucci Beach

  • Vespucci Movie Masks: As aforementioned, the Vespucci Movie Masks store is an ideal shop to visit when having a relaxing time on the beach. If you are looking for any masks to spook some other players or continue to create a tailored look: this is an excellent place to visit.
  • Muscle Sands Gym: This specific business can be seen utilized a lot by the civilians of Los Santos. There is a quest that Franklin will complete named The Multi Target Assassination. This quest will have you visiting the gym in order to eliminate one of the targets found there. This business you will definitely be visiting at one point or another.
  • Smoke on the Water: Found at Vespucci Beach, this is a business property that can be bought by Franklin for $204,000 to receive another form of income. The amount of cash you will tend to get per week is around $10,000, $9300 to be more exact.

Vespucci Beach The Multi Target Assassination Quest

In terms of what quests/missions feature Vespucci Beach, there are quite a few. The list of missions that have Vespucci Beach within them is as follows:

  • Pier Pressure — GTA Online mission
  • Repossession — GTA V story mission
  • Daddy’s Little Girl — GTA V story mission
  • Planning Work: Inside Man — GTA Online mission in which the beach is one of the locations that could feature
  • Last Play: Bad Companies — Another GTA Online mission. A certain target players have to eliminate can be found here.
  • The Multi Target Assassination — GTA V mission for Franklin.
  • Exercising Demons — A Stranger and Freaks mission for Michael that is located near Vespucci Beach. You will be putting your running skills to the test with this mission!

As seen above, missions that feature Vespucci Beach in one way or another are generally from GTA Online the most. 

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How to Find Vespucci Beach

Vespucci beach is found quite easily within the world. This is because it is on the west coast near the city. If you are in the center of the city and facing towards the hills to the north. You can make a left turn while driving and following the roads down to the ocean will have you reaching the beach in no time!

In order to give you a quick idea of what the drive to Vespucci Beach will look like, the video below will show that and also allow you to look at Vespucci Beach at night time.

Drive from the city center to Vespucci Beach:

Residents and Vehicle Spawns

There are not really any specific residents tied directly to the area. Although, Floyd Herbert can be considered a resident of the area due to their close proximity to the beach. You will spend some time with this character in the story, so it is a notable point.

Vehicles on the beach are common, and the ones which you will find are:

  • Seashark: These jet skis can be found on the shoreline near the Del Perro Pier in an easy-to-access location. There is a small outcrop platform that will allow you to hop onto the jet skis without any issue for your character.
  • Blazer Lifeguard: The Blazer Lifeguard is a custom quad-bike vehicle that is tailored for the lifeguards of the area. If you want to drive along the beach in lifeguard style, this is a brilliant choice for a vehicle.
  • Lifeguard: The Lifeguard is an SUV that is colored in yellow with custom Lifeguard decals. There are surfboards on the sides and it is also classed as an emergency vehicle within the game.
  • Sandking XL: Up next is the Sandking XL and this can be found commonly close to the aforementioned Seasharks, it is a 4×4 off-road vehicle which will make the process of driving across the beach even easier for you.

FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions for Vespucci Beach

Question: Can I Play Volleyball on the Courts at the Beach?

Answer: Unfortunately, it is not possible to play volleyball at this current moment within GTA V. However, with the continuing updates for GTA Online, there is always a chance that it might be included in the future for the game.

Answer: There is always a possibility for new quests/missions to make their way into the game, so there may be new missions or races implemented into the experience at some point, although it is unconfirmed. 

Question: Will GTA VI Have Vespucci Beach Again?

Answer: It is unlikely that GTA VI will have an appearance of Vespucci Beach again. If it is an entirely new setting, there may be another beach for players to explore.

Vespucci Beach Guide: Final Thoughts

Vespucci Beach will always be an area of the map that players will no doubt want to spend a lot of their time within. Due to its closeness to the city and the scenery located around the beach.

There is always a great visit to be had at the beach! I have personally been making journeys to Vespucci Beach most of the time I play through GTA V and GTA Online.

Generally, the beach will also get a lot of popularity because of the mask store that a lot of GTA Online players spend a lot of time browsing through, so there will be something exciting to find a lot of the times you are on the beach.

You may also simply want a nice walk around the beach in the fictional version of Los Angeles. Another great reason to visit Vespucci Beach.

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